Serves vegan food, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages in a spacious dining room. English menu available. Upstairs is a shop selling imported food like Tofurky roast, Daiya cheese, vegan chocolate alongside staples like tvp, dry noodles, and products from Whole Foods Market 365 range. Relocated from 38 Max Dinh Chi, Da Kao Ward, District 1 Open Mon-Sun 9:30am-2:00pm, 4:30pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by natran


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23 May 2023

Hoa Dang salad and Nha Trang steamed rice roll

Loving Hut Hoa Dang luxury vegan restaurant I've been a vegan for many years, so I'm very careful in choosing dishes and ingredients. Walking around the vegan restaurants, I decided to go to Hoa Dang restaurants. What surprised me is the new Hoa Dang branch is much more beautiful than on the picture in the internet. I was recommended to try two of the restaurant's best sellers, which are Hoa Dang salad and Nha Trang steamed rice roll. Hoa Dang salad is very easy to eat. I'm from the north of Vietnam so I like the smell of the restaurant's fragrant onions with 'ram' cakes. Hoa Dang rolls are very tasty, much different from the rolls outside, It's not greasy dish and very fragrant. Drinking more coffee with plant-based milk must be said to be perfect on a rainy afternoon.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-23

Pros: Glory space, Good taste



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11 Mar 2023

Good choice of food

Expensive end of the vegan food places but good food and very nice ambience.


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05 Feb 2023

Good service, good food

Had a delicious Phở that had just the right size. Just felt super thirsty afterwards, may have been a little salty.


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20 Jan 2023

Loving the Hut

This is my first time here at this Hut. The food came out quickly, hot and delicious. Check out our pictures. The food tastes as good as it looks.
The servers took care of our party from start to finish. They were very friendly.
What my wife likes is the restaurant was clean. That is her pet peeve 😤 #Veganuary

Pros: They have an extensive menu , All the food was great tasting , the staff's extremely attentive

Cons: No Credit Cards


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17 Dec 2022


This was the first place we went in Saigon and it didn't disappoint. Reasonably priced (not cheap) and the food was really good with quick service. As these guys are a chain, I'll likely go back to a different one on my trip through Vietnam.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-17


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30 Nov 2022


Wasn’t anything special, and for the price you can get a lot more flavourful food in Saigon.
You know everything is vegan, so that is probably the best part.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Expensive , Lack of vibe


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22 Nov 2022

Great vegan food

1. Goi hua dang (warm mushroom salad) - Really good. Recommended by our server. Most of the ingredients are cooked not raw. It came with round rice chips. We ate it like a taco on those chips (not sure if that was correct).
2. Banh cuon nha trang - Amazing! Great flavors!
3. Sichuan style stir fried noodles - good. Strong lemongrass flavor. Great texture
4. Coconut water - Came with a straw and a spoon to scoop out the coconut flesh.
5. Guava & strawberry juice
6. Vietnamese iced coffee
7. Green dessert thing which they gave us when we sat down. It's not complimentary (7000 VND). It had coconut and something else wrapped in a steamed rice flour roll. It was nice - not too sweet.
Our bill was around 640000 VND for all this plus water.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-22

Pros: Menu in English with a photo for every item


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10 Nov 2022

Food is nice, lack of ambience

Very happy that they serve pho here. The food is delicious.

Pros: Lots of variety , Local cuisine

Cons: Do not accept credit cards


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22 Sep 2022

Delicious but pricey

Great food ! The pho is amazing and the fresh summer rolls

Pros: Everything vegan !!


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09 Sep 2022

Good vegan food

Fully vegan restaurant with great choice and tasty cheap food

Pros: All vegan , Cheap


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04 Sep 2022

Great as always

I’m a huge loving hut fan
But this one was one of the nicest places
Food 10/10
Service 8/10


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13 Aug 2022

WOW 😍 A "must-visit-place"!

Asian and western food. Very large menu selection. EXTREMELY delicious food! Inexpensive. Very friendly staff. Great facility. Absolutely perfect. My favorite in Saigon.

Pros: Extremly delicious food, Asian and western food, Inexpensive


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20 Jun 2022

Very good Vegan Vietnamese😄

I loved the place and especially loved the choices.
Everything I ate was amazing and there was so much choice!!
Would definitely come back.

Pros: All vegan , Authentic Vietnamese , Lots of choice!

Cons: Wasn't sure of the price (I didn't pay for it)


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19 May 2022


Delicious pho. Alliums-free option available.


Points +229

08 Feb 2021

Place for healthy food and refreshing

Not only the food is so delicious, but also the positive vibe. You can buy vegan food at the vegan grocery stand as well

Pros: Good food, Good service, Warm welcoming


Points +399

20 Sep 2020

A bit pricey but good

The place has its own style.. a bit shiny but that doesn’t bother me. The food is good and the service is professional.

