Vegan restaurant serving organic and local products. Serves a weekly changing lunch menu alongside a range of pastries. Fully vegan since Mar 2021. Open Mon 16:00-23:30, Tue-Thu 15:00-23:30, Fri 16:00-23:30. Closed Sat-Sun.

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First Review by Leno


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05 Oct 2023

Fine Végétal Eatery

On of our top fully vegan stops in the country, this is an excellent stop for an extensive dinner!
From the friendly and English speaking staff who was not afraid to make bold recommendations (thanks!) to a relaxed atmosphere, we opted for a three course menu accompanied by a variety of drinks.
Everything was locally sourced and organic, carefully assembled and creatively presented.

Would go there again in a heartbeat, at these prices they would see me regularly!

Pros: Don‘t forget make reservations on their site!, Very budget friendly


08 Nov 2023

thank you very much for your kind words! hope to see you again :)



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16 Aug 2023


Yummiest dinner I've had in a while! The menu is very simple, 2 starters, 1 main dish and 2 desserts; you can either pick 3, 4 or 5 dishes. I went with three and it was filling enough.

The menu only lists the ingredients used, but you never know what to expect - still, from start to finish the meal was incredible; I believe they change their menu once a week.

The atmoshere was nice and relaxed, and the staff just lovely.

Price wise I found it to be fair - will definitely go again next time I stop by Grenoble!


08 Nov 2023


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18 Jul 2023

Nice, reasonable priced vegan place

As others have written, you have the choice between two starters, no choice for the main and then again two dessert options. Menus are 1-1-1 for 24 Euro, 4 picks for 28 (?) or everything for I think 32. Water is free. In case you consider yourself eligible you can ask for the "solidarity menu" for 20 Euro, which is the 1-1-1 option including one beverage of the house's choice.

The menu is confusing, it basically only lists the ingredients of the dishes, so you should have a look at the pictures here to get an understanding of what they prepare. Haven't had french veg food in a long time, so I cannot really compare, but I liked that the dishes are original and appear well-designed. Certainly not the all-too common "fusion" or "somewhat asian" etc. vibe. The flavours were good, the price seems very reasonable to me. Since the menu is weekly (unless I misunderstood) I'm not sure I'd go there twice to get the same main dish. And this is my only slightly negative remark, the lack of a choice for the main seems a bit limiting. Yes, I've seen the comment on the other post below.
Other than that, when in Grenoble I'd say give it a go.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-18

Pros: Well thought out, original dishes

Cons: Only one main on the menu


08 Nov 2023

Thank you very much😄
Just to clarify, the solidarity menu is there for anyone in a tight spot/budget, we do not ask for justification of eligibility.

The menu changes on a weekly basis indeed. We did consider having a second main dish, and it may come in the future, but right now it's too much work for our small team😄


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20 Feb 2023

Don't miss

I enjoyed my dinner. 2 starters to choose from. One main dish. And 2 deserts to choose. Menu chanes each week.
Very very interesting dishes

Pros: Great food , Lovely atmosphere , Quick service

Cons: Not so good neighborhood


08 Nov 2023

Thank you very much.
We do love our neighborhood. We wouldn't be who we are if we weren't in it. It pushes us to have a more socially conscious offer :)


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09 Feb 2023

Belles expériences culinaires vegan

À chaque fois les plats changent (ingrédients de saison) et j'ai toujours été agréablement surpris.e !
Les assiettes sont magnifiquement décorées et les saveurs sont étonnantes : c'est un nouveau voyage culinaire à chaque fois.
Les boissons proposées sont tout aussi raffinées.
On prend bien le temps de savourer !

Pros: Cuisine délicieuse et étonnante, Ingrédients de saison, Ambiance chill

Cons: Quantité moyenne : il ne faut pas avoir trop faim


08 Nov 2023


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18 Nov 2022

Très bon menu full vegan

Full vegan ! Très bon menu, très juste et de saison ! Un peut supplément de protéines "brutes" aurait été bien personnellement. Le dessert était excellent aussi !


