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Serves meat, vegan options available. Has a vegan section on the menu with a selection of starters, mains, and a dessert. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:30pm, Mon-Thu 5:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-11:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-2:30pm, Sun 5:00pm-9:30pm.

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First Review by Farm Girl


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10 Oct 2023

Delicious options

Having a large separate vegan menu was awesome. We were surprised how amazing the veggies were. My husband had the vegan duck, but the veggies that came with were the star. I had the Pad Prik Khing with tofu and it was one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever had. So good!!

Pros: Vegetables perfectly cooked and seasoned, Variety, Friendly staff



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11 Jun 2023

Separate Veg Menu

Separate veg menu with a lot of options. Food was pretty good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-11


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20 Mar 2023

Phenomenal Green Curry

Mai Thai is easily one of my favorite vegan friendly spots in Boise. Their green curry is my favorite, with steamed tofu (fried tofu also available). They have a large vegan menu, including delicious sushi rolls.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Quality food, Good atmosphere


Points +120

28 Dec 2022

Entire Vegan Menu

I love when non-vegan restaurants clearly label their vegan options, and these guys have an entire menu of options! I had the vegan honey duck. The server told me they were made with soy curls as the meat substitute. It was fantastic!

Pros: Clearly labeled options, Multiple options, Knowledgeable staff

Cons: A bit pricey, Parking is the typical downtown parking situation, On the smaller side - gets busy


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29 Mar 2022

A lot of vegan options

Appreciated the amount of vegan options, the three sauce mushrooms were delicious as was the garlic noodles (although they were completely different than any I’ve had before, they were smokey in flavor vs garlicky), the vegan sushi rolls fell very short for me-the description was much more attractive than the execution.


Points +22

21 Mar 2022

Excellent and Large vegan menu

Had the miso ramen, sprouts, pickles, mushrooms and shishito and really enjoyed it all. Great flavour on the ramen while staying kind of light. Very good drinks and cocktails and knowledgable bar tender. Told us the owner is a Thai Buddhist and wants to promote the diet, so the vegan menu is front and centre. Recommended!


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19 Dec 2021

Give it a try!

I was hesitant to go here because some of the reviews said it was just meh. But they have a whole separate vegan menu with lots of appetizers, Thai dishes, sushi rolls, and dessert, and everything we had was great. We had the summer rolls, mushroom tempura, every vegan roll, and the sticky mango rice. I loved it and my non-vegan parents did as well!

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Vegan sushi!, Vegan tempura


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26 Sep 2021

Super vegan friendly

I love that Mai Thai has an entire page of the menu dedicated to vegan options! Our server was really nice and the food was good. The vegan honey duck was FANTASTIC. There are still so many options on the menu for me to try and I can’t wait to go back!

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Lots of options

Cons: Not entirely vegan


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01 Jul 2021

Good food though not great

Wonderful vegan options although considering their menu and ingredients there could be far more. Thai and Japanese in the same restaurant? Weird crossover between Thai stir fry and sushi but tasty nonetheless. I usually get imperial rolls, either pad Thai or garlic noodles, and a sushi dish. The jackfruit rolls are phenomenal and leave me wanting more. I had to call back the restaurant one time because I thought they brought me the wrong vegan nigiri the "tuna" was so convincing (the manager assured me she packed the order herself and it was made in house). Sides of brussel sprouts and green beans are also good over the jasmine rice. Still weird to me to have Thai and sushi in the same place but like Pauly Shore, I'm in middle America.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Flavorful compared to most vegan things in Boise , Good portion size for your $

Cons: Order 2 or 1 for spice or you might poop fire, Wish they had more or separate venue for sushi


Points +20

16 May 2021

Vegan Friendly, Great Food

Mai Thai is among the best, vegan-friendly restaurants in Boise. The are many options for vegans.

Pros: Many vegan options , Great tasting food , Good cocktails


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02 Nov 2020

Good option for a nice dinner

Loved that the menu had a whole vegan section right at the first page. Had the vegan nigiri which was ok and a pretty good appetizer size (we split it) - the fermented daikon was the best piece. For main course I ordered the mushroom ramen and enjoyed it. The cocktail I ordered tasted good but was mostly ice. The staff was pleasant.


Points +65

02 Sep 2020

Yummy place to explore

This place caught me by surprise when I went with a friend. I was pleased to see some good vegan options. If I can mention one thing that would bring me back, it would be the vegan duck. It’s was crispy and flavorful and done so perfectly. I’ve never eaten duck but can say this is a highlight dish to try when you visit. All of the food is fresh tasting. The setting is nice and so is their staff. I have returned again and again.

Pros: Vegan options, Wonderful ambiance , Friendly staff


Points +65

27 Aug 2020

Food is not great

I really wanted to love this place. They have a whole section of their menu dedicated to vegan options which sounded like a dream come true to me even if the food is a bit pricey. I have had vegan honey duck, vegan pad thai, vegan drunken noodles, vegan potstickers, crispy spring rolls, summer rolls, and even attended a fundraiser for a local animal sanctuary here that had a vegan buffet. The flavors of the food just off. A lot of the food I've tried was sour or just weird flavor combinations that don't work. Portions are small for the price. When I ordered the vegan drunken noodles it came out with what looked like eggs. I told the server that it was supposed to be vegan. He assured me it was so I had him ask the kitchen staff who owned up to the mistake. When I asked what verisoy was he said that my dish would come with more vegetables, I later learned it's their mock meat. After spending hundreds of dollars here hoping to find something I enjoyed I think I'm done coming here. I'm not new to eating Thai food. Had a place I frequented regularly before moving to the Treasure Valley.


