Daytime cafe serving vegan cuisine and organic wine. Menu offers a variety of choices such as teriyaki skewers, curry, gyoza, spanish omelette, and lunch of the day. At this 4th floor location since 2016 - prior to that it had operated as Slowfood Cafe Hippopotamus at Shinjuku 3-6-3. Open Wed-Fri 6:00pm-11:00pm, Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm. Closed Sun-Tue.

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First Review by liasailor


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20 Nov 2023

Hidden cute spot

Very friendly staff and nice menu.



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20 Nov 2023

Pricey experience

The food is fresh and delicious. Craftily curated and makes you full. Focused on organic food and veggies.


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05 Aug 2023

Expensive and not very tasty

There is a seat fee of 750yens, and water is 300yens, it is free in many other restaurants. Food is rather expensive as well and not the best we tried in Tokyo


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04 Jul 2023

Tasty and healthy food

I came here after a long and interesting day in Akihibara, and I were met with the loveliest staff and atmosphere!
The food was really tasty, good beer and probably had my favourite long chat in Japan with the cute staff🥰

I look forward to coming here again for my next visit to Tokyo!

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-04

Pros: Staff, Food, Atmosphere


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17 Jun 2023


expensive- the vibes were very nice though! the food & drinks comes in small portions which is great if you get taste fatigue easily😄


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22 May 2023


Nice place, smalt portion, owepriced


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21 May 2023

Overpriced and not so great

Nice atmosphere but tiny portion of food, too simple and too expensive... Pity

Pros: Atmosphere - cozy, Hippo

Cons: Overpriced, Tiny portions, Bad info about open hours


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17 Mar 2023

Cute, but unfortunately not worth it

Cute place with very friendly owners, but overpriced and I left hungry. The food was just okay.
I didn’t know until I arrived there, but to sit there you need to order an appetizer plate for 2200 yen and at least one drink. So you’re spending around 3000 before you think about what to actually eat.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-17


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16 Jan 2023

Great place for drinks

Not so much of a food place as a drink place, imo. The food was great though! They require you to order a drink and appetizer. The appetizer is not a meal, so you can order more food if you want. Kind of an award amount for me since I went solo. However, the staff warmed up to me when I tried my best to speak with them in Japanese, and overall I had a great experience.


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01 Dec 2022

Lovely experience

The whole atmosphere was great classy but not pretentious, food was tasty and wholesome, quite expensive for Japan but not extreme, wine was really good and the service was awesome. Would recommend as a place to go out for a date but not if you just want a quick cheap vegan meal. Not 5 star as just the price was a bit high

Pros: Great service , Awesome wine

Cons: Expensive


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17 Nov 2022


I hate to leave a negative review. The staff was friendly, the food was good. But it was so overpriced. If it had been half the price, that would have been more in line with good price quality. It was our most expensive meal in Tokyo and for sure not the best.

Pros: Friendly staff, English speaking staff

Cons: Super expensive , Poor price quality


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03 Oct 2022

A lovely experience

Great food and wine! Wonderful people working there too. We had a good chat! The meals were delicious and I look forward to coming again on my next trip to Tokyo!


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25 Sep 2022

Not worth it

I would give one star if I could, but the system won’t allow it.

The food is overpriced, ¥2,200 charge for a cold plate of vegetables. They changed their menu and everyone needs to order the standard plate. The veggies are cold and cooked beforehand. The quiche tasted defrosted. I feel bad leaving such a negative review for a vegan place in Tokyo, but what they’re doing should be illegal. 100% will never return.

I recommend going to Wired Bon Bon or somewhere better in the area. You’ll save money and won’t be disappointed.

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Expensive, Defrosted food, Not good, small portions


14 Jan 2023

So weird - my hubby and I are here tonight and we think the food is fantastic! Will try your recommendation too - thanks a lot 🙏😀


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14 Aug 2022

Great whole food plant based Japanese food.

The owner was so nice and the hospitality was great. Food was all whole food plant based. Really healthy, I had a great experience!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-14


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13 Jul 2022

So so yummy!!

Everything is always delicious! Love the way the chef turns all the great Japanese and other dishes into vegan. I had missed eating oden since I went vegan, and her version of it was really on point. Wish I lived closer to this place!