02 Dec 2022

Merci pour ce gentil message ! Nous avons juste pas compris ce que vous vouliez dire par un supplément protéines brutes? Vous pouvez retrouver des protéines brutes sur tous les choix du menu puisque nous prenons soin à ce que l'apport nutritif soit riche et varié. En l'occurrence, dans le menu que vous avez posté, les protéines brutes sont, les pois chiches, le tournesol, le riz complet, les amandes, le quinoa et le mélange de graines du deuxième dessert.
Bonne journée :)


05 Dec 2022

Vous avez totalement raison dans l'idée de l'équilibre nutritionnel et l'omniprésence de protéines ! 👌🏻C'est surtout pour le cas des personnes non-vegan qui vont avoir besoin de "voir" la protéine comme du tofu, seitan etc. Mais rien à redire 😊


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22 Sep 2022

Great food, nice place

Went there today and the food was unequivocally great: subtle flavors, expertly balanced against each other. The Stout I had was also rather nice, and the restaurant itself it cozy, calm, and the (many) plants look great.

Pros: Subtle flavors, expertly combined, Nice decor, music, and plants, No paralysis of choice :)


08 Nov 2023


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Mostly Veg
27 Jul 2022

Lekker eten!

Snel en lekker. Het was ook nog is heel goedkoop

Pros: Lekker eten, Weinig keuze dus veel kwaliteit

Cons: De keuken ging soms heel snel


08 Nov 2023

Thank you very much! We try not to keep our guests waiting between dishes! We will take your comment into account :)


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02 Jun 2022

Cute place, friendly service

Didn't have lunch or dinner, only a few teas and some cake.

Overall a good experience. Relaxed athmosphere before noon. Perfect for reading a book or working a bit.

Pros: Good cake, Friendly service, Nice athmosphere


08 Nov 2023


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Mostly Veg
23 May 2022

Best place to discover vegan fine dining

3 courses with 20 euros 5 dégustassions course with 28 euros.


08 Nov 2023


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13 Apr 2022

Tasty local vegan food

Cozy restaurant with a very tasty menu

Pros: Local food, Cozy , Reasonable price

Cons: One menu, can be limiting in case of intolerances


20 Apr 2022

Thank you very much for your kind words, we are glad you enjoyed your time at Locafé!

We chose to have a shortened menu so we can propose more elaborate dishes, but also to limit the food waste linked to having a larger menu since waste reduction is one of the core reasons we exist as a restaurant.

We do ask our customers to inform us of any allergies beforehand when making the reservations so we can adapt our menu if there is enough time for us to prepare, or refuse the reservation if we know we won't have time to adapt our dishes to the guests needs :)

Have a great day!


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12 Apr 2022

Café et friandises

Malheureusement, cela ne suffit que pour un café et quelques sucreries. Mais ces dernières avaient un goût excellent !

Pros: Alles Vegan - Tout végan!


20 Apr 2022

Merci beacoup! nous sommes heureux que vous aillez passé un bon moment à Locafé :)


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30 Mar 2022

Excellent meal for a reasonable price

This is what French cooking is all about.
Locafé changes their menu every now and then to respect seasonability and always comes with surprising and delicious meals.
All ingredients are organic and local, the drink menu is very original and has a lot of homemade beverages.
And the price is very low considering all the effort put in the making. For 24 euros, you can have a complete meal with two (yes, two) starters, one main and a dessert. True story.
Best vegan restaurant I tried so far.

Pros: Great cooking, 100% vegan, reasonable price


20 Apr 2022

Thank you for your kind words! We are so glad you had a good time at Locafé. We strive to provide the best products to our customers and are very glad you noticed our efforts. Have a great day :)


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10 Mar 2022


El mejor restaurante de nuestra travesía francesa! Texturas y sabores super originales. Platos equilibrados y se ve que el menu lleva reflexion! Una señora adorable se ha ocupado de nosotros en ingles sin ningún problema. Los precios fueron los mas bajos que encontramos en este tipo de restaurante en Francia, y que para la calidad, es una locura, en Lyon pagamos mucho mas para productos equivalentes. Oimos musica latina que sale del reggaeton (salsa, rock argentino) y la playlist en general estaba guay ! Tienen escrito en su pagina web también los esfuerzos que hacen por reducir desechos lo que nos pareció genial! Muchas gracias por este lugar!

