Name is an abbreviation for "rice with herbal medicine, fruit and vegetables." Vegan buffet style food prepared in a traditional, Korean (temple food) spirit. The basic menu is composed of porridge, a soy-base soup, variety of cooked season greens, acorn jelly, tofu, and different sides. Organic fruit and seasonable tea served. Directions: Take Seoul subway line 1 to Jonggak Station, take exit 3, walk straight toward Geumgang Jehwa, turn left at intersection of Geumgang Jehwa, turn right at Sudo Pharmacy located centrally on Insadong St, walk 100m and on the left is Han Gwa Chae. Also nearby is Anguk Station on the Seoul subway line 3. 한과채'란 "과일과 채소, 치유력 있는 나물들이 곁들여진 한식"이란 뜻입니다. 사찰음식을 포함한 한식 뷔페이며, 기본메뉴로 밥과 죽, 다양한 계절 야채와 나물, 두부 및 각종 밑반찬 등이 제공됩니다. 유기농 과일과 차가 제공되며 모든 재료는 국내산을 사용합니다. 가격은 1인 당 13,000원 입니다(2017년 4월 기준). 영업시간은 매일 점심11:30~14:30, 저녁 17:00~20:30 이며, 일요일은 휴무입니다. Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm. Closed Sun.

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01 Dec 2023

Healthy buffet

Update 2023: Since the covid pandemic, the kimchi here is sometimes not vegan!!! A friend of mine also saw fish cake here once. Tell staff that you are vegan to make sure they point out non-vegan dishes to you.

This restaurant is a buffet, which offers Korean food in home-made style. There are no processed mock meats, but soup, stew, porridge and various side dishes of which some feature uncommon combinations or vegetables (e.g. peanut sprouts).

Most ingredients are Korean and not imported.
Considering the fact that they use Korean ingredients and the location is the touristy area Insadong, their price for this all-you-can-eat-buffet seems fair.

The interior represents the taste of the elderly people running this place: Random flowers in vases, a couple of paintings, patterned table cloth. Nothing fancy. Colorful and homey.

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-08

Pros: food tastes ok, Price

Cons: occasionally non-vegan dishes, does not always operate according to schedule



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26 Nov 2023

Authentic and fresh

This temple food buffet is wonderful for those who like to try new things. We ate there twice. So many greens, roots, sprouts, and herbs to try! They start you with a soup and black sesame porridge, and tea. One time they also brought us veggie pancakes. Then there are two kinds of rice (I like the mixed one with beans), and a large assortment of vegetable-based dishes, and one beef-y dish. Everything is excellent, and the buffet format means you can try everything! My favorite was the sprouted peanut stir fry--big juicy sprouts with a peanut on the end, what could be better? (Makes me want to sprout my own!) Such new flavors and experiences--love it!

Pros: Fresh, Diverse plant foods, Great variety


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22 Nov 2023

Vegan buffet with large variety of namul

A lot of different banchan made with different kinds of plants. I grew up in Korea and there were a number of banchan I had never tried before. Spice levels are typical Korean level so keep that in mind.


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11 Nov 2023

Perfect buffet

Small and unassuming restaurant, with a brilliant buffet spread. Some great vegan options around this area, but this really stood out


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23 Sep 2023

Perfect buffet

Owners were very welcoming. The food was a good range of vegetables and tofu with two rice options and lots of sides. Filled us up and was a great place to find healthy vegetarian food in Seoul.


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07 Sep 2023

Just what I needed

I only had 20 - 30 min and was exhausted from running around Seoul, when I found this little hidden nugget. At arrival, there were only local folk who seem to go there regularly, which is always a good sign, it didn’t disappoint. Great variety of vegetables, nicely spiced, buffet style. Loved it and left (within 20 min) recharged for the day.


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24 Jul 2023

Delicious and relaxing

The owners were so welcoming and immediately brought a tasty rice & sesame porridge, spicy soup and chilled green tea. There were so many dishes to choose from! It was tricky to find this restaurant, but well worth it!

