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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers Daiya vegan cheese, plenty of veggie toppings and crust is vegan. Other menu items that can be made vegan are focaccias, calzones, pitta and salads. A gluten free crust is available. A glass-enclosed eatery is equipped with a wood-fired pizza oven, and the pies themselves are crafted by Giovanni Gagliardi, a pizza maker from Naples, Italy. Located in the Miami Iron Side complex. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Michael X. James


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24 Aug 2019

Delicious vegan pizza

Delicious pizza with vegan cheese and GF dough for those who care. Unfortunately I can’t give 4 stars because they only have one kind of vegan cheese so the options are limited. Nonetheless vegetables, olives, artichokes can be added to the margarita pizza and the result is delicious. Wood fire oven pizza!

Pros: Location is great, Excellent pizza dough, Staff is very nice

Cons: Only one kind of vegan cheese



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26 Jul 2019

Really good pizza

Italian style pizza in a beautiful place. The vegan pizza they have it's for me the best one in Miami.

Updated from previous review on 2019-07-02

Pros: Vegan cheese options, You can take your wine and drink it there

Cons: They don’t sell alcohol


Points +40

23 Jul 2016

order the FARINATA

great place, great food but the FARINATA is to die for!!! True Italian place!

Pros: food

Cons: don't serve wine


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06 Jun 2016

Limited options for Vegan and non soy consumers

I am here and just ate ny first meal. I had the chickpeas flatbread with a side of red peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini. I couldnt have anything else really because my other choices were soy based. Veggies were perfection, however, the flatbread was very salty. I barely ate that and when I did I made certain I had a lot of the veggies and arugula salad to complement it. my waiter cane to check on me and I told him all was well except the salty flatbrea. his response, "that's just the recipe." I let that one go because it wasnt a big deal for me. Then his mgr came over to talk to me about the salty flatbread which I was suprised about because I really wasnt complaining. (I just wanted to eat & and get back home to the basketball game playing @ home). The mgr approached me nicely and confirmed that I thought the bread was salty. He then proceeded to say, "we've been serving this all day and no one else complained. maybe it's just salty to you." I immediately put my fork and knife down to explain to him that I was not complaining, however, I had a training opportunity for both he and his staff. I explained that it doesn't matter what other people thought or how the recipe is made, this was my experience with their food and that should be acknowledged and not dismissed. I explained thay I was not angry but dissapointed that they would not see how the customers experience is what matters the most. if I felt it was salty, then offer alternatives not inadvertently claim they are lying. after our coaching session, I proceeded to complete ny meal. after I was done, I patiently waited for the bill. the mgr came over instead and offered to comp my meal and offer me something else. I respectfully declined the offer because again, there were very little options for me there. (I had to create this meal for myself out of their ingredient list). 3 stars for the saltiness of the bread, the response of the waiter, and the fact that I had to stop my meal to train them on customer service. I wont be back only because of the limited options and nothing more.

oh and I was attacked by so many mosquitos!!!! they should have some type of repellent outside for patrons to dine in peace.

Pros: nice location

Cons: other than the training opportunity and lack of so


Points +108

08 Mar 2016

cute cozy place!

I went here with my parents and boyfriend and it was great! The pizza was pretty authentic from Naples, Italy. I had the pizza vegetale and added capers with daiya at no extra charge! The place is in a cute square next to other shops including a nitrogen ice cream place!!! Most of their flavors are vegan btw. At one point the train passed by and it was sooo loud. Other than that, highly recommended! Good pizza for everyone.

Pros: easily veganized!, nice atmosphere, space heaters

Cons: very close to railroad, street parking is kinda hard to find


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27 May 2015

Be careful

Cute setting. Caught the person making my pizza using Go Veggie! shreds instead of Daiya. Schooled them on the casein in the shreds real quick. They are trying to promote to Miami's vegan community, but the pull something like that to save a buck? We still had a pizza and calzone without the shreds, was still pretty good. Be careful with those shreds if you go here. Tighten up Iron side.

Michael X. James

Points +945

10 Apr 2014

Hands Down the BEST Pizza in South Florida

Not only does this place have the best pizza in South Florida, it has the BEST Gluten-Free Pizza I've ever had. Bar none. I'm not even gluten-free but my girlfriend is and her pizza was amazing. It was so good that we did not believe that it was in fact gluten-free. It was slow in the restaurant so the chef was out talking with us and even showed us the flour he uses. I can confirm that it is gluten-free and that the chef is an all-star culinarian. He speaks broken english being born and raise in Italia but his love for the restaurant's guests and his food was undeniably clear. Do yourself a favor and try this place out. It's right next door to The House of V, which is a gluten-free, organic, vegan bakery.

And trust me, you've never had gluten-free pizza like this before. It's amazing.

The only downside to this place is it's a little expensive when you eat gluten-free and vegan. The gluten-free crust is $4 add-on and the vegan cheese is a $3 add-on. Still worth it, just giving you a heads up.

Pros: Best Gluten-free crust on the planet, Excellent food, Cool atmosphere

Cons: Vegan cheese is overpriced

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