Pros: Ecologico, vino natural, precio


20 Apr 2022

Muy agradecidos por tus palabras! Estamos muy contentos que hayan pasado un buen momento en Locafé! Muchas gracias :)


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01 Dec 2021


This place is the best vegetarian meal we have had in France. (I know the restaurant is vegan but still applies). We were only planning on drinking a coffee in the afternoon as a friend recommended their coffees, but after seeing their Instagram, we NEEDED to try it out. We had to come back to eat the week after because it was already fully booked. The association of textures and flavors was amazing. Some spices we had never heard of (xawaash was an amazing discovery). We also noticed EVERYTHING was organic, seriously, not a single item on their counters ( or on what you can see in the open kitchen) was missing the organic label. They seem to be very transparent about the origin of their products as they list them all on their website (and also their bathroom lol). This is the first time I've seen such a level of openness about a restaurants suppliers, hope it catches on! The wine was very nice, both of the available glasses were organic and natural. It is with no doubt the best price to quality ratio we've had in France. Our only regret is not living closer to them! Thanks for this great place!

Pros: Vegan, organic, local


20 Apr 2022

Thank you very much for your kind words. We are glad you enjoyed your time in our restaurant and our efforts to provide the best possible products to our customers! Have a great day :)


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03 Nov 2021

Caro, platos minúsculos y la comida no es fresca. Puede mejorar

Puede mejorar, fuí con mi novio y gastamos mucho dinero y nos dimos cuenta de que los platillos sólo son "armados" en el momento, pero no es comida fresca.

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: Caro, Platos pequeños, Comida recalentada


20 Nov 2021

Tristes de leer tu mensaje. Nuestros precios son los mas bajos que podemos proponer teniendo en cuenta la calidad y el origen de nuestros productos, que son 100% bio, locales y que garantizan una remuneración justa para todas las personas implicadas, vender a un precio mas bajo, implicaría tener que negociar precios con nuestros productores, cosa que no hacemos nunca porque estimamos que sus precios son los que ellos consideran justos, o cortar el salario de nuestros empleados, pero estimamos que merecen una calidad de vida justa (razon por la cual cerramos tres dias a la semana para mejorar su calidad de vida). Sentimos que 3 platos por 20 euros en Francia (o 28 por 5 platos), por comida 100% hecha en casa, bio, local y responsable te parezca caro, pero estamos al menos 2 euros debajo de los restaurantes que proponen los mismos productos que nosotros, y no esta en nuestros planes sacrificar calidad de producto o bienestar social por precio.
La talla de los platos esta calculada para un aporte óptimo nutricional, de hecho todo el menu esta reflexionado para que tenga un aporte nutricional rico y variado, si nos hubieras dicho que te pareció pequeño, te lo habríamos agrandado con amor. En cuanto a la comida en si, no entendimos bien lo que quieres decir por solo "armados" en el momento? La mayoría de los procesos de cada componente de nuestros platos toman entre 20 minutos y una hora para efectuar (lavado de los legumbres, cortar, porcionar, cocer, marinar, fumar o otros procesos etc...). Teniendo en cuenta que hay por lo minino 10 componentes en cada uno de nuestros platos, y 28 personas que alimentar por servicio, quisiera entender como creíste que todos estos procesos iban a ser efectuados al momento de tu pedido, no solo en nuestro restaurante, pero en cualquier otro restaurante( teniendo en cuenta también que ciertos procesos como nuestro pan hecho en casa toman mas de 24 horas de fermentación antes de cocer durante una hora). Los legumbres se reciben lunes y jueves para una apertura de martes a viernes asi que quisieramos saber que quieres decir por comida fresca, porque restaurantes donde los legumbres estaban aun en el campo el dia mismo o a mas tardar dos dias antes de ser consumidos, no conocemos muchos... Efectivamente si somos culpables de armar nuestros platos con preparaciones que tomaron horas de preparación el dia mismo y recalentarlas al pedido como cualquier otro restaurante. Quedo pendiente para tu definición de comida fresca :)