Pros: So many food choices , Relaxing atmosphere , Popular with locals


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18 Jul 2023

Little hidden Gem

This place is one of the most random yet most wonderful finds in Seoul. The food was just delicious home food / you felt like you were in someone’s home. I loved how we were greeted. The host came and sat us down and gave us green tea and got our starters for us. There may have been a language barrier but it was wonderful how they would motion to us when fresh food was being brought out to the buffet cart. The food was traditional and full of flavour.

Pros: The owners were very kind , Lots of variety , Fresh food

Cons: Would’ve liked sweet treats / unless I missed that


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29 May 2023

Tasty homecook food

Cheap and tasty homecook meals. Lots of dishes to try

Pros: Vegan 💯, Cheap , Healthy

Cons: Some people may find the taste a bit bland


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28 May 2023

Cheap and quick

nice place but lacks flavor


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27 May 2023


My first experience eating temple style food and it did not disappoint. The owners were extremely kind and made me feel welcome.

The food is delicious and the place makes you feel like you’re eating at somebody’s house.

Would definitely return.


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24 May 2023

Lifesaving vegan haven in Seoul

TLDR: incredibly kind people and delicious, restorative vegan food! You can tell everything is cooked with love and care.

I visited Han Gwa Chae several times while in Seoul, both 2021 and 2023, and still daydream about the food. The folks who run the restaurant are so welcoming - sat me and my friend down and were already bringing us rice, delicious soup (both a bean/lentil soup and also a bean sprout soup), water, and hot tea before we had even paid for the buffet. The variety of dishes is amazing and everything tastes fresh, clean, hearty, and healing: off the top of my head, several types of greens, sweet potatoes, many different types of kimchi; tofu, black beans, dotorimuk (acorn jelly - one of my favorites!), and more. I think there was even a ssambap station we didn't get to because we'd already plated up so much food!

Highly recommend and if you're still new to Korean cuisine, it's a great way to try new dishes and flavors!

Pros: Friendly, welcoming staff, Delicious, fresh food, Lots of variety and incredibly reasonable price


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18 May 2023

So healthy !

What a nice discovery. I used to go almost every day to Osegyehan, and because it was Thursday (Osegyehan is closed on that day) I had to find somewhere else to eat lunch. I regret that I didn't come here earlier ! The food is simple, very healthy, it seems like real Buddhist food. The gentleman was so nice, he served me a soup and some rice porridge. We even exchanged some words in Korean. One thing : they had my favourite Kimchi, the raddish kimchi ! 총각김지


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16 May 2023

Healthy tasty lunch

At first we felt a little bit lost, but the owners took care of us right away. Healthy cuisine, you can try a lot of different things. A great option when you have enough fried and heavy meals.

Na początku można czuć się trochę zagubionym, ale właściciele od razu się nami zaopiekowali. Zdrowa kuchnia, można popróbować bardzo różnych ciekawych rzeczy. Super opcja jak ma się dosyć smażonych i ciężkich potraw.


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02 Apr 2023

Feast for the senses

I can't get enough of this healthy food buffet. It is a feast for the senses, with a wide range of colorful and flavorful dishes made from fresh vegetables and greens. There is also tofu, grains and fermented veggies like kimchi, ginseng roots, pickled daikon radish etc. Everything is super fresh and is naturally packed with flavour. No sugar. The food is satisfying and filling, but also light and easy to digest. It is the perfect way to nourish your body and soul with wholesome food. I highly recommend it!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-28


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19 Jan 2023

Natural ingridient!

Fully vegan Buffet (15,000 won / pax) with different kinds of rices and veggie.

i love the sesame porridge, the soup with a lot of ingridient, the pancake and the korean veggies and the Kimchi, the brown rice are chewy and very yummy.

It is not easy to eat veggie in Korea, those in this restaurant are very good!

