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Cookie bar serving hot cookies, ice cream, shakes, and coffee. Provides vegan options. Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by DreamcaseAiri


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10 Sep 2023

Meh, only do the cookies

Should have read the reviews beforehand but got too excited about the option of a vegan shake. Don't bother! It was not nice, we actually ended up throwing half of it out.

The cookie however (melt in your mouth I think its called) is delicious, luckily I could fish half of it out of the shake lol.



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02 Sep 2023

They call that a shake?

Vegan double chocolate cashew shake should be considered a war crime. It's like several scientists sat down and tried to make the worst shake possible and then they decided to sell it as a joke. The fact that it was $13 just adds insult to injury. This is the kind of thing that makes non-vegans think vegan stuff sucks.

The one vegan cookie available was fine, which is the only reason why this isn't a one-star. Do yourself a favor and just skip this place. Ye be warned.


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10 Aug 2023

2 vegan cookies

Cookie Time had two vegan cookie options as other have mentioned. A freshly baked double choc cookie and a packaged plant based chocolate chip cookie.

The fresh cookie was delicious as it was still warm.

As others have said, the packaged plant based cookie can also be purchased in the supermarkets.

Not ‘oh my gosh super delicious give me more right now’ cookies, but certainly fun to try and a nice novelty when in Queenstown.

Pros: There was a vegan cookie option, Delicious when freshly baked

Cons: Pricey for a cookie, Often a busy and cramped store


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04 Jul 2023

Milkshake was gross

The milkshake was described as a chocolate one and had a random raison in it, had full pieces of cashew nuts and half a cookie in the middle of it, tasted of cinnamon too. Very weird


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13 Nov 2022

Only 1 option

They have one shake option: the Vegan double chocolate cashew shake. This sounds super yummy but it is nothing to wow over. For me it was a 2/10, it tasted like and had the consistency like I remember the calci-yum chocolate yoghurt to be. It was not something I could drink and finish. The only good part was the half vegan cookie which was really good. The cookie is expensive on its own but it comes warm and the chocolate is gooey.

Pros: The cookie was nice , Staff were nice

Cons: Is expensive, Limited to one option


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30 Sep 2022

Has a vegan milkshake

Only 2 vegan options - either the cookie (yum but you can buy it from the supermarket) or a double chocolate vegan milkshake for $12 (medium) or $13 (large).


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08 Mar 2022


$4 for a cookie the size of a Subway cookie. GTFO. That’s super expensive


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18 Aug 2021

Great Vegan Cookie!

Absolutely loved the vegan chocolate cookie! So good!! Will definitely be back!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-18


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18 Mar 2021

One cookie but it’s good

Just went here yesterday and they do have the vegan cookie back. It’s pretty delicious. Not as good as Moustache cookies though...

Cons: Only one vegan option.


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27 Oct 2018

No vegan cookie

There was no vegan cookies available though the lady who served us stated that there may be one next month.

Cons: No vegan options


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29 Sep 2018

Not currently offering vegan cookies

Asked and they said their suppliers don't make the vegan cookies any more, so they don't have any at the minute but may do them again in the future.


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11 Sep 2018

Vegan Cookie

Although there’s only one Vegan cookie to select, its better than all of it ;)... By the way it taste amazing, a must try!! I’m thinking of buying bulk and taking it back home to Australia haha!!! Cookie time increase your Vegan menu from one Vegan enthusiast!

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