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Loving Hut - Reynoldsburg

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6569 E Livingston Ave, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA, 43068

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Serves all vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and dessert. Each location is individual family owned. Sample items include panini with tofurkey slices, cole slaw, banana peppers on grilled sourdough bread. Open Mon-Fri 4:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Chinese, Take-out, Asian, Vietnamese

Reviews (29)

First Review by karmandrew

Can I eat here everyday? - Edit

I am so happy I finally made it over to Reynoldsburg to try this Loving Hut!

I ate at a Loving Hut many years ago in a crappy mall food court, and while it was still delicious, Reynoldsburg was much better.

The atmosphere was great, there was plenty of seating, the service was quick, and the employees were very nice.

We ordered the spicy wings, fish sandwhich with fries, and the panini with their soup of the day. The wings weren't that spicy, which was a good thing for me! Both of the sandwiches and sides were great.

Pros: cheap, quick

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Great Service, Decent Food - Edit

This Loving Hut location is located in Reynoldsburg, a ways outside of the Columbus city center and located in a nondescript strip mall. It was very convenient for me, as I was driving from further east into the Columbus airport, and it was right on the way.
The atmosphere is clean and welcoming and the service was excellent; very friendly staff! The menu did not seem as large or exciting as other Loving Hut locations I have been to. I ordered the pho, which at other locations has included faux ham and/or soy protein, as well as fresh herbs, bean sprouts, and some sauce (plum?), where as this had none of those things, just rice noodles and some vegetables in broth. I asked to have tofu added, and the server was very accommodating, but the little fried tofu cubes didn't really add very much. In all, the food was okay and I was glad to get a healthy, vegan meal. I would go back if I was in the area, but would not go out of my way to eat here.

Pros: Very nice staff, All vegan, Nice atmosphere

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Wonderful Vegan Food - Edit

Loving Hut, in Reynoldsburg, is my family's favorite place to dine in Columbus. It really has something for everyone (our kids can be picky eaters). Their menu is diverse: salads, paninis, Chinese food, and more. My kids love their potato kale soup, nuggets, and steamed dumplings! I love everything that I've tried!

This Loving Hut is owned by the nicest family! ♡ It's such a wonderful place to dine!

Pros: 100% Vegan, Great place for families to dine.

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First time - Edit

I just discovered this gem thanks to the happy cow and to my pleasure it is just around the corner from my sisters. So we went and got a variety of food to try for 5 kids and 5 adults. We picked 8 things to try, among them the top favorites were the springs rolls and curry soup for both the children and adults. All the food was good. Definitely going back!

Pros: Totally Vegan so no worries and quality food.

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Happy Burger = Happy Belly - Edit

A recent menu addition has been the Happy Burger. Amazingly delicious. Order it up with some sweet potato fries. Even my non-vegan husband loves this place! The panini is also really good, as is the noble burger. We have yet to have anything we haven't liked! Worth the trip out to Reynoldsburg area.

Pros: Excellent Food, Affordable, Guilt-Free

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Great Atmosphere & Great Food - Edit

Although I have only frequented this restaurant twice, each time I have loved the food I ordered and the friendly staff. My husband and I ordered ahead and the food was ready to go when we went to pick up and was still very warm when we arrived home. I have tried the general tso's tofu and the thai curry. My husband ordered general tso's and the gyro. Everything has been super delicious and we will likely be back to try there other dishes as well.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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Best vegan restaurant in town - Edit

As a vegan it's so nice to come across a restaurant that is 100% vegan. I've had pretty much everything on the menu. They started doing soup of the day. Which is so nice you really can't go wrong with anything you get here. And I've had all their desserts also. They're so good I almost want them to have a bigger selection. My favorite is the mudpie and there're ice cream. I have taken several friends here that are not even vegan and have enjoyed it too. This is a family-owned restaurant, the family is super sweet and nice this is a must try.

Pros: 100% vegan, Everything is fabulous, Wonderful service

Cons: Could use more dessert options, Need more locations around town, Weird hours

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Awesome!! - Edit

We have enjoyed Loving Hut since it opened. The folks there are super nice, and the food is fabulous. It's a bit off the beaten path, but well worth it! We especially love the BBQ sandwich (we get the cole slaw on the side - and we get a pint cause it's the best cole slaw EVER!) Also love the Gen.Tsaos Tofu, the Love Letter from the Earth Salad, Potato Kale Soup - oh and Raw Fries - well, everything's great! A really nice atmosphere too - and very clean. peace out...

