Loving Hut Hoa Dang

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38 Huynh Khuong Ninh, P DaKao, Q1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Serves vegan food and dessert, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages in a spacious dining room. English menu available. Upstairs is a shop selling imported food like Tofurky roast, Daiya cheese, vegan chocolate alongside staples like tvp, dry noodles, and products from Whole Foods Market 365 range. Formerly Hoa Dang. Open Mon-Sun 9:30am-2:00pm, 4:30pm-9:00pm.

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32 Reviews

First Review by natran

a little bit to posh and pricy - Edit

First of all: the quality of the food is pretty good. We tried four dishes and there was nothing to complain about. Having visited a lot of loving hut branches all over europe, i was quiet supprised and a bit overwhelmed by the fact that we were served (and observed) by four staff members in black suites all the time who were extremly attentive but not to cordial. What i found really annoying was the fact that we were charged for a appetizer that we didn't order and the use of a tissue (!). Altogether we paid 360k (about 16 us dollars) which is ok but still quiet pricy for vietnamese standards.

Pros: vast variety of dishes, tasty, clean

Cons: quiet pricy, pretty posh

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Gigantic picture menu, good food - Edit

When your menu is over 50 pages long and it's all vegan, you know it's going to take a while to decide what you want. Luckily most of the menu was pictures, which helped with the decision making. Plenty of Western options available. The dumplings, noodles and crispy rice appetizers were all great. Not outstanding, but I was happy enough with the dishes. Would like to go back to try more food.
There is a store upstairs selling various vegan ingredients, including cake and ice cream which I indulged in. The coconut ice cream is fantastic.

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Nothing available - Edit

I'm loathe to give vegan restaurants - especially Loving Huts - a bad review. However when we visited today we tried to order and they didn't have anything that we wanted. We came for the western food for a change and they didn't have any of it (no pizza, macaroni, no sandwich etc.)
We altered our order to include Vietnamese dishes instead and then they came and told us they didn't have all of those either.
We ended up leaving which I don't think I've ever done before. If we had stayed we would have just been having the same Vietnamese food for over twice the price of other places!

Pros: Attentive staff

Cons: None of what we ordered was available

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I loved the place, I really did. I had the sandwich (western food) and it was just delicious! And I mean not the way a vegan sandwich is delicious, like non vegan sandwich delicious. Like "can't believe this has no dairy I want to marry whoever created this" delicious. yes I am that vegan that misses dairy and misses meat Very much, why does that stuff not grow on trees, why! This is a sandwich I would have adored before being vegan, like I adored cheese bacon fries and gigantic beef burgers.
I mean portions were very small and it is expensive for vietnamese standards, yes. But it was so good it is worth it. Can't wait to try everything they have!

Pros: My tastebuds threw a party

Cons: Charge for napkins, Small portions

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A favourite spot in Saigon - Edit

We have been going to Loving Hut for the past 6 months regularly after a long break. When it first opened about 10 years ago, we went a couple of times and then returned again only recently.

We enjoyed the vibrant local feel (it is always full and cheerful) and the menu is huge and extensive which caters for any mood.

We enjoy the Vietnamese dishes especially and ones which would be more time consuming or difficult to make at home. The flavours are balanced and delicious and the presentation is always good.

The staff are very attentive and friendly, despite so many people being there, are always at the ready to assist. The male staff wear endearing black suits and the female staff lovely Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dresses) and it gives the overall air of being invited as a special guest to someone's home.

They quality of the dishes is always consistently good and everything we have tried, we have enjoyed - we have tried a lot of the menu (but have not tried any of the Western type dishes). The portions are generous and the noodle soups for lunch are very well priced.

The special treat highlight is the vegan ice cream made especially for the restaurant and we always look forward to it at the end of a meal. The coconut (with pieces of coconut) and durian flavours are our favourites. : )

There is a new "who's who" wall of famous vegetarians as you enter the restaurant on the right. Included of course is Buddha - I was surprised to also see Jesus there too.

