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A branch of Hiltl vegetarian restaurant, this one is in the old building of the main Zurich post office next to the main train station. Offers a vegetarian buffet in addition to fresh fruit juices, ice tea, lemonade, coffee, tea, and cocktails. Open Mon-Wed 7:00am-10:00pm, Thu-Fri 7:00am-11:00pm, Sat 7:00am-10:00pm, Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by DonPedro


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01 Aug 2023

Amazing buffet

I‘ve been there several times and I love it! I‘d say it‘s one of the most famous vegan/vegetarian restaurants because it has several locations and because it has existed since 1898!
I love that it has a buffet where you can choose from everything (most of it is vegan) and it‘s super delicious! Even though it can get a bit pricey when you‘re hungry I can really recommend a visit there!
My favourites are the „Züri Gschnätzlets“ and „Ghackets mit Hörnli“. And I love that they offer free water to drink.
Here, the location is especially nice, right next to the main train station.



Points +52

17 Mar 2023

wie immer gut

hilt entäuscht mich nie vorallem das büffet ist gut.


Points +109

22 Feb 2023

Un classique

C'est le plus ancien restaurant végétarien de Zurich.

Pros: Beaucoup de plat vegan

Cons: Un peu cher


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16 Feb 2023

Lots of variety in one of the oldest vegetarian 🌱 restaurants in Europe

What a great buffet of so many different things to try. All options are vegetarian 🥑 many vegan 🌱. It’s bi-langual so great for English speakers. My friend ordered a burger 🍔 at one of the Hiltl locations and was not impressed. I went with the buffet and was very happy. You pay per weight and of course in Switzerland 🇨🇭 the prices are a bit higher than what most visitors might be used to. We enjoyed our meal and the atmosphere.

Pros: Lots of variety , Beautiful environment , History and atmosphere of the place


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26 Nov 2022

Great but expensive

Many vegan options, nice and fresh. All tasted good. Only too expensive in my eyes, but I am not Swiss. Very crowded which also made eating there less attractive.

Pros: Great taste.

Cons: Too expensive., Too crowded.


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13 Oct 2022

wie immer, gut

Leckeres und reichhaltiges Angebot an vegetarischen und veganen Speisen. Gute und verständliche Auszeichnungen.
Interessantes Ambiente.


Points +633

02 Oct 2022

Very good

A lot of options, ingredients listed. Tastes very good. The ingwer juice was awesome.

Pros: Very tasty, A lot of options

Cons: Expensive


Points +342

29 Sep 2022


The quality and variety are fantastic! A lot of vegan options… we highly recommended.


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28 Sep 2022

Large vegetarian buffet

Chain of one of the first purely vegetarian restaurants in Zurich. Large buffet with great variety of vegan dishes

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Somewhat expensive


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26 Sep 2022

Mostly good

I had a huge variety of different dishes from the buffet on my plate. Some were delicous. Some others were just mediocre.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-24


Points +43

09 Aug 2022

Excellent mais méga pricey 😱

Tout donne envie , mais genre vraiment envie. Donc on veut tout goûter. Je ne pense pas que ce soit particulièrement ce restaurant mais la vie en Suisse d'une manière générale qui est plus cher. Donc, pour une assiette correcte, on se retrouve à 32euros... Pour quelques choses qui en vaudrait peut être une vingtaine en France. Donc c'est très bon, c'est juste surprenant pour un buffet.
Le lieu vaut également le détour.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-09

Pros: Savoureux, Du choix , A deux pas de la gare. Idéal pour la pause repas.

Cons: Cher , Pas tout vegan


Points +414

12 Jul 2022

Always something for everyone!

Love the buffet. Even though it’s a bit pricey for foodies like me, I never get disappointed😄


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20 Apr 2022

Great food, many choices

Hitli is a known stable in the swiss vegan scene, going there is always a good, though slightly expensive choice.

Pros: Lots of very good vegan choices

Cons: Expensive


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08 Jan 2022

Famous veggie restaurant with plenty of vegan options

Restaurant offers buffet. Many vegan options. Ingredients are fresh. Prices ok. #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-08

Pros: Many vegan options , Good service, Conveniently located next to the train station


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04 Jan 2022

Too expensive

Too expensive for what it is, they are a big chain so I assume they would buy in Bulk. Plus self service and no guaranteed seating. But the food is consistently tasty! (On the greasier side)


Points +60

28 Dec 2021

A Vegan Dream

Hiltl is known for being a vegeterian restaurant but they always offer vegan options. This location has a buffet with many vegan options clearly labelled. It is absolutely delicious as you can try a little bit of every dish. You can simply take a plate, fill it up with food and then you’ll weigh your plate at the cash register.

Simple, delicious and right near the train station.

Pros: Great vegan options, Location, Only vegeterian and vegan options

Cons: On the expensive side


Points +33

02 Nov 2021

Great vegan options

Hiltl is always a safe bet for a hungry vegan. The buffet is rather large so we always find something here that we like.

Pros: Large selection of vegan options, Buffet - take only what you want to eat, Different cuisines - Indian, Thai ..

Cons: Feels pricey, Often crowded


Points +172

02 Nov 2021

Veggie Paradise

Hier kommen Vegetarier & Veganer voll auf ihr Kosten!
Unten kann man sich am Buffet bedienen & es wird nach 100g bezahlt, oben ist a la Carte in schick Ambiente.

Pros: Alles vegetarisch , Schickes Ambiente


Points +596

18 Oct 2021


A lot of delicious vegan options!


Points +2602

16 Oct 2021


So many vegan options on the buffet! I go there regularly and totally recommend it!


Points +472

29 Aug 2021

Awesome spread

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Zurich 😋
There were so many choices and one visit is not enough to try everything.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Lots of varieties for every taste , Wide spread of dishes

Cons: A bit costly , Meals by weight


Points +703

24 Jun 2021

Very good but could be even better

Hiltl is an obvious place to go while in Zürich and you definitely should. However, I would love to see them make even more dishes vegan and perhaps focus a bit more on quality over quantity with the number of dishes on the buffet.


Points +1393

24 Jun 2021

Small selection

This Hiltl has a smaller selection than other ones, at least when I went there. The location is convenient though. 4.5CHF per 100g of food, so expect to pay at least 25CHF for a meal.


Points +624

06 Oct 2020

What a heaven

Was there four or five times. So many options to try, most of them really good, not everything super special but still good. Like the concept but it’s very expensive.


Points +700

16 Aug 2020

Vegan Lunch

Buffet weigh and pay with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. Good selection of hot and cold mains in sides and desserts. Close to the station with outside seating. No reservations

Pros: Lots of vegan options clearly marked.


Points +54

08 Aug 2020

Very good food

There’s plenty of vegan options but a lot of it is vegetarian. Food is by weight so when you simply want to add veggies you’ll pay the same price as adding curry with rice or lasagna. The creamy vegan curry was very tasty and so were the falafels but the hummus and guac tasted store bought especially the guac which did not taste like guac. But besides that everything else was very flavorful and it’s recommendable.

Pros: Plenty of vegan options , Friendly staff , Good location

Cons: Pricey by weight


Points +3590

04 Jun 2020

Easily accessible and lots of choices

It's located right next to the main train station. Great food, lots of variety! Everything is very delicious. Free: one slice of bread and tapwater. The place used to be a post office and you can still see some remnants from that era which is great. The only downside is that it's usually packed and super loud.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Free tapwater

Cons: Usually packed and loud

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