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Lord's journey traces back to 2004 when it first began selling fries out of a mobile van; within a year, its flagship outlet was planted. The company has since expanded to operating franchise outlets across Australia and into New Zealand. Its menu offers vegan versions of fast food like burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, onion rings, and fries (chips) in addition to shakes, ice cream, and all-day breakfast foods. Check website for holiday hours. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-11:00pm, Fri 11:30am-2:00am, Sat 11:30am-3:30am, Sun 11:30am-11:00pm.

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12 Dec 2023

Tasty fried vegan treats!

I just had to stop by to try LOTF!
I had the vegan milkshake that was amazing for the sunny weather. I loved the Chick’n burger! The spam fries was so so so good! 10 out 10 recommended!
I would love to revisit and try more!

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13 Nov 2023

Lord of fries 😍

I love all the options! I couldn't choose so I got the sampler munch box.
It was amazing. The nugges were delish. The Mac n cheese balls were amazing but 3 was enough as they were a bit sickly. The fried chick'n was my favorite.


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23 Aug 2023

Lord of the souvlaki and fries

Tasty cheat night in the Valley.

Pros: Quick service, Fun wall art, Friendly staff

Cons: Parking is always rubbish , Need more chains out in the burbs


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23 Aug 2023

Tasty fast food

I tried the peanut butter jam bacon beyond burger- super tasty! Also had the mac and cheese balls. Was very full after :)

Pros: Taste, Nice staff


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26 Jul 2023

Fries and more

Good fries, and also burgers, breakfast English muffin sandwiches, mylkshakes and other comfort food.

Pros: all vegan


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17 Jul 2023

Good fast food experience

It was good to try what Australian vegans can eat if they want some fast food. 🙂 I liked the chicken burger, the french fries and onion rings were also good, and I really liked the place itself.

Pros: Fast, Good location


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17 Jul 2023

Soo good

Had an amazing lunch here. Definitely order the Biggie - a Big Mac but much better!


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15 Apr 2023

Loving LOTF

I LOVE LOTF it’s our favourite vegan fast food!!!! I don’t know how they do it, but the delicious flavours that come from the most simple looking burger are sooooo good!!

Pros: Quick, Open late

Cons: No LOTF in Sunny Coast


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04 Dec 2022

Best (Vegan) Fast Food in the World

Amazing! Feels great to be able to order ANYTHING off the menu. No limits and barriers in the way between you and the food you haven’t been able to eat since you went vegan. MUST try.


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09 Oct 2022

Great vegan junk food restaurant

I ate there several times, and will definitely come back. It’s a vegan junk food place in Fortitude valley, it’s open quite late - making it a good option for a late night snack when you go out on the weekend.

They also serve desserts, which are not listed on the menu - be sure to ask about them. The caramel bar is really good.

Reasonably priced.
Most of the time, you can use the EatClub app to obtain a substantial discount.

Pros: Not expensive , Many options , Nice staff

Cons: Just junk food


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01 Oct 2022

So convenient!

Love having a convenient vegan fast food option. The mini menu options were also great!


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30 Sep 2022

Hits the spot!

Got the Chicago style hot dog and it was exactly the junk food I needed. Love the range of offerings and unabashed embrace of junk food in all its glory.

Pros: All vegan menu, Generous portions


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07 Jun 2022

My new addiction

If I had known the burgers were this good, I would’ve started this new addiction earlier! Hooked on the chick’n parmigiana burger adding pineapple, and the peanut butter shake is outstanding. The fries were average but not bad.

Pros: Incredibly tasty burgers , Best peanut butter shake in the world

Cons: Chips good-ish. Expected better


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02 Mar 2022

Nice burger but disappointing Mac n Cheese

I enjoy the burgers here and the fries are good but this time I tried the Mac n cheese. I actually couldn’t finish it, it was so unenjoyable. I felt sick afterwards. Not sure if it was just this batch or something wrong with it but will stick to the burgers in future. They also sell I Love Brownies but only ever seem to have 1 brownie left when I go!

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Mac n cheese [censored]


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07 Feb 2022


Amazing vegan food when you’ve craving fast food!


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09 Dec 2021

Great food, extended opening hours

Great they are in Brisbane now!


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25 Sep 2021

I mean, they never disappoint

Great vegan fast food. Every time.

Pros: All vegan, Fast and delicious


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12 Sep 2021


Omg!!! So easy to order as everything is vegan.
The are friendly and helpful. The prices are reasonable and the food is super tasty.

Pros: Vegan only , Valley location, Great spot for late night munchies

Cons: If you drive there there’s no parking out front, Vegan junk food :)


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04 May 2021

Stoked to find a place for vegan valley-rats

Tried on a big night out & really enjoyed our HSP thickshake. The staff were super friendly & helpful too, despite the fact we were probably indecisive & annoying as we ordered. After leaving for some more boogie, we returned to try the ice cream cookie sandwiches & were stoked with those too.

Pros: All vegan so it's easy to order even intoxicated, Interesting mix of flavours e.g. hommus-based HSP , Friendly staff

Cons: Probably not the healthiest thing I could eat :X


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01 May 2021

Always good for a late night pit stop

Can’t beat the phish burger so damn good!

Pros: Everything you need


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17 Apr 2021

Good for a binge

Great food for a binge - just wish it was in an easier to access spot (although I do get why they chose this spot!)


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21 Feb 2021


My absolute favourite drunk food. Their mayo is weird but everything else is great. I love their Mac n cheese balls and chicken nuggets the best.


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12 Dec 2020

Great to have Lord of The Fries here in Brisbane

Having enjoyed their food in Melbourne, it’s great that this institution is now here in Brisbane. Good vegan fast food and a great place for a late night snack. Good range of burgers and hot dogs served with a smile!

Pros: Good choice and all vegan , Not so obviously vegan so non vegans not put off!, Friendly service and nice vibe

Cons: Not the healthiest!


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14 Oct 2020

Every Day Is Fry Day!

If you are in the mood for vegan junk food, there is no better option than Lord of the Fries! The mac and cheese balls were every bit as dreamy as they sound, and we loved our burgers – the Stinger and classic beyond burger. Small amount of seating available


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01 Aug 2020

OMG so tasty!

I’ve been meaning to try Lord of the Fries for ages and I was not disappointed. It was so good!!! I had The Lot burger, sweet potato fries, and nuggets. The vegan egg was an unexpected delight! OMG just dreaming of what I’ll get next time 😃🌟☺️


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31 Jul 2020

Nice way to eat fast food

Although a fast food outlet, it was nice to sit and enjoy my order, admire the art work and have nice service. Lord of the Fries is always a yummy option.


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22 Apr 2020

So goddamn good.

When I found out this opened in Brisbane, I was so freaking happy. Their burgers are phenomenal. And the fact that they have a pretty decent range of sauces is also amazing. Definately try the milkshakes! Plus they're available on uber eats and deliveroo!

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