International menu of fresh baked breads, pizza, and vegan desserts, lunch and dinner dishes with Italian influence. Uses natural, non-gmo ingredients. Est. 2014 previously at Xinsheng S Rd and moved here in summer of 2018. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

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First Review by beckettthedog


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11 Jan 2024

Fabulous international fusion

All vegan menu. Upscale but prices not that high. Watress spoke perfect English. Lovely light music plays in the background. Tables separated by sheer curtains gives a private ambiance. My main Chana Masala (written on the menu as "Chana Ma 'Soul' La") and desert were delicious. In fact, desert, baked apple and vegan ice cream, was quite amazing.



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10 Nov 2023

A pleasant restaurant and dining experience

The ambiance of Mianto is really relaxing and pleasant. We ordered one set menu and one a la carte dish which was a good idea because it was sufficient food for us.

The starter was a small creamy corn soup, the appetizer of 3 basil cream wonton cups, South African curry in a bread bowl (bunny chow), and the mylk cinnamon tart. The a la carte dish was the mushroom risotto.

The basil cream cups were okay but probably made ahead of time and taken out of the fridge because the wonton wrapper wasn't very crispy. The curry was the best dish with nice flavors. The risotto was mostly rice. I don't remember seeing any mushrooms other than the truffle paste on the side of the plate. The mylk tart was good. The food wasn't at all bad, but in that price range, I just expected a bit more bang for my buck.

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28 Jul 2023

A taste of Italy

My buddy and I had dinner here and had a set menu which, although pricey by local standards, was still below the going rate back home. Entree was a corn soup and an interesting cheezy mushroom dish (was alright - the sauce was kind of floury-thick rather than cheesy gooey), main was the Omnipork napoletano (tasty and very tomato-ey) and the dessert was a beautiful chocolate cake with a looot of cream on the side. We enjoyed the meal and as everyone has said, the owner is very friendly!

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Pros: Interesting dishes, Delicious chocolate cake, Friendly staff

Cons: Some dishes were just okay


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09 Jun 2020

Beautiful atmosphere

Quite a lovely restaurant tucked away on a side street. The red drapes added to separate tables during the pandemic actually add to the romantic ambiance. My favorites of the items that my mom and I tried were the mushroom risotto and the tiramisu. Both were fantastic vegan versions of the respective authentic recipes. The rest of the dishes were okay. For instance, I prefer the vegan pizza elsewhere in Taipei. The portion sizes are a bit small, so you may not leave full unless you splurge on multiple courses. I’d like to try the bunny chow next time since I am not familiar with South African cuisine. (Michel, the owner, is from there.) Recommended for special occasions!

Pros: romantic ambiance, attentive service, all vegan

Cons: small portions, pricey, limited seating


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29 Mar 2020

Lovely place!

The owner and her food are sublime! I had the opportunity to try this beautiful place in my stay in Taiwan and is a beautiful gem full of flavours.


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24 Jan 2020



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22 Dec 2019

Deliciously fresh

Amazing food. Nice welcoming place with cosy atmosphere and lovely staff. Must visit even if you are not vegan. Best ever vegan goulash in my life (and I’m hungarian.😄Tiramisu and Cranberry cake was super delicious along with the Hazelnut Latte.

Pros: Tasty fresh food, Nice people , Great range of desserts


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25 Nov 2019

Cozy. Upscale. Comforting.

First to notice about Mianto is the elegance of the place. From the exterior of somehow French inspired cafe, to the interior where the choice of finishes to the furniture and fixtures which you can easily admire. Everything is vegan and prepared as you order. Food is fresh. I just had a quick bite of fries and had my latte. This place is perfect for groups and family.

Pros: Ambience, Variety of menu, Good for groups


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13 Oct 2019

Had amazing pizza there

Food was great, expensive but great. Also, the host was very nice


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21 Sep 2019

Vegan pizza and whipped cream latte

Read more in this vegan Taipei guide:

Mianto is a vegan restaurant that serves western style cuisine. Although the price is a bit higher than some other places on this list, the food is high quality with great service and beautiful environment. I especially love that they have vegan whipped cream and vegan cheese pizzas.

Pros: All vegan, Good food, Great environment and service

Cons: A bit pricey


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03 Sep 2019

Could be better

I’ve been here a few times always hoping that the next time would be better, but it never was. The staff are nice, but the food is average and fairly expensive. The place has potential though.

Cons: Not cheap


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04 May 2019

romantic vegan cuisine

My omnivorous family and friends are especially recommended the "Mushroom Pasta", because they use wild mushrooms and fermented mushrooms, the mushroom flavor is particularly smell good, and the special plant cream sauce is soooo good too!

"Bunny Chow" is the trational South Africa dish originating from Durban, a little bit spicy, but super tasty, don't forget to finish the side dishes, radish with passion fruit juice, super special! My omnivorous friend said that his favorite corn soup is super rich; also, if you like cream as me, I suggest you order a drink "Floating Mountain" and "Tiramisu".

visit date: 2019-03


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30 Apr 2019


I absolutely loved Mianto. I had been craving vegan pizza and cake for so long and Mianto did not disappoint. So happy that I found this place on my trip to Taiwan.

Pros: Vegan!, Reasonably priced for a quality meal., Price is comparable to prices in the US.

Cons: Expensive compared to the rest of Taiwan, (expensive but still worth it)


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21 May 2018

Delicious Dessert

The chocolate cake was deliciously decadent. However, I was disappointed with the bunny chow as I was expecting one that tasted like the ones back in Durban.

Pros: Variety of vegan foods, Fairly priced


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24 Apr 2018


Good vegan food, friendly service although a little pricey. Beautiful owner, lovely restaurant.


