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85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand,

Casual bakery cafe near Khaosan Rd, in alley behind Burger King. Extensive menu consisting of Thai and western dishes. Its is part of center that includes a small travel agency, yoga studio, juice bar, computer stations, and massage. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-11:00pm.

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Reviews (90)

First Review by Lek

Nice fresh food - Edit

Nice environment and very fresh food. My main was the pad thai which had lots of veggies and the presentation was nice but it was lacking flavour unfortunetly. Spring rolls are tasty and the pineapple coconut shake was good and creamy. I would come back and try something different because they have a great menu and I love the freshness. Staff are nice too!

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Love This Place - Edit

I love this place, its one of my favourites in Bangkok, its small and has a laid back atmosphere, great place to eat in the evening, can get busy though, great menu, friendly staff, great food, great wifi, decent prices, right close to Khao San Road. Highly recommend coming here.

Pros: good menu, good prices + wifi, laid back atmosphere

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Finally found satisfying vegan breakfast in BKK - Edit

They know how to make a pancake and a gluten free pancake at that. The almond chocolate pancake was delicious and I desperately wanted to eat the whole thing, but it was the size of my plate and I physically couldn't. Enjoyed my pineapple basil shake as well: plenty of fresh basil. I returned and tried something off their Thai menu. I appreciated that homemade tempeh was an option and my curry was well seasoned though a bit thin for my taste. Thai curries tend to be on the thin side. Brown rice was offered separately.

Pros: vegan options clearly labeled, completely vegetarian, cozy, peaceful atmosphere

Cons: located in dingy alley behind Khao San

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Nice and cozy - Edit

The food is very good, vegan/vegetarian options available. I had the massaman curry with home-made tempeh (for extra 15baht) and organic brown rice (extra 15-20baht). It was delicious.
Also they make fresh juice from vegetable and fruits.
The prices are ok and the surroundings very laid back. Western food also available, such as hamburger and lasagna. Good location if you live in Khao San Road or nearby.

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bad experience :/ - Edit

went there 2 times the 1 time the food was actually really good but nothing special . so we went again to this place for lunch i ordered noodles who should have been served in a thick sauce instead i got a noodle soup so i told the waiter that this wasn t the dish i ordered but he sayed that i ordered that so i gave him the dish back and ordered a pad thai but actually it was only rice noodles with 4 pieces of vegetables and a lot of tofu .i ate it but i wouldn t call that a pad thai . as dessert i ordered a fruit salad with muesli and soy milk but i didnt want soymilk so i said that i would only like fruit salad with the granola on top .when my desert came it was only a fruit salad .we also ordered a mango sticky rice to take away but they needed to buy fresh sticky rice because the old one was expired so we waited about 20 min until the mango sticky rice was ready and we could leave .
when i opened the box the only thing i saw was rice it didn t looked very appetizing when i found the mango i saw that it wasn t orange but brown .:/
very unfriendly staff

Cons: unfriendly

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one of my favorites - Edit

We went back many times. Especially for breakfast, I can really recommend the smoothies, milkshakes and pancakes! And OMG please try the porridge it's so good!! If you don't like sitting on the floor, it's also possible to sit at a table but all in all it's very cosy and nice :)

Pros: delicious , very nice staff, nice atmosphere

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Middle finger to this place - Edit

I can normally tolerate pseudo-science, because there is so much of it at veg restaurants, but I won't tolerate it when a restaurant uses it to attack vegans.

If I had noticed before ordering, I would've left. They have "attn vegans" warnings on the milkshake page about the risks of soy milk altering your gender and hormones, which is totally BS and has been disproven a bunch of times.

Don't support anti-vegan rhetoric from vegetarian restaurants claiming to "care about your health."

Won't be going back.

Cons: Anti-vegan rhetoric on menu

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great location for backpackers - Edit

I had the gf pancakes and a green juice.. everything was delicious.. they have a very diverse menu and still affordable.. can't wait to go back!!

Pros: fun menu lots of gluten free options cheap comfort

Cons: none!!

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too healthy? - Edit

I ordered pad Thai (undercooked) and mango and banana pancake (not sweet). Healthy food and vegan but not thoroughly enjoyable. Felt too devout ...

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Lots of information on nutrition in the menu, Nice décor

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lovely little gem! - Edit

I really really like this place!
starting from taking your shoes off and sitting on the ground all the way to their delicious food & drinks!
I'm totally falling for the salad with tempeh which seriously is the best salad I've had in my whole life. it comes with PEANUT SAUCE. how great is that? ugh. food to die for.
their drinks are insanely tasty as well!
unfortunately, the food is so filling that I can never seem to fit some desert - even though these sound amazing as well.
service isn't the fastest but I actually enjoy that in a city like BKK, that never seems to slow down. It has a really relaxed atmosphere; staff is friendly and very helpful.
Prices are rather high, compared to other places in Bangkok, but everything is of great taste, quality and value and definitely worth it/I always see it as a little treat for myself :)

Pros: taste & choice, location (BKK!), service, staff & atmosphere

Cons: price (but worth it!)

