A vegetarian fine dining restaurant located in the serene rooftop garden of Orchard Central, overlooking the busy Orchard/Somerset shopping district. Diners choose either a six-course lunch or seven-course dinner. Has vegan options. Private dining rooms are available. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm.

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02 Aug 2020

Exquisite vegan dining experience

Environment: Chic, elegant, spacious

Food: The restaurant has a dedicated pure vegan menu set (no garlic, no onion) when asked. Food was delicately presented and everyone at the table loved the food. A 7-course fine dining vegan dinner set for only S$69.80 , a price that is very low in terms of Hong Kong standard.

Service: Polite, attentive, proactive

Price: Medium-high

Pros: All foods are camera-worthy.

Cons: None. Exceptional experience since reservation.

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13 Nov 2023

3-3.5 stars. Just alright ⭐️

3-3.5 stars ⭐️ Unfortunately I didn’t love it here. I had lunch on a Monday. Service was quick, cheerful, friendly, and knowledgeable about the food they served - no complaints about that. The food was alright, nothing to remember to be honest. I eat vegan and was given a menu with their vegan options - in some reviews I’ve read that the Mushroom Main Dish is also vegan, but it wasn’t on the vegan menu. So I asked. Staff member 1 said it’s not vegan because the mushroom is held together by egg, 3-5 minutes later I was informed that this is incorrect. So I’m not sure what’s true, but I ordered it anyways. I’m glad I did because it was the best dish I’ve had for the 5-courses. The selection of starters was good but unimaginative, especially the veggie skewers which tasted bland, the tomato on it had no flavor at all, and while the capsicum was charred, it didn’t taste like it at all, but only watery. The mushroom side dish was good and plentiful. The soup with hand carved tofu was flavorless, despite them saying it’s a strong kombu broth. The tofu was nice and soft. The Mushroom Main dish was good, I didn’t like the deep-fried crispy pasta sticks on top, they were just greasy and flavorless. The lions mane mushroom itself was perfect - meaty structure, well seasoned. The black pepper sauce soaked in nicely. Mashed potatoes with it were scarce and flavorless. For dessert I’ve had red wine poached pear with lime sorbet which was good but again, nothing I’ll remember, because it tasted basic. Maybe add some cinnamon for a pop of flavor. I also got some birthday cake which was very cute and thoughtful - again, service was great! My tea was supposed to be tasting of mango and coconut but it tasted just like bitter green tea. Meh.

The atmosphere felt rushed and loud. Some loud children once in a while, but the worst were the influencers at the table next to me. They were loud, demanding, constantly walking around and ruined the atmosphere to me. At one point I popped in my air-pods to make use of the noise cancellation to somehow enjoy my meal with a little peace and quiet. All in all: I’d probably not go back.



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11 Oct 2023

Amazing experience

they had a separate menu for vegan food, the food was tasty, a great fine dining experience


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18 Sep 2023

Amazing dinner

Went here on a dinner date wirh a meat eater, and we both loved it. Great wine and an amazing choice for vegetarians and vegans. I'm vegan and found so many things I wanted to try it was hard to choose. Several courses in I was already getting full. The food was delicious and beautifully plated. I left feeling full but light, healthy, and satisfied and already looking at my calendar to see when I could return.

Pros: Service, Food, Atmosphere


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10 Sep 2023

Finer dining

Great to have vegan and vegetarian food elevated. No mock meats. A few hit and miss.Nice relaxed environment. Be clear if vegan or other dietary requirements