01 Dec 2021

I am sorry I don't read spanish as well as the first person to respond does, but I understand well enough to know your comment is not fair (i did use google translate to be fair, so it might not be accurate?). I would love to know what place you have been to that has better prices for quality. Also, Alicia, when you invite people over to your house, do you start cooking when your guests arrive at your house, or hours earlier so it's ready when your guests arrive? I don't understand how you expect a restaurant not to precook their ingredients? I have been to gastronomic and michelin starred restaurants, and haven't seen a single one not do this, I seriously can't understand what you expected. Also, your comment sounds like you caught them in the act, but they do have an open kitchen that anyone can see from the dinning room, so I don't think they were hiding anything? I think you have never been to a restaurant with an open kitchen before, so you never gave it a thought before ( at least that is really what I hope). If you saw them preparing the dishes, how can you say it wasn't fresh? PS: If google translate messed up and you meant something else, then I'm sorry


10 Mar 2022

Esta chica tiene que estar bromeando! Mi mujer no pudo terminar sus 3 platos con la cantidad que habia, me lo he acabado yo de goloso XD! Tía que me digas en que lugar en francia has comido calidad similar por menos, si estabas esperando precios españoles en Francia tenias que comer en España o en un fast food!
Y también puedes ver todo lo que pasa en cocina, como vas a decir que no esta fresco si ves al chef armando los platos, no entendí tampoco como las dos personas anteriores lo que querías decir? Que creíste que los restaurantes cocinaban todo cuando pasas tu pedido? Pareciera que nunca has visto una cocina tía, que ni en un fast food te preparan todos los ingredientes al pedido, parece evidente, pero se siguen viendo tristes comentarios como el tuyo...


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15 Sep 2021

Captivating little restaurant

A charming neighbourhood restaurant, with attentive yet unobtrusive service.
There is a small menu from which you can select 2, 3, 4 or 5 dish menus depending on the time of day. The meals were thoughtfully presented and tasted interesting, fresh and delicious. Exceptional value for money.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Friendly staff


20 Nov 2021

Thank you very much! So glad you liked or food and service!


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03 Sep 2021

Great food great vibe

Great food and delicious homemade bread with our meal. A must eat in Grenoble, as a vegan or not!


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26 Jun 2021

Nice friendly place

Serving a nice vegan menu. Dishes very fulfilling and very friendly service. Nice home cooked meal feeling and everything I had was delicious!

Pros: Service, Quality of food

Cons: A bit expensive for my taste


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27 Oct 2020

Must try in Grenoble

What a surprise,

I had the chance to try a 5-course vegan meal at Locafé, and it did not disappoint! All dishes were carefully crafted, with a lot of tastes, texture and beautiful presentation.

The service was great and with almost no waiting between the dishes.

Apart from the friendly / cozy atmosphere the experience at Locafé is very close to what you can get in a one-star Michelin restaurant.

For less than 30€ this is probably the best price/quality ratio I ever paid.

Bonus: The vegan cookie is the best one I ever tried.


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05 Aug 2020

Sain et délicieux

Découvert pendant le confinement pour de la vente à emporter. Large choix vegan (même des desserts), délicieux, savoureux, léger, ingrédients qui changent de l'ordinaire, les contenants (bocaux...) sont consignés et on peut apporter les siens.


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17 Jul 2020


Everything is very tasty with plenty of surprising flavors. Local, fresh and organic (i think so), every dish is a great harmony of textures, tastes and colors. Beautiful presentation. The local beers and the red wine were very good as well.
The staff is nice and we didn’t wait for too long between the courses.
The place itself is cute, with some beautiful plants and mural.
It is mostly vegan, and the portions are not so big. A bit more food would be appreciated as everything is light but tasteful. However i felt quite full after the dessert and it is actually pleasant not to feel super heavy after restaurant.


31 Jul 2020

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed your time around our restaurant :)

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