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5 STAR! - Edit

This place was incredible. Lots of vegan choices, fresh and delicious food with a wide range of styles of food. What kept me going back was the different flavors of kombucha and the whole grain vegan pancake!

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Good range, a bit pricey - Edit

Heaps of healthy options, but a bit more expensive than other vegan places on the same street. They are very anti-soy and have lots of advice on not consuming soy all through the menu, which is a bit preachy.

Pros: Good range, Healthy options

Cons: Price

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Lizachristo 03 Jul 2016 - 'anti soy' is not the right expression. There is some really good information in the menu about how the long term high consumption of soy can adversely affect thyroid hormone production. They recommend restricting regular soy consumption to fermented soy products, and they use soy based products in many dishes

amazing - Edit

We really liked it! Lots of Vegan options and really good food! We tried burger, pancakes and smoothie so good.

Pros: food is amazing, perfect menu

Cons: kitchen are has to look more cleaner or nicer, we saw mosquitos :(, music little bit to loud so it was hard to talk

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an oasis near Khaosan road - Edit

This place is hidden in an alley, so you don't really feel like in Khaosan rd.

Extensive menu, with many info about good body and mental health. Prices ranging in about 120-200 baht.
Good service, free wifi; you can sit on the tables (careful with mosquitoes) or sitting on the cushions.

I usually order the falafel with pita, but it can be a heavy meal depending on your digestion (too much chicken pea for one meal, I guess).

Pros: extensive menu, tasty food

Cons: hard to find if you don't know it

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Very nice place - Edit

Nice place, cozy atmosphere, you eat very relaxed. I had a soup, my husband the tempeh burger. Everything was good. But the surprise was the dessert... I wanted the pancake, because I had never tried a vegan pancake. It was in the breakfast menu but they served it to me... So yummy!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday December 01, 2015

Pros: vegan pancakes , nice cozy relaxing place , location

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My favourite vego place in BKK - Edit

I came across this cozy and cute restaurant years ago on one of my first trips to Bangkok and now a trip to bangkok is never complete with out a visit to Ethos! My favourite dishes are the vegan apple cinnamon pancakes and pretty much any smoothie with a coconut cream/berry combination. The non thai food on the menu is always delicious and for farang food priced reasonable however if your looking for cheap thai bites you might find the prices of the local food higher then you would otherwise pay but consider the ambiance, staff and fact your supporting a local vegie restaurant and like me you will mostly likely leave feeling satisfied and happy to have escaped the craziness of the city during your dining experience at ethos.

Pros: Lots of vegan options Tasty food, Good ambiance

Cons: In a back alley, can be tricky to find first time

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Nice hippie cafe - Edit

I went to Ethos a few years ago, it has stuck in my mind for the delicious food and a good ~vibe~... Sadly when I was last in Bangkok I couldn't remember the name or track it down - next time!

Pros: good food, nice vibe

Cons: not super cheap for Thailand

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Absolutely amazing food - Edit

I went at around 11am on a Saturday for a late breakfast and it had such a nice chilled vibe there. Relaxing music, away from the busy street and I sat at one of the low tables though there are normal tables and chairs to sit on. I had the banana and coconut shake and the mango and banana pancake. All vegan and gluten free and the flavours were just incredible. The shake was probably the best shake I have ever had and prices were reasonable too. Staff were friendly and attentive. Would highly recommend.

Pros: Delicious Food, Nice staff and vibe in restaurant, Good Value

Cons: Could be expensive for some?

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Ethos! - Edit

My most recent visit to Ethos was very good! I went with a group of 6 people who also enjoyed their meals. I ordered the Green Curry, brown rice and after some debate, their chocolate coconut smoothie.

The green curry had a great mix of vegetables, but I also have a low spice tolerance and though it was too spicy. I said "pet nit noi"(little spicy) when I should have said "Mai pet"(no spicy). It was also not as sweet as I wanted, but that's just personal preference. The other people I was with liked the spiciness of the curry, while I prefer the sweeter curry at the nearby restaurant Mango. The brown rice was good, and ORGANIC! Ethos really prides itself on healthy food. The smoothie was also very good, so creamy from the coconut milk! Not too sweet, but I was fine with that. I also was able to share Tom Ka, which is spicy coconut soup. Surprisingly not too spicy, but it had a great mix of vegetables and I recommend it!

Tom Ka-95 baht
Brown organic rice- 25 baht
Chocolate coconut smoothie- 80 baht (some of the other smoothies were cheaper, around 65 baht)
Green curry- 110 baht

In the future I hope to try their pancakes with vegan coconut cream! They have some nice desserts to choose from, like apple crumble or a chocolate cake(which I couldn't have because it's only vegetarian). There are also some more unique dishes, like spagetti and meatballs(which I hope to try soon!)

