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Serves meat, vegan options available. Hell-themed pizzeria founded originally in Wellington in 1996 and has since grown to operate franchisees across New Zealand. Offers a separate vegan menu that includes around 9 pizzas plus other items like vegan nuggets, salads, garlic bread, sorbet, and ice cream sandwich. Gluten free bases are vegan, as well as the gluten free garlic bread. Reported kitchen prepares veg food away from meat to avoid contamination. Reported closed February 2024.

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First Review by Heyzeus


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09 Dec 2023

Would rate it as 5 stars if I could!

This place offers "junk food" American style pizza, and has more vegan options than many 100% vegan places I've been, though you have to switch for a slightly starchy processed vegan cheese that might not taste as good as the original option in some cases (camembert or cream cheese for example). We basically tried every flavor, and preferred the thin-stretched base add-on. They offer many fun toppings, like refried beans, vegan sausage, chipotle, and jalapeno, but the best options were probably the mayhem, the damned and the burger pizza. OK price too!

Pros: So many options!, Tasty, fun toppings, Fair price

Cons: Starchy cheese, American "junk food" style



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26 Nov 2023

Cheese. Lots of vegan cheese.

My general assessment is that a good vegan pizza uses a small amount of vegan cheese. Too much tends to pool up and dominate the flavors of the pizza, covering up everything else. The pizza we got (vegan cheese, spinach, garlic, tomato) was mostly cheese and bread. Didn’t love it.


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28 Aug 2023

Satan Blesses Us With Numerous Vegan Options

Great to have a smattering of options instead of the usual one or two that most pizza places offer. Pizzas are huge, too. I am a big boy and I couldn't finish the last slice to my absolute shame and embarrassment. Afterwards my girlfriend left me for another guy who finished his pizza, but he was also a vegan so it's cool I guess


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23 Aug 2023

The pizza was alright

It's nice to have the option of vegan meats and cheeses, but the cheese wasn't the best and the overall flavours weren't very impressive. The pizza was just a bit bland overall.

Cons: Not 100% vegan


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02 Jul 2023

Pan pizza

Ordered the vegan wrath pizza with additional plant based meat. Good to have a few options to choose from. Crust was different but still tasty.

Pros: Options


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02 Apr 2023

Delicious pizza

We ordered the Vegan Savour Pizza, it was delicious. The base was GF, crispy and loaded with fresh ingredients. Would definitely recommend.

Pros: Excellent vegan choices , Delicious pizza , Easy to customize


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22 Jan 2023

Epic pizza

Best pizza I’ve had in years! 10/10

Pros: Amazing cheese , Quick service , Fun atmosphere


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06 Jan 2023

A great range of vegan and vegetarian pizzas etc

These guys are always a good, reliable option for a yummy vegan feed.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Helpful staff

Cons: No outside seating for munching, A bit on the pricey side


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26 Sep 2022

5 stars

Heaps of vegan options and was real tasty pizza. Pretty good prices too


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08 Sep 2022

Devilishly good pizza 🤤

Ordered Hell Pizza on Uber Eats for dinner as it started snowing and we were too cold to leave our hotel again 😅
Pretty expensive (the Uber Eats markup wouldn’t have helped), but some of the most fully loaded, indulgent pizzas I’ve had in ages. Their bases are a nice density and thickness and didn’t crumple under the generous toppings. Some of the most inauthentic but delicious pizzas I’ve had. Loved it!

Pros: wide variety of vegan options, epic pizzas

Cons: pricy


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01 Mar 2020

Amazing vegan options

So many vegan options. Staff has great knowledge on what is able to be made vegan (as well as gluten free).
Love the whole vibe of this place!
Vegan cheese is really good and the pizzas are large and cooked well!

Pros: Lot of vegan options , Staff know what they are talking about


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21 Nov 2019


Great spot and amazing vegan pizza - we had the burger and a satay ‘chicken’ pizza. Vegan menu is online only and the staff didn’t seem very knowledgeable about the vegan options.

Pros: Yummy food!

