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Shama Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

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Contact 06-65366669

Kurasho Bldg, B1. 1-3-7, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan, 550-0014

Vegetarian Indian food menu featuring dishes like soy meat tikka, eggplant keema curry with minced gluten meat, and tikka with soy ham. Can make a dish vegan when asked. Location is in Yotsubashi at 大阪府大阪市西区北堀江1-3-7 倉商ビルB1, Yotsubashi station exit 6. This restaurant is a NPO running an orphanage and school in Bihar, India so you can donate by eating here. 这个菜单、没有五荤. Has menu in Chinese. Also sells natural cosmetics and toothpaste from India. Mention HappyCow receive a complimentary after-meal chai tea. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, Tue-Sun 5:00pm-10:00pm. Kitchen stops at 9pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian

Reviews (28)

First Review by David Ward

Friendly staff with yummy food! - Edit

After arriving very late for dinner (9pm) the staff could not have been more accomodating. We mostly let the waiter choose the best vegan options for the dinner set menu and was pleasantly surprised with the food. There was entree of samosa and pakora which was delicious and then 2 curries with naan (vegan available!!). The curries were good, nothing out of the world but being able to have naan definitely made up for it. Finished with chai tea and an interesting sesame and soy milk dessert made for a lovely night. I recommend this place for a quick and yummy dinner.

Note that they do not serve alcohol here.

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Simple Vegetarian Indian Food - Edit

This tiny Indian vegetarian restaurant is tucked cozily in a basement in Osaka's Kitahorie district, steps away from Ame-mura. Although nothing fancy, and perhaps edging on the shabby side, care has obviously gone into trying to make it pleasant with what they have. The food is simple, but I think very true to authentic Indian flavour. Unfortunately my biggest complaint is that it's simply too oily for me - to the extent that I've had a stomach ache several times after eating here, and stopped wanting to go back.
They do use dairy products, but clearly mark vegan menu items and will communicate quite well about it also. The business is indeed in support of an NGO run by the owner, Siddhartha, who is extremely friendly, warm, and passionate about helping his homeland of Bihar, India. The other staff are much more quiet and reserved, however.
It's a reasonable choice if you're in the area, not overly fussy, and want some inexpensive Indian food, however it's not one of my top recommendations.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-09

Pros: Affordable, Clearly marked vegan items, Friendly owner

Cons: Food is too oily, So-so ambience

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Good Value - Edit

Tasty samosas, nice dal fry but it was qay too small, approx just 3 spoonfuls. I wasn't sure about the paratha, I was informed it was vegan, but it seemed like it might be made with egg, can't be sure though, I'd recommend any vegans to double check. Also, one of the chefs/waiters seemed a little strange, I asked in Japanese to make the curry very spicy, he just looked scared and ran into the kitchen :/

Pros: Samosas, Good price, quite low cost actually

Cons: Small curry, Doesn't sell alcohol

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Very Nice Indian Restaurant - Edit

This indian restaurant is very nice, small but with very nice staff and the kitchen is just right behind. All meals can be turned vegan and it is really delicious as well as not expensive especially for lunch.

Pros: Delicious, Good value, Friendly

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tasty Indian food - Edit

Great food, authentic Indian food with a great mint and coriander spicy chutney, it looks a little shabby, however the food is awesome and the gents that work there are lovely. Plus it's all for a good cause, the guys working there have opened 3 schools with the proceeds. Kudos

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Good Indian Food in Osaka - Edit

I love Indian food so was excited to try Shama Vegetarian Indian! The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful in pointing out what is and isn't vegan. I had a dinner set with a bunch of different items, the best being the samosa and naan. The curries were meant to be different but tasted the same. If located nearby it's worth popping in to try, I haven't had naan since going vegan so that was particularly exciting!

Pros: Vegan naan, Plenty of options, Friendly staff

Cons: Lacking in atmosphere

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Lovely people and great food! - Edit

Everytime I've been to Osaka (5 times) I have visited this restaurant and it never fails to impress me. The food it traditional and reminds me of home cooked food my mum makes. The staff speak English and there is an English menu available. One time I visited the restaurant and they were closed for a private event, but the owner recognised me and let me join! Super friendly.