Overall, good place with great variety! So many choices!!

One note: they usually bring out food quickly, but one of my friends waited forever until her Pad Thai came out. Everyone else was done by the time her meal reached the table. Maybe they were punishing her for picking the most popular and stereotypical Thai dish, haha.

Pros: Huge Variety, Yummy desserts , Fresh and organic when possible

Cons: Too spicy(personal preference though)

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Wonderful! - Edit

The menu was easy to differentiate vegetarian from vegan. Service really good. Food amazing. Seating either at a table with chairs, or a low table with seating on cushions on floor. No a/c but lots of fans. I highly recommend this place! The food was great - so was portion size! It is on a back road (find it by looking for Burger King on Tanaon Road, then walk down the alley/road to the left of it if you are facing it). It is quiet on the back road so you feel secluded from the noise and hustle of town!

Pros: Mostly vegan, Food Excellent, Great location

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Best temphe dishes! - Edit

Nice place with chill atmosphere and friendly staff. A bit expensive, but really good, super fresh food and big size of dishes. Try a tempeh salad - amazing!

Pros: Nice atmosphere and staff, Fresh food and big dishes, Nice looking and interesting visitors :)

Cons: A bit expensive but worth it

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Nice, chilled out restaurant - Edit

Went here many times during my stay in Bangkok, the food was very nice. Easy distinction for vegan options, slightly expensive but good sized servings. I recommend their coconut fruit smoothies, strawberry pancake and any of their curries

Pros: Great service , Good food, Nice setup

Cons: Bit expensive, Sometimes slow to bring out food, Some meals are average tasting

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nice vegan/vegetarian place in center Bangkok - Edit

Me and My girlfriend found this place Amazing (: A bit expensive but it's downtown Bangkok so it's pretty reasonable. Food is delicious and the services very friendly, we went there at least 4 times, really recommended! Try the vegan pancake with chocolate and almonds :Q_

Pros: distinction between vegan and vegetarian, cool atmosphere , delicious food!

Cons: not enough love in the food, litte expensive for me

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good effort! :) - Edit

Loved ethos! Visited many times when in bangkok. Easy for vegans to eat as all the menu is either green for veggie or red for vegans!

I really enjoyed the vegan choccy cake...WOW! And the coconut/banana milkshake were spot on :D
I will be back v soon!

Pros: great atmosphere , friendly staff, fab menu

Cons: veggie burger was a little dry :(

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Good place to have breakfast - Edit

Went their today for breakfast and enjoyed the vegan multi grain pancake with blueberry jam and coconut cream (unfortunately I had to wait for it for ~20mins). Coffees were good for Thai standards with soy milk option.
Prices are moderate, variety is great.

Pros: English menu, food variety, many vegan options

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Average Food, Great service, Good Atmosphere - Edit

After Craving some western vegetarian comfort food, I visited Ethos in October 2013. It is pretty close to May Kaidee and also Khao San Road.
I had a Veggie Burger which was kind of average, not much better than one you'd get from Mcdonalds. After reading some of the reviews I would suggest opting for something else. I have to applaud Ethos for having such great variety on the menu, and it is of course a challenge to master everything all the time. The atmosphere and environment of the place is great if you fancy respite from Khao Sand

Pros: Great Choice, Western Food

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Very Chilled, Great Food - Edit

Really tasty food and a great feel to the place. They have suggestions in the menu for maintaining a healthy diet and a big piece about the merits of Kombucha. Loads to choose from and not too pricy.

Pros: Ambiance, Freshly Cooked Food, Educational

Cons: Fa-rang Heavy

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Love Ethos! - Edit

We love Ethos. Too bad it is at Khao San Road!

We visit Ethos every time we are in the area.
Our favorite is the Vegan apple crumble served with warm coconut cream custard. It is indulgent.

Everything on the menu is good. The Falafal (not the best we've tried) but still good. Coconut blueberry shakes. Fried tempeh with peanut sauce,Vegan pancakes, oh and the spaghetti and "meat" balls and vegan Lasagna are SO GOOD.

We even made a video about it!


Updated from previous review on Saturday September 21, 2013

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Love this place! - Edit

What a find this cafe is :) Me and my vegan friend ate here so much! They do vegan lasange, choc cake, pancakes, apple crumble and custard all the things we love! It is a little pricey though. The one thing that annoyed us was the health risk from soya warning on the menu, when soya is so much better for you than dairy milk, but no warnings for that!

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Great choices, food is a little boring - Edit

I have been to Ethos many times when I went partying or seeing some friends around Khao San.
The place is easy to find if you take a right turn passing by burger king outside of Khao San into a small side street.

