Restaurant operating with a chef's table concept. Relocated from Rue des Eaux Vives 25. Reservations recommended. Reported to serve non vegan items February 2024. Open Tue-Fri 6:00pm-11:00pm, Sat 11:00am-3:00pm. Closed Sun-Mon.

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21 Feb 2024

Des plats créatifs et gourmands

Cet avis concerne l’ancien restaurant aux Eaux-Vives (fermé fin 2023), qui était 100% végane : Cheffe Q et son équipe créaient des plats incroyablement gourmands. Je suis absolument fan de leurs pleurotes panées. Une nourriture addictive.

Concernant le nouveau restaurant dans le quartier de la Jonction, je regrette qu’il ne soit que végétarien, j’attendais mieux de cheffe Q! Je trouve aussi que la musique est trop forte.

Updated from previous review on 2024-02-21

Pros: Not vegan anymore (only options)

Cons: Le restaurant est maintenant végétarien, hélas , La carte est compliquée à lire , Je regrette ces changements


15 Feb 2023

merci beaucoup pour l'amour. nous apprécions votre soutien et votre grand appétit



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10 Nov 2023

Creative menu

A creative menu with unique flavour combinations. I went for the mushroom seitan (don’t expect a usual seitan texture) in a creamy but light, delicious sauce. Staff were lovely and knowledgeable, providing lots of garlic and onion free options for me.


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25 Sep 2023

Amazing and delicious! Very much worth a visit.

This was such a great experience in a beautiful little restaurant. The food was fantastic and the staff are friendly and welcoming. It's fairly small and I'd strongly recommend booking a seat if you intend to visit.

The food was so thoughtful and delicious. Lot's of flavours. We'll certainly be back to try the rest of the menu when we return to Geneva.

I think for some, they might find the price expensive but if you can afford it then I'd really recommend treating yourself to some food here. It really is a lovely experience.

Pros: Excellent Food, Great vibe/atmosphere, Friendly staff


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15 Sep 2023

Amazing meal

My husband and I are visiting from Canada and had an amazing experience at Gives a Fork. The food was thoughtful and absolutely delicious. The owners were very attentive and friendly (and multilingual). Very memorable!


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10 Sep 2023

So flavourful

The food was amazing ! And the waiter was so nice. It unfortunately can get quite busy and there is no corner to sit in. But it was so good would def recommend


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10 Sep 2023

Definitely worth repeat visits to try out everything on the menu.

Normally, I don't give five stars unless the food is beyond exceptional, but here they did nothing wrong, so they earned it.

I found the atmosphere very pleasant. It's a small restaurant, so they need to use the space well. The sitting arrangement with all seated around a large, circular counter is not the best for an intimate conversation, but I found it very pleasant with a group of three. With a larger group, it might be more fun.

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and recommended some menu options which were all good.

The menu consists of smaller and larger dishes, essentially starters and main dishes, although it's hard to tell the difference. All dishes are intended to be shared, so each portion is big enough to share among 2-3 people. This explains the prices, which are in effect quite reasonable considering the portions.

We had from the smaller dishes the potato/puri dish (not gluten-free), the breaded oyster mushrooms and the jackfruit salad (both gluten-free). All were superb. From the larger dishes, all we tried was the recommended eggplant/black-bean sauce dish and it was excellent, when a little bitter.

It's a good idea to bring some containers with you in case you over order, since they don't have any take-out containers.

No cash, credit card only

Pros: Comfortable and pleasant, Friendly staff, Seventies hits

Cons: No take-out containers, 90-minute dining window, No cash accepted


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01 Sep 2023

Great vibes

Exotic, diverse cuisine prepared freshly in front of you by a group of lovely staff

Pros: Food , Staff


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19 Aug 2023

Best I’ve ever had

Every dish has been studied so well, full of flavour.. being there was an amazing experience. The owners are very kind and helps you through the wide menu

Pros: Tasty dishes, Kindness


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17 Aug 2023

Amazing food and moment with your loved one !

