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All Things Falafel. A vegetarian falafel bar in the center of the city offers vegan options. Accepts some credit cards but does not accept Visa or Mastercard. Open Tue-Fri 11:30-14:30, Tue-Wed 18:00-20:00, Thu-Fri 18:00-22:00, Sat 11:30-22:00, Sun 11:30-18:00.

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First Review by Mu


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03 Jan 2024

Finally, great falafel

Brussels has falafel everywhere, in fact it is the official vegan food, to the point of having falafel pizza or falafel sushi as the only vegan options in some places, yet good falafel is very hard to find. So I was pleased to find a place that caters to falafelphiles like me. The falafel is excellent, as is everything else. I also loved the bread with zaatar, a staple food across the mideast that mysteriously cannot be found in mideastern restaurants. It's also extremely cheap for Brussels, so absolutely no reason to complain.

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-03

Pros: Excellent food, Cheap



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02 Jan 2024

Lovely vegan options

Most options are vegan. Went there multiple times during our visit.


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02 Jan 2024

Very good

I tasted the falafel wrap with extra baba ganoush the first time and extra hummus the second time, with chilli sauce instead of tahini and it was delicious. The staff is very friendly.

Pros: Many choices , Delicious and good quality


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28 Nov 2023

Simple but satisfying

Really good falafel and hummus with fresh baked pita bread in a relaxed and tidy setting.

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25 Nov 2023


Le houmous et le sandwich de falafels avec sa crème de sésame étaient juste excellents ! J'ai probablement mangé les meilleurs falafels de ma vie !
Ajoutez à ça des prix raisonnables, c'est un très bon restaurant, je vous recommande !

Pros: La qualité des plats, La diversité des choix, Le bas prix


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03 Oct 2023

Tasty falafel wrap

I had a lovely falafel wrap here. Good quality takeaway food. Some reviewers have said that the restaurant didn't accept Visa or Mastercard. They seem to have sorted out this issue now. I paid with a Mastercard credit card.

Pros: Tasty, Fresh ingredients, Fair price


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07 Sep 2023

Very good Falafel

You find many falafel restaurants in Brussels. In my opinion, maha is one of the best ones, so I come here from time to time. Maha has a manageable menu, half of the options are vegetarian and half vegan.
Falafel sandwich is very good and you get it for a fair price. Fast and friendly staff, service generally in english.
Located in Sainte Catherine, so if you don't want to eat falafel, it is easy to find an alternative around.

Pros: Very delicious, Only vegetarian and vegan meals, Friendly staff


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29 Aug 2023

Basic but delicious

The card isn't very big, it's really more of a takeaway place with some seats than a real restaurant, but what they do offer is tasty! The falafel balls are small in size but not too dense or dry, and the moutabal is deliciously smokey! They also offer a vegan dessert which is really creamy and yummy! Not sure I'd eat in, but for take away it's great.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Vegan dessert

Cons: The seating area is not very inviting


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18 Aug 2023

Delicious vegan falafel burger

Most options are vegan and very tasty

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Tasty, Nice place


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Mostly Veg
09 Jun 2023

Good food with a good price

Salad with lots of flavour and good burgers

Pros: Many vegan options, Great food for the price


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01 Mar 2023

Good food, ok place

This is not really a dinner place. They have sandwiches, salads, and a couple of burgers and wraps. The place accepts cards, but not Visa or Mastercard, which is very strange to me. The inside looks cheap. Most of the furniture is for the outside, and is not very comfortable or suitable. The staff is nice. However, they run a number system, and although I was the only customer in the room, I still had to go to the counter to pick up the food, so here I feel the customer service could have been better.

I had the falafel wrap with hummus and moutabal (you have to add them), and it was tasty. Cool packaging as well. It's very nice that you can get a glass of water for free.

Pros: Could get a glass of water for free

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Non Veg
05 Jan 2023

Food is nice, the place is "oily"

I had a wrap with felafel and mutabal. I'm giving it a 3 stars (I would have done 2.5 if only was possible) only because the place itself is just ok, now I have to wash all of my clothes. I liked what they cooked. There is so much oil in the air that it stays on you though. It would have been a full 3 stars otherwise. Staff is friendly. The bread used not a great deal.

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18 Dec 2022

Tasty Falafels

We had the Baba Ghanoush, Zaatar pita and Falafel salad. Everything was quite tasty and we would come again.

Pros: Many vegan options, Friendly staff


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11 Dec 2022

Great vegan options

Simply the food is good !

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-11

Pros: Flavours of foods , Prices ok


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01 Dec 2022

Good Falafel

We had a falafel pita and wrap and they both tasted good 😊 Only the different ingredients could be mixed a bit more, so you don't have all the salat on one side and the falafel on the other.


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11 Nov 2022

Good wrap!

Really good wrap, I don’t give it 5 stars because it’s not vegan, but overall the food is ok

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Pricing is ok, One of the only veggie restaurant in Brussels??


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27 Oct 2022

Erg lekker

Verse producten, super leuke bediening, alles was erg smakelijk.

Pros: Veel vegan opties


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14 Oct 2022

Very good value

For dinner I chose a falafel wrap and shared a sidedish of hummus. Both very tasty, large and traditional. The place is more famous for take away than for eating in, but with a largely vegan menu and very cheap prices I would definitely recommend it!

Pros: Fair prices, Many options, Comfort food


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24 Sep 2022

good prices

The pita falafel was tasty. Good prices and quick service


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08 Sep 2022

Unfortunately not that great

The burger was okay, but the sauce not so good. The staff was very friendly


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03 Sep 2022

Amazing for vegetarians

Really fresh and delicious food, definitely recommend 🌞
They don't accept visa cards.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-10


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06 Aug 2022

Delicious hummus and fair prices

We really enjoyed our lunch here. Quick, delicious, healthy and not too badly priced. Great falafel too!


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05 Aug 2022

Nice hummus place

Small self serve place with fewer or no tourists. Good option of wraps and bowls.

Pros: Hummus and falafe, Good value , Location

Cons: Local credit card or cash


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12 Jul 2022

Not that impressed

I don't like to badmouth a place that serves vegan food but we were disappointed with Maha. They didn't have any pita, they don't accept common debit or credit cards, they are slow and the food was average.
I make better babaganoush myself. Sorry but I wouldn't come here again.
Also, when did Happy Cow start allowing non-vegan restaurants to get 5 stars?

Pros: They were open, The food was ok, Price is ok

Cons: Cash only, unless you have a special Belgian card, Slow


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02 Jul 2022

Delicious vegan Middle East food

To take away or eat in. Good quality and portions, fair prices, great taste. Very convenient and satisfying.

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Mostly Veg
07 Jun 2022


Homemade lemonade was 5 euros and de falafel burger 8 euros, my burger was sloppy and didn't have much taste. It wasn't very bad, just don't think it's worth the price

Pros: Kind staff, Healthy

Cons: Expensive


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23 Apr 2022

Great falafel

Delicious, fresh, authentic pita falafel!

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