They have a variety of vegetarian and vegan food. I'm vegan, so I haven't tried the vegetarian options.

I have to say that the vegan Thai food is quite good, although a little westernized. The western food, tastes quite blend and boring, though. The ingredients seem to be fresh and mainly regional from local suppliers and the staff is friendly and helpful.

It is mainly a tourist joint, though...

Pros: Friendly staff, Fresh and local vegetables, Great choices on the menu

Cons: The western food tastes quite boring, A little pricey, A tourist joint

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Worth for its original and large choice - Edit

The place is appealing and cozy. The menu's got international food (for those who can't change habits even for a few days/weeks in the land of worldwide's best cuisine) as well as thai food, all fresh and home-made - even the bread! And the food is very good.
Yet many dishes are expensive, and the staff does not give a fig (Land of smiles, anyone?)

Pros: Excellent food, Large choice of meals for all tastes, Cozy place

Cons: Service, Price, Thai food is not spicy enough

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okay but not worth seeking out - Edit

ethos was a welcome oasis to the mayhem surrounding it, but that is about it
the place was nicely done up and the staff were lovely but the food was very boring - thai food dulled down so that it had lost any of it's edge

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great vegan cafe near khao san - Edit

great food right off khao san rd. The place is very small and usually very crowded, but its cozy and sometimes its nice to share tables with other people. Great menu has excellent thai food and vegan pancakes, vegan deserts, kombucha, burgers, etc... A bit on the pricey side, but not too much. wait staff speak english quite well so its easy to special order items. Everything ive eaten here has been very good. Has a good vibe also.

Pros: selection of food, very tasty, cozy

Cons: pricey, crowded, small

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An oasis of peace and goodness - Edit

I randomly bumped into this place few years ago while walking away from the madness of Khao San Road... As I took of my shoes and sat on the cushions, leaning against the wall, a sudden feeling of peace gained me. I ordered a shake (free of any of the usual craps added and never mentioned) and chilled several hours, enjoying the atmosphere and the Wifi. I knew I had found my oasis in Bangkok! I came back for dinner, and breakfast, both were simply goodness, filled with very fresh, tasty and wholesome ingredients that were satisfaying body and mind. Special mention for the Tamarin/coconut shake and the Red Curry... Very good desserts too. Each year, as a pilgrim, I make sure I'll have at least one meal there and enjoy the constancy of the quality and the peaceful vibes. Highly recommended!

Pros: wholesome and tasty food, peaceful atmosphere, wifi

Cons: can be too crowded, a little bit pricy

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A big yawn - Edit

Definately a moderately priced place. Nice environment, but stay away from the veggie burger. Not all vegetarians are health freaks, and burgers aren't supposed to be healthy.

There's another "vegetarian" restaurant on the same street, that serves seafood (...). A very basic place but obviously a lot cheaper.

Cons: Price, Intimidating wifi rules, Not very friendly staff

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A world away from KSR.. - Edit

I've just had a quick scan through the reviews on here,and I'm wondering if I ate somewhere else!
We've been here several times (in June 2010 & sept 2012)and always really enjoyed it here. The staff were a bit miserable the last couple of visits, but apart from that I really like it here.

They use red & green font for veg & vegan, it's the clearest menu we encountered in Asia.
We met the owner- he sat and chatted to us for ages with another customer, he was very knowledgeable on veg/vegan and fermentation- I think he was a biologist of sorts but I could be wrong!
The location is perfect- close enough to the action (if er, KSR is your 'thing'!!) but on a quiet back street- it's a nice quiet haven away from the bustle.

They've got so much choice for both food & drink- it IS expensive for Asia (£3 a dish) but they're huge portions and delicious!
The vegan apple crumble and custard is one of my favourites- I had it back in 2010 and wouldn't shut up until we went back and had it again! :)
Also the chocolate & coconut shake is amazing- definitely worth a try!

Pros: big portions, varied menu, vegan desserts

Cons: expensive

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Great place to eat out :) - Edit

First time i went there the staff was a bit unfriendly but I gave it another chance and the service got better :)
But in terms of food, this place is just amazing, it was heavenly yummi!
I had spaghetti 'meat' balls, veggie burger with homemade bread, papya soymilk shake and best of all: a huge vegan banana pancake with coconut milk, I felt in heaven! :)
They have quite a few nice options for vegans on the menu, all listed in green colour, u will not miss it :)
If u are only after some veggies, noodles rice etc u could get something under 100B but if u wana have something more fancy expect prices from 100-150B.
I will definetely come back and try more from the list :)
I can only recommend this place, it's a great food experience!

