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Casual, cafeteria atmosphere eatery. Menu changes, may include lasagna, spinach filos, samosa, salads and dessert bar. Has vegan. Hare Krishna affiliated. All dishes are prepared from selected natural, fresh ingredients. Currently open for dine in. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-7:30pm, Fri 11:30am-8:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-7:30pm.

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Black Seville

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12 Jan 2024

Fresh and healthy food at a reasonable price

This place is along the busy Swanston Street where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. There is a small entry that leads to stairs that go to the second floor. There is also more seating on the third floor. The prices are really good with the most expensive option being the "Feast Platter" which is $13.50 which has a lot of food. You can select which curry dishes and salads you want, what type of sauces you want etc. Some of the food is not vegan eg the mango lassi that was sold had dairy in it, but the labelling is clear so there shouldn't be any mistakes. The food seems very fresh and healthy. #Veganuary

Pros: Excellent value for money , Tasty, fresh and healthy food

Cons: Not everything vegan



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31 Dec 2023

My go-to place in Melbourne

Gopals has been serving up consistently great food for so many years that it's my most-visited eatery in the CBD. With clearly-marked and varied vegan dishes, and the vegan platter at $12.50 (2 curries, 2 salads, rice, dessert and a drink) you can't go wrong.

Pros: Large portions, Consistently tasty dishes, Excellent value

Cons: Stairs can be an issue for people with mobility pr


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28 Dec 2023

Nice Food, Amazing Prices

Found this thanks to happy cow.
Nice friendly staff, with a warm welcome cafe feeling.

Food was really tasty, especially the peanut sauce curry and the portion size for the prices was unbelievable!

Highly recommend.


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26 Dec 2023

Amazing value

I had the vegan platter with two veggie curries, rice and some salads. It also comes with a drink and a dessert. The curries were flavoursome and the salads added freshness. The dessert was unassuming but really tasty. A date halva. It would be incredible if the mango lassi drink option was vegan. Otherwise a great place, glad I was finally able to visit.

Pros: So cheap , Vegetarian business , Tasty food


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10 Dec 2023

Consistently delicious

Great food. Big selection. Prices are fantastic.

Pros: Selection, Prices, Tasty dishes


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19 Nov 2023

Vegetarian Oasis-

Traveling with my husband through Australia we passed through Melbourne and we didn't want to miss the chance to try the vegetarian food at a Hare Krishna restaurant, so we went to Gopal Restaurant. And ufff too delicious, very good price and lots of food. The guys are very friendly. Everything excellent.

Pros: Located in the city center, Tasty, Very delicious desserts

Cons: Not breakfasts


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07 Sep 2023

Salads get you 5 stars

Here you can get a decent portion of curries and salad for a bargain price.

Probably didn’t need that second plate at Crossways anyway…


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16 Jul 2023

My Go-To Melb Meal!!

The best lunch destination in Melb! Such great value, taste and portion size. On my most recent visit, I got the “feast platter” for $13.50 - rice, two salads, two dishes, soup, dessert and a drink! You get a great selection from the bane-marie, including shepherd's pie, numerous curries, koftas, pasta salad, etc. The desserts change daily - in the past I’ve had varying types of semolina desserts and this time round a date pudding with custard. Extremely good.
Great for those who are health-conscious, with low oil and salt content in the main dishes and salads. All meals are flavoursome and satisfying - I always come out full!
The restaurant itself is simple and serene, quite a contrast to the congestion and smoke-filled air of the streets! It’s a little veg oasis in the middle of the CBD.
Highly recommend!

Note: The restaurant is up a flight of stairs, so accessibility will be an issue for a few.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-07

Pros: Lots of great options, Amazing value, Serene Atmosphere, Mint lemonade drink is !!!


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09 Jun 2023

Tasty food

Great value for money. $12.50 for the vegan platter including drink and dessert. Rice, 2 curries and 2 salads.

Pros: A number of options, Value for money, Location, view down to the street

Cons: Dessert was not the best


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27 Mar 2023

Such good value!!

So much choice, massive portions! 12.5 aud for the vegan platter (rice, 2 salads, 2 curries, vegan dessert, drink)
The curries aren’t life changing but still very tasty! Definitely recommend.

