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Burmese tea leaf salad stall offering to add avocado or put it in a pita. Open during the Pai night market on the walking street. Open Mon-Sun 6:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by JBveg


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27 Dec 2023

Great vegan papaya salad

Its one of the rare sights of a beautiful counter with fresh veggies. And the look says alot about the food. Its really good. I tried the avocado salad and vegan papaya salad



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04 Jul 2023

super delicious

the burmese tea leaf salad was so tasteful and delicious, a must try when in pai !! she was kind enough to put them in rice paper rolls for me

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06 May 2023

Extraordinary portion

You'll get a huge portion of salad with half an avocado on top.
This was the first time for me eating Burmese food and I really liked it. It is a little spicy and for me it got too spicy at the end but I'm also really not good at eating spicy food.


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05 Apr 2023

Delicious fresh food

On the walking street, most definitely worth the money. I’d share with someone if you can because the portions are huge, and suuuper tasty.

Pros: Huuuuge portion, Super tasty, Cheap

Cons: May have gave me food poisoning


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19 Mar 2023

Fried tofu with tamarind

Fresh, amazing structure Tofu. Tamarind is wonderfully spicy with fresh herbs.

Pros: Fully vegan, All fresh herbs


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05 Feb 2023

One hell of a salad!

First time trying a Burmese tea leaf salad, i wasn’t ready for the flavours! It blew my mind. Be sure to get the avocado, it’s well worth the 80b in total, she gives you like half an avocado!
The spices, the flavours, and the size of the thing makes this salad one of the best salads i’ve had! Highly recommend.
The picture makes it look small, trust me, it’s a meal on its own😂


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06 Jan 2023

Soooooo good

The best Burmese salad, and it's soooo affordable. If you say no avocado, it's only 60 THB

Pros: All vegan, Avocado optional, Nutty, tangy and spicy 😋


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10 Nov 2022

Love it

I don’t know how a traditional tea leaf salad taste like because I never tried it while I was in Myanmar 😹 but I had a tea leaf salad with avocado here and it was way too delicious. It was a lot of salad and a lot of avocado. Very yummy!

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21 Oct 2020

Really tasty tea leaf salad

I loved it! A little bit spicy, very flavoursome and I love the addition of avocado.


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06 Aug 2020

Amazing avocado salad in pitta

The salad was huge, tasty, well dressed and the pitta was large and nice and soft.

The food was delicious and good value albeit more expensive than street food usually is. But the portion was huge so I think the price is justified.

The only downer was I forgot to say no raw onion and there was quite a lot throughout the salad but this was my bad! I'll remember next time, will definitely return!

We visited during rainy/low season whilst Thailand is still in the grip of international Covid induced lockdown so no tourists are coming in. The entire walking street was not operating on several days that we stayed in Pai when it had been raining the entire day and most of the evening. There was almost no one out and about in the town so i understand why.

Pros: Excellent food, Big portions


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29 Feb 2020

Not a tealeaf salad

This typical dish from Myanmar is one of my favourites and after a month in Myanmar I came to Pai, saw this stall and was so excited to fin tealeaf salad I had to try it, but I was disappointed, they barely put any tea leaves or seasoning, so it’s actually just cabbage


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26 Feb 2020

Huge salad for fair price

We had the Avocado Tea Leaf salad which was huge and filling but the dressing tasted a bit bald. Just some lemon or a bit more vinegar would make it taste way better, if you'll tell them I'm sure they do it for you😄the price was fair it was a really huge portion and they also topped with with half a big avoo.


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25 Feb 2020

Remember me Myanmar!

Didn't eat any burmese salad since Myanmar. Really pleasant to find one here!!And this one was really good!


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25 Jan 2020

Love Love Love

Aroi mak mak ka


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31 Dec 2019

Best tea leaf salad in Thailand! A must!

A big and generous, awesome flavored tea leaf salad. We ate it every chance we got. literately. served beautifully on a banana leaf, a must dish in Pai.

Pros: big portion and good price, sweet and kind staff, delicious

Cons: none


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28 Dec 2019

Huge pita

The pita was huge. The salad was great although it's not totally Burmese tea leaf salad. They even added tofu in the salad. I was actually full with one huge portion. One tea leaf salad with pita costs 80B.

Pros: Huge portion


Points +34

20 Dec 2019

Super delicious

Super delicious Burmese salad for 60 baht, quite big portion as well. Came back several times when in Pai since it was so good!


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04 Dec 2019

Tea leaf salad 💜

Super delicious and nutritious salad. I ordered salad with pita bread which is really big portion with full of taste. Definitely should try!


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03 Nov 2019

Nice and fresh

Tasty, big portions of freshly prepared tea leave salad in pita bread - a great meal. Would be nicer if they would offer some chairs to sit down while eating though.


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12 Oct 2019

Heaven in a pitta

This was such a divine and wholesome pita. The Burmese tea leaf salad with avocado in the pita was amazing. So many flavours and textures going on. It’s a huge portion and fills you up and is healthy. Will definitely be coming back again.


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09 Aug 2019

Must in Pai

Authentic Burmese tea leaf salad, fresh and flavorful. You can also have it rolled in a rice paper or in pita bread. A real standout in the walking street, it is one of those dishes you will definitely remember for a long time😄They now have a place to sit, which is a real advantage.


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05 Jul 2019


Really lovely atmosphere and amazing food, drinks look ace too!

Pros: Food , Aesthetic , Music

Cons: Slightly slow wifi, Not enough seats for demand , More food


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27 May 2019


Delicious salad made quickly. Very healthy and colourful with lots of different textures, good portion size and pretty cheap.


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11 Mar 2019

Tea leaf salad plus avocado in pitta

This pitta was immense. It was 110 baht and worth every penny. So much flavour and it was a massive portion, I had to eat quite a lot with a fork just to get to the point where I could pick it up. If you want a simple , healthy and delicious meal from the walking market then this is the place to go.


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31 Jan 2019

Burmese tea leaf salad

Duuuude, this salad is amaze balls. Got it twice. Filled with so many tasty ingredients made fresh to order in front of you. Add avocado for even more flavor and texture. You won’t regret this salad. Just be careful, I ate late one night and then had a hard time sleeping but I’m sensitive to caffeine.

Pros: It’s so dang good

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