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Delicious and reasonable! - Edit

A small but somewhat cozy Indian/Hare Krishna restaurant very close to the Shinsaibashi area. This was my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised with both the food quality and service. You can order by set or a la carte. I tried the Veg Pakora Dinner set which was really tasty and included: 2 types of curry (4 to choose from and changes daily), a samosa, pakora (6pcs), soup, salad, rice, naan, a drink, and dessert - all for only ¥1500! (incl. tax). Oh, and spiced pickles and green hot sauce on the table. I'll be back the next time I'm in Osaka!

Pros: Great food, Great service, Great value

Cons: Closed on Monday evenings

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Cheap veg*n food and lots of it! - Edit

PRICE: truly cheap

FOOD: good but nothing special, I liked the curry better than the noodles, I was sceptic about the goma dessert but it was actually really good (soft fresh taste not at all like goma-dōfu), portions are huge so go hungry :)

INTERIOR: basement floor, not fancy but cosy enough, clean modern toilet

Pros: really cheap!, big portions

Cons: food isn't spectacularly good, not so fancy interior

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Essential - Edit

Osaka was maddeningly difficult for veggie food; not only due to the lack of non-meat options in regular restaurants, but also because places listed on HC were hard to find (buildings appeared to house multiple businesses, and aren't always clearly visible from the outside). However, this restaurant was easy to find from the map on this site, and visible from the street. The menu was in English and the staff also spoke English. But most important of all the food was wholesome and delicious, not to mention cheap compared to regular restaurants in the city.

Pros: Location, Food , Price

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Very good! - Edit

I've been there three times so far and I love the food. I had vegan naan for the first time there since I became vegan, which was amazing! The staff is very friendly, and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere. It's close to the Shinsaibashi shopping street, too!

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I ordered the curry noodle set - Edit

I ordered the curry noodle set. I generally love salads in Japan, but this was sad and too soy sauce-y. The momos skin was too chewy. The soup was fine. The curry noodles themselves were really bad. On the plus side, the location is convenient, and it was pretty cheap.

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Try the ladies set meal - Edit

I've been to this restaurant a few times. It's in the heart of Namba/Shinsaibashi so easy to get to and easy to find as it is on the corner of a main road. The ladies set is a really good deal, and there are plenty of vegan curries to choose from. The place is a little small, and can sometimes seem fairly quiet but don't let this distract you from the good food and the good prices.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 27, 2013

Pros: Inexpensive, Plenty of choice, Good location

Cons: Bit quiet and small

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Nice food - Edit

Of all the places I have been wanting to try in Osaka, this was at the top of my list. Pure-vegan indian food, and operated as a charity to help kids in need back in India...seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately, echoing fellow user JesseD below, I also feel compelled to rate it lower than I want to (but for different reasons).

It isn't because of non-vegan food. Although, I don't know if it is because of JesseD's review or other reasons, but they seem to have acquired almost a paranoia over it, insisting to me on their own over and over with every item they brought out that it was vegan. (In fact, they didn't even seem to hear me, responding to my questions and even my praise of a veg dumpling with the same standard repetition that everything is totally vegan.)

But actually, the problem is just the taste of the food. The curries in particular are just so...bland, and beyond mild. In fact they hardly tasted of any spices at all. The soup was also watery and plain. The fried items were somewhat better, but still, overall, I found the flavours too plain, probably the most bland-tasting curries I ever tried. Compared to my current Tokyo favourite Nataraj Ginza, let alone much spicier places like Vege Herb Saga, there is no comparison. But two great positive things I can say is that the food "felt" good and healthy, and the prices are quite reasonable.

I desperately wanted to like this place more. I still do. But unfortunately the taste just isn't quite there yet. I can recommend it, but there is certainly tastier vegan food available in Japan. Hopefully the recipes can be improved (more spices, especially), and if so, I will be happy to revise this review next time. For now, strictly speaking I think Shama merits a 3, but am bumping it up to a personal 4. I do sincerely wish them success.

Pros: Healthful food, Reasonable prices, NGO/Charity

1 Response

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nandni 19 Nov 2014 - Dear Hangedfare

Please take our deepest apology that our dishes did not meet your expectations. Due to Hare Krysna belief, Our restaurant does not use any garlic or onion, so the taste of curry might be slightly "mild" than other curry restaurants, I will check with the chef immediately. And of course, we will be striving to serve the best vegetarian Indian curry for our dear customers. We do wish you to come back to our restaurant if you are in town,and hopefully next time you will enjoy our curry! Thank you.

