Takeaway vegan kitchen making food that's gluten-free and peanut-free. Menu changes regularly, offering dishes like pinto bean and sweet potato taco salad, burger bowl, falafel bowl, cauliflower piccata, and lentil fritters. Cake for dessert. Est. here 2020. Check social media for changes to opening times before visiting. Open Thu-Sat 12:00pm-7:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-3:30pm. Closes early if sold out. Opens some Sundays.

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12 Nov 2023

Delicious, affordable vegan

I travel a good 45 minutes to get some of the best vegan food I’ve had. Salads, bowls, soups, smoothies, and deserts never disappoint!

Pros: Big portions, Very tasty, Vegan

Cons: Too far from P’Town



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24 Aug 2023

Delicious homemade goodness!

Thank you Happy Cow community for directing us to this place! Homemade, healthy and delicious, it was just what we needed after a hike. So happy to find a vegan place on the Cape!

Pros: Lovely guys working at the cafe, Delicious food, made for you on the spot, Big portions - you could share 1 between 2


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20 Aug 2023

Pretty sure it's the best food on the Cape

We were visiting the area recently and pretty disappointed by the seeming lack of vegetarian offerings at local restaurants. That is, until we came to this little gem, and we were lucky enough to make it in right before they were out of food for the day. It's really fresh and so delicious, along with the good vibes of the guys taking care of the orders. It was undeniably the best meal we had in the area all week.
PS Don't forget dessert. You won't regret it.


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22 Jul 2023

We need more of this!

This is a takeout, but has plenty of sitting space outside, it’s cosy and the personnel is super friendly. The many reviews are right, the food is excellent and the portions are more than generous. I truly hope this business can thrive and grow bigger opening in more locations soon!

Pros: Food is delicious, Portions size, Friendliness


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01 Jun 2023


This was so much better than I was expecting. Homemade bbq veggie burger bowl came with out of this world vegan potato salad. The burger was crispy on the outside and yummy on the inside -- made with beans, lentil, sweet potato and grains. It's hard to find but it's right across from Snowy Owl Coffee so look that turn. Also very friendly and helpful.


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22 Apr 2023

An oasis in a sea mediocrity!

I’ve been doing vegan for 35 years and I can tell you, this place ROCKS! Everything is vegan and very, very well done. It’s a father and son team rewarding anyone from the experienced to people just discovering the benefits and tastes.
Needless to say, we thought about kidnapping them and taking them back to Maine but we love the Cape too much to leave her without this magnificent gem of delight! Thank you for a great experience! See you guys again soon! And when in Maine don’t forget us! Vickie and Jim

Pros: All vegan, from dinners to deserts, Creative flavors and concepts, Extremely pleasant customer svc

Cons: No dine in so grab a picnic table!


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16 Apr 2023


Everything is flavorful, beautiful, and delicious… every bite…every sip!! If you are visiting the Cape, this is a must have!! Make the time! Amazing! ❤️

Pros: Vegan, Fresh, real food, Friendly owners

Cons: No cons, absolutely no cons, just get here!


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15 Apr 2023


Ordered the burger bowl which was a veggie burger with quinoa and salad. So good! One of the best veggie burgers I have had. Staff was also super nice!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-15

Pros: Many options and great smoothies too!


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17 Mar 2023

Wonderful spot on the Cape!

Wonderful spot I’ve been wanting to try. Friendly service, with great quality food. I loved the lentil fritters and cauliflower piccata. Everything was hot and deliciously well prepared. Not so easy to eat from my car but will enjoy the leftovers from home!

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Not easy to get to from some areas on the Cape.


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01 Dec 2022

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!!! (Actually better than that)

First time visiting and will DEFINITELY go back. We ordered 3 items(Greens and Beans, Brussels Bunny Bowl, and Falafel Bunny Bowl) and all were fantastic, flavorful, and good sized portions(good value). Ordered easily over the phone(12pm on a Thursday) and food was ready when I got there(15 minutes).
So happy to find an all Vegan place on Cape Cod as we recently moved here.

Pros: Friendly, Efficient, great food/value


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20 Nov 2022

Friendly people, good food!

Found them from Happy Cow app and stopped by on my way home. Great options and quick service.

Pros: All Vegan

Cons: No indoor seating


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16 Oct 2022

Healthy and delicious

We went on holiday to Cape Cod and we’re so happy to find an all vegan spot! They are whole food and gluten free and so delicious! Highly recommend!

Pros: All vegan Whole Foods, Friendly staff, Cute location

Sarah P

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28 Aug 2022

Really, really good food & people

Getting food from Fare and Just is well worth the effort and uncertainty. You can call ahead but may not get an answer or message. They are so busy it’s best to show up (early) and see what they have. You might have to wait 20-30 minutes to get your takeaway food, but it’s such good quality, with ample portions, and super friendly service. There may or may not be a picnic table available to eat outside.

Pros: Exceptional quality , Excellent menu, Super people

Cons: Closes early when sold out , Often can’t take phone calls or orders, Can be a long wait for food- so worth it!