Pros: Inside market, Clay pot is nice, Sautéed broccoli is good


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15 Feb 2020

Favorite Place!

I love everything about this place. The menu is large, the food is delicious (especially the mac and cheese), and the employees are very attentive and caring enough to even ask if onion and garlic were okay in my food. They have a well-stocked section of vegan packaged foods that are homemade or imported so they’re a bit expensive (but worth it). The owner is the nicest person in the world.

Pros: Large menu, Everything is delicious, Comfortable seating space

Cons: Higher price point


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22 Mar 2019

professional and all vegan

Professional and polite style. suitable for weekends with family. I have a hotpot that is very suitable for eating together. Fresh vegetables and spicy suop water that I really like

Pros: only vegan, nice view, food

Cons: expensive


Points +50

21 Jul 2018

Excellent food and service

Wonderful selection of foods. Papaya salad Vietnamese style was fabulous. Noodles and rice dishes also very good. Lovely atmosphere.

Pros: Lots of options , Very fresh , Good value


Points +26

14 Jun 2018

expensive and pointless

The worst Loving Hut I've ever been to. Was really disappointed. Looks fancy and shiny, but portions are quite small and not really worth it. Almost nothing I chose was available, so I had to go for spaghetti that was small and even more expensive than other dishes. Tastes fine but there are better places in HCMC.

Pros: fancy looking


Points +2458

09 Jan 2018

Best Loving Hut!~

Wonderful services and dishes!~ Have been trying different dishes here everytime in town and never disappointed, no matter which style the dish is, Vietnamese/Western cuisine, dessert, appetizer etc all great!

Pros: Professional service, Great dishes!!


Points +52

06 Jan 2018

nothing special

I may have not tried all the dishes they offer because this is the first but surely also my last time that I am here. Tons of vegan Vietnamese cuisine restaurant out there and even their foods taste not bad, still I’m not impressed. I and friends ordered a vegan pizza and it left me no hope about the western style foods at this restaurant. Also it’s ordinary but pricy. I just don’t enjoy being here

Pros: free parking

Cons: pricy


Points +992

05 Jan 2018

Menu and shop has nice comfort food options

Really enjoyed the vegan pizza, and some tasty side dishes in the restaurant. Also going home with packages of frozen Gardein Beefless burgers and fishless fillets. Nice vegan comfort food fix!


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23 Sep 2017

a little bit to posh and pricy

First of all: the quality of the food is pretty good. We tried four dishes and there was nothing to complain about. Having visited a lot of loving hut branches all over europe, i was quiet supprised and a bit overwhelmed by the fact that we were served (and observed) by four staff members in black suites all the time who were extremly attentive but not to cordial. What i found really annoying was the fact that we were charged for a appetizer that we didn't order and the use of a tissue (!). Altogether we paid 360k (about 16 us dollars) which is ok but still quiet pricy for vietnamese standards.

Pros: vast variety of dishes, tasty, clean

Cons: quiet pricy, pretty posh


Points +2898

14 Jun 2017

Gigantic picture menu, good food

When your menu is over 50 pages long and it's all vegan, you know it's going to take a while to decide what you want. Luckily most of the menu was pictures, which helped with the decision making. Plenty of Western options available. The dumplings, noodles and crispy rice appetizers were all great. Not outstanding, but I was happy enough with the dishes. Would like to go back to try more food.
There is a store upstairs selling various vegan ingredients, including cake and ice cream which I indulged in. The coconut ice cream is fantastic.


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26 May 2017

Nothing available

I'm loathe to give vegan restaurants - especially Loving Huts - a bad review. However when we visited today we tried to order and they didn't have anything that we wanted. We came for the western food for a change and they didn't have any of it (no pizza, macaroni, no sandwich etc.)
We altered our order to include Vietnamese dishes instead and then they came and told us they didn't have all of those either.
We ended up leaving which I don't think I've ever done before. If we had stayed we would have just been having the same Vietnamese food for over twice the price of other places!

Pros: Attentive staff

Cons: None of what we ordered was available


Points +76

03 May 2017


I loved the place, I really did. I had the sandwich (western food) and it was just delicious! And I mean not the way a vegan sandwich is delicious, like non vegan sandwich delicious. Like "can't believe this has no dairy I want to marry whoever created this" delicious. yes I am that vegan that misses dairy and misses meat Very much, why does that stuff not grow on trees, why! This is a sandwich I would have adored before being vegan, like I adored cheese bacon fries and gigantic beef burgers.
I mean portions were very small and it is expensive for vietnamese standards, yes. But it was so good it is worth it. Can't wait to try everything they have!

Pros: My tastebuds threw a party

Cons: Charge for napkins, Small portions

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