Cons: Staff not super knowledgeable about vegan options, Vegan menu online only


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28 Aug 2019

Great to have so many vegan pizza options

We had takeaway from Hell’s Pizza, great to have so many vegan options and at no cost extra for vegan cheese. Staff were very friendly and helpful with the menu. Pizza was good, similar to a dominos vegan pizza.


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05 Aug 2019

Not great

The pizza we got was bland even though looked to be pretty full of toppings it was missing flavour which was disappointing. The nuggets also were a bit soggy on the bottom and 90% sure they were just packaged nuggets. The guy they served us also seemed confused when we asked for the pizza to be vegan and we had to use the online menu as they didn’t have the vegan menu in store. Overall it was very “meh” especially for the price... with previous reviews we were expecting good things from here but were disappointed. Will be trying one of the other pizza places instead next time.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Not very good food


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30 Jul 2019

Super yummy pizza

Delicious pizza, good prices

Pros: Don’t have to pay extra for vegan cheese, Pizzas can be customized

Cons: Asked for passport to buy alc drinks


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25 Jun 2019

Love the crust!!

If you’re looking for good vegan pizza this is the place to go! You can add vegan cheese to any of the pizzas and they have vegan chicken which was a really fun addition. No other vegan meats but it seems this place only does chicken pizzas in general so it fits their theme.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Has gluten free options too, Vegan chicken

Cons: Only vegan chicken, no other “meats”


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12 Jun 2019

Veggie Saviour - really spicy

If you like spicy taste, this is the right place to go and order 'Veggie Saviour' pizza with vegan cheese.


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29 May 2019

Delicious but pricey

I have ordered pizza here a few times. Flavours are very strong and tasty. Pizzas with olives were too salty for me. Ordering online allows you to customize almost everything. There's a dairy free ice cream sandwich which I haven't tried yet. Distinction to the gluten free seeds base... one the best GF pizza bases I've tried, after the one we make at home :)

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-22

Pros: Tasty, Vegan friendly website, Easy to customize

Cons: Pricey, Too much salt in some ingredients, Serves meat


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17 Feb 2019


Really good pizza 🍕 and the wedges is delicious.


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08 Feb 2019

Very good

I live Hell pizza, their vegan options are cool with vegan cheese! Go for the Mayhem or Brimstone.


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29 Sep 2018

Fantastic pizza

Great customised pizza option, vegan cheese plus 8 veggie toppings for around $22 for a large pizza (12"). Vegan cheese tastes amazin too!


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31 Mar 2018

Best Pizza!!

The vegan pizza with vegan cheese is my absolute favourite. It's the best pizza on earth!!!


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01 Jan 2018

Not impressed

Honestly, I don’t see why you should prefer Hell Pizza over other pizza places. OK, they have one vegan pizza, with beans and avocado. Other pizzas can be made vegan, but this means without cheese (at least I was told so, other reviewers seem to have had vegan cheese, also recently). I didn’t want the special vegan pizza, and what I got was a very small pizza that wasn’t filling with a tomato sauce that tastes too sweet, at a price that would buy me a bigger pizza in other places. It is called snack pizza, but I was given the impression that the large one would be too much for one person. It was OK, but nothing to rave about at all. The olives were tasty.


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20 Nov 2017


I was very happy with this pizza. I got the Pride with vegan cheese. The pizza was tasty and the atmosphere was fun.


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06 Nov 2017

yummy vegan pizza!

Definitely worth going to. Lots of ways to make vegan pizza. Vegan chicken and cheese.


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01 Oct 2017

GF and Vegan Pizza Options!

The staff were extremely nice and helpful in clearly indicating the GF and vegan combinations that are available. The pizzas were delicious and filling. I had never tried this vegan mozz before but enjoyed it on my Purgatory.

Pros: Nice Staff, Affordable, Interesting combos


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28 Aug 2017

No issue, just great pizza

Only one actual vegan option but the fact that they have some yummy dairy-free cheese means that you can make any of the veggie pizzas vegan too.

The pizza base was a little bland, but the toppings were good and the size of the meal (I only ordered a snack-sized pizza) was decent for the price.

Nothing really to complain about. Service was quick and the staff are helpful and friendly. Definitely going to go back to this chain again as I travel around New Zealand.

Pros: Vegan cheese, Great pizza, Good portion sizes for money paid

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