Southern and soul food vegan restaurant launched 2021. Open Tue-Sun 5:00pm-11:00pm.

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First Review by JJones315


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Mostly Veg
16 Sep 2023

Go here!

Really warm welcoming space. Delicious food - best vegan “soul food” you’ll probably ever taste. Terrific drinks. Warm friendly service. Highest rec!



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21 Aug 2023

One of NYC’s best

I really can’t understand how this place isn’t rated higher. As we ate our way through the city this place stood out as an absolute star.

Let’s set a few things. First, have a reservation. I feel like that goes without saying but it’s a smaller place. Do yourself that favor. It’s a smaller menu but there’s plenty to try.

The food is amazing. I can say that the fried green tomatoes and the buffalo mushrooms and waffle were highlights, but everything was delicious. The service (Tito) was excellent and I’d definitely go back.

Pros: Flavors and combinations , Service, Atmosphere

Cons: Smaller menu


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28 Jul 2023

Not worth it.

I don’t really understand why this place doesn’t have less stars. Is it the high price that makes people think it’s good?…
The mac’n’cheese was terrible; pasta with a soupy cheese water at the bottom. I’ve had store-bought mac’and’cheese that was better.
The fries lasagna tasted very good. But it was so oily, and maybe made with a not so good oil, that I ended up waking at up night several times with indigestion, which I never have.
The ambiance is okay but the music was too loud for my taste. Service was good.
I wouldn’t recommend it at all.


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25 Jul 2023

Good but not worth the price

I was so excited to go here, but I’m sad to say I wasn’t wowed. I love gravy and soul food, but I felt like the dishes were yummy but just okay. Especially for the price. If they were cheaper I would be a lot more inclined to advocate for this place. I just don’t think I’ll return

Pros: Vegan , Cute restaurant

Cons: Expensive , Food is just okay


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27 Jun 2023

Get the mushrooms

I'm a sucker for a good oyster mushroom....Cadence did not disappoint. Everything we tried was good, but both mushroom dishes were really incredible. Didn't get to try any desserts because the corn bread was too desserty already (and maybe a bit because we'd already spent $50 apiece without ordering drinks?)

Would come back here; good option for a date


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04 Jun 2023

Delicious southern food

Great takes on southern classics


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24 May 2023

Authentic soul food made vegan

I was absolutely blown away by the food at Cadence! Everything was so tasty, flavorful, and VERY filling (partly due to the fat content as well LOL). They serve plant-based versions of authentic soul food classics, and you couldn't tell it was vegan! Our favorites were definitely the Southern fried lasagna and jerk mac & cheese. The buffalo oyster mushroom burger was also excellent. The palm cake was the only thing we were slightly less impressed with - the creamy slaw served with it was great, but the palm cake itself was a bit bland.

However, the menu is quite pricey. Expect to pay about 60-70$ per person. You will leave feeling very full though. Service could've been a bit friendlier as well; I found our server to be a bit curt.

Overall though, I still greatly enjoyed my experience here and would recommend visiting this restaurant if you're in East Village!

Pros: Delicious soul food, Finger-licking greasy goodness

Cons: Pricey, Service not too friendly


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22 May 2023

Your gallbladder will hurt but you will be happy

Cadence is a beautiful restaurant with vegan Southern comfort food and all the calories and fat that implies. Everyone there was so friendly and the table for two was a cozy upholstered corner booth and comfortable.
It is pricey and they suggested four selections for the two of us. We got the fried tomatoes , smoked grits, palm cake, collard green wrap and two drinks (wine specialty drinks, wine and beer only) and it came to $124. with tip. We would not have left hungry had we ordered less however but we were happy that we tried all the dishes we did.
We had a five-star experience because of the atmosphere and the service but I have to say personally not all the food was that spectacular - the grits were just so rich with not much crunch or texture, wrap was just ok, fried tomatoes were just amazing however.
We would return in a heartbeat once our gallbladders stop hurting.
This is another restaurant in Michael Kenney's empire.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-22


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03 May 2023

Soul food for the win always!

Vegan soul food in the heart of the big apple! Wonderful service, awesome vibes and really good food make this place want me to tell all my friends about it!

Pros: Atmosphere , Service , Food

Cons: A little loud


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01 May 2023

Authentically Southern, Delightfully Vegan!

Anyone who has indulged in classic Southern/Soul Food would be dubious of how a cuisine so traditionally drenched in butter and meaty bits, could possibly be veganized while still maintaining its Southernness and soul.

Well, Cadence has done it, right down to a Mac and cheese that you'd never believe is vegan! The oyster mushroom and waffles are delightful. I think my favorite dish was honestly the collard green wraps in some kind of delicious broth.

I would say the only dish that didn't completely WOW us was the cobbler we had for dessert. While the ice cream on top was sensational, the cobbler itself was very soupy. Tasty soup no less, but not my favorite.

Go for the food, and the creative wine-based cocktails. Maybe skip the dessert and order the cornbread.

