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Vegan fast food restaurant serving burgers, wraps, hotdogs, daily soups, potato wedges, and other sides. Drinks include juices, cocktails, and smoothies. Est. 2016. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00.

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First Review by mmskrzyp


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06 Feb 2024

Exactly what you think a vegan cafe would be

Update from 2024: We went back - my partner got the Sloppy Farma burger which is now 27zl!!!! We spent 99zl for a salad, burger and loaded fries. But it still tasted great and the decoration is still soooo cute, maybe more than last time.

The decoration is amazing; so many plants e v e r y w h e r e !! The furniture is a wooden look with pillows and there is a bathroom too. It /feels/ environmentally friendly.
The menu is really big but can get a bit expensive. I had the Farma Burger for 14 - 15zl but a drink was around the same price and the chips were 10 on top of that. They also have hot dogs, wraps, salads, gyros. So good. With each of the burgers you can add two sauces too which I thought was really cool. The spicy sauce is more of a mild salsa and the cheesy sauce was made with that carrot and potato recipe I think but they still were really nice.

Updated from previous review on 2018-02-18

Pros: Big menu, Cute decoration, Customise sauces

Cons: Prices can be expensive , Burgers are SO messy to eat



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31 Jan 2024


I don't know how there are so many positive reviews about this place because this was some of the worst vegan food my husband and I have tried. His burger was tasteless and my wurster was just disgusting. The sausage had such an odd flavour and looked horrible. Only the wedges were nice.

Pros: Fully vegan


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25 Jan 2024


i think about this place a lot! super cozy and zapiekanky were very delicious


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26 Dec 2023

The best vegan burger

The food was amazing! The burger was packed with flavour! The wedges were so yummy! Really happy we found this place! The staff were super helpful and the decor was another level! Loved it! #Veganuary

Pros: Food, Friendly staff , Decor


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15 Dec 2023


Great service, friendly staff, amazing vegan poutine 😍 and very good zapiekanka !

Pros: Zapiekanka, Poutine , Friendly staff


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10 Dec 2023

So tasty!

My partner and I shared a gyros wrap and some pulled pork wedges.
The gyros wrap was absolutely amazing & massive!
The wedges were extremely tasty too.
Beautiful little restaurant, where you are surrounded by plants and fairy lights

Pros: Tasty food, Lovely atmosphere


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04 Dec 2023

Not what expected

We wanted to really love this place but we were left disappointed. The meat was like ground up meat and just made the kebab soggy. I asked for no cucumber and jalapenos and it came filled to the brim, with both.

Pros: Lovely setting

Cons: Odd faux meat , Didn't have bottled water , Didn't follow requests for removing food


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01 Dec 2023


Good food and lovely service

Pros: Food, Price, Service


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29 Nov 2023


We had the messiest most delish pulled Jackfruit burger and one that had homemade “egg”. The potato wedges with dip (we tried the spicy mayo and mustard) were really good too.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-29

Pros: Great homemade food, Fun atmosphere , Friendly staff


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13 Nov 2023

Une petite déception

Comme c'était bien noté, impossible de ne pas y aller. Une fois arrivé, nous ne savions pas trop quoi faire. Les gentilles dames nous expliquent mais le menu était un peu incompréhensible. Le mieux serait d'avoir 2 menus et non un seul bilingue.

J'ai personnellement pris le burger gyros qui était bon mais trop gros pour le manger sans en mettre partout. Mes mains sentent le pickels maintenant 😂

Les frites sont vraiment bonnes et les sauces maisons aussi !

Ma compagne a pris un burger dans un bol car le pain sans gluten est trop petit pour le patty et là c'était un peu la déception. Trop de légumes et le patty un peu fade.

Le jus était bon mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi le servir dans une bouteille en plastique.

L'accueil est bien, l'ambiance aussi.

Pros: La décoration , Le choix, Les options sans gluten

Cons: Le burger dans le bol, pas génial , La boisson dans une bouteille plastique , Le menu est peu compréhensible


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10 Nov 2023

Gluten Free Burger

Tons of vegan food. Very cozy interior. The gluten free bun is like a ciabatta nun and quite good. Not a fan of the red dipping sauce-I think it was the farmer sauce. The burger was pretty messy, so make sure to grab some napkins!


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08 Nov 2023

Excellent, really hit the spot!

Oh my gosh I was so hungry, the staff were so helpful and the burger was amazing!
I really want another but I'm in a different country now 😭

Pros: Delicious, giant, healthy burger!, Great staff!, Great atmosphere!