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Service

Cons: Aren't more in town :-)

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All the food was great, everyone was kind - Edit

I ordered enough for 3 people for just myself. Everything was great. Soup was a little spicy, but still good, It was the coconut curry, i ended up dipping some of my chilli fries in it too!

Waitress was great, the younger staff members very kind as well.

Pros: Speed of food, Selection, not fast food, Good staff

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love the Loving Hut - Edit

This place is somewhere between fast food and a sit down. You can get food to go or dine in, and the atmosphere is very casual. Some people complained about propaganda, but it's not too bad. The most noticeable things are quotes on veganism on the menu and walls. There are books and pamphlets on a table by the door.

Now, the food. It is so rare that I want to order everything off the menu! Between 2 of us, we got way more than we usually do. The drinks are very unique and interesting. Everything was very yummy, inexpensive, and fresh. The cakes (I had both carrot and chocolate) were delicious!

The service was fine and the wait for our food was very reasonable, even though there were many other customers. I would by happy to return here.

Pros: inexpensive, many options, yummy

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Great Quick Fix - Edit

When I don't have time to prepare home cooked meals, the Loving Hut is my first choice. My favorite dish is the Fried Rice Combo with the spring rolls. You can order organic brown rice for a nominal upcharge. When I eat here, I don't feel yucky, bloated, and full. In fact, I feel energized. I'm not vegan, mostly vegetarian, though, so I have to admit some of the reading about the treatment of animals borders between rather informative and over the top.

Pros: Fresh food, Great location

Cons: Literature may scare off meat eaters

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Delicious Vegan Fast Food - Edit

It's located in Renoldsburg in kind've a run down strip mall, behind an abandoned Dairy Queen. Not the most ideal spot, but whatever works. If you are trying to get to it from 270, be aware of the high traffic volume that can occur around rush hour (around the Main Street off ramp, or the I-70 interchange). That being said, it's a wonderful oasis of vegan food that everyone should try; even meat eaters may enjoy it. The atmosphere is comparable to a sit-down pizza place; not very fancy, but plenty of seats. Unlike most pizza places though, there are some posters on the walls and books around the tables that talk about veganism.

When I first started going years ago, the place was a lot "in your face" about the veganism, for lack of a better term. In addition to the posters and books, there were TV monitors showing a woman talking about loving the Earth. Anyway, they decided to tone things down, and I'm glad they did since it probably alienated some people. Most people I saw there though didn't seem to care; too busy enjoying the food.

As it turns out, the restaurant is connected with a spiritual leader, who resides in Vietnam. It's part of a worldwide chain of vegan fast food restaurants. The menu contains a wide variety of items, many of which are Asian-style, but there's also a lot of Western-style items like fries and sandwiches. My favorite item is the Orange Delight, which consists of vegetables/rice/breaded soy protein covered with an orange sauce. It makes my mouth water just typing about it. I've also had the Soba Noodles, which isn't too bad either. There are many small appetizers to choose from, including Golden Nuggets, which are basically a vegan version of chicken nuggets. I use to eat chicken, so it appeals to me. My favorite appetizer though is the Dumplings. My wife always gets the Soba Noodles with Dumpling appetizers. Between the two of us, we've only sampled about 10% of the menu, but what we HAVE eaten has always been good.

The service has always been quick and helpful. One time there was an irate customer at the counter upset because they told him his pickup would be ready at a certain time. I don't know how overdue the food was, but I thought the customer was going to explode. Most likely his experience was the exception to the rule. Regardless, I love the place and I recommend it to any Vegan living in Columbus. Keep in mind, it's Vegan fast food, so don't get your expectations TOO high.

Pros: all vegan, wide variety of food

Cons: needs more locations in Columbus

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Vegan-friendly, awesome - Edit

Your standard Loving Hot - good, cheap food with a Asian theme. The vegan cheesecake was out of this world! So good. Pretty decent coffee, too. Free wifi, which I enjoyed. A bit out of the way, but since it's all vegan, totally worth it!