It gets very busy on the new moon / full moon nights as families go out especially for vegetarian meals, so booking is advised for busy nights / weekends.

There is a shop upstairs with products, but unfortunately, instead of the produce being locally sourced from Vietnam (there are great macrobiotic foods available here), it is all from the US and includes very expensive products - some from Trader Joe's and others from Costco (Kirkland brand). Hope this will change in the future : )

Pros: happy, festive, nostalgic atmosphere, flavourful food, huge menu to choose from, very good value

Cons: might need to book on busy nights, overpriced imported goods in the shop upstairs

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Tons of options... - Edit

Tons of options, and unlike most restaurants in Vietnam, it seems like they actually gave what they say is on the menu. The place is massive with a ton of people...cool to see so many people eating vegan! Food taste great, and even with so many people, the service was good. Would recommend.

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Comfort food, good but pricy - Edit

I was in the mood for some comfort food and this place delivered :)
Here you can find vegan pizza, hamburger, fries as well as lots of vietnamese dishes. I had the vietnamese pancake and it was ok.
Afterwards i had something that looked like little cake with pate and cheese. I wanted something cheesy so i liked it :)
The plates are small and pretty expensive for vietnamese standards. Personally i prefer small plates so i can try more things, but i understand that some people wouldn't want to pay 200.000 dong for three small dishes, if you can go somewhere else and pay only a third of that.
And the food is not like wow... but it's a good place to go if you miss some good old comfort food :)

Pros: Comfort food, Large menu, lots of different dishes

Cons: Expensive by vietnamese standards, Far from the city center

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Average food - Edit

The food is okay, small portions. Strange ambience. Feels like traveling to the past.

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Good western style food - Edit

This place is more fancier on the inside. Their little shops on the second floor have gems from america and taiwan including the real saracha sauce (i think it was banned for a long time bc an ex south vietnamese colonel was the creator).

To the food. I got two dish, sausage potato with cheese and bread spread with cheese. They use daiya cheese! It's imported but I'd say it well worth the price. If you get vegetarian vietnamese dishes, it's expensive compared to other com chay places.

The service was great and they even asked me if I used the tissue even when it was obvious that I did.

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This is exactly a restaurant. - Edit

A lot of pathos, small portions of food, expensive.

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Delicious food with a lot of variety - Edit

Good food, lots of variety, inexpensive
Place reminds of white wedding parlour :)

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a good place to eat - Edit

I have been going to this Loving Hut regularly since i moved to Ho Chi Minh City 3 years ago and it remains one of my favourite restaurants. The place is huge by vietnamese standards and there's always a lot of people there so it can be a bit on the noisy side sometimes. But it is clean, with lots of light, ans you don't feel cramped.
The menu is varied and once again huge. I always have a hard time deciding what to get because everything seems delicious or worth trying. I haven't had a bad experience on that front so far, with the exception of the vegan pizza. It wasn't bad but definitely a low point for me.
And if you want to shop a bit there is a store upstairs, although it seems to carry less products than before and some of the prices can be ridiculous.

Pros: lots of choices, big venue, affordable

Cons: can be noisy

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Bad experience - Edit

The place is really nice, very spacious and sterile, more like a wedding parlour, but it is also the most expensive place I visited in Vietnam.

The food was tasty, but the portions were extremely small, so not really worth the price + I had to take a cab from the center to reach it.

This would have still been OK. However, when the bill arrived, I got suspicious, as there were more options than we ordered. In the end it turned out that they also wanted us to pay for the napkins!!! I was shocked. Such napkins were in a lot of Loving Hut restaurants we had visited and they were always free. It was just so bizarre. Of course, we refused to pay and showed them the unused napkins.

I had very high expectations for this place but was really disappointed and eating here left a very sour aftertaste.

Then, in the evening, we went to Mani, where the food was affordable and the server was really nice.

