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Serves meat, vegan options available. Hot dog restaurant offering a labeled vegan dog made to order with toppings of your choice. Has vegan toppings like cole slaw, vegetables and sauces. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by ErinHaze


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15 Nov 2023

Pleasantly Surprised 😃

It was awesome to find a place with vegan hot dogs, toppings, and even Signature Favorites! The area has become quite the vegan desert, so this was very refreshing!! The owner was really friendly and took the time to talk to my husband while he waited in line!!!



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14 Aug 2023

Great options and they care

Cape May is not the most accommodating place and HDT is an exception. Endlessly customizable vegan dogs (and carrot dogs - don’t knock it til you try it) and don’t forget the Scott-Tee’s vegan queso dip for the fries.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-14


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05 Aug 2023

Yummy vegan dog & friendly service!

I got the vegan dog with mountain sauce and vegan coleslaw and it was delicious! All of the vegan options are really clearly marked on the menu. When I ordered I had a question about the mountain sauce and the owner was so friendly and super excited to tell me about all of the vegan options! He made a point to say that they cook all the vegan dogs on a separate part of the grill, and also that the fries are cooked in canola oil and they are the only thing fried, so there is no cross contamination and they are vegan too. Overall, this was a wonderful stop in Cape May for grabbing some lunch and then walking around a bit. The food and service will definitely make me come back in the future!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-05

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options, Friendly service, Yummy food


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17 Jul 2023

Too Expensive

I appreciate the enthusiastic options, but it's just too expensive for the serving size.


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19 Jun 2023

Great Option for Lunch

This turned out to be a perfect spot to grab lunch in Cape May! I got the vegan dog (with mustard and relish, although there were plenty of other vegan toppings as well), vegan coleslaw, and coke slush. All were good and I would definitely go again!

Pros: Vegan options are yummy, Generous with the toppings, Also has options omnivores will love

Cons: Long wait due to popularity , Takeout only - plan another spot to sit & eat!


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01 Jun 2023

Cape May-Must

This is a must if you’re visiting the area. The owner is sooooo friendly. The vegan options are plentiful and the dog and bun were perfectly prepared. They have vegan cheese along with tons of toppings. Vegan choices are definitely not a second thought. Cherry coke slushee was also wonderful. You can also get fries topped with vegan cheese and other toppings!

Pros: Plentiful vegan toppings , Excellent dog with soft bun , Great staff and vibe


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10 Aug 2022


This place is amazing! I had a feeling it would be considering the 30-person-deep line, but I was still blown away. I got a Brooklyn Bizzy (and added crispy onions) and fries with vegan coleslaw and scott-tee sauce, and oh my god. Decadent!

I also talked to the owner (or rather, the owner found and talked to me!) and he said not a single tree nut has crossed his shop’s threshold—important to me since I’m devastatingly deathly allergic to tree nuts—AND that he’s looking to add other vegan options to the menu! Looking forward to seeing what those are and, when I’m back in the area, giving them a try. He was *so* excited about getting more vegan options, it was actually very endearing.

100% recommend if you’re in the area and looking for a delicious vegan dog!

Pros: Lots of vegan options (and more to come!), Right off the beach, Food was delish

Cons: A little pricey, but see Pro #2


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01 Aug 2022

Delicious Vegan Hotdog

Delicious vegan hotdogs, fries and coleslaw

Pros: Vegan Options , Delicious , Awesome


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28 Jul 2022

Tasty Lunch

It was great to find a place offering vegan hot dogs. The hot dogs were good. We got basic toppings, but their menu does offer some more wild vegan hot dog options including vegan coke slaw. I would definitely stop here again.


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19 Jul 2022

The best little lunch spot

Owner is awesome, cooks veg hotdogs on a part of the grill that is separate from the meat and uses different spatulas etc. added a ton of new vegan options recently and they’re all amazing. Nice to be able to walk down from the beach real quick and grab a filling and fast vegan lunch option!

