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Serves meat, vegan options available. Self-serve salad bar offers hot and cold foods with labeled vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Outdoor dining in summer, and underground cellar atmosphere in winter. Some English spoken. Open Mon-Sat 09:00-22:00, Sun 11:00-22:00.

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First Review by Stevie


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27 Jul 2023

Good, cheap food

This is a salad bar, where you can choose to have 4 (22 pln) or 6 portions (28 pln).
They always have various vegan options, but sometimes not more than 6. One of the options is a soup, one is a fruit salad, and the rest is seasonal.
Outside of these portions, you have cakes, one of which vegan (but not great).
All of the vegan options are clearly labeled.
It is always tasty, fresh and fast !

Pros: Variety of choices, Seasonal, Cheap

Cons: Lack of choice if you want 6 portions



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23 Jun 2023

Student place, student prices.

Student place, student prices.
It's actually a salad bar, where you choose portions and specific dishes. I recommend checking the free seats in the upper right corner. on weekends very often someone plays the piano there, candles are burning and it's downright romantic - perfect for a date, and very cheap.
PS is located practically on the main market


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09 May 2023

Great food

Cheap great food! Not lots of vegan options but everything we had was tasty and cheap.


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14 Oct 2022

A full experience for small price

While the vegan options may be somewhat limited, the price (4 dishes for 20pln, 6 for 25pln) it far than makes up for it in ambiance. Feels like a hip expensive "place to be", complete with live piano playing and open layout with high ceilings. Lots of places to find that perfect spot to sit in this 2-floor lively place.

Pros: Excellent atmosphere , Centrally located next to main old town square , Super inexpensive

Cons: Not vegan, but vegan items labeled


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10 Aug 2022

Lovely place!

The food was really good, affordable. Such a shame that they do serve meat. The place itself is amazing!

Pros: Vegan options, Beautiful place, Affordable


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16 Jun 2022

Pyszne jedzenie

Miejsce do którego często wracam, szybko podane i smaczne dania :)

Pros: Tanie, Pyszne, Różnorodne


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07 Jun 2022

Tasty food in a really atmospheric place

Tasty food, really Love that place. Many wegetarian options, but not so many vegan main dishes.

Pros: Beautiful place , Cheap , Menu is changing every day

Cons: Not so many vegan main options


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26 Feb 2022


Great selection and very cheap, lovely interior/seating too!


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25 Sep 2020

Great selection of Vegan food!

We had a brilliant lunch here. Lots of vegan dishes on offer. 5 different salads, roasted veg, vegan stew, vegan cake and topped it off with 0.5L of Pinot Grigio. Super cheap and great atmosphere.


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27 Jul 2020

I love it!!

One of the best restaurants in Cracow. You can choose between many options and the portions are quite big. They always have many things for vegeterians too.


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31 Jan 2020

Great for vegetarians but not much vegan offer. Nice interior.

This is kind of a traditional self-serve eatery, inexpensive, very popular with locals and located right off the main square. Everything vegetarian/vegan is clearly labeled.

I have mixed feelings about this place since if you are vegan, you will probably end up eating just sides and salads, and I do not recommend their vegan cake as it is quite dry and bland.

But I really like the interior and atmosphere of the place and it is definitely a great spot to go to with your omnivore friends.

Pros: Inexpensive, Location, Traditional Polish food

Cons: Not much vegan offer


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05 Dec 2019

Cheapest and better place in Krakow

Amazing place! For about 4 euros u can eat 600g of food. All bread u want for free as well :)


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22 Sep 2019


They have a few vegan options but I don't like that most their offer has been the same for a few years. But it's quick and cheap, and in the center.

Pros: quick


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20 Aug 2019

Bomb dot com

Very good quick easy place. They have vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. Great for everyone. Cheap too.


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18 Jul 2019

Only for a quick bite

Salads and quiches are always the same (at least for ten years the same), there are a few vegan options, service is quick.

Pros: Quick service

Cons: There is nothing particularly worth going


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22 Apr 2019

Pretty good

Such a nice place, quite a few things to eat for vegans.

