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Serves meat, vegan options available. In Dec. 2019 they added meat to the menu. An all-organic cafe & juice bar offers fresh juices, salads, entrees, wraps, and baked goods, some of which are clearly labeled vegan. Reported that eggs and meat are prepared in separate cookware & use separate utensils. Comfortable seating area with tables, chairs and couches. Vegans please be sure to ask for vegan cheese and double check. Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-7:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by VeggieHeather


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17 Feb 2024

Decent- overpriced

I tried the Juicy burger, which was relatively bland. $20 for daiya cheese on a basic black bean patty . You get a romaine salad on the side. For that price, I need a quality cheese (like follow your heart), a creative patty blend (beets and beans), and potatoes on the side

Pros: Great customer service , Breakfast all day, Seating

Cons: Price, Lack of vegan options, Serves meat



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23 Jul 2021

Limited options but still have some

This place seems very different than years ago. They do not have many vegan options on the menu, but at least kept a few, so I could come here for breakfast.

It is a really nice place to sit for breakfast. Love the space. I played it safe and had avacado toast which for some reason says "no vegan option" on menu but the counter person insisted is a mistake and they can make it vegan. It was more like guacamole toast, which I prefer. My son had the kids quesadilla. It came with steamed totally unseasoned broccoli. They had vegan cheese option but I am never going to win him over with that broccoli. It is a nice place, but as others noted, it has changed.

They are open early so gotta give them credit for that!

Pros: open early

Cons: limited options


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31 May 2021

Not vegan

This restaurant is not vegan

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything


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12 Jan 2021

Have a few good options

But they literally serve “steak salad” and other animal products ... what?? I remember when this place used to be almost entirely plant based.

Pros: A few pretty good vegan options, The vegan food can be pretty good!

Cons: Expensive (like $17 for a meal), Serves dead animals to people


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29 Dec 2019

Expensive & Not Cruelty Free

I am not surprised that Juicy Ladies establishment has regressed from the their initial vegan menu offerings. As a former supporter from their early days it was a place that I welcomed in the area for their “then vegan” offerings. Over the years I noticed the prices hiking up more and more and then the introduction of eggs and dairy. It was clear the owners were in it for the money and cared more to catering to the wealthy patrons that live nearby in Calabasas and competing with the nearby SAD diet breakfast cafes. It’s really a shame Juicy Ladies have decided to shift to a even more pro cruelty menu.

Cons: Not Cruelty Free, Expensive


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17 Dec 2019

I love the vegan options but very disappointing that they decided to add meat

I think I’ve been there once or twice a week since it’s opened

Pros: Great gluten-free wraps , Yummy shakes , Organic

Cons: Still using some plastic, Pricey, And now meat.


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15 Oct 2019

Not vegetarian anymore!

These guys are getting ready to add meat to their menu. They started off as a raw vegan restaurant and slowly regressed to eggs and dairy and now meat. I won't be supporting them anymore!

Pros: They have good vegan options

Cons: They're now participating in the animal Holocaust


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25 Feb 2019

Had the turmeric latte with hemp milk. It was Perfect

Also grabbed a quinoa tabouli, and a banana chia pudding. Both excellent!
Took some raw coconut macaroons to go as well. Love all of the vegan options and have not been disappointed yet.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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07 May 2018

sold out. no longer vegetarian

Pricey. the original owners sold out. juicyladies is now filled with dudes. no woman to be seen. The new name should be DUDEs

Pros: cool lounge area.

Cons: expensive for what is offered.


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01 Aug 2017

so good!!! but pricey!

You must try the portobello bowl, healthy belly bowl and the quinoa burger! The best!!!


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17 Jun 2016

Juicy Ladies - Woodland Hills

My friend and I really enjoyed the vegan bacon avocado wraps and oat milk lattes. We plan to go back to this casual and relaxing cafe. They also appear to be dog friendly.

Pros: free parking in the lot. Nice neighborhood and co

Cons: A little pricey, but worth it for the healthy, fre


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04 Dec 2014

Seriously Amazing!!

I swear this is one of the most underrated restaurants (at least on Yelp anyway- most complaints on price). I found Juicy Ladies to be one of the, if not the very best, vegan places in greater LA area. Both food and juice is delicious! I figure the owners must have hired someone to come in taste everything multiple times instead of throwing flavors together like I have experienced at other juice places. They also have EXTENSIVE MENU! A large majority of it is vegan, or can be made vegan. Many GlutenFree choices too.
All the food and juice is ORGANIC, which of course explains the rise in price. But it is not like super pricey.
Restaurant is clean, there is free wifi, most workers there are friendly, and there is a "to-go" case too if you are in hurry that day.
Who could ask for more?! Good job, Juicy Ladies!!!