Pros: all-vegan, vegan desserts, nice atmosphere

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Good food - Edit

I've only been here once because its a bit out of the way, but it was great. I had thai curry and it was delicious.
Its a little hard to spot from the street and the area isn't super great, but when you get inside the place is very cute and clean.
Great selection of food.

Pros: great vegan food, cute place with friendly staff

Cons: area is a tad sketchy- but still come here!

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Love the Loving Hut! - Edit

From appetizers to dessert, this place is fantastic! They have vegan versions of American favorites as well as vegan Thai/Chinese food. Raw food selections, too (even raw "french fries" made of avocado). Many soy-free and gluten-free options. The salads are beautiful and diverse.

I have tried the American panini and the Thai curry entrees. I loved both. For dessert, the carrot cake is divine. Smoothies are delicious and fresh. You can't go wrong with the Loving Hut in Reynoldsburg!

Pros: Price, Selection, Taste

Cons: Location

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Delicious(: - Edit

Very friendly staff was immediately greeted with a smile. Very delicious drinks I tried strawberry banana and blueberry bliss, they were filling drinks. Potatoe and kale soup was sooo good I was very happy with my choice of the soup and soba noodles(: I will be returning and I recomend this clean looking place with interesting food and reading all around

Pros: clean environment, friendly staff, great food

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They Must Have Been Having An 'Off Day'. - Edit

I was halfway through my last day of travel returning home from Denver when I called my husband to ask if he would check out Happy Cow for a location for me to grab lunch in Columbus, Ohio.

Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine was only a couple of miles off the highway, in Reynoldsburg outside of Columbus, and had really great reviews, so I headed there.

Loving Hut was easy to find and the interior was bright, clean and friendly. The staff was also very friendly. My waiter, a constantly smiling older gentleman, did not immediately know I was there and apologized profusely, though I'd only been waiting a few minutes. He kept calling me "lady" in such a way that I had to fight not to giggle every time.

Unfortunately, the food was far from excellent. I ordered the Crispy Spring Rolls, Kung Pao and Thai Iced Tea. The spring rolls were actually quite good, as was the Thai Iced Tea, which, though matcha, somehow reminded me of carrot juice (which I love). The Kung Pao, though, was easily one of the worst dishes I've ever eaten. The 'crispy texted veggie protein' was mostly tasteless and had an unappetizing combination of consistencies ranging from somewhat crispy to somewhat spongy. The vegetables had the taste one gets when you scorch the rice at the bottom of the pot, but try to salvage the unblackened bits - in other words, the burnt taste overwhelmed everything else. The jasmine rice was fine.

I was in a hurry to get back on the road and after he dropped off my food, my waiter never returned, instead sitting on the other side of the room, with his back to me as he watched television, so I choked down what I could, went to the register to pay my bill and chalked it up to them having an off day.

Pros: Friendly, Bright, All Vegan

Cons: Bad Food, Neglectful staff, burnt food

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Wonderful Vegan Food - Edit

We're regular customers at Loving Hut and look forward to our fairly long drive to get there. The food is always delicious, and the servers and the owner are so friendly. It's always a pleasure to eat here. The only difficult thing is trying to choose what to order because it's all so good. Don't forget to treat yourself to some of their amazing desserts!

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff, Generous Portions

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what a fantastic place! - Edit

MY girlfriend and I went here on our way home to Michigan. Found it on here and decided to give it a shot since it was 1-2 miles off the highway. It's on the corner of a strip mall. It was such a joy to go to. I am not familiar with the chain, but this did not feel like a chain/franchise at all. They were very personal and very hospitable. I can't remember the dish I had, it started with a "Y" I think. My girlfriend had orange "chicken" I believe. I didn't like her dish because it tasted too much like chicken (I don't like the fake meat stuff). Mine had fried tofu I believe and it was good. We also had spring rolls, which were fantastic. I have no negative things about this place. I really like the literature on each table and at the counter too, it gave me a few good ideas on what to read next! Thank you so much for letting us dine at your restaurant!

Pros: mostly organic, delicious, priced fairly

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The Best Place for Vegan in C-Bus - Edit

The food is fresh, delicious, and makes you feel so good! This is the ONLY place in Columbus where you can be assured the food is really vegan.