Pros: Very cheap, Beautiful restaurant, filled with plants , Pretty good good

Cons: A bit tasteless, No protein to choose from if you’re vegan


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21 Jan 2019

Amazing salad bar

The food here is incredible. Staff was very friendly. Seating area is so so cute. The have little signs saying what the food is and if it's vegan. Would 100% recommend. Also it's cheap!


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31 Dec 2018

Best deal in Krakow

Even it is not fully vegan, nor vegetarian, this place is the best restaurant in Krakow. It is a kind of salad bar with some hot meals and soups. Also the cuisine is very similar to traditional, Polish one. The food is fresh and saciating.

Extremely cheap (20 PLN per meal).

I would put 5 or even 6 stars, if I could!!!

Pros: homemade food, labels vegan, cheap

Cons: none


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17 Nov 2018

Ok food, great ambiance, very affordable

Food is served cafeteria style. The only thing I absolutley loved was the pumpkin soup. This place gets VERY crowded, so pick your table before you get in line. Just take turns getting food or put your coat down.


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09 Aug 2018

amazing place

Salad bar (ground floor with some mezzanine level) is absolutely amazing. You can choose from several different salads and dishes - all of them are clearly marked as vegan/vegetarian/GF. Meat options as well so it's a perfect place for mixed dietary requirements company (which is not that easy to fulfill in Poland...). Unlimited bread. Homebaked cakes - again, clearly marked vegan/GF. Healthy drinks, juices, teas etc.

Pros: lots of vegan options, clearly marked , unlimited bread

Cons: one toilet...


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08 Jun 2018

Nice place

We ate here twice. We had dinner in the basement restaurant. They only have one vegetarian dish on the menu, which is a selection of various foods. Very nice, but not vegan. We also had lunch in the buffet restaurant. Not bad either, although the vegetarian and vegan options are limited unless you only eat salad.

Pros: Cheap. Lots of different people, both tourists and

Cons: Not many vegan options.


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05 Feb 2018

Amazing green venue

Buffet with vegetarian and (sometimes) vegan options. Big portions at a cheap price. The venue is in an inner yard, full of plants around you, feeling like in a garden!

Pros: big portions, variety of options, the amazing venue: inner yard like a forest/garden

Cons: not always have vegan options


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01 Oct 2017

not only salads

you can choose you set of foods, including salads, grains and soups. fresh and fairly cheap. lots of veggie options. good juices - the kiwi and parsley one is 10/10. cool place!

Pros: many veggie options, fairly cheap, cool decor - lots of plant


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11 Sep 2016

Classic salad bar

Chimera is a well-known place with a history in Cracow; even my father remembers it from his student days. The place offers a salad bar and a more restaurant menu. The salad bar is definitely cheap and quick; you can choose from a variety of different salads and other dishes, such as a savoury broccoli pie/tart, which I really liked. They also have pierogi ruskie (dumplings with potatoes+cheese filling). However, the place isn't purely vegetarian, and the vegan options are very limited as well (I believe only some of the salads are vegan). If you only eat vegan, I think it's best to reconsider before going here, because it's quite difficult to find vegan salads in the bar and there are much better options in close proximity of Chimera.

Pros: well-known place in Cracow, cheap & quick

Cons: serves meat, very limited vegan options


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19 Dec 2015

Nice place

The place looks very nice and there are many types of salads to choose from. Everything I tried was delicious.

Pros: fast, fresh, cheap

Cons: not completely vegetarian


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27 Aug 2015

Five o'clock tea

This is undoubtedly the best ever tea house in Poznan. It offers a variety of traditional and exotic teas. It opens late at night and then you can have a drink outside in a little garden at charming Żydowska Street. Excellent staff. Vegetarian snacks available.

Pros: tea choice, garden, staff


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24 Aug 2015

Ok for Vegetarian.

This place is really nice, located in old beautiful building near to main square. Prices are also good. The only thing is that for vegans they have just salads- rest of food contains eggs or milk, but i still like this place :)

Pros: prices, staff

Cons: just salads for vegan

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