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08 Sep 2023

A Must Avoid

This place was so awful I think it might be a scam. The Chef's Selection platter was the best part of the meal and set expectations high. The vegan sashimi was beautifully textured and flavourful bur the skewer of unseasoned, tasteless grilled capsicum that accompanied it should have been the first red flag. The yam in the vegetable stack was hard and dry. The sashimi platter was inedible. The waiter advised my partner to dip everything in the provided soy sauce, presumably because it would be the only thing that would impart flavour. We were not provided with chopsticks for the sashimi, even though non-white diners were. The gazpacho tasted like defrosted, blended beetroot. The sliver of baguette served with the awful pumpkin veloute was stale. The grilled eggplant was bland. The poached pair with green ice, purported to be lime sorbet, was nice on the first mouthful but tired quickly. The fruit platter was a massive bowl of ice, topped with a handful of poor quality berries, half an orange and two slices of tasteless apple. The meal was comically abysmal. None of the produce used was fresh or of a good quality. Staff were friendly but incompetent. I can't find any information about the chef, presumably because it's a child with a microwave. I have eaten plenty of meals that were average, none have yet been so bad that I have been compelled to leave a review. A $240 disaster.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-08

Pros: Views, Atmosphere

Cons: Everything else


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30 Jul 2023

Next level vegan gastronomy

We had an amazing meal at Joie Restaurant that pushed the boundaries of vegan food. Every course was perfectly constructed to deliver a visual and gustatory experience. Excellent service, incredible food, amazing views, and mind-blowing flavours!

Pros: Incredible food, Amazing view of Singapore , Excellent service


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17 Jul 2023

Fine-Dining Concept

Meatless fine-dining concept with a rooftop view. Fancy dishes with impressive plating and presentation, as well as a focus on whole foods rather than mock meats. Do emphasise your dietary preferences (e.g. vegan or allium-free vegetarian) when ordering. As a vegan, I did find it slightly disappointing that some vegan dishes were essentially the vegetarian dishes with components removed rather than replaced (e.g. truffle risotto minus the croquette and cream). Hope the vegan menu can be further elevated and expanded in the future! Nonetheless the ambience is good, staff is attentive, and the dishes are elegant - suitable for celebrating special occasions. The lunch sets are more value-for-money, whereas the dinner sets are more pricey but include the cold dishes (which I personally found the most impressive) and also have an accompanying sunset view.


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16 Jul 2023

Vegan fine dining❤️❤️❤️

This is the first time I have seen/been to a vegetarian fine dining restaurant and it was 7 courses of delicious, creative food with attentive service in a cool roof top setting.

Pros: Lot's of vegan options , Great atmosphere , Great staff

Cons: I got lost trying to find the right elevator


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04 Jun 2023

Great atmosphere

Fab night out at Joie, a true fine dining experience and a good selection of food.

Pros: Could easily edit to make vegan , Attentive staff, Delicious, organic wine

Cons: Expensive , Hard to find (12th floor of a shopping centre)


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06 May 2023

One of my favourite restaurants in Singapore

I love going back to Joie for a nice vegetarian meal. The ambience is nice, food is good and is presented really well. The menu’s been the same for a while though. I would love to see some new options. I would recommend this place to those looking for a good vegetarian dining experience.

Pros: Ambience, Presentation of food, Taste


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04 Apr 2023

Dramatic excellent presentation, average on taste, set meals are value for money

Amazing Presentation and no use of mock meats are their advantage. Love the decor and service too!

Pros: Value for money set meals, Serves wine- good for entertainment

Cons: Hard to find, No lifts so the old cannot visit , Expensive parkinf


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28 Feb 2023

Good, but light

The food here was delicious and well-presented, giving it a real “fine dining” experience. The bailing mushroom and the lasagna were especially tasty. I just don’t like spending that much money and still leaving hungry! The meal was just a little too light, even after five courses. For that price, it was just a little unsatisfactory.


29 Mar 2023

Totally agree with you. One or twice experience is good enough 😅


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15 Jan 2023


This place looked so great on paper… it was a nice restaurant, well presented food and reasonable service. Starting a fine dining multi-course meal felt exciting…. And then there was just disappointment. None of the dishes was more than the sum of its many parts. It was under seasoned and under flavoured. What was going on in the kitchen was construction not cooking and it was clear that food was coming straight from the fridge to the plate.

Pros: Vegetarian tasting menu, Everything sounds great on the menu.

