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Vegan fast-food chain eatery. Offers a colorful menu, featuring a variety of legume-based burgers, sides, and desserts, crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Among the latest additions are the 'Margherose' pink pizza and the house-made vegan Kebroll. Special edition burgers are available seasonally. Sides include potato wedges, edamame, and fried breaded eggplant. Reported closed September 2023.

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First Review by 路X路


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26 Jun 2023


We loved these burgers, sad to see it鈥檚 temporary closed.

Pros: Flavours were great, loved the coloured buns, Quirky vibe , Great value for money



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15 Oct 2022

Less than average

The place is nice and staff is friendly, but the burgers were a bit dry and boring.


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25 Aug 2022

Good burgers

Not trying to imitate meat like most burger places, going their own way. You won鈥檛 find Beyond here but existing oat patties, falafel, beet and many more are far better.


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23 Aug 2022

Colourful burgers, colourful space

Super colourful space, banging food, good prices too- would definitely come again if in London


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23 Aug 2022

Go to burger place 馃崝

After a long time wanting to try Flower Burgers I finally got to visit with my sister over the weekend.
The staff was very kind and friendly, service was super quick. You can have a burger on its own or make it a menu where you can choose a side and a drink from the fridge - water and regular fries or edamame are included, fizzy drinks, alcohol and other sides are 拢1-3 extra.
The burgers taste delicious 馃構 my sister and I tried the Butterfly burger and the Jungle BBQ. The buns are the best I have ever had, the patties are tasty and my favourite is that they are veggie bean patties and not fake meat ones. The sauces inside the burger were delicious as well, they really added to the overall flavour. We also tried the onion rings - super nice, and the truffle dip - tasty 馃構
There is outdoor and indoor seating area as well and more downstairs. The interior is super unique and colourful.
To sun it up, incredible colours and flavours for very good price at a great location. New go to place 馃憤

Pros: Best buns ever, Quick and friendly service, Very reasonably priced

Cons: Not many side options


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28 Jul 2022

Unique burgers

Really cool vegan burger place. The burgers are not meat substitutes but made from pulses and full of flavour.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-28

Pros: Unique vegan burgers, Interesting sides

Cons: Add ons are expensive


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23 Jul 2022

Nice burger

I had the flower burger with potato wedges and I liked it. The other burger options looked good too. Everything tasted nice and fresh. Liked the purple bun. And the colourful wall paining

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-23


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14 Jul 2022

Nice burger

I had a delivery of the Flower Burger and wedges, which arrived in the most pretty paper bag. The food had some good flavours, however the bun which was quite dry and unfortunately the portion of wedges was very small.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-14


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05 Jul 2022

Too expensive for fast food

I hate to be the one to not give 5 stars here , when it鈥檚 been so popular on happy cow, but simply it鈥檚 just way too expensive for the area and what they do.
The staff are nice and the burgers here are decent-(though it certainly has more of a hippie Glastonbury vege-burger feel to the food than the way most vegan fast food is going ), and I appreciate more whole food based than most鈥 but the reality is this whole area is a fast food lunch spot for workers , and people don鈥檛 want to spend 拢17 on lunch for an ok burger fries and drink when you can get the same at Leon for half the price with a much larger choice.
I know these burgers are more 鈥渃olourful鈥 but the resteraunt itself is somewhere you鈥檙e in and out of in ten mins with zero atmosphere .. it鈥檚 fast food.. it鈥檚 not a date venue.. same as Leon, and needs to be the same kind of price with probably a more diverse menu. Or else much much more of an experience.

Sadly I know I鈥檓 right as day after day there鈥榓 no one in there when I walk by, when other shops next door are packed with lines out doors.

I hate to be kind of down on any vegan venue but they need to shake things up or I fear they won鈥檛 last long. I鈥檇 suggest a lunch offer on the whole menu (not just one item), comparable to other local places - 拢7 for a burger and fries . I鈥檝e also walked past here 100 times and not known it was vegan as they don鈥檛 advertise it as such.. they need to shout about what they do, the health benefits , the protein, specials , etc etc .

Pros: Burger is perfectly fine, Staff are friendly

Cons: Way too Expensive, No atmosphere , Limited options


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03 Jul 2022

Colourful burgers

Colourful and tasty burgers!