Pros: perfect vegan food, very close to koa san road

Cons: a little expensive

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varied menu - Edit

We stopped by Ethos on the day we arrived in Bangkok as it was close to our hotel. We definitely needed the good food and refreshment. The menu is very varied with Thai, Middle Eastern, Italian, gluten-free, pancakes, etc. The vegetarian items are marked in red and the vegan ones in green. English is spoken as well as on the menu. Most customers appeared to be tourists or ex-pats.

We ordered hibiscus iced tea and a papaya shake to start. For dinner, we got the veggie noodles and lasagna. For dessert, a mango and banana pancake. The entrees were very good, but the pancake was a bit dry as it was gluten free too. Overall, we had a good experience and would go again if in the area.

Pros: varied menu, vegan options, English

Cons: no A/C

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#1 best place to eat - Real Food- vegan-veg-raw - Edit

Our family ate at Ethos. It is our favorite place in Bangkok. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were never disappointed . The freshness , kindness and love from that kitchen. We are world travelers and that is our best place. We can not wait to be back in Bangkok to go to Ethos.

Pros: organic food, presentation, freshness

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Great food - Edit

First, let me state you are not required to take your shoes off though many people do. Beyond that, nothing else is bad about the place. The food was great, we went several times in 2 days.

Pros: convenient location, western baked goods, fresh made to order food

Cons: no A/C

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lots of vegetables - Edit

This restaurant just opposite of Tanao road's Maykadee.We tried green curry spaghetti, basil fried rice, noodle soup and Pad Thai. Green curry spaghetti was special but because of the coconut milk, it made me full easily. Pad Thai was the best dish for our lunch. Many foreigners were there, some sat on the floor comfortably, but too hot in the restaurant.

Pros: Pad Thai was nice

Cons: A bit expensive, too hot

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Nice Ethos - Edit

I have been to Ethos a few times, it has a nice selection of different dishes to go along with the standard Thai meals. It's a bit more expensive than other places but still reasonable. I found the English menu well set out and informative I spent half my time there reading it. It was interesting finding out what kombucha was and then trying some. I had a really tasty Tom Kaa last time I was there and I will go again.

It can get a bit busy and when it's busy the service/speed does suffer.

Pros: Good Menu, Free Wi Fi

Cons: Can get too busy, best to go off peak

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Another owner using happy cow for free advertising - Edit

I was very disappointed by the food taste, crowded seating and staff here.

Hole in the wall veg places offer better curry than I had here at 1/2 the price.

Many of the reviews here seem so far off mark like they are coming from the owner.

I would not recommend this place especially with May Kadee just a few doors down. They have much better food there.

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Excellent experience!! - Edit

I'm sitting in Ethos right now and having read some of the negative reviews posted here felt I should add my opinion. The food has been excellent with a really wide choice-it was pretty difficult to choose what to get to be honest!! Service is no better or worse than the majority of places we've visited throughout Thailand and if anything was a bit faster. The only thing I'd say be aware of is that the portions are huuuuge, particularly the Thai dishes so if you're planning on trying the chocolate cake or pancakes don't order too much beforehand!! I just had the noodle soup plus tempeh and basil (without rice) and seriously cannot manage anything else. Also really good if you're craving a soya latte and don't want to patronise Starbucks :) Also hella cheap (70 baht for a huge bowl of noodle soup, 80 fir the tempeh dish)

Pros: Great choice of excellent food, Relaxed atmosphere, Low prices

Cons: Not the easiest place to find

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Yes, Go - Edit

It was a challenge to find this place but worth it. Remember it's in the alley behind Burger King on Khao Sen Rd. (Good news is that one of the May Kaidee's is right across the way.) Warm, comfortable atmosphere, great music playing the two times we ate there, also the opportunity to sit on cushions on the floor to eat at the low tables. It was a relief to have a variety of veggie foods and I especially enjoyed the meatless balls and spaghetti one evening.

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headed down hill - Edit

First time at Ethos was great! So pleased to find a veggie place to relax and enjoy Thai food. Ginger stir fry was good. Pancakes are standard. But it went down hill quickly, ending with a mouse in the bathroom. The mouse was motionless, and probably dead. They removed him but didn't clean up his mess. All a bit disturbing. The staff didn't apologize, but there isn't much apologizing in Thailand. They just say ok, even when it isn't.

Pros: cozy

Cons: dirty?

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tiptopcat 12 Dec 2011 - I think mice and rats are all part of the course for many restaurants in Bangkok. I've been to some quite fancy places only to have a rat run by a few feet away.

Best Veggie/Vegan in Bangkok! - Edit

In the bustling streets of the Khao San area it is often hard to find a quite space with a tranquil feel. Ethos is exactly this, a hidden gem where you can step in and feel like you are miles away. When in Bangkok I ate there everyday - 3 times a day. I found the food to be exceptionally good, cooked to perfection every single time. The staff was very friendly and welcoming, and often smiling when seeing my group (again) for another meal. The menu offers a wide variety of Thai dishes, but also satisfies a customer looking for westernized delights. My favorite on the menu? The spaghetti and "meat balls" along with their apple cinnamon pancakes. YUM!

