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Simple cafe offering several types of falafel as well as other Arabic food like hummus, tabbouleh salad, ful medames, lentil soup. The same owners also run a falafel stall in Sennoy Market. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-12:00am.

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First Review by MonicaBischoff


Points +68

07 Jun 2023

Only reggae and not only falafel

In my opinion, they serve the best falafel in town. However, it's not the only one on the menu. Burgers, pizza, salads and soups, as well as non-dairy shakes are also available. I liked the atmosphere here. A couple of rooms with a pleasant interior. Big plus - reggae plays in the background, not just radio.



Points +18

28 Jan 2022

My favorite cafe for fast food

I love falafel only thea


Points +76

Mostly Veg
22 Sep 2021

good falafel

someone recommended me their falafel, it was good. servings are generous, might wanna share. the place is kinda battered though.

Pros: generous servings, good falafel, affordable

Cons: more of a fast food spot


Points +350

13 Jan 2021

Cheap and filling

I love their falafel 🥙 and some of the desserts, however, I don’t like their hummus (very thin and lemony), so I try to ask for another sauce or dressing whenever possible.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty falafel

Cons: Hummus


Points +132

30 Dec 2019

Delicious and CHEAP Falafel

Lots of different falafel combinations, soups and sallads. Everything is quite cheap. The stuff is friendly and works fast, although it can be a bit of a problem using english as a language of communication)
The place is working 24/7, can be a bit crowded during evenings.

Pros: big portions, tasty food, cheap

Cons: lack of english speaking stuff

Points +73

Mostly Veg
08 Mar 2019

Cheap and delicious

The best falafel in the town! Always delicious and cheap.

Pros: Really good food


Points +223

26 Apr 2018

cheap and dirty

There's no English menu and the girl spoke very little English. I still managed to get a falafel wrap, cake and tea for 240 rubs. The food was OK for the price but the restaurant is very dirty. Food on the floor from ages ago and the tables hadn't been wiped clean. It has two rooms one room is dark with blue strobe lights like a nightclub. They play loud music throughout. Has good free Wi-Fi though. I would only come here if I was really hungry and didn't want to spend much money. One of those kind of places you go to on the way home after a big night out.

Pros: cheap, free wifi

Cons: dirty, no English and bad atmosphere.


Points +46

26 Jan 2017

cheap and mostly fine

I like their falafel and drinks (they have a special Arabic drink). Music is awful sometimes.
I also don't like their tables, some of them are too low, while chairs are not proportional, and you have to eat in a strange way

Pros: cheap, tasty

Cons: bad music, uncomfortable tables+chairs


Points +248

28 Mar 2016

Enjoyed it

I enjoyed this place after coming here when Horizontal was closed unexpectedly. The food was very cheap and even though the waitress didn't speak any English, she was able to point out which of the menu items were vegan. Good value for money!

Pros: cheap

Cons: toilet isn't very tidy

Eric Rem

Points +98

04 Jan 2016

Good, Plenty, Inexpensive!

Others have said it: here you can eat a lot for little money. And at the same time, it's tasty! This place is not the nearest to the tourist spots, so you'll have to walk a bit or use transportation, but it's worth it.
The atmosphere is a bit "young" for my taste, but the pluses made me go there a second time, when I sat in the front part rather than in the section behind. That was better already.

Pros: Good tasting food, fresh ingredients, Big portions, Really inexpensive

Cons: Amosphere must suit you, Not very central


Points +42

24 May 2015

Huge portion sizes!

This is a veg cafe with a wide selection of vegan options, but mostly they're famous for their falafels (hence the name). The biggest astonishment to me was the price per portion ratio. I ordered a vegan borscht soup with a falafel wrap and was astonished at the huge bowl and giant wrap that was brought out to me about 7 minutes later. Honestly, if you're on a tight budget and need a huge filling meal to get you through most of your day, this is definitely the place to go!
Updated from previous review on Sunday May 24, 2015

Pros: cheap delicious food, enormous portions, good wifi

Cons: probably not the healthiest food, sometimes staff can be rude


Points +57

24 Feb 2015

Racy and cheap

Though not positioning itself as a vegan place, has plenty of choices for vegans. Strong arabic fleur :)

anna molly

Points +84

07 Oct 2014

Nice and cheap!

I live nearby this place and come here very often. Cheap and tasty. Apart from many variations of falafel they serve soups, salads, sides, fresh juices and a few oriental desserts (some of them vegan).
They also have lots of table games and they are still open at midnight!


Points +193

07 Apr 2014

Cheap, nice, vegetarian.

The place only serves vegetarian food, with a number of vegan options available. Falafel, which was just right - spicy and juicy and crunchy all at the same time - was served on a plate, with fries, hummous, bread and veggies. The ful medames with hummous, which is part of the selection of Arabic vegetarian specialties, was delicious, served in a pot.
The looks of the place, as well as beer availability have improved since I first visited a few weeks ago - they have now installed a proper sign, and have beer on tap. The music was a bit cheesy though, and people do smoke inside sometimes. Very cheap though - can't beat that, and the taste!

Pros: Authentic and nice food, The relaxed atmosphere, Arabic specialties

Cons: Music, Smoke


Points +6

Non Veg
10 Mar 2014

Horrific Food

While the food is very cheap and tasty, I warn you when coming here because you might get sick.
В то время как еда очень дешевая и вкусная, я предупреждаю вас, когда приезжал сюда, потому что вы могли бы заболеть.
[edit by staff]

Pros: Tasty, Cheap

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