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Offers many vegetarian choices. Small menu; try the falafel and shakshoukah. Near Coffee Museum, Chiapas. Previously located at 4 Avenida Maria Flores, Mar 2016. Secondary number: +52-402-498-8890 Open Mon-Sat 2:30pm-7:00pm.

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First Review by xvegankx


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24 Sep 2023

Awesome falafel in San Cristobal de las Casas

Falafel balls are crispy outside and mushy inside! It’s a great option to get Middle Eastern delicious fare. Simple, straightforward home-made dishes including hummus, cucumber/tomato salad, pita and a dessert “Nutella pita”. I’m vegan, it was easy to get 100% vegan options, the rest is vegetarian😄Super recommended.

Pros: Friendliness , Delicious food, Fair pricing



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17 Feb 2023

Good falafel!

Food was good😄we ate falafel pitas. It is nice to have options to mexican food sometimes.

Pros: Lots vegan , Nice staff

Cons: Closes at 19


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12 Nov 2022


Si buscas una comida con sabor y la capacidad de llenarte el estómago pues aquí es un espacio perfecto. Proteína completa dado al pita, humus y falafel. Y lo básico sale a solo 95 pesos

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-12


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24 Jan 2020

Best falafel in town

Really good falafel and Hummus, fresh made. Don't trust the opening times on Google. But totally worth to try your luck!


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25 Jul 2019

Leckerer Falafel

Alles wird frisch zubereitet, sehr viel Hummus im Wrap, der sehr groß ist und dementsprechend bisschen teurer. Netter Service, wir konnten unser essen ohne probleme einpacken lassen und für die Busfahrt mitnehmen


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01 May 2019

Home made food

Very pleasant restaurant good falafel and homemade pita bread, he makes the Homus without tahini ( alergias ) and it’s tase fantastic

Pros: Home made also the pita bread , Great falafel and Homus , Friendly owner

Cons: Falafel and Homus are the main options


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17 Feb 2019

Best falafel in town

Delicious. Great hummus. Great falafel. Nice owner. Great condiments. Perfect for falafel and hummus lovers.

Pros: Great hummus & falafel, Friendly staff, Nice central location

Cons: None.


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13 Feb 2019


Worth. The. Wait.


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01 Jan 2019

Falafel and hummus

This fast-food place offers exactly what their name suggests: falafel sandwich, falafel wrap, a falafel plate… so your food will consist of falafel, hummus, salad and some kind of bread. In general, I like their food, but it is a bit bland unless you use the condiments on offer. Most places use more salt and more fat which I prefer. It is very nice to get oriental food in Mexico and it is a welcome change to Mexican/Italian food!


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01 Jan 2018


Muy rico su comida

Pros: Muy rico su comida

Cons: A buen precio


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28 Oct 2016

Good falafel

There are two falafel restaurants on the same street in San Cristobal. They often get mixed up (including on TripAdvisor). One of them is distinctly more popular than the other and is frequented by a local student crowd. Don’t get them confused. Make sure you go to the yellow-painted Falafel 100% Vegetariano”. This falafel restaurant is located further down Real de Guadalupe, towards the church on the hill.

Pros: Falafel!

Cons: Often gets mixed up with the other restaurant


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Mostly Veg
07 Mar 2016

Delicious (new address)

First, they have moved over to 88 Real Guadalupe, which is a block or so past the end of the pedestrian part of that street.

We couldn't get the falafel plate because they didn't have enough hummus for the plate, but we were able to get two pitas, which begs the question of just how much hummus they put on the falafel plate, because the amount of the pitas was pretty stunning as it oozed out the cracks in the homemade pitas. The falafel was definitely legit. The place was nice enough, pretty typical falafel place. They seem to love Pink Floyd as they had the album cover girls poster and were playing obscure albums while we were there.

They also have Dr. Pepper! which was a surprise to me.


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04 Jun 2015


They lasted a bit to serve, but the food is good and the portions are generous. The staff is not the best friendly I 've ever met but it's ok.

One can buy a kg or a half-kg of houmous ! Enjoy !

Pros: giant pita

Cons: staff could be more welcoming


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07 Mar 2015

Not all vegan

After eating at Falafelito in Mexico City and having a hankering for falafel, this place fell short. But given the limited access to vegan food, it can do in a pinch. It is not all vegan as suggested, it serves eggs and cheese.


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08 Nov 2013

Tasty, cheap, consistent option

This is a great little place and has made it through several years which is a rarity in this town. The previous reviewer seems to have been a bit harsh regarding their bad luck with service staff; on both of my recent trips, I was greeted and served quickly by the friendly attendant. The falafel is great (if not truly excellent), the hummus is A-grade, and the food is accompanied by several options.

Note that this place no longer has any meat whatsoever, so they are fully veg again (and proud of it).

Pros: Tasty, Cheap, Convenient location

Cons: Small space, Limited selection


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17 May 2013


I almost didn't have the opportunity to write this review. The first time I tried to eat here, we were asked to wait 20 minutes before anyone would take our order. This was on a busy Friday (mother's day) at 1:30pm--prime lunch time. This lack of interest in having a customer sent me away. I read so many good, reviews, however, that I decided to try again the next day.

In short, the falafel was crispy and tasty but hardly the best I've ever had. The hummus was nice and smooth, and comparable to what I've had in Egypt. The pita bread was freshly made and very good. They also serve a nice tray of pickles, jalapeños and hot sauce, which helped make the meal.

Two of us shared the Plato with 5 falafel balls, a nice serving of hummus and a small salad. It was enough for lunch or a light dinner, and with a cup of tea cost 100 pesos. What I don't understand is that they give you only one pita. That meal should come with two, though you can buy a second for 14 pesos. This isn't the great value that others have suggested.

What I really don't understand is that they had a movie playing on a small tv while we ate. The cook and waitress were far more interested in watching the movie than in serving their customers. It was turned up loud enough to be distracting and interfere with our conversation.

So, while the food was pretty good, it wasn't the hit that other reviews suggested. The lack of interest in their customers was enough to outweigh the food. I won't be coming back.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Unhelpful staff


Points +35

09 Jul 2012

Delicious cheap food

You pay 50 pesos for 1 pita with falafel, vegetables and hummus. The pitabread is home-made and delicious. So are the falafel and hummus. You can also choose if you want to add jurkins, spicy peppers or hot sauce.
I really liked it. If I had more time to visit it again, I would!!

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, 2or 3min from centre

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