Reviewer Avatar

Great food, cozy restaurant - Edit

We stumbled upon this restaurant yesterday and were very, very happy we did so. The food was absolutely great, the staff friendly even though they didn't speak much English and the atmosphere was cozy. Menus in English. They had a lunch menu, Naan bread with different sorts of curry (you could choose between 4 curries of the day) and a soup plus drink for a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend it, and will definitely go back during my stay here in Osaka!

Pros: Great food, Cozy, Friendly staff

Cons: Crowded at lunch time

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Beautifully remodeled and DELICIOUS as ever! - Edit

If you are a vegan or vegetarian in Osaka area, this place is a MUST go! World-famous Hare Krysna inspired dishes at a reasonable prices.
Recently, they have remodeled the interior and menu. Try "Curry Noodles" -only place to serve vegan curry noodles, possibly in the world!
Very clean bath room, too( I'm very picky about that)

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Vegans be specific - Edit

I've visited this restaurant on my last two visits to Osaka. I found the food delicious, and the owner friendly and very passionate about his cause (educating homeless children in India) so I was happy to eat there and support it. So I'm reluctant to write a somewhat negative review, but feel the need to warn vegans to watch what they eat there. On my last visit, nearly two months ago, I was assured that their vege meat was vegan, and as such I ordered a set meal with it. Always mistrustful of fake meat (which usually contains milk, often egg and sometimes worse) I left the slither of fake meat on my plate. Otherwise the meal was delicious. After my meal I explained to the owner that I have a vegan blog (true) and wanted to promote his restaurant on it, but first I needed to be absolutely sure that it was vegan, and that fake meat often isn't, so I asked if I could see the packet it came from. He quickly got it out of the fridge, and when I checked the ingredients it contained milk protein. The owner seemed genuinely surprised and apologetic, and explained that he had been assured by the supplier it was suitable for vegans (and he said he couldn't read the ingredients himself). He asked for my email address, and said he would check with the supplier and let me know. It seemed a bit strange since the ingredients clearly stated it contained milk, but he seemed genuinely concerned so I gave it to him. It's now been over a month, and I haven't heard from him. I also see soy ham still listed on their vegan menu, and another reviewer here saying he was served non-vegan food after ordering vegan within the last year. So I guess it's possible he's replaced it with another vegan soy meat (though I don't know of one in Japan), or there's some other explanation, but for now I just want to warn vegans to stay away from the fake meat (whatever you're told), and to be careful to ensure that your meal is vegan.

Pros: delicious Indian food, fairly priced and supports a good cause, convenient location

2 Responses

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nandni 05 Oct 2014 - Hello, Mr.JesseD
We are so sorry to provide you soya-ham although you are vegan. We really apologize it. It is our fault that we didn’t notice about containing dairy product in soya-ham. From that day which you told us about soya-ham we totally stopped providing soya-ham to vegan customers.
After your visiting we checked all menu and materials very carefully and found no any dairy products in Vegan menu.
We regretted it so much and decided to provide more Vegan menu than dairy menu.
In 17th Aug.2014 We did renewal all menu and add more vegan menu. We removed all Onion and Garlics and Alcohols. And we added the sign of dairy product for dairy menu.
So now we are trying hard for provide comfortable meals for all vegan.
Thank you so much for your comments and give us warning.
I hope you will visit us again and try our vegan menu again.
We provide vegan curry-noodle etc.

Akiyo and Siddhartha
Indian Restaurant Shama

JesseD 08 Oct 2014 - Daer Akiyo and Siddhartha

Thank you for your reply, and for introducing new vegan options. I'm pleased to hear you have labelled vegan dishes, as it will make it much easier for vegans to eat at your restaurant. I look forward to visiting your restaurant again when I'm next in Osaka.


Delicious Indian food - Edit

Close to Shinsaibashi Station,very convenient.Many different types of menu.The Restaurant is smaller,but very Delicious. The boss is very kind.He can speak English and Japanes.

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Reviewer Avatar

Definitely worth a visit! - Edit

As mentioned in the description, the soy-tikka and the eggplant (soy) keema curry are absolutely delicious. Totally worth it. There are a number of other innovative Indian-style soy dishes that were really tempting but we couldn't try them all. I'd definitely like to go there again and sample the rest of the items in the menu.

The place (like every other vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Japan) was hard to find. The sign in front of the restaurant is in Japanese and is also very small. The only way to recognize the place is to look for Indian decor, and walk downstairs to find the place. The owner is Indian, and speaks better English than Japanese.