Pros: Amazing food, Amazing Staff, Amazing Atomosphere

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Tempeh exciting, staff not so much - Edit

We loved finding ethos. Wifi while you eat, Tempeh, amazing chocolate coconut milk shakes!!!!!! The portions are huge-I had to get my husband to help me eat the salad I ordered-it was bigger than my head.
We went there almost everyday for a week. Our only complaint was the staff. The first 2 times we went there they were polite. After that, not so much. Lots of ignoring, giving us dirty looks, plopping our food down and stomping away. We were really taken aback by the attitude we received. We had to check ourselves to see if we were in the wrong. We always ordered a good amount of food when we were using the wifi (definitely over the 100 baht stated in the menu for wifi usage), we always tipped, we weren't there during the busy season, tables were always open, so we weren't taking up space. We just couldn't figure it out.
Whatever, I don't know if we'll go back there when we head back to Bangkok. It's a tough call because their food is so good-the atmosphere is a drag.
Updated from previous review on Monday October 03, 2011

Pros: Tempeh instead of only tofu, huge portions, An actual salad

Cons: super attitude waitstaff

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Great food. Good service. - Edit

My partner and I thought the food was great, really tasty and huge portions, the service was good, staff were friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere and decor was cosy. Would definitely recommend Ethos to peaceful people looking for a healthy, relaxing meal.

Pros: Food, Variety, Atmosphere

Cons: Finding it

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Avoid - No concept of veganism or health - Edit

[edit by staff] The three of us sat down and salivated over the mouthwateringly enticing menu. The waiter couldn't tell us if the pasta was eggless, they brought the wrong meals to two of us, all three of our meals were dry and more than forgettable, and using the bathroom we saw them heating everything in a microwave! Enough said, the owner is clearly not the real deal and is in it for the money. Mai Kaidee's a few doors down is light years ahead.

Pros: Extensive menu

Cons: No concept of veganism, Microwave, Poor service

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Best Meal in Bangkok - Edit

I come to Thailand once a year and can say this is the BEST meal I've had in Thailand! I am not even veg, but this foods makes me want to be! Amazing! I had the veg lasagna, apple cobbler, and chocolate/mint/raisin shake. AMAZING and super cheap!

Pros: Delicious!, Cheap!, Great Service

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Surprisingly good - Edit

We've been in Bangkok for over 10 days now and had been avoiding Ethos based on the reviews here. But we figured today we'd give it a go, since we're running out of new places to try. We figured if it was really bad we could always just move on to May Kaidee's down the road.

We arrived to find the vibe quite relaxed, quiet and comfortable. Enjoyed the simple but effective decor - gives it a cosy, slightly Oriental (but not overly so) feel. There was mention of the chairs not being comfortable.. we sat at a table but I'm guessing that comment relates to the Asian style tables.. well you know, you *are* in Asia. That kind of set-up is standard in Japan where I live. Can't help but feel that they are part of the cultural experience of traveling in Asia, no?

Anyway, I digress. So we open the menu, expecting a really random mix of average dishes and probably only some token local offerings. But no - nothing of the sort. What we found was a well rounded offering of plenty of salads, Thai curries, Thai soups, stir-fries, interesting looking appetisers, etc etc. They make their own tempeh and kombucha - nice! And you can choose what oil is used in your cooking - either rice bran or coconut oil. Awesome!

Having spent *way* too much time wading through the interesting drink menu we settled on some coconut shakes and a kombucha. My partner noticed them using packaged coconut milk. Bummer. There are some real issues with packaged coconut milk - often bleach goes is used to whiten it and is not noted on the labels. We never use it at home, always squeeze our own from dessicated coconut (can't get it fresh in Japan). Anyway they did taste ok I must admit.

As for the food - well, lots and lots of veges, which is a great thing when you're a VEGEtarian. And portion sizes - surely larger than the average in Bangkok. We ordered the same amount as we do in other places and it was almost too much.

And as for food quality - not bad at all. Nothing so amazing that it bowled us over (although I really liked their version of tom kha soup, a bit sour as i like it, tho my partner disagreed). but all fresh, healthy and tasting good, if slightly on the sweet side and not very spicy (obviously adjusted for foreign tastes).

The dessert menu was pretty limited and since they use packaged coconut milk we opted for May Kaidee's down the road for that (love her mango banana sticky black rice!).

All in all, would totally come again. A pleasant surprise. Oh yes - service was fine too.

Pros: healthy, varied menu, cosy vibe, large portions of veges

Cons: tastes adapted for foreigners, packaged coconut milk

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ethos 22 Feb 2013 - FYI Packaged coconut milk in Bangkok is much safer and healthier than alternatives which are often contaminated with pathogens and not always as fresh as you might think. We have used both but would NEVER use the 'fresh' variety for drinks, only for cooking. At Ethos we do extensive research and put a great deal of thought into our decisions for your benefit. Thanks for your feedback!