The menu contains both "American" and "Asian" dishes, as well as a raw menu section. Everything is made fresh, using organic produce whenever possible. The sandwiches are yummy and hearty, the spring rolls the best ever, the raw sushi is AMAZING, and the vanilla cheesecake is to die for!
The staff are incredibly friendly and I have always had good service. I leave full, satisfied, and full of nutrition.

The Loving Hut is by far my new favorite restaurant, as evidence by the fact that I live over an hour away, but still make it there every couple of weeks.

Pros: DELICIOUS food, fresh and healthy, friendly staff

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Yumm! - Edit

The Pho soup is so good! I'm not sure what faux meats beside tofu are used, but it is wonderful! The perfect combination of flavors! Try and save room for the Chocolate cake you won't be dissapointed.
My husband picked up the food so I did not see the restuarant, but for a man to comment on how clean the kitchen, eating area and the bathroom---it has to be sparkling!
My one complaint would be they are closed on Tuesday, but when my husband went to the resturant and the man inside said they were closed and my husband commented that he was dissapointed, the owner open the resturant and cooked just for him--UNBELIEVABLE!!!! We are looking forward to future buisness trips that will be in the Columbus area! I just wish someone would open one here in Nashville!
The price is extremely reasonable for quality, healthy food.

Pros: Excellent Food , Healthy Food, Pride in Ownership

Cons: Not in Nashville

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Welcome to the Loving Hut! - Edit

We were very excited to discover that a Loving Hut has recently opened near Columbus, after having enjoyed similar restaurants in other cities. It totally lived up to the rave reviews below, and to our expectations based on other Loving Huts. Service was friendly and attentive, and the food was great (not too salty as many restaurants are). We enjoyed the pho, lemon tofu, golden soup and saigon rolls. This restaurant is unique in Columbus in that it has fake meats made from veg protein, which may widen its appeal to those wanting something other than tofu. Of course, there are great tofu dishes as well!

Pros: great food, fast & friendly, healthy & economical

Cons: a bit out of the way from Columbus

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Totally worth the drive! - Edit

We live in Clintonville and don't typically drive more than a few miles to go to any restaurant, but we couldn't resist making the trip to Loving Hut. I'm so glad we did. The food was of the best quality and the staff were the SWEETEST people ever! We shared the ladyfingers appetizer and I had the Thai curry. My husband had the BBQ sandwich and golden soup and my girls each had a strawberry smoothie. I have no complaints about the food at all. If this restaurant were closer to where we live, I just know we'd eat there at least once a week, but probably more!

Pros: Clean & bright interior, Tasty food from quality ingredients, Friendly staff

Cons: Not near Clintonville!

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The Loving Hut - Edit

My daughter has recently become a vegan and so I took her to this restaurant to support her and I was amazed at how good the food is. I have to admit I had a different idea about vegan food before I came here, and though I can't see myself going vegan, they have certainly inspired me to be more of a vegetarian. I even got my die hard carnivore husband to eat there and even he found a vegan dish he liked. The staff is so wonderful and friendly. They make you feel completely at ease and the service is excellent. The prices are also very reasonable. I reccommed this place highly- for everyone. I also highly reccommend the potato and kale soup.

Pros: tasty food, healthy choices, friendly staff

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Great Restaurant - Edit

I was so excited to see that this chain come to Columbus. We went for lunch today and everything was amazing. Wish it was closer to town but will definitely travel for this great vegan food.

Pros: clean and cozy, friendly staff, Great value

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We are loving the Loving Hut - Edit

With anticipation we awaited the opening of the first vegan restaurant on the eastside of Columbus and we have been loving it ever since! The food is delicious and the group of people working there along with the owner and his wife are absolutely wonderful people! This restaurant will delight both vegans and non-vegans the food is that good! We have taken friends to dinner there that say they can't taste the difference between vegan substitutes and the real thing the food is that tasty and delicious. I encourage everyone to stop in and try the food and meet the nice people working there. You will not be disappointed and you will also be making a compassionate food choice that spares animal lives and our planet! Be Veg, Go Green to save the Planet! Yes, we are loving the loving hut!

Pros: excellent food, healthy cusine, good value

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A diamond in the rough - Edit

Even though this place is new, I have already eaten here half a dozen times. I have loved everything I have tried. The food is really good for lunch. The golden nuggets are great the bbq sandwich and american panini are fantastic with coleslaw on top!

Pros: Selection, Taste, Quality of ingredients

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