Pros: Great food, Innovative recipes, Number of veggie/vegan options

Cons: Hard to find, Entrance is underground, Place is small

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I'd Go Back! - Edit

I was so happy to eat here. Pretty easy to find, simple lunch menu (English), friendly staff, tasty food, great value. When I got here at 11:30 it was empty. By the time I left it was filling up. Notes: When you walk downstairs go straight. To the right is another restaurant. Also, the food here is not hot/spicy, which is great for me. But if you like it hot you may need to ask. them. Also, it's pretty small so plan accordingly.

Pros: Tasty Food, Large Quantity, Friendly

Cons: Small

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Worth a try - Edit

This place was pretty good for what it is. After having spent too much time in India, I've gone off Indian food. But after having been in Japan for a while, I needed a break from all the delicious kabocha tempura. So I braved this Indian restaurant.

I requested a vegan thali, and they made me one. One of the curries had seitan in it which was pretty nice. As far as I could tell, it was all vegan except for the dessert - a halva which was *definitely* made with ghee.

Go here is you need a break from Japanese food -- but be adamant about your food being made vegan for you.

The location is easy to find: take Exit 6 from Yotsubashi station a previous reviewer has stated, make an immediate right and go to the end of the block - it's the last store on the right - on the corner before the intersection and says "Shama" on a small wooden sign. It's a couple stores after Family Mart.

Pros: Potentially vegan, easy enough to find, tasty food

Cons: Not cheap, Certain dishes possibly non-vegan

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A Worthy Cause And Delicious Food - Edit

We ate dinner here tonight. It was easy to find - just one block from the Yotsubashi subway station exit 6 heading south. The food is delicious. We had baigan paneer and aloo ghobi with rice and naan plus two beers for 3500Yen. The Indian beer Golden Eagle is well worth a try. The staff are lovely, very friendly and attentive, but leave you alone while eating. They speak both English and Japanese. You can buy trinkets and publications to help support the building of the school. If you are in Osaka and like curry, I highly recommend it.

Pros: Friendly Staff, Good Value, Good Location

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good food, nice small restaurant, good location - Edit

Good Indian food. Had the 'lady set' meal for Y1500 and a Malibu and pineapple juice for ¥500 (ie fairly standard drinks prices for Jp).

Asked for the meal to be made vegan as per what other reviewers had done here. Totally obliging they were, as though I hadn't asked anything fussy at all. The service was simple, unaffected, unobtrusive, yet polite and totally aware of when I was ready to order etc. I was however asked to leave at 10:15pm as they apparently closed at 10pm. But I didn't mind.

The food was mixed. The salad and soup starters were okay but lame. Ditto for the naan. However, the soya tikka, samosa and veggie curry were all great. The iced chai was okay but nothing special. My Malibu was of course totes oishi.

All in all I would go back...but I wouldn't rush back to ravage the menu like a half starved gourmand who'd missed lunch.

The place is also right near amerika mura.., and is hence convenient to many sightseeing locations in that area.

As a final note, no one in the place said a word to me about the work being done by the owner in India...perhaps they have toned that down?? However I probably would have actually liked to hear about it.

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Great Indian Food with a bit of a Japanese Twist - Edit

A little difficult to find. The restaurant is located on the block catty corner from Starbucks. However, it isn't exactly across the street; you have to walk up the block, past the convenience store (Family Mart, I think).

The food is great, and the proprietor is very nice! He was rather chatty, but we didn't mind at all. We both ordered two dinner sets. The naan was a little unusual - it was crunchy. I liked it, but it's not like any other naan I had. I enjoyed this Indian meal because there were bits of Japanese flavor added, such as daikon and black sesame seeds. Also, there was a vegan bean dessert that was absolutely delicious, and vegan iced chai! I think I spent about 3000 yen for dinner for two. No credit cards - cash only.

Pros: Delicious!!!

Cons: Difficult to find (as usual in Japan), Cash Only

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Enjoyable meal. - Edit

I went with family. A party of 5. Most had the A set banquet but I had the B. All meals were brought out timely and tasted terrific!

Owner spoke better English than Japanese. He also offered all meals can be made vegan without being asked about it which was great because my girlfriend and I are vegan.

Some people were annoyed with the constant mentioning of the owners charity and his efforts to employ peoples skills on his project. But the food was great in a nice secluded place.

Pros: Food, Vegan options, English speaking

Cons: Overly social

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