Cons: Bland… cold… preprepared


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Mostly Veg
26 Dec 2022

Nice date spot

Enjoyed the food and presentation. It was fun having a course meal where we knew we could eat everything on the menu.


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25 Dec 2022

Went for fine dining ended up with fool dining

Back to basic. Ensure everything is clean, food is freshly prepared and cooked with heart.

Pros: Brighter environments compared to previous , Look expensive

Cons: Super dirty! The cup is dirty although replaced, The food is bland and cold, Using cheap food but sell fine dinning


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29 Oct 2022

Amazing place!

The place was good food service and had an amazing evening. Some food could've had more flavour

Pros: Well played food!, Lots of options for people not eating onion garlic, No eggs so great!

Cons: Slightly pricey but good for a celebration


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25 Sep 2022

An Experience You Will Love

Joie offered us a wonderful vegan 6-course meal. Each dish was delicious, even for me as a more picky eater. You will get exceptional food and enjoy the experience for a rather reasonable price.


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30 Aug 2022

Good value, fine dining lunch menu with a garden view

Enjoyed their lunch menu, it's great value for money. The place is nice, great ambience, garden view.


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15 Aug 2022

Vegan delight !

It’s so wonderful to be able to order freely and trust that the vegan food is going to be amazing. Opted for the 5 course dinner menu and none of the dishes disappointed. The charcoal tempura and lasagne were my faves.


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13 Mar 2022

Love the food here!

Really met the expectations! Food was so good im excited to be back here and try out the other flavours. Really good ambiance too and the staff are helpful😄


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12 Mar 2022

What a gastronomic experience!

I love the location - so cozy yet can be romantic. The concept of meatless dining experience is heaven for vegan like me. The food presentation and creativity was superb and the food tastes as amazing as it looks! One of my favorite places on earth.


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11 Mar 2022

Good Fine Dining Experience

I enjoyed it more than I expected. The ambiance of the place was good and the staff were attentive. And the prices were actually reasonable (considering its fine dining) without sacrificing the food quality. If you visit, make sure to try the Warm Chocolate Cake.


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12 Jan 2022

Beautifully Presented, friendly staff and amazing food

Love love this budget friendly course meal restaurant located in Orchard. The food is mostly vegetarian and i think they take our requests for Vegan. The staff are attentive and also provide information about the food. In case of occasions, they celebrate with us.

Pros: Food, Ambience


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02 Jul 2021

Fine vegetarian/vegan food

Central venue , calm subdued decor with private tables allowing ease of conversation .Relaxing enviroment allowing you to concentrate your senses on the purpose of the visit : dinner . .

The food was a visual delight with flavours and texures to match : eastern meets western blend and thankfully no mock meat in sight . A real treat : this is not home cooking but skilled craftmanship and all at a very affordable price $$69.90 for 7 course dinner with delicious berry infused green tea to refresh .

The service was slick , unintrusive,with well informed staff who understamd the food they serve and are there to make your experience tha best they can .

We wil be back .

Pros: Fine dining at its best , Visually exciting , tastes superb

Cons: House wine let the standard down


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02 May 2021

Excellent fine dining

Joie is well located at the central of Singapore. Ordered lunch set at $39. 80


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18 Nov 2020

Non-vegetarians will like this place too!

Lunch was a six-course meal affordably priced at $39.80 per pax. There is a smaller menu for those who don’t take garlic and onions. Truffle risotto and blueberry/ coconut false cake are my favourites. My non-vegetarian friends love the place and found the food yummy. Service was good.


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02 Aug 2020

Exquisite vegan dining experience

Environment: Chic, elegant, spacious

Food: The restaurant has a dedicated pure vegan menu set (no garlic, no onion) when asked. Food was delicately presented and everyone at the table loved the food. A 7-course fine dining vegan dinner set for only S$69.80 , a price that is very low in terms of Hong Kong standard.

Service: Polite, attentive, proactive

Price: Medium-high

Pros: All foods are camera-worthy.

Cons: None. Exceptional experience since reservation.

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