Pros: Very spacious, Tasty food, Very clean bathroom

Cons: An extra fee for napkins, Small portions, Expensive

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Alright, I'd go there again if invited.. :) - Edit

The restaurant is quite big and can host large groups of people at the same time. We came just before they closed for the afternoon break, but were given much attention and served great food.

I was not impressed with my Banh Xeo, though. But most of our other dishes were good..

I wouldnt travel rush hour traffic to get here, but I would go there again..

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Average Vegan Food with no atmosphere - Edit

This place was just average. It is a massive room, more like a event room. The food wasn't bad though I have tasted a lot better in my 11 years here.

If you are a tourist, don't bother there are better places around nearby, just search on here.

For locals yeah worth going too once but as I said there are better places.

Cons: No atmosphere, Large tacky room

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Wow!!!!! - Edit

We ate here before flying out and I wish we had come sooner. Incredible selection. Great food. HUGE restaurant. By far the nicest place we ate. Prices a little higher than other places we ate at in Vietnam but $15 for two for a full meal and drinks isn't bad.

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Great Loving Hut - Edit

This is definitely the shiniest Loving Hut I've ever been to (there's a chandelier!) and I was impressed with their extensive menu. I was also really excited to discover that they have a shop upstairs that, as well as being full of dried mock meats and staples, was full of fun imported products like sjaak's almond butter cups, eli's earth bars, Daiya and Tofurky roasts as well as things from the Whole Foods 365 range. I ate here three times and yes, it is more expensive than the other options but that's because it's a sit down place with loads of staff and air conditioning and a vast menu. I loved the Braised Gluten with Coconut Juice and it went well with the Pak Choi with Black Mushrooms and a side of rice. I also really liked the Deep Fried Fish and the Okra with Roasted Garlic. Oh and also, as another reviewer pointed out, they charge 8000 dong for napkins but they're cold and damp and 8000 VND works out to 25p which is really not something I'm ever going to argue about. They were great for cleaning my hands between courses after I'd covered them in food! The only con was that they were out of all but one of the desserts but I couldn't be annoyed about this after finding the treasure trove of vegan treats upstairs.

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Poor service - Edit

I only went once. The place is big and popular and the food was pretty good, if pricier than many.

But contrary to other reviews, the service was appalling. A clearly bored and distracted young man left before we had got to the simple task of ordering tea.

We call another one over. She says yes, yes then goes to take another order and clearly doesn't relate our order.

I am with a Vietnamese friend so this is in Vietnamese, so there is no excuse of a language barrier. We then talk to a more senior staff person, but still not tea.

It is ridiculous not to be able to order tea in a Vietnamese restaurant. My friend said unacceptable too, so no cultural confusion.

We went for vegetarian food not to be treated like dirt.

Pros: Food was OK.

Cons: Poor service

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Mixed experience - Edit

Good: extensive menu with interesting dishes, clean interior.

Bad: small portions which make it quite an expensive place to eat (in addition they tried to charge us 8000 dong for paper napkins that were on the table when we came), hidden items in the menu (no cakes, but they brought one from somewhere when we asked), no wifi.

In conclusion, there are better places in HCMC and this Loving Hut is not worth the visit.

Pros: extensive menu, vegan ice cream

Cons: small portions, charge for napkins, no wifi

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Best Loving Hut I've been to in Vietnam - Edit

I've been to the other Loving Hut in HCMC (located in Tan Binh District)and one in Hanoi and neither of them were particularly great experiences, but fortunately I had visited this branch first so knew that not all Loving Huts in Vietnam were disappointing.

I was unaware of the opening times and arrived at 13:45 - 15 minutes before they were due to close. I apologised for being late and told them that I was still expecting 2 other people and that I'd just call them and we'd go somewhere else but the staff were SO kind and patient and insisted that it was okay to wait for them and that they could still take our orders. I found that very accommodating and they really went out of their way to provide great service, even though they weren't supposed to be working then.