Pros: A variety of great vegan dishes, Super friendly and helpful staff, Reasonable prices


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Mostly Veg
25 Jun 2022

Went twice and was sadly disappointed twice 🥲

The menu looks nice but we had to take the dish that is for charge and one drink which are pretty expensive. Because we had to take a dish already, we didn't choose other dishes otherwise it would have been too much.
I think the owner should better explain her system to avoid bad surprises

Pros: Not far from one of Shinjuku sanchome exit

Cons: Expensive for what it is, Forced to choose one dish and take one drink, Slow service


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23 Mar 2022

Best dinner in Tokyo

Love this place! Tasty japanese vegan dinner in a very nice and small restaurant.

Pros: Completely vegan, Nice and kind staff


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23 Sep 2020

The Vegan Vanguard of Tokyo

If you forget to look up, you might miss most of Tokyo and Kiboko too. Just a block from Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden towering over Shinjuku-Dori Ave, if you tilt your head skywards, you may see the big green letters VEGAN in the window. You've found the top vegan restaurant in Tokyo! This place simply does it for me. I feel like I'm at home with family when I dine here. I absolutely love the vibe and the food. The pasta, the dumplings, the homemade seitan skewers, the condensation on the windows from the airborne flavor-- the conversation, all of it is magic. This spot is focused on the food, as every significant restaurant should be. And simply everything is delicious and designed from a Japanese palette with sensible, pre-restoration portions that encourage room for tasting all the flavors and not simply overstuffing and waddling home. Of the three homestyle vegan restaurants in town, this is by far my favorite. I'll save my yen during the week to indulge in the vegan pleasure of supporting Kiboko to happily bound up all four flights of stairs to arrive at this delightful diner. Never change.

Big like, Kiboko!

Pros: Truely Tokyo, terrific tapas, top times.


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15 Jul 2020

Simple food, a bit expensive

The food is pretty simple like temple food and it’s a bit expensive for what it is

Pros: Everything is vegan, The food is good but not outstanding

Cons: Expensive


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04 May 2020

Small portions

I don't leave bad reviews typically but I felt I had to for this place. My partner and I went here 2 years ago and paid quite a lot for portion sizes that were very very small. It was about 40 Australian dollars for 2 small appetizers which were bread and soup and small bowl of hot oil with a few pieces of potato and mushrooms. When I say I few a few pieces, I mean in total there was probably a quarter of a potato. It was very disappointing and me and my partner had to go to 711 after to fill up.

Pros: Owners are lovely so it hurts me to leave a review

Cons: Expensive, Very small portions, Not a lot of options


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17 Mar 2020

Female opened and operated, great food, and inclusive vibe

Kiboko is a small casual restaurant with great wine, small plates and slow service. Don’t go if you’re in a rush, but if have time the food is excellent. There’s a lovely view from the fourth floor, and there were several young gay couples dining there.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Female owned and operated , LGBTQ friendly

Cons: Slow service , Everyone must order a beverage


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14 Feb 2020

Good beer and dumping

Lovely atmosphere

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Must order one drink per person


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13 Feb 2020

Pricy, but tasty!

The people here were very welcoming and the atmosphere was beautiful. The food was great too, but a little bit to expensive in my opinion.


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06 Feb 2020

es una de los mejores restaurantes de shinjuku cada peso lo vale vengan vengan:)

very good come to this place the people are very nice and welcoming

Pros: muchas opciones veganas, tragos buenos , cada peso vale

Cons: nada en contra


Points +83

30 Dec 2019

Lovely cosy vibe and friendly staff

Had the best seitan I’ve ever eaten in my life here! Staff have limited English but are very friendly and accommodating.

Pros: Great vegan options, Lots of vegan wine

Cons: Small bar


Points +54

09 Dec 2019

Fancy little nook

Ok so this place was pretty pricey for small portions but everything was really tasty & the owners are so lovely & friendly. The decor is really nice & the place has a good atmosphere. We had some organic vegan wine with our meal which was really good. Kinda felt a bit like fine dining which is ok for an occasional treat. It’s pretty easy to find with google maps, u just have to look up as it’s not on ground level.


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16 Nov 2019

Smallest portions of any vegan place I’ve been to in Japan

The portions are laughable. The guacamole was made from perhaps 1/5 of an avocado; the wine glasses were half pours; we spent 5,000 yen on 2 miniature tapas and some wine. Left hungry; this is the first negative review of a vegan place I’ve ever left, but honestly this place nickel and dimes its customers with no good reason. Unfortunately, would never go back.

Pros: Vegan options, Biodynamic wine

Cons: Expensive , Really tiny portions for the price, See above.

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