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08 Nov 2023

Would come back here several times over!

Plenty of choice on the menu and very well priced! The portions are pretty large and the food is delicious. They don’t skimp out on fillings.
It’s a really lovely cafe to sit and chill in, with lots of plants and photos of the food on the walls to help you decide 😋

Pros: Chill and cosy , Impressive menu , Great value for money

Cons: None


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31 Oct 2023

Nice little place

The food was good plus they had the best lemonade ever!

Pros: Wide variety, Large portions, Good taste


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28 Oct 2023

Huge portion

We had vegan gyros zapiekanki and it was really big portion. We had it in box with homemade lemon lemonade, which was really tasty and potatoes, also really good, they were crispy, but without any oil, I love them! Zapiekanki was delicious too! The place was cozy.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-28

Pros: Big portion, Cozy place


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02 Oct 2023

Best place in Krakow centre

Awesome menu, wonderful space, great staff and easy location. Food couldn’t be faulted. Would love to come back.


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28 Sep 2023

Quick snack

We stopped here on the way home from a long day of sight seeing for a night time snack. We shared a bowl of potato wedges in a soya protein mince and sauce with a couple of beers. Good wholesome, tasty food. There was a delay with our order and we were given complementary fruit juices by friendly and helpful staff. Other plates of food being served looked enormous!

Pros: Small snacks and huge platters!, Serves alcohol as well as non alcoholic drinks , Small, cozy setting


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12 Sep 2023

Too big to eat

We were excited to eat here since the reviews were good. The burger felt heavy and tasteless. The bread is good quality but it feels just too much bread compared to the rest. Could barely eat it. The Hotdog had such a big salad leaf, that it was all over your face while eating it. Less is sometimes more…
There are better places to eat a vegan burger.
Also the Menu is designed so confusing.

Pros: The quality of the bread

Cons: Complicated Menu, Soo much bread


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11 Sep 2023

There is room for improvement

The Burger was generally tasty, however not supreme. Vegan gyros was a little bit too salty for me and the burger lacks some spices but all in all it was a pleasant experience. Their lemonade, on the other hand, had it all - it was sour and sweet just in point. The only drawback is that it is served in plastic bottles.
It wasn’t my first visit at Farma and I notice it is improving from visit to visit but there are still things that could be amended😄I’d love to give them 5 stars one day😄


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10 Sep 2023

Very tasty and varied menu

Who wants to eat good food and go vegan, this is the place to go

Pros: Price, Menu


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28 Aug 2023

Underwhelmed with flavour

Sloppy Farmer burger tasted like spaghetti bolognaise, hot dog was good but the sausage was really small so was just eating mostly bread. Maybe we made the wrong menu choices ? As reviews look positive.

Pros: The look of the food & interiors , The chips & garlic sauce , Sauce options

Cons: The flavour of the food was bland.


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27 Aug 2023

Delicious zapiekanka

Staff was friendly and spoke English.
Menu is both in Polish and English.
I had the gyros zapiekanka, which according to my Krakowian friends had the proper length for a zapiekanka. The toppings were delicious and filling. Don't bother trying not to get your nose into the sauce, embrace it.


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14 Aug 2023

It’s alright

I had the Soj-dog Box and the hotdog was nothing special (the bun was very dry and the sausage tasted like a cheap supermarket option), the fries were quite nice and the drink that came with it was way too sweet. Maybe I was just unlucky with my choice of order because I see a lot of nice reviews on here.

Pros: Quick delivery

Cons: Dry bun


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03 Aug 2023

i love this place

been there a couple times, their lemonades and burgers are supreme

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-03


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03 Aug 2023

Good food, 100% vegan

Good food. Maybe a bit too greasy (especially Zapiekanka).

Pros: They serve tap water., Vegan zapiexy!, Ramen was excellent.

Cons: The food is a bit too greasy.


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27 Jul 2023

Very good burgers and zapiekanka

Fully vegan restaurant with a great selection of fast food items. Nice location next to the main square.
I particularly love the vegger burger (with a great version of a vegan egg) and the zapiekanka (not easy to find vegan versions of this typical Krakow specialty).

Pros: The food, The location

Cons: Slightly overpriced by Kraków’s standards


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19 Jul 2023

Vegan zapiekanka!!😍

Delicious food! We had the pulled jackfruit burger, pulled jackfruit with potato wedges and farmer’s zapiekanka. The jackfruit was quite spicy, so be careful! The zapiekanka was perfect.


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