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Hostal in the mountains around Minca, around an hour up from the centre. Has onsite restaurant and learning / tourism centre aiming to be self sufficient and ecologically pioneering. Offers vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; can accommodate vegans.

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First Review by Tada


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01 Sep 2022

Great vegan food

I read the review below, but I have to say my experience was very different. So I stayed at the hostel for 4 nights and had all the meals there. True, for breakfast the only vegan option was muesli with almond milk and fruit, sometimes a second vegan choice, but after so many hostels in Colombia without vegan breakfast I was glad to have it. Also it was good!

For lunch and dinner, there was no meat during my stay so I think they changed their policy? And the vegan versions were nice, lots and lots of veggies and very tasty. True, not a lot of protein added, but very nice. And the desserts were sometimes some fruit salad with coconut rasp, once I got some vegan pudding with raisins. So I think the food has been improved in the meantime!

On a final note, the hostel is amazing. Has a pool, incredible views and the nicest atmosphere😄Very good place to relax and meet people.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-31

Pros: Very affordable, Good vegan meals!!



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30 Dec 2021

Wouldn't recommend for vegans

The place is beautiful, the dorms were comfortable and everything was clean with plenty of space to chill and the meals well priced

Unfortunately, I felt like a second class citizen as a vegan. The first night I got vegetables and cold French fries. For dessert everyone got cake and I got an apple. I wouldn't have even complained if it was a fruit salad but it felt like no effort was put into my food.
I ate 5 meals there, none of them had any protein (unless you count almond milk and some nuts in the muesli. Also muesli was the only vegan opion, everyone else had several options).
The place is remote and there are no other places to eat in the area

Also, it's not vegetarian. Chicken was on the menu for both lunch and dinner while I was there

It feels like that staff hasn't been trained in vegan options and the owner, who was there, never asked me how I'm doing.
I left in a bad mood, whether because of lack of protein affecting my mood or just the feeling that no one was especially invested in my satisfaction.

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