Cons: The drinks aren’t great😒very sweet!


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15 Mar 2023

Nice curry

I love the curry. I tried the vegetable kofta and the tofu curries, and they had lots of flavour and the texture was really nice. I can be a bit picky when it comes to texture, and I really liked how the curries weren't mushy.

Pros: Lots of flavour, Nice texture (the curry isn't too soft)

Cons: Lack of Accessibility (upstairs)


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02 Mar 2023

Great affordable food

It’s so lovely to have lots of vegan options, all of which are freshly made and super tasty.

Pros: Great vegan and vege options , Very cheap , Very friendly staff

Cons: Up a really big flight of stairs!


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29 Jan 2023

good value, lots of choice

good value, lots of choice


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24 Jan 2023

Yum and so cheap

Food was really yum and fresh. I loved the salads, super good location too. Will return next time I'm in the city.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-24

Pros: Food is really tasty, Salads are super fresh and delicious , Peaceful environment

Cons: Steep stairs, not sure if wheelchair accessible


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15 Jan 2023

Yummy food great price

Great hearty and healthy vegan food at an awesome price. No frill dining at it’s finest. This place is a Melbourne institution and I hope it stays that way.


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08 Dec 2022

Staircase to Heaven

After making your way upstairs, you can order some amazing dishes at great prices!! Really good serving sizes too😄


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06 Dec 2022

Pretty nice

I tried the lasagne and the date apple desert. Both items werent quite to my taste. The lasagne had a spicy sauce on it, which was a bit strange but still yummy. And the oat slice was wayyyy too sweet and difficult to eat.


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10 Oct 2022

An absolute favourite!

The service is always good, food is always delicious and well priced.
Check out the feast plate if you’re hungry!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Vegetarian options , Pasta salad!

Cons: Seating is scarce , Gets hot during summer


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16 Sep 2022


cheap and yummy food! has the nice comfortable homemade feeling

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-16


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11 Aug 2022

Great little place

Really cheap. The food is good. The service is amazing.
The samosas are a must try. They are really yum!

Pros: Great location, Great service , Great food

Cons: Curries could be more flavourful


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29 Jun 2022

Incredible every time

I come here every time I visit Melbourne. Always fast, efficient, friendly, delicious, nutritious and excellent value for money. Cannot fault this place. It’s an institution!

Pros: Always friendly service , Value for money

Cons: Nothing!


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08 Jun 2022

Deliciously epic

AmaZing vegan food that won’t break the bank
Great for a cheap date night in the city such a great vibe inside. Lovely staff highly recommend to all.

Make sure you try the lasagna 😻😻

Pros: The cost is so good, Yum food, LASAGNA!!!


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03 May 2022

Excellent quality food and service

Delicious food, good service and clean, peaceful place. Lasagna and samosa were yummy and light.

Pros: Good food, Value for money, Peaceful clean ambience

Cons: Need more vegan dessert options


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18 Apr 2022

Amazing vego food!

Amazing food, juices, cakes. Their Indian and Italian food is amazing.

Pros: Delicious vegetarian food, Friendly staff, Decently priced

Cons: Up a flight of stairs


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14 Apr 2022

Great value

Great find. Was delicious, inexpensive and I would go again.


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19 Dec 2021

So cheap and easy

Probably my favourite place to go to eat out. $10, no fussing around, always tastes good. Too easy.

Some people may not like not having wait staff but that's a positive in my book


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25 Feb 2021

would be perfection if all vegan!

Gopals is fantastic. As everyone else is saying, great value for money, and great food. Really quick service and turnaround, and everything is clearly marked. I've tried all the vegan food and it's really (really) good. I wouldn't recommend the drinks though - suggest just sticking with the free water. Great place to come before a concert or something of the like in the city. You know you won't be caught up waiting to order or for your meals to arrive or the bill etc. On the other end of the scale, you can go with a friend and sit there for hours and not be constantly checked upon by wait staff! There's also an upstairs section with extra seating. Highly recommend! 4 stars as not all vegan

Pros: Great value, Great food, Quick turnaround

Cons: Not all vegan (could easily be!), Plates can stack up on the side when busy

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