Pros: A lot of veggies, Hot rice and soup


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22 Dec 2022

Nice meal

Simple good food with a lot of veggies. A lot of variety on the buffet.


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24 Nov 2022

awesome! come hungry!

a cozy buffet with very nice staff and delicious food! amazing pancakes!


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03 Nov 2022


Fully vegan eatery at Insadong Shopping Street, 5 to 10 min walk from Anguk Subway Station Exit 6. Buffet concept (not high-end buffet, 15,000 won / pax) that begins with a small bowl of porridge and soup, after which you are free to take the rice and dishes of the day that you want. Korean temple food-inspired but contains alliums; dishes with and without alliums do not seem to be labelled, not sure if staff can advise. They focus on natural ingredients with minimal seasoning and without MSG or sugar. On the day I visited, the dishes available mostly consisted of leafy greens and seaweed. Also available were acorn jelly, tteokbokki, vegetable pancake, peanuts and black beans, as well as roasted baby potatoes.


09 Nov 2022

Thank you alot for writing a review here. On Google Maps it says it's closed for good.


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29 Oct 2022

Authentic vegan Korean food

In a basement in the mids of a rather touristy neighborhood, you find a vegan, temple food inspired buffet, run by very helpful women. No MSG and added sugars, few dishes with the five pungent spices, also rather reduced in salt, but there is soy sauce/sesame oil mix. Lots of selection, all tasty. Don't miss the pancakes.

Pros: Authentic, vegan, no added sugars


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18 Oct 2022

homely location and yummy all-vegan buffet

the location was super homely and easy to find (basement level). when you come in, the friendly ahjussi gives you some porridge and soup and tea and you can go to the buffet and pick all the yummy vegan food you want! there’s soo much to choose from!

Pros: all vegan, lots of different options, super friendly and english speaking ahjussi-staff


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15 Oct 2022

Lots of veggies!

Basement buffet restaurant with lots of vegetables, rice, soup, and sides. Very healthy and home style food.


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13 Oct 2022

Great buffet!

Basically if you want to eat allll the Korean food, this is the place to go! Everything tasted great and they have an excellent variety so you can try all the things!


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28 Sep 2022

I like it! Clean good! Buffet!

Fills you up with lots of green, we visited 3times since we stayed around Insadong. I find ₩15,000 a little on the pricer side.
This would have cost around ₩10,000-₩12,000 in places like Taiwan for such buffet.
But all is good. Food is nice and I love the sesame porridge and KimChi.


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26 Sep 2022


This place feels like a rest stop for weary vegans. It is affordable with simple settings. They have a buffet with food that will fill you up. It is a great mix of old-school korean vegan food. I brought plenty non-vegans here and some get scared off by it being "too leafy" but most enjoyed it. For a vegan it is perfect. Try to pay attention to side sauces. Most dishes are bland because you are supposed to choose sauce, chillies and/or some type of kimchi to add flavor if you want it.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-12


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08 Sep 2022

Buffet - taste wasn’t great

Fully vegetarian lunch buffet in a great location. The owners are friendly and helpful. Everything is included for 15k you can go as often as you like. They have stew and soup. Rice and brown rice. Different side dishes. It was a lot of spinach and I didn’t enjoy most of the dishes to be honest. It was quite bland. The beans and the Aubergine was good. They serve tofu (unseasoned)
Plus the seaweed I enjoyed.
Owner doesn’t speak English but there is no need to. All in all it’s good value if you like the food it was just not my cup of tea… so I wouldn’t return

Pros: Veggie buffet , Friendly

Cons: 15.000, Lacking spices , Spinach was odd


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08 Aug 2022

Very filling and tasty food

It was my first buffet experience in South Korea and I was impressed. The buffet consists mainly of rice and side dishes (banchans) such as spinach, soybeans, acorn jelly, sprouts. The tofu is fresh and delicious. Everything is served with a spinach jeon.

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