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Hare Krishna deli style buffet and salad bar, includes a variety of dishes. Take stairs. Open Mon-Fri 11:30-17:00, Sat 12:00-17:00.

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First Review by carnilius


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05 Jan 2024

Do NOT go

We made reservations that were confirmed and when we got to the restaurant, they were CLOSED with no notice on the door.
We were really looking forward to going as the hotel concerige at the Ritz Carlton recommended this place to us.



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21 May 2023

OK food, not very comfortable place with some hygiene issues

I have visited this restaurant several times in the past, but never too frequently, because I never found the food very remarkable, and there were often not too many vegan options. Upon my latest visit yesterday, all options available were vegan (3 types of dishes - stews and pasta, soup, chutney, toppings), and all the food tasted fine (but not remarkable - we tried lentil soup, 2 types of vegetable stews, tomato chutney and rose water lemonade), however, there were certain issues that will make me think again before I visit them in the future.

I wanted to try a vegan cake for dessert, but the staff wasn't able to give me information on the ingredients "because the person who made it has already left". I believe a list of ingredients should always be at hand for people with allergies. When they weren't able to reach said persn on the phone, I passed on the cake.

The place also had hygiene and comfort issues: the tray where you can take utensils from also had utensils that were visibly dirty, with leftover food that wasn't cleaned off properly. I also had to go back for utensils mid-eating, because the clean-looking ones I took were sticky to the touch, and when I turned my spoon around, the hollow back of the handle was brown with leftover grease. There was no paper towel in the toilet, nor any other means to dry your hands after washing them, and both women's toilets only had a small roll of leftover toilet paper that wouldn't have lasted too long.

I personally also find the place not very comfortable: the stairs are steep and the ceiling is VERY low, especially above the stairs, but also throughout the whole restaurant. I found it difficult to find a place to sit that didn't trigger my claustrophobia.

Cons: no allergen information, dirty utensils


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24 Apr 2023

Full plate

We already tried Govinda in Eger, and now that we also tried this place in Budapest I can definitely say that whoever eats in this restaurant won't be hungry anymore. The food is tasty, the price is great, and the portions are big.


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06 Mar 2023

Good food, nice atmosphere

All the dishes are really tasty, usually there are a lot of options. I like the special atmosphere. I'm not a Krishna devotee, but: Hare Krishna 🙏


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26 Aug 2022

Very tasty food, and cheap!

There are 3 Govindas in budapest and they do not disappoint! The food is always good! The atmosphere is always good! The staff are always joyous and very nice! I cannot fault anything with Govindas it’s most definitely my favourite vegan/vegetarian restaurant in budapest. No where else can compete with the amazing food and the amazing price!

Pros: Pure food for the soul it’s amazing, 100% pure vegetarian/vegan , No meat served! Very clean


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Mostly Veg
31 Jul 2022

Just a simple dinner

We were hungry, so that place was just just the right one to get a nice value for money lunch!

Cons: A bit salty , I wish it was not that downstairs


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16 Jun 2022

Delicious and generous

Substantial and tasty food in the customary HK style. Lots of well-blended flavours and textures.

Pros: Inexpensive , Nutritious and tasty, Cool basement restaurant


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26 Apr 2022

Good food, but not great

Tasty and affordable. Wide range of interesting food to pick from. If you're hungry you won't regret going here


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12 Mar 2022

Tasty soup + great atmosphere

[eng below]
Que atendimento impecável! Fui para uma sopa rápida e pretendo um dia retornar para uma refeição completa. Ambiente com ótima energia.
What a impeccable service! I went in for a quick soup and I plan to one day return for a full meal. Environment with great energy.

Pros: soup, staff, atmosphere


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29 Jan 2022

Amazingly they only had one vegan option when we arrived.

For some reason when we arrived they had loads of veggie options only. #Veganuary


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09 Jan 2022

Very Tasty Food and unique atmosphere

I liked the Indian unique atmosphere, the decoration (paintings, statues, books, plants, clothes, etc.) and the music. The food was also very tasty and good quantity.