Sorry for ordering? - Edit

The food was very good, creative menu, comfortable atmosphere, free wifi, but the 2 waitresses were absolutley miserable! Each time i went there i was greeted with frowns and a bad attittude, sighs and annoyed body language when ever i tried to order and often walking away before i had finished. This place is great but the bad energy from the the staff almost makes it not worth it! I dont like to feel like im ruining someones day just by choosing to support their resturaunt! Poo!

Pros: Yummy, Cozy an quiet, Free wifi

Cons: Mean waitresses!

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Average - Edit

I've eaten here a few times and found the food average and overpriced for the quality/portions. Also, the staff isnt very friendly or helpful. They dont seem to understand what vegan means so I would not recommend this place. I seems they are more profit oriented than ethical. Often gets crowded and the seating is uncomfortable/limited.

Pros: okay food, free wi-fi

Cons: overpriced, unfriendly staff, dont understand vegan

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Great place. - Edit

Went there many times Oct and Dec 2010. Enjoyed chatting to the owner. Love the range of food and the effort that goes into the place. Was always busy, I do like a quiet place where I can sit and skype and internet (I read the review complaining about 'old folk' like me sitting for hours using the net-- well, sonny!). Plan to return in 2011. And use the net for hours, just to annoy the young people.

Pros: range of food., good taste

Cons: busy busy.

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AWFUL. No concept of vegan, Terrible cust service - Edit

I was drawn to Ethos by the incredible menu range for vegans, but it turned out they didn't have a clue what vegan meant. I was given cow's milk in my porridge, when I asked for soya and I was told that eggs were used in the noodles and cake recipes that claim to be vegan.

Additionally, the customer service was terrible. I was told to pay "75 Baht. Now" After I complained about the 'vegan' food, and was shouted at. I was so embarrassed.

As far as I can tell, they are after a quick buck after seeing how well May Kaidee's (almost next door) is doing. Go there instead!

Cons: not vegan, rude staff, bland food

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Giddy007 24 Mar 2011 - Really? Well then our staff need educating. And they certainly need soe lessons n etiquette. I spent over thb1000 in a week, and they spoke to e like [edited by staff]. I will ever return. I live in Bangkok.

ethos 22 Feb 2013 - Ethos has never baked a cake using eggs or milk in it's 4 years of operation. Both the coconut milk and soy milk porridge are 100% vegan too. Noodles are made from rice, not eggs. In fact most of the menu is vegan and any non-vegan items (some use milk, honey or egg) are clearly described and printed in RED, vegan is GREEN.

Ethos has a built it's strong reputation on nutritional competence, honesty and integrity, and ethical business practices.

Personal and Memorable Service, and an Education. - Edit

Following some friends back to one of their staple spots in Bangkok, right off Koahsan road, to Ethos. The layout was laid-back and comfortable, the menu was full of local favorites as well as some more typical (and welcome after weeks in SE Asia) western vegetarian options like veggie burgers and tempeh sandwiches done right. The real clincher was the Kombucha. I hadn't had a Kombucha in weeks, and the fact that their stuff was brewed in house, and flavored with some really dramatic stuff, it was impossible to pass up. I'm not sure what about the order caught the attention of the owner, Phil, but nevertheless he came over to chat with our table, and soon we were discussing all things Kombucha, as well as a lot of other things on the menu, his origins in Melbourne and the vegetarian community there and eventually, about an hour-long discourse over dessert that we started by asking his opinion of the Red Shirts as an ex-pat vs. a Thai native...Etc. Etc. - the service and sense of community remind me why I eat as consciously as possible. Great establishment all around. The menu, location, staff, even the wifi was blazing fast! Highly recommended.

Pros: Price, Menu Variety, Location

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Adequate - Edit

Mixed Thai and Western fare, all average, but the drinks are really good and, tucked away on a quiet backalley, it's a nice place to sit and relax. The free wifi is a bonus. My favourite dish is their falafel/hummus/tahina pita.

Pros: Comfortable place, Peaceful, Free wifi

Cons: Average dishes

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... - Edit

if you are vegan and have any taste buds at all you MUST go here. they serve the best pancakes i have ever had (which are also wheat free). the ones i ordered came with coconut cream and loads of fresh strawberry sauce. perfect if you are craving something that isn't rice, morning glory, or tofu (ie. stodgy western food). on one of the many other times we visited i had the meatballs which were really good too. some of the western dishes are more expensive but just because of the imported/expensive ingredients - you can't knock them for that. also have amazing banana porridge with coconut milk which is huge and fills you up all day. yuuuuuuuum.