Pros: Delicious classic southern/soul favorites, Great for a date , Interesting & thoughtful cocktails/wine list

Cons: Very loud , Dessert isn't their strong suit


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16 Apr 2023

Everything is delicious

Went for a family style dinner and ordered 6 of the menu items and all of them were delicious. Definitely a fat filled meal tho! The cider was also delicious.


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05 Apr 2023

Really enjoyable

Drinks and food was all really nice


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03 Apr 2023

Delicious and flavorful

Went here to celebrate the eve of my birthday and the experience was amazing! Loved each item we ordered especially the Buffalo Oyster Mushroom, Palm Cake, and of course the Cobbler! Great spot for date night or to celebrate a special occasion. We will be back!


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12 Mar 2023

Great Southern Inspired Food

We loved every dish. The only problem is they serve family style and recommend sharing but the dishes are generally messy and hard to share! We managed nonetheless and loved everything we had.


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12 Mar 2023

Very disappointed

I wanted to love this place but between the way I was treated and some of the food I was not very happy. The potato salad was the best thing out of the whole meal. Tried the fried lasagna and was not tasty .Gumbo needed seasoning and I had to request hit sauce. I really felt like our waitress did not like us and each plate took forever to come out. When me and my date got the bill it was the wrong bill and had 4 drinks when we orders two. We let the waitress know and she snatch the bill did not apologize at all. The whole dinner we watch the people next to use get special treatment while we were ignored.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-12

Pros: It’s vegan , Potatoes salad

Cons: Limited menu , Service will vary , Food needs seasoning


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17 Feb 2023

Delish Southern Comfort food

Great ambiance, small menu but everything we ordered was very good, stand out by far was the Southern Fried Lasagna and also really liked the Collard Green Wraps, the Fried Oyster Mushroom & Waffle was good but we needed a second side of maple syrup as waffle was quite thick and palm cake was good but I probably wouldn't order it again personally but that's mostly because I've figured out I don't love the consistency of hearts of palm. Staff was friendly, music was hip, vibe was cool, hopping but never too loud. Seeing how they do birthdays there was a lot of fun too! Will definitely be going back some time.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-17

Pros: Delicious vegan food, Cool atmosphere , Nice staff


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Mostly Veg
13 Feb 2023


One of the best vegan meals I’ve had in nyc, very flavorful and portions were large.


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17 Jan 2023

Delicious vegan soul food

Really liked this place. Fav dishes were probably the palm cake and cornbread. Our server was super nice too. Three of us got 6 dishes (recommended by the server) but we probably would have been fine with 5 as we were super full!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-17


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24 Dec 2022

Excellent vegan restaurant for special occasions

Great service, limited menu, pricey


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24 Dec 2022

A new New York treasure

I would go with 10 stars if I could. Amazing ambiance, staff, flavors… I tried 10 items and every one was great. We can’t wait to go back.

Pros: Lots of unique choices, Great flavor combinations , Feels healthy

Cons: None


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13 Nov 2022

Wonderful vegan soul food

I have never been to a restaurant quite like this! Food is served family style. Expect to order 3-4 dishes to share between two people. There is no designation between apps and entrees, and the food comes in no particular order. We got the fried okra, smoked grits, and southern style lasagna. Everything was so tasty. It was a meal to remember.

Pros: Southern vegan food!


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22 Oct 2022

Amazing place

Were very well received, super friendly staff and the food, OMG, amazing taste and portions are sufficient.

Pros: Amazing food, Wine-based cocktails that are up to par


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08 Oct 2022


I’m vegan and my mom is very anti-vegan. We went here and we both loved it. Very cute and intimate atmosphere and excellent staff. The miso corn was our favorite dish. The grits were excellent as well.


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11 Aug 2022

What a treat!

I’m still thinking about my dinner from Cadence last night, that’s how good it was! My husband and I went there to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. We ordered the potato salad, fried okra, fried lasagna, and cornbread. I would say the potato salad and lasagna were my absolute favorites. A con was that they didn’t offer any sodas/soft beverages. They only had water, cocktails, wines, and mocktails. At the end our waitress surprised us with a champagne toast which was so sweet. I really appreciated that!

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07 Aug 2022

Delicious - but $170 for two people

We really enjoyed the food here - even though the waitress seemed a bit grumpy. The highlights were the jackfruit slider and the mushroom waffle - both taste sensations!
They recommend four dishes between two people - which was indeed a good amouht. But with three glasses of wine between the two of us and the tip, it came to over $170 for the meal - a little over the top even for nyc.


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25 Jul 2022

Vegan Soul! Yum!

Similar atmosphere as Ladybird, equally delicious food.

Pros: 100% vegan menu, Soul food (unique), Attentive and friendly staff


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03 Jul 2022

Loved it

We enjoyed the Buffalo Oyster Mushrooms and Fried Lasagna
Not everything vegan is health food. Get used to it.

Pros: Vegan soul food

Cons: Everything fried

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