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28 Jun 2022

Fast food with whole food ingredients

My family and I came to this place solely based on HappyCow reviews. I found it appealing because their burgers are made with whole food ingredients vs the highly processed faux meat that many restaurants use. We weren鈥檛 disappointed! The burgers here were tasty and felt more wholesome than typical fast food burgers. My son ordered the Flower burger, my husband, the Jungle BBQ, and I had the Spicy Chickpea. I didn鈥檛 find mine to be very spicy, however. My husband shared a bite of his and I liked it better than mine as it had more flavor overall. We also enjoyed the potatoes. One odd thing: there was nobody there! We were the only customers on a Saturday evening in a bustling area of town! 馃え


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15 Jun 2022

Surprisingly good

I've been to several Flower Burger branches in different countries, and while the burgers aren't mindblowing they're quite okay. So when I was in the area looking for food I decided to give Flower Burger a try. I went for the limited edition Ocean burger and was surprised by how good it was.

Service was really good as well. However, the atmosphere is not that cozy.

Pros: Good service, Decent burger

Cons: Typical fast-food atmosphere


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29 May 2022

Excellent burgers

All burgers we tried were great! Coated aubergines were yummy... as the potato wedges. Personnel very polite. Great place!


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15 May 2022

Holy wow, Batman!

We chose the place based on the reviews here. We expected it to be good but wow, we weren't expecting this! Everything was so fresh and perfect! We tried the Jungle Burger and the Tangy Chickpea, one side of Patatas Buenas and one edamame. Pure bliss!
We couldn't resist trying their desserts so had a Choco Love and a Crunchy Rasby.
You should definitely give this place when in the area. And if you want a great burger you should make it a priority to get in the area asap.

Pros: Friendly, Fresh, Perfect

Richard Ross

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25 Apr 2022

Nice burgers

I had the Flower Burger, which I enjoyed. There is a good choice of unusual burgers.

Pros: All vegan, Good choice, Friendly and welcoming


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19 Apr 2022


Nice and simple. Good burgers. Overall enjoyed my meal. I think it鈥檚 all vegan, I think

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-23

Pros: Vegan , Vegan burgers


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11 Mar 2022

Amazing burgers 馃槏

Had a flower burger and absolutely loved it! The staff were really nice and the decor is lovely!

Pros: Delicious food, Nice staff, Lovely decor

Cons: Burgers are a bit messy, you will need napkins 馃構


11 Mar 2022


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04 Mar 2022


5 star burger, 5 star wedges and great choice of drinks. Absolutely perfect!


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08 Feb 2022

Cute place!

Great decor and even better burgers. Toilets are downstairs, but a bit hard to find. Food was delicious, and they have a generous 20% student discount.

Pros: Good range of burgers and sides, Colourful buns!, Quick service

Cons: Food wasn't piping hot. , Amex not accepted


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30 Jan 2022

Wow Delicious 馃憣馃従

Had the flower burger, wedges and the Choco Love (molten lava like) cake. Everything was very good. And I have to speak to this very refreshing Rose Lemonade they offer (in a bottle), very tasty, not too sweet and the perfect balance of rose essence. I鈥檒l be going back!

Pros: Phenomenal burger , Great drinks, Divine desserts


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23 Sep 2021

Flavour heaven!

Love eating here. My favourite are the Patatas Buenas - the ketchup and mayo on them is heavenly.

Pros: Amazing food , Bright, good vibes space, Reasonable prices

Cons: Sometimes a bit cold (drafty) location


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20 Sep 2021

Really good

I liked very much the two burgers I tried. They were very savoury and quite healthy. I recommend having the 鈥淔lower Burger鈥!


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08 Sep 2021

Very nice

I love vegan burgers, these were a bit different to the usual which was really nice. Will definitely be returning


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13 Aug 2021

Flower Burger is Great

Refreshing take on Vegan burgers.
Flower Burger was unbelievably tasty.
Really makes for a wonderful break from the typical meat substitute burgers saturating the market currently.

Pros: Great Variety, Tasty :D, Affordable

Cons: None - just go visit already


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13 Aug 2021

very good!!

Flower burger is a great break from the current overly junkified vegan offering. It鈥檚 a burger, but doesn鈥檛 sit heavy, and best of all, tastes great. I鈥檓 not so much of a bean burger person, but this was so good. I had the Cherry Bomb (lentil burger) and the sauce was amazing. Would definitely recommend!!

Pros: great space, lots of tables downstairs , filling but not heavy , tastes great!!


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09 Aug 2021

Beautiful colors!

So delicious! Buns are colored with fruits and veg. We had the Jungle and the Cherry Bomb. Everything here is vegan and delicious. Staff very friendly service quick. Wish there were locations in San Francisco so we could enjoy regularly!


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20 Jul 2021

Perfect as always

Very tasty, not a fan of the London prices but hey ho.

Pros: Lots of Options, Very Vegan

Cons: Expensive

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