Pros: Vegan cheese!, So close to the beach, Fast and cheap


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24 Aug 2021

Delicious! Vegan dogs, carrot dogs, vegan cole slaw, and awesome fries!

French fries are cooked in their own fryer. Owner proactively mentioned that to me. He said we’d love the fries and he was right! Very close to beach. Perfect lunch stop for a day on the beach in Cape May.

Pros: Vegan hot dogs, Vegan French fries , Vegan slaw


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27 Jun 2021

Love love love

The vegan hot dog was delicious. It was well marked to keep it separated from the regular hot dogs others ordered in my group. There were vegan toppings to choose from. “Tommy” was very kind to come out when delivering my vegan dog. Very friendly staff! Very customer service motivated. This is the first business we visit each year when going to Cape May

Pros: Delicious vegan hot dog , Carrot dog is an option


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06 Jun 2021


Great location with a handful of vegan options including the vegano cabano, the “carrot dog”, and a variety of veg friendly toppings! he was very enthusiastic about providing vegan options and was really friendly. The vegan cheese option is chao slices

Pros: Reasonable pricing , More than 1 veg option, Good location/proximity to ocean front


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02 May 2021

Tommy was so kind!

I went for the first time and I was not disappointed. There are two hot dog bases to choose from, a carrot dog and a smartdog. From there you are choose from several vegan topping for your hot dog. When I went, one of their daily specials was called the "Vegan Cabano" which featured chao cheese, a pickle spear, mustard on a smart dog. I also had tried their vegan coleslaw on my hotdog and it was amazing! Tommy himself was so enthusiastic about my veganism and was excited that I was able to participate in their vegan daily special! For a four dollar hot dog that can be finessed with a variety of toppings, I would say this place is worth a visit!

Pros: Quick grab and go food, Many toppings to choose from, Nice customer service

Cons: Cash only when I went due to computer issues


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10 Sep 2020

Wieners for the rest of us!

Located just steps from the ocean, Tommy’s is a life saver for the vegan looking for traditional beach-fare. I tried the carrot dog and it was just the ticket. It is simply a steam carrot on a bun (there is a GF option) with whatever condiments you choose. There are beverages and chips too.

A takeaway window on a side street off Ocean Ave and the promenade, Tommy reigns (check out the photos of him in The Hat) over his hot dog empire. Friendly and accommodating, truly interested that you be satisfied with your purchase.

Pros: 2 vegan options, Great location, Reasonable prices


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30 Aug 2020

Happy to have a hot dog

We walked by this place for days and couldn't believe the lines. Then we found out they served vegan hot dogs! I haven't had a hot dog in about 2 decades and so I was thrilled with mine. My husband is a new vegan and he was not as impressed. Tommy assured us the vegan dogs were cooked separately and he was very proud of his vegan selection of sides. He encouraged us to come back and let him know what we thought. I am just sorry we did not try these dogs earlier in our vacation! It was the most satisfying and least expensive meal we had here.

Pros: Tasty, Inexpensive, Nice man who took pride in his offerings

Cons: Long line if you get there after 11


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02 Aug 2020

Best customer service

Although the eatery isn't entirely vegan, certified vegan hot dog, coleslaw, and garbanzo bean salad were clearly listed on menu. I asked, presumably Tommy, if the sautéed onions were sautéed in butter and he just said olive oil - he even took the time to explain it is a family recipe he discovered himself. He explained and seemed excited about the vegan option available! When our order was ready, he came out and personally handed it to me!! Such a nice touch, would definitely go again!

Pros: Inexpensive


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27 Aug 2019

Great vegan weiners

They cook the vegan wieners to order on a vegan-only grill to avoid any cross contamination. The prices are fantastic and you can get any "signature" on a vegan dog.

Pros: So many vegan options, Great prices, Attention to detail

Cons: Long line (but so worth it)

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