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Kosher dairy Yemenite vegetarian fast food with a focus on Jahnun and Melawach, both of which are vegan. Most of the fillings and toppings are vegan, and many other dishes can be made vegan. This is a food stand in the Machane Yehuda market, with very few seats - the other branch on Hillel St has more seating available. Reported fully vegetarian July 2023. Open Mon-Thu 9:00am-3:00am, Fri 9:00am-4:00pm, Sat 6:30pm-3:00am, Sun 9:00am-3:00am. Hours are not fixed but open until late.

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First Review by JaredinIsrael


Points +154

06 Jan 2024

A must if you visiti Jerusalem

Very nice people and really tasty food. (Nice beer too)



Points +332

12 Jun 2023

Jahnun was nothing special

I didn’t try the malawach but the Jahnun was nothing really special.


Points +635

10 May 2023

Yummy and tasty, on the go

Happy to find an option in this busy place! I did not expect the bread to be that good and the staff was very friendly. Very convenient and tasty


Points +52

28 Dec 2022

Not the same as it used to be

When we visited Jerusalem back in 2019, we ate at this place every day and loved it (the branch on Hillel st) . We were very excited to return in 2022, however the Hillel branch has now closed and the branch in the Market was just not the same. There were fewer filling options available and the person was served us didn't even cook the malawach properly. We were rather disappointed and didn't go back again.


Points +82

06 Nov 2022

Zu wenig Auswahl

Leckerer Jahnun, leider viel weniger Auswahl vorhanden als auf den Bildern…

Pros: Preislich ok , Schneller Service

Cons: Wenig Auswahl


Points +497

06 May 2022

Delicious, simple, and Fun Staff

I'd actually been here multiple times on group trips and opted not to eat because I wasn't sure if the jahnun or malawach were vegan. Once I learned they are, I wasn't that excited but decided to give it a try when I happened to be in the shuk.
Wow...I can't believe what I was missing out on. The malawach is delicious even by itself, and everything is made siper quickly right in front of you. It's relatively inexpensive and the staff are fun (always dancing and messing around while cooking). It's a fun experience (and worth it for a quick bite).

Pros: Staff is super friendly - always make a show, Fixed price, Simple and quick


Points +24

02 Feb 2022

Best food I’ve had in Jerusalem

A quick and easy food grab, cheap and delicious! In the heart of Machne Yehuda Market

Pros: Vegan friendly, Fresh veg


Points +119

03 Dec 2021

Melawach and a show!!

Amazing Melawach with a fun atmosphere put on by the cooks!! Can’t wait to come back next time in Jerusalem


Points +623

29 Jun 2021

Jahnun Bar is a MUST TRY

As a tour guide, when I am asked where in the Shuk can I try something unique for lunch, Jahnun Bar is my go to recommendation. In terms of flavor, uniqueness, and experience it is hard to top this place. Jahnun bar has various offerings, but there is nothing like the Mamu-lawach (not to be confused with the regular and slightly cheaper Malawach).

The Mamu-lawach starts as a Malawach a type of Middle Eastern fried dough, which is usually covered in Hummus, blended tomatoes, and Schug. But that where it gets fun, they have a slew of fillings and you choose as many as you want, fried onions, cooked mushrooms, Pepper antiPasti, pickles, etc. etc. You fill it with as many things as you want creating a culinary cornucopia for your tastebuds. The dual crispiness and softness of the malawach mixed with all the textures and flavors in between is explosive. I have a pretty big appetite, but I find it really filling and hard to finish one. This personalized one stop meal also comes at the affordable price of only 25 Shekels.

If you need more reasons, its also kind of like dinner and a show. They hire very fun employees and watching them make it in front of your eyes is a spectacle which gets passersby stopping and then seeing all the colors come together. Wow!

After a few pints at night, or after a fast paced morning of bargaining and vegetable shopping in the Shuk, the Jahnun Bar is a MUST TRY.

Pros: Delicious W/Lots of flavor combos, Affordable & Very Filling, Fun to watch

Cons: No sitting area


Points +2464

29 Oct 2020

Excellent and Super Tasty!

This place (and its other location) are the source of some of my favorite snacks in Jerusalem! It's really more of a snack, because, in my opinion, if you're super hungry, one is not enough. Super tasty mallawah and delicious toppings! Make sure to specify (sometimes several times) that you don't want an egg.

Pros: great toppings, friendly staff, clear ingredients


Points +226

29 Oct 2020

Really good Jahnun!

I ate there in January and it was super good!
I had many Jahnuns in my life, but this one was one of the best.
They also serve Mallawah which is also highly recommended.
Excellent fillings and toppings.
Good vegan options.
I would defiantly return when possible.

Pros: Excellent Jahnun and Mallawah, Good value, Freindly staff

Cons: Not much room to seat, Could be noisy sometimes


Points +437

05 Oct 2019

Loved it

Great place to visit, good food, good atmosphere


Points +95

25 Sep 2019

Great food

The menu is a bit confusing, and they serve tuna, so is not actually vegetarian. But the food was amazing!


Points +1369

23 Jan 2019

My Favorite Food Stall!

As a teacher and tourguide, as well as obsessed foodie, I spend a lot of time teaching about Middle Eastern food cultures and sustainable food systems in the region, giving tours of the Machane Yehuda markets on a regular basis. This is by far my favorite stop in the shuk for many reasons. The food is authentic, pure, relatively healthy, and very vegan-friendly. The staff are outgoing, passionate about serving the crowds, and put on a lively show during food preparation. The jahnun and melawach, with all the toppings, are so tasty. And, of course, the entire experience is a wonderful cultural moment, especially for visitors who are not familiar with the Yemenite community. I eat here at least a few times each month, and often swing by on my own or with my kids, even if I don't have a group of students in tow. Don't miss this spot!

Pros: Inexpensive, tasty and filling food, A culinary and cultural experience, Amazing vibe and energy

Cons: Very few seats, often too crowded to stand

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