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OK - Edit

Ethos is a laid-back, typical Thai/Western restaurant more similar to something you'd find on the islands with cushion seating and relaxing music.
We ordered the Tom Yum soup with noodles. Asked the waiter if it would be "Thai spicy," because many restaurants tone down the spices for westerners. He assured us yes, but unfortunately it was not. Very mild taste, but not bad despite the lack of chili.
The fruit shakes are delicious and fresh. The staff are friendly. The customers are happy.

Pros: Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Not enough spice

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mmm... falafels! - Edit

I've walked by Ethos many times but it had often been quite full (of crusty backpacker types!). However the other day I strolled past and it was empty and so, with a rumble in my belly, decided to pop in. I'm glad as I ordered a falafel and it was lovely! I think it was about 130baht and included a big bowl of humous, a dipping bowl of tahini, a pitta bread, 4 tasty falafels and a big salad. This considering if you go to FoodVilla supermarket a small pot of humous costs 150baht alone!

I look forward to going back to Ethos sometime soon.

Pros: Good food, Good options, Relaxed atmosphere... when not busy

Cons: Sometimes full of tie-dyed wearers

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great, fun place - Edit

When I first came around the end of April, the place looked like it was shut down... apparently it was just a bit of remodeling, as it's open again now.

Lots of controversy in these reviews, but I'm in the camp who really enjoyed the place. Had some fantastic pad thai with very fresh veggies, the vegburger was... slightly odd but still fun. I'm giving it five stars for being open late (sometimes past midnight) and having a super fast hassle-free wifi connection.

One funny thing, I had the opposite experience than a couple of people here... I was at a small table, and when the waiter saw that I was with computer and ordering a lot, he offered to move me to a bigger one! This wasn't the owner, but just a staff member who, to be honest, was otherwise a bit listless.

Oh... the coconut milk cocktails here are better than anything I've had in the city.

Pros: pretty delicious, open late, fast wifi

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good food-bad enviroment-random staff behivor - Edit

what i don't like about ethos is the enviroment,i don't like that japanese type seats,not very relaxed in my opinion,and those forgoten farnags with the lptop seating for hours!this is restaurant not a skype center! and all in the close distance! the prices is more than the similar vegs restaurant around the area, the food is nice, the staff is not that friendly,i guess is random days in all the restaurants around how they behive to you

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My favourite - Edit

This restaurant soon became my number one choice in Bangkok. Very friendly staff that speak fairly good English and know the meaning of the word vegan, laid back athmosphere and tasty food. Many vegan choices that are clearly listed on the menu in red letters (ovo-lacto dishes are listed in green - personally I think green would be more suitable for the vegan dishes, but that's just a little detail). Their Thai Green Curry is delicious, as is their Morning Glory. We had breakfast there twice as well. The porridge with dried fruits and coconut cream was really tasty. They also have several vegan deserts on the menu. My advice: if you visit Bangkok don't miss Ethos.

Pros: Friendly staff, Many clearly listed vegan choices, Great food

Cons: Occasionally mild odor from the street

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fun - communal vibe - Edit

Everyone seemed to know each other kind of vibe. People from all over the world, but I guess since there aren't that many dedicated Vegetarian places, everyone eats at the same places. haha.
Food was good and cheap. Sat on the floor while dinning. Free wifi. Close to everything.

Pros: good food, cheap food, Free wifi

Cons: none :)

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Best food in Bangkok... - Edit

I spent 6 weeks travelling around Thailand and visited Ethos whilst spending my last two nights in Bangkok before flying home.

Having visited Ethos and falling in love with its charm and delicious food I returned for breakfast AND lunch the following day! The food was probably the best food I had during my whole 6 week stay in Thailand!

Im not sure why it is not in the guide book I had with me... but it should be!! :-)

Pros: delicious food, wonderful atmosphere, clean and hygenic

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Bad customer service from owner - Edit

I have eaten a few times at Ethos and had a bad experience on the last occasion that I visited. When I arrived at the restaurant there was only one table available. As I walked towards this table the owner asked me abruptly if I was alone. When I said yes he became flustered and then instructed me to share different four seater table with another man as I could not have a four seater table to myself. After about one minute this man left so I decided to go and sit at the empty table as it had more comfortable seating. As I went to sit there the owner shouted "no" loudly across the restaurant in a rude and authoritarian manner. When I explained that it would make no difference which table I sat at as both were 4 seaters and that this a terrible way to treat a customer, he said that he is running a business and has to do it this way. I informed him that I would take my business eslewhere and he told me to do that without offering any kind of apology. It's a shame that I had this experience as the food has always been good when I have eaten there before. However I am not prepared to eat somewhere where the owner doesn't value individual customers because I he is thinking about maximum profits. I would personally recommend that people (particularly if they are dining alone)eat at Number One or Mai Kaidee's, which are both vegetarian restaurants on the same street with