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19 Mar 2018

Great Dining Experience

Love the cozy ambient but price is on the higher side. Staff is friendly and helpful, tried her best to explain in English to understand how the food is prepared. Love their dessert too!

Pros: Cozy

Cons: A little pricey


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08 Mar 2018

Delicious, Fresh, Innovative!

Loved my dining experience at Mianto. The restaurant itself is intimate and cosy with excellent service. We ordered their vegan pizza as well as the award-winning fried rice. I personally really enjoyed the fried rice as it's got a nice yummy smoky flavour, would definitely return just for that.


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21 Sep 2017

a bit different

Nice, western style vegan restaurant, with a fair bit of choice. It's a little on the small side, but in some ways that adds to the atmosphere. I went for the vegan pizza, where you get to choose which toppings you'd like. It wasn't too bad, but the soya cheese they use is laid on a bit thick and overpowered the flavour of the pizza a bit. Probably need more tomato and less 'cheese' and it would be better imho. Service was nice and pleasant too, so no real complaints at all.

Pros: vegan with lots of interesting dishes you won’t se

Cons: vegan pizza didn’t work for me without real cheese


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27 Jun 2017

Great food

I just went to Mianto for the second time and liked it a lot than the first time. Their pizza comes with toppings of your choice, so you can add sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, mushrooms and other ingredients. Their homemade vegan cheese was really nice. The mushroom stroganoff was a bit intense for me with its sourness, but it was delicious nonetheless. The dark chocolate with soy milk was rich and not too sweet, which I liked. The best part of the meal was the vanilla ice cream that tasted like a combination of ice cream and whipped cream. Probably one of the best ice cream I've ever had!

One thing that I didn't like when I went for the first time was that you had to take off your shoes to enter the restaurant, but it seems that they don't have that policy anymore.

Pros: nice food, friendly staff

Cons: a bit pricy


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30 Dec 2016

Very tasty :)

One of the tastiest vegan pizza I've had, the cheese sauce is really good, the base has nice texture.. I've tried a curry too that was delicious. The owner is very sweet and cooks with love. Recommended :)


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22 Dec 2016


One of the best vegan restaurants in Taiwan! Everything is super full of flavour. Huge menu. Has some good options for celiacs and happy to modify things to suit. Pizza, cakes and nachos all great but the hot chocolate is one of the best I've ever had!!! Super friendly ! Restaurant is super cute.

Pros: delicious, healthy, English menu, lots of options

Cons: I want to eat here all the time


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06 Aug 2016


This became one of my favourite vegan places in Taipei. It's a little tucked away but well worth a visit.

There are loads of interesting options. The chef does a great job of producing cheesy flavours. There's a mushroom and cheese bake starter dish that is really incredible.

Some dishes are a little disappointing though, I wasn't so impressed with the onion ring starter, it was a bit dry and crumbly, or my side of fries, they didn't seem appropriately cooked, on my last visit. My friend commented that the table we were at was a bit low for dining, though she thought it would have been fine if we were just having a drink.

Anyway, don't let those comments put you off. It's one of the best vegan places in Taipei with a fantastic range of options.

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11 Jun 2016

Beautiful place

We had lunch in this place and really enjoyed the experience. Service was sweet and so is the decor of the restaurant and food was good too. We had dinner combos: pumpkin soup, bacon pasta (Antonio's pasta) and cranberry ice cream / side salad, mushroom pasta and peanut ice cream. Both pastas were good, even though the bacon pasta could have been creamier. Now the sauce of the pasta was a little bit too liquid. Pumpkin soup was little bit too sweet. Peanut ice cream had nice flavour, but its consistency was a bit weird. It was quite hard and dry. Cranberry ice cream was instead a direct hit. One of the best vegan ice creams we have ever had. All in all a really nice place!

Pros: Cranberry ice cream!, Fully vegan interesting menu, Nice decor and service

Cons: All the dishes weren't perfect :)


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09 May 2016


International cuisine with a relatively extensive menu that can make it - in a good way - difficult to choose from. Everything tasted as great as it looked and the restaurant itself had a very comfortable/clean vibe to it. The staff were efficient and courteous and Michel Cason, owner/chef, was a very gracious host. Reservations recommended.

Pros: Beautiful/delicious food, Great staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: None

Citizen Wren

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Mostly Veg
21 Feb 2016

great spot

it was quite crowded at 13:00 on a Saturday but we were able to squeeze in, they do take reservations. minimum $250 per person which you hit by ordering any of the main dishes. we tried a tempeh dish and the mushroom stroganoff, both quite tasty. with drinks and gratuity the bill was almost $900, more than we're used to spending in Taipei but it was worth it for a nice lunch, we'll go back.

Mark Satquest

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20 Jan 2016

a Feast for all senses

This place is awesome! Very beautifully designed by a Taiwanese multi-talented interior designer/painter. Originally the South African owner planned to just have a Coffee shop/bakery next to the design studio but with popularity the place got from the very first day the both places soon got integrated into the current style. All Asian-Continental cross-styled and flavored dishes come in beautifully decorated elegant portions. Overall a feast for all senses and a must see&taste in Taipei

Pros: Atmosphäre (Lighting&Music&Design&Tastes)

Cons: You might forget the time, You might get lost, You might fall in love with the Owner


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08 Jan 2016

My fave!

Though I really only go there on special occasions, it's easily my favourite restaurant in Taiwan. The food is incredibly flavoursome, well-presented, with generous portions.
It's a strange thing and possibly not something I should include in a review, but a visit to Mianto brightens my whole day.

Pros: Peaceful surroundings, Delicious, Big portions

Cons: A bit pricey

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