It was really good the best part was totally the entrees with a specials kudos to the bao that were amazing !


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11 Jun 2023

Muito acolhedor e comunitário

A comida é boa e tém muita proximidade.
O Staff é incrível


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10 Jun 2023

Get the ceviche

Started off with the ceviche which was AMAZING. The jackfruit was tender and couldn't tell it was jackfruit. The avocado and sauce were perfectly suited and good wonton crackers.
Unfortunately the rest of the meal wasnt of this standard.
The dumplings in chilli oil came stuck to the paper and was quite hard to take off, and it didn't have that much flavour.
The eggplant in fermented black bean sauce was quite nice, but for me, I didn't think the walnuts suited the dish, and the sauce is sweet and spicy (I'm not a fan of sweet).
The taro with vegetables and vermicilli crisps was really disappointing, especially for 25 chf. The vegetables were all quite dry, and the sauce tasted mainly like kecap manis, there wasn't much depth of flavour, and it's not very filling.

Pros: Ceviche

Cons: Taro with vermicilli crisps


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23 May 2023

Swiss perfect cuisine minus the meat and milk

Cool horseshoe bar looks in on the kitchen where my meal was prepared promptly and with care. Flavors were excellent as was the service and food quality. Highly (as in Matterhorn) recommended.

Pros: Food quality, Service, Ambience

Cons: Only that there isn’t one in San Diego (yet)!


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08 May 2023

Great food, great experience!

It's a small restaurant with 16 places around the counter. The food is diverse, quite special and extremely tasty, the team is nice, you can see how everything is made, and the waiter gives good personal recommendations if needed. It's quite exclusive, and the prices are rather high, it's great for special occasions.

Pros: fully vegan menu, interesting food that you don't find everywhere, nice staff

Cons: rather expensive, sides (e.g. rice) must ordered (and payed) extra


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20 Apr 2023

Fresh and tasty

Popular little restaurant serving fully vegan dishes with the most incredible flavours! The 14 seater table arcs around the kitchen were chefs quickly cook up vibrant Asian fusion dishes. Highly recommend!

Pros: Fully vegan


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05 Apr 2023

Loved the food, great service!

Very welcoming team and, even though on rather expensive side, the food was delicious. We paid around $145 USD for 2 starters, 2 mains and 4 glasses of wine. My favorite dish was #8 (they call it by numbers in the menu - it’s shiitake mushrooms wrapped in bean curd paper with delicious curry like sauce). Would definitely come back.


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09 Feb 2023

Best dinner we had in Geneva

Lovely atmosphere, great host and very tasty food. We had a great time here but the food was quite expensive for what it was.

Pros: Lots of options, Nice vibe, Tasty food

Cons: Expensive


15 Feb 2023

This price thing. We hear it a lot- And so let me address it. We make ALL our ingredients from scratch, the burger buns, the naan, the sauces, the spice mixes for your fries and get top quality products. I am not sure if you are from Geneva, but a standard falafel wrap with frozen falafel, lettuce, tomatoes, packeted wrap cost you minimum 16 francs. Now I don't see how out 18 home made naan that has way more ingredients is an overpriced meal. We keep our prices as low as possible. But we still pay Swiss prices for our ingredients.


09 Jun 2023

Giving 5 stars to 'Alive' and leaving 4 here. Questionable standards to say the least but to each his own I guess


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14 Jan 2023

Hands-down the best vegan food we had in Geneva

This is the place where we had the best food when we visited Geneva.
The menu has burgers, tacos and naans; and everything seems so yummy!

We got the best-sellers: Happy Tacos, Bob's cousin bun/burger, the Melbourne Naan and fries. They were all delectable. And those fries!!
As dessert we had the cinnamon roll which was also yummy.

The place has a nice vibe, everyone sitting around the same long counter, while the chef cooks the meals in front of you.

A must in Geneva!