Pros: Tasty & affordable food, Unique Indian atmosphere, Kind staff and fast service


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04 Nov 2021

Delicious vegan options

This hidden place in the city centre offers exclusively vegetarian food, with a lot of vegan options.
The sabjis and the spicy noodles are two to go for.

The staff is very friendly.

On one occasion, upon leaving the restaurant, I asked a staff member about the recipe of their delicious naan bread. Not only did he explain it in English, but offered me four pieces to take away for free. It was a very nice gesture.

Updated from previous review on 2019-06-05

Pros: Great location, Fantastic taste, Friendly staff

Cons: Could be a bit better air-conditioned


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12 Jun 2021

Lovely Indian food

The rice and one of the mains were very nice. Good price value. Can recommend visiting Govindas. Staff speaks English and can explain what options are vegan

Pros: Vegan & vegetarian options. Staff spoke English

Cons: Card payment not working


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19 Sep 2020

One of my favs

I love the staff and the food, delicious vegan and vegetarian food.

Pros: Lots of different options, mostly indian style.

Cons: It's located in a basement, so no outdoor area.


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28 Feb 2020

Tasty and good price-quality.

Tasty food, with several different dishes. Good price-quality relation.

Cons: Not very friendly.


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11 Feb 2020

Good Food

They have good food, although not the same as what is offered on the menu. The seating area is not the most comfortable, but totally fine for a fast lunch.

Pros: Tasty Food

Cons: Seating area not too comfortable


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05 Feb 2020

Food, but not good food

Had dinner there. We ate everything, but I would not rate this as a good meal.
I found most dishes to be bland, greasy and heavy. They do not spare the oil, many vegan options were deep fried. I would not eat there again.
The locale itself is kind of claustrofobic - it is a cellar with no windows and bad ventilation, the air was horrific inside.


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03 Feb 2020


Tried the daily menu, soup was good but the main dish is forgettable.


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25 Jan 2020

Super tasty Indian style food

Simple and super tasty Indian restaurant. Mostly vegan and they have glutenfree options as well.

Pros: Very tasty, mostly vegan, Glutenfree options


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17 Dec 2019

Buen vegetariano indu

Vegetariano con opciones veganas de comida especiada, comimos sopas y platos principales por poco más de 5 euros el menú incluida la limonada, por contra el lugar aunque es espacioso es self service, la camarera tenía problemas para entender el inglés pero por lo demás bien, comida rica y personal amable y muy barato.

Pros: Precio, Calidad

Cons: Idioma


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22 Nov 2019

Strange service but OK food

I was really excited to try this place due to all the fab reviews but so disappointing! The service was so strange, nothing was labelled with veggie or vegan and the staff had to google everything to tell us exactly what things had in them. It was not pay by the weight as we expected but was still super cheap so cannot complain in that area. It also is not self service buffet as I had thought by the reviews. The food was ok but nothing too exciting, portions were big.

Pros: Big portions, Inexpensive


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28 Oct 2019

Good food, but service👎🏻

It was my 2nd attempt at Govinda. I had lunch at their another location and the food was terrible. This time the food was good, but the service... I feel like the people who work there are just hippies to have to somehow living and know nothing about customer service.


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22 Oct 2019

Good Indian food!

Everything was vegetarian and there were nice vegan options. It’s a Buffet and you fill a plate and pay according to what you ordered and if it was small or big portion.

I recommend asking for one of the options of the fixed menu (there is Indian or Bahamian or a shared one) as they sum up to be cheaper.

Lots of places to sit. Have WiFi.

Pros: Lots of options , Tasty , WiFi


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05 Oct 2019


The food is cheap and feels cheap, there are no lentils in the Dahl


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04 Oct 2019

Bueno y barato

Un menù muy bueno por sòlo 5€, y si no lo quieres todo, t sale aun màs barato. Comimos muy bien y muy barato y nos atendieron aunque ya era casi hora del cierre 😅😅

Pros: Opciones veganas y muy barato


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25 Sep 2019

Tasty Indian food

A good place to go if you are looking for some quick Indian food.


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14 Aug 2019

Many vegan options although slightly underwhelming

Many vegan options decent price although food was lukewarm and some lacked taste

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