The place itself is very spacious and definitely more elegant than the other 2 branches I've been to. The menu is very extensive, so it was hard just picking one dish. I had the pho with mock beef and my parents had the sushi and a rice dish - we all enjoyed our food and agreed we'd come back. I've yet to go back but plan on doing so soon as there is so much on the menu to try out and I've heard the desserts there are good :-)

Pros: Great, attentive, staff, Extensive menu, Veg shop upstairs

Cons: Possibly a bit hard to find

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Good Food, but Expensive - Edit

The food here is good and the service is good. But the place feels sterile and not that "Loving". I did enjoy the food I ate, but for the price I think you can find good food at a better price. The food makes me want to go back, but the price keeps me from going back.

Pros: Food, Fast Service

Cons: Price, Atmosphere

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My Best Vegan Restaurant Experience!!! - Edit

What sounds like exaggeration is fact. The restaurant atmosphere feels like a upper class restaurant, serves so delicious food and has got a vegan store on first floor.
The variety offered is packed in a big menu. On my return to HCM this is my first spot to check in, don't miss this when you are there!

Pros: Delicious, Atmosphere, Service

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nice atmosphere and great food - Edit

The restaurant is very nice. Its quite big. There are many choices and the food was great!

Pros: great food, nice staff, nice atmosphere

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Great loving hut - Edit

I have seen a lot of "Loving Hut" restaurants while travelling but this is the one with the largest menu and the most fancy design that I have seen until now. We have ordered a feast and still payed what we would pay in an ordinary european restaurant for only one meal. The food was delicious and so were our fresh juices.

Pros: large menu, many options, tasty food

Cons: some options were sold out

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Good food, but expensive - Edit

Large menu, like most loving huts but this one is a little more upscale. Food was good but portions small. Great store right next door with some vegan Western foods that you may be missing (some whole foods and trader joe's brands too) including chocolate bars and cookies. But the best part was the cheese cake slices in the fridge. If you eat at loving hut, go here for dessert.

Pros: cake at the store, good food

Cons: small portions, expensive (relatively)

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A very nice place in HCM City! - Edit

I've been to many vegetarian/vegan places in HCM city.
The one most stand-out is Hoa Dang. Known for its
setting and clean food (as compared with others in HCM city).
The owner pays a lot of attention to hygiene food preparation, that's important while you're in VN.
The chicken "Pho" is very good. Sushi is nice.
Every dish is almost perfect. A little expensive though.
But well worth-it once in a while.
Many foreigners come to this place because they trust
the cleanliness, and the goodness of the food.

Pros: Best food, Clean, nice setting

Cons: A bit expensive

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Good food - relatively expensive, but worth it - Edit

We arrived about twenty minutes before they opened, but it was raining outside and they let us come in and wait, which I thought was very nice. The inside of the restaurant is huge, and very clean. It felt much nicer and more upscale than any of the other Loving Huts we've visited. The staff was very nice. While there was a big screen TV along one of the walls, it wasn't turned on while we were there.

We tried two types of fresh spring rolls, the firecracker rolls (awesome!!), gluten satay (yum), a fried noodle dish, and the pak choy with garlic (meh, but better when combined with the leftover satay sauce).

I tried to order the flan (!) for dessert, but they were all out. Since there were no other desserts available, I ordered a coconut, which was full of liquid (they must add some) and soft enough that I was able to scoop out all of the flesh.

I think prices may have been almost double what they were at the Loving Hut we visited in Hanoi, but still very inexpensive by western standards, and I really enjoyed the meal. I'd be happy to go back.

There was a severe rainstorm when we were there and our waiter helped call us a cab.

Pros: Good food, Nice interior

Cons: Limited desserts

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Leeloo_Sebat 21 Jun 2017 - Coconuts are always completely full to the brim with coconut water :)  

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