Pros: delicious food, friendly service, good portions


15 Feb 2023

Looks like you had a feast, definitely our favourite meals. we have a whole new menu, can't wait to blow your mind again. Thank you thank you


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04 Dec 2022


The great staff and delicious food

Pros: Fusion type food, Fresh ingridients , Nice people


15 Feb 2023


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17 Nov 2022

Ginevra da scoprire

Ottima scoperta

Pros: Ambiente positivo , Accogliente, Ottimo

Cons: Nulla


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27 Oct 2022

My favorite vegan place in Geneva!

The place and the staff are really cool. You can eat really good and fancy vegan food. Really like, that we can add condiments and special sauce with our fries. And can we talk about those crazy good cinnamon rolls ? You need to try this place!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-27


15 Feb 2023

This is what it's about!!! Thank you so much for the love and support. Can't wait to feed you again.


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09 Oct 2022

Very unique, delicious flavours

I loved the burger with banana flower, and the naan wraps were super delicious too. Totally worth it.

Pros: Unique dishes, Friendly staff, Fast


15 Feb 2023

So happy you enjoyed yourself. See you soon


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08 Oct 2022

Fun & de-li-cieux!

J'ai adore le concept de s'assoir a une table commune en fer a cheval. Ca invite a papoter avec des autres clients, c'est cool!
Les plats sont tres inhabituels, fun, delicieux. J'ai adore les "shroooms".
Le service est tres sympa. La deco est tres chic. Vivement recommende!


15 Feb 2023

merci d'avoir pris le temps de répandre l'amour. nous avons hâte de vous nourrir à nouveau bientôt


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07 Oct 2022

The best !

Incredible, super tasty and colorful food made right in front of you. Everything is to be tried, but the fried mushrooms are really not to be missed - it's one of the best dishes I've ever eaten!
The decor and atmosphere are also very nice, with great music choices.

Pros: Everything is vegan !, Fresh and delicious food, Cheap for Geneva

Cons: The layout of the place is best for a small group


15 Feb 2023

If your only con is the size, then you will be happy to know we got a bigger space opening in march!!! Thank you for the great review. Made us smile. Thank you


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03 Oct 2022

Great food with a casual vibe

The food here was very tasty and menu choices were exciting. The staff took the time to explain the menu to us and offer guidance re portion sizes etc.

Although made with fresh ingredients in front of our eyes, this was no health food but when a burger and fries calls who the hell cares?

We enjoyed some banging burgers and beers and left very happy indeed.

Pros: Food is excellent , Staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming, Casual diner style ambiance

Cons: Not much seating


15 Feb 2023

It's the healthiest junk food menu haha. We are so glad you enjoyed yourself and YES we agree!!! more seats please


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28 Sep 2022

Mon Best restaurant vegan à Genève.

Tout est parfait des cocktails au dessert. Jamais déçu quand je viens.

Pros: Jamais déçu

Cons: Big portion. Il faut venir avec un appétit d'ogre.


15 Feb 2023

You can always bring food home and continue enjoying the experience😄We don't think big portions should be a con. If anything it shows how much we love and want to feed you.


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12 Sep 2022

Best Vegan in Geneva!!!

I love this place!
Really like the cool style and could eat anything on their menu.
The cinnamon buns are amaaazing, the naans and (obviously vegan) milkshakes are delicious too!
I‘ll be back for more soooon!

Pros: Cinnamon buns, naans and milkshakes, Friendly staff, Funky little restaurant



15 Feb 2023

This review is so lovely, thank you for taking the time. You don't know how much we appreciate you for this drop of sunshine.


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06 Sep 2022

Nice and welcoming vegan restaurant!

Nice restaurant where everyone sits at the counter around the bar. The portions are large and the food is of good quality. There is a little too much sweet and sour for my taste but the MeNaan à trois was a good find!

Pros: 100% vegan, friendly staff, large portions

Cons: a bit pricey, too sweet and sour


15 Feb 2023

Mexican and Asian flavours.... not everyone's palette but can't please everyone eventhough we try. Pricey for house made everything in Switzerland- I think you need to compare because we have and we are below average cost. Thanknyou for your review.

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