15 Oct 2022

Your review is spot on! Thank you for your patience when you were here. We are a very small takeout restaurant and make everything in house (except tofu). Our business during the summer is so busy that phone orders are often not taken due to the walk-up traffic. Be assured that if we do run out of food or close early for other reasons, the voicemail will reflect that. Thank you so much for your review and for enjoying our food. All the animals thank you!!❤️


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09 Jul 2022

Great menu, food, smoothies

Delicious food. Great menu. A bunch of unique wonderful smoothies.

Pros: Nice picnic tables under the tree or in a garden., Great menu , All vegan, gluten free


09 Jul 2022

Thank you for coming by and taking the time to leave a review for others. We hope you’ll be back!


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12 Jun 2022

Delicious food and friendly people

Had some really good food from the lovely people at Fare and Just. Fresh, tasty whole foods that i would definitely recommend.


09 Jul 2022

Thank you so much for your review!! ❤️🌱😊


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02 Jun 2022


Everything was so good. You can tell everything is made with care. Super friendly staff. It’s only takeout but there’s a pretty area with benches right next to it.

Pros: Delicious , Variety, Friendly service


09 Jul 2022

We’re so glad you enjoyed everything! I will pass on the kind words to my staff! Thank you!


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24 Oct 2021

This is what rabbit food should be like!

Loved the food and service at Fare and Just Kitchen! The staff was an absolute sweetheart! Portions were HUGE for a fare (hehe) price! We highly recommend the tangy Thai stir-fry. We will definitely be back!

Pros: Friendly staff, Huge portions, Good food!

Cons: Check before if they are open


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29 Aug 2021

tasty, fresh, and creative dishes!

Great family-run place with creative, tasty, and healthy vegan dishes! It seems like they have a changing menu--we tried the black bean fritters with brussel sprouts and really loved it! They also had a great little picnic area next to the restaurant for eating outside. Would definitely go back!


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07 Jun 2021

Absolutely incredible

We got four different dishes and split them all and they were all so delicious! My non vegan girlfriend even loved it!’

Pros: Also is completely gluten free, Everything is fresh and house made


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24 May 2021

Awesome restaurant!

Delicious food and great service! We got the falafel bowl, stir fry, and cauliflower piccata and they were all amazing! We also got three yummy cookies! The employees are super sweet and helpful. A hidden gem!


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25 Feb 2021

Best vegan restaurant on Cape!!

I have never been disappointed by Fare and Just. Even my Omni friends love dining here. The food is phenomenal, and the chef & staff are wonderful. 50000000/5 stars!!!

Pros: ALL vegan, HUGE portions! , Owned and run by a VEGAN FAMILY , Taste and ethics, together!


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22 Feb 2021

Delicious, generous portions

The food is great. The dessert options are super good. The service is fast and socially distanced. I think it was an off-season fluke, but twice I came by over the winter when they were supposed to be open and they were closed which was disappointing because it was a 30 minute drive for me.

Pros: Excellent food, Generous portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Sometimes they're not open when they say they will


22 Feb 2021

Thank you for your review. I’m glad you enjoy the food! I sincerely apologize for not being open when you came. As a two man operation, sometimes the unexpected happens and I am forced to close for a day here and there. When that happens I always post on social media and change my phone message. I do encourage people to call and check for availability because sometimes I run out of food depending on the lunch rush. Thank you again for your support and I hope you will come back again! 😊


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25 Jan 2021

Fantastic food! Hearty winter fare.

Ordered takeout (what with Covid restrictions). Easily able to call in the order, pay by CC and pickup from the outdoor window. No contact required.
Amazing food. Rich, hearty...satisfying. Can’t wait to return again later today.

Pros: All vegan restaurant, so you can order recklessly, Try the meatless meatball carbonara!, Try the cauliflower piccata!

Cons: None! Eat at this place!


22 Feb 2021

Thank you so much for your support and especially taking the time to leave a review! Much appreciated! 😊


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13 Dec 2020

SO good

loved this place! got the carbonara which was tasty, and the falafel which was good also. lots of food. forest tea was delicious. must visit for anyone!


18 Dec 2020

Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the food. 😊


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06 Dec 2020

Next level delicious!

We had the greens and beans and the cauliflower piccata and they where both absolutely fantastic.

Pros: Delicious and wholefoods, By far the best vegan food on the cape, Great service, helpfull staff

Cons: None


18 Dec 2020

Great review! Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m sooo happy you loved it! 😊🙏


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11 Nov 2020

The best vegan/gf food on cape!

So good and healthy. The staff are very friendly. Huge portions! Really glad they are here on the cape, I don't know anyone else who does exclusively vegan gluten free food!! Thank u f&j for being the best ♡ the falafel bunny bowl is always a go-to, but trying any of their other meals will never be a disappointment.

Pros: Everything is vegan AND gluten free, Huge portions, Delicious and healthy!


18 Dec 2020

You are so kind! Thank you for sharing your experience and enjoying my food.


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04 Oct 2020

Loved it!

We got the Bunny Bowl and Gereral Tso’s Tofu - both were super fresh and tasty. Also got a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, which I wish I had the recipe for. Staff are really nice. We visited during COVID, and there is lots of well spaced outdoor seating on a peaceful lawn next to the building. We called ahead and picked our food at the takeout window. Highly recommend!

Pros: Great vegan menu, Health , Flavorful

Cons: None!


08 Oct 2020

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