Points +39

04 Jan 2020


The atmosphere was nice and our service was fantastic. They’re new special vegan menu has so many options! I had the vegan spring rolls and the vegan green goddess sushi roll. They both were fantastic and not expensive. It was my birthday and they brought me a scoop of coconut milk coconut ice cream with a sparkler in it! I was impressed!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Full bar , Good prices


Points +545

28 Oct 2018

Fave restaurant in Boise

Lots of vegan options. Lots of flavor. Great cocktails.


Points +1438

09 Jul 2017

Ok fusion place.

This place has a nice atmosphere for a date, but pretty limited vegan options. My server was not very knowledgeable. Only the yellow curry can be made vegan. Unless you want a romantic atmosphere, go to Thai Cuisine instead.

Cons: Menu does not label vegan options. , Only yellow curry is vegan.


Points +26

21 Feb 2017

Great flavors, excellent cocktails, very good Thai restaurant!

Updated- try the Siam Sunray cocktail! Vegan coconut lime perfect beverage! -- This is always my go to Thai restaurant in Boise, also a nice spot to hang out at the bar and have one of their creative cocktails. I've eaten in the restaurant and taking dinner to go and I'm never disappointed. Sometimes Thai food can be too sweet or too oily, but they find a great balance.


Points +45

16 Aug 2016


Really didn't enjoy the meal. Seems like they spent way more of their time and resources on creating a posh/fancy atmosphere than on the quality of the food. It was all very oily and the flavors were unimpressive.

Cons: oily food, overpriced


Points +233

31 Jul 2014

Very Vegan Friendly (for a Thai place)

They have a section of vegetarian mains and most of them can be made vegan. The waiter was very knowledgable about what they could do and explained that they had changed most of their recipes so they could modify the dishes to accommodate people with allergies and vegans. Sushi selection was good and rolled to order. I would definitely recommend the veg spring rolls and the yellow curry (the only curry that can be made vegan). I really enjoyed it. Tasted pretty authentic.

Pros: vegan options, location


Points +48

26 Aug 2013


The staff seemed grumpy and inattentive. The food was poor. The portion was tiny and way over priced. The vegan options were quite limited. Traveling through and hoping to fill my stomach with some good plant based food, leaving disappointed.

Pros: NA

Cons: Small Portions, Overpriced, Grumpy, Awkward Staff


Points +30

15 Jan 2011

Very Disappointing

I find the service at Mai Thai pretty terrible, and the food isn't much to speak of either. Even with a reservation, I've still had to wait up to an hour for a table.
Although there's a vegetarian menu, it isn't to be trusted. The curry contains fish sauce, which wasn't disclosed to us until we asked if it was vegan. The server said "It's not vegan because it contains fish sauce, but it's such a small amount that it doesn't really matter."
Seriously? Before you make a "vegetarian" menu, get your facts straight, Mai Thai!
I don't think I'll be eating there again unless I'm starving.

Pros: vegan options, great bar

Cons: expensive, bad service, incorrect menu


Points +20

27 Oct 2009

Over rated

The food is fine. Nothing too excited but it certainly isn't bad. They do a lot of "fusion" food, but seem to have missed the point. Usually fusion is done to somewhat bland dishes to add exotic spices. Starting with Thai and adding spices and textures seems backwards.

Cons: over-priced


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14 Aug 2008

This is NOT our typical Thai Restaurant

First off, they have two locations. One is in Boise and the other is in Eagle. I have only been to the location in Eagle.

Second, reservations are highly recommended. If not, you maybe waiting a while. But at least they have a beautiful bar to wait at.

Now about the food...they offer vegetarian and vegan replacement meats like shrimp, beef tips and chicken. So if you are vegan, ask which replacement meats you can have. You must also request for them to leave out the shrimp paste & fish sauces as some dishes have these ingredients in them. Once you do that, you should get ready to wait. While you wait, look around because they have many artistic design touches throughout the restaurant. They have live music on some days (I forgot which ones) and a very modern full bar at the front of the restaurant. There is a large water basin separating the middle of the restaurant that glows different colors too. All in all, I enjoy each and every time I dine there. The service can be spotty (slow, ignoring your empty glass of water, etc.) but there are about 2 other options in Eagle but they don't nor does anyone else in the Boise or Eagle area offer imitation meats that I know of thus far.

Now back to the food...the taste will be muted when you minus the shrimp paste and fish sauce and per my friend that dines with me said. We got the same thing because he has never tried imitation meat before but he told them to leave the shrimp paste and fish sauce in. He mentioned that it tasted a tad bit bland compared to his but he said that I'm truly not missing a whole lot. So that made me happy. They presentation of the food is very well laid out. It's as if each entrée has its own designated plate design. Must be a pain for the dishwasher.

Pros: Offers replacement meats, a rarity!, Beautiful, somewhat romantic environment, Two locations in Down Town Boise & Eagle

Cons: Not all replacement meats are vegan, Occasional inattentive staff member, Reservations required during peak hours

Farm Girl

Points +17

24 Sep 2007

Swanky Thai in Downtown

Good thai. Smallish portions. Slow service. Full swanky bar. Tasty!

Pros: Good food , Lots of veg options, Great bar

Cons: small portions, slowish service

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