Pros: Amazing food and juices, Variety/ large menu, Friendly staff

Cons: Parking, Slightly pricey


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28 May 2012


Great food!
Juices, not so good. It seems as if each staff member decides how much of each ingredient goes into the juices. Like maybe what to add is listed, but not how much of each fruit/veg to include. In my honest opinion, the juices are too inconsistent and never taste even remotely the same. Problem is JL, is the only place for fresh vegan juices around! Guess, I will have to stick to making my own, or not juice at all )0:

Pros: Great food!, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey, Customers are pretentious and snooty


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27 Jan 2012

Healthy and Good

I had read about this place on happycow, and have eaten here twice. Here's my Juicy Ladies review.

I've ordered the green juice and that was nice, the un-tuna sandwich was healthy and all right though could use a little more jazz. The kale salad was yummy.

I had also asked the woman at the register for a sandwich recommendation, and she told me to get the quinoa burger/sandwich, which I did, and that was excellent.

Overall, I enjoyed eating here and would return again when in the area. The smoothies and juices menu was very impressive.

Pros: healthy food, vegan baked goods, has parking lot

Cons: not cheap

The Vegan

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02 May 2011

Juicy Ladies: It's more than just juice!

So I thought I had to try out this new veg restaurant. I checked out their menu online and it looked very promising.
It's a nice place in which you order from the counter and sit down at one of a few tables inside or at one of a few tables outside. They have a couple of refrigerated areas in which they sell some fresh packaged food such as sandwiches and salads, and frozen deserts. They also have bags of chips and a few other other items along with supplements.
They also had cupcakes. This is of course in addition to their menu.

So since I don't eat gluten I tried out the QUINOA VEGGIE BURGER in a gluten free tortilla. The tortilla was too good to be true for being gluten free. I found out though after having a couple bites it had honey(2%) in it. That was disappointing so I unwrapped the burger and still very much enjoyed it. Next time I will get it done as a lettuce wrap. But wrapped or not, it could not have been more tasty. It was a quinoa patty, pickles, lettuce, tomato and tahini dressing. Normally it doesn't come with tahini and does come with Vegenaise and onion but I customized mine. I really did love it! BTW the tahini was yummy! It also came with a side salad which was good. In addition I also took a large order of lentil soup to go and it was incredible!!! I will definitely go back again. I highly recommend Juicy Ladies.

Updated from previous review on Sunday May 01, 2011

Pros: Delicious food, gluten/soy free options, friendly staff


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15 Feb 2010

fresh and tasty little joint

This place serves up great little meals. I say little because your not going to find full course meals here; the menu consists mostly of salads, sandwiches, and breakfast items (and smoothies of course). The price is reasonable since the quality of food nears top-notch. They serve flavored water (rather than tap, or merely purified) by means of lemons, oranges, and mint - it's really refreshing, as is all the food. The food is fresh and delicious. It's a small place, but the outdoor seating affords ample space to sit.

Pros: friendly staff, healthy, delicious


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23 Jan 2010

Outstanding and healthy! - Not just Juice

Not just juice at all, although the juice is amazing. I went for the Love Juice, which is a carrot beet ginger apple lemon combo that looks like blood, but tastes like heaven. My gf went with a strawberry smoothie with I believe a date base, which was completely decadent. The food menu is great, and I'm sad I missed some options on the board I didn't see in the handheld menu. Nice time I'm going for the rice and bean bowl, but I must say the Veggie Burrito is quite good, and they press it in a grill and it comes out with the lines of perfection on it! The quinoa burger is made in house and has pickles on it that really make the flavor pop, I subbed the fatty aoli for ketchup and mustard and would definitely order it again. All in all I was extremely excited about this new find and can't thank Happycow enough for the heads up! Juicy Ladies you are doing it right!

Pros: juices, healthy food, great decor


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06 Aug 2009

Healthy vegan and tasty!

Their smoothies are delicious and I love their sandwiches. However, they have really scaled back -- they used to have a delicious salad bar with kale, beet salad, quinoa, and sesame tofu, which they've gotten rid of. I find this disappointing because I thought the salad bar and unique options there really set them apart from other local vegan restaurants. Their cookies are delicious too. We order lunch from them regularly, and my non-vegan office staff loves their food.

Pros: healthy, appeals to non vegans, they deliver

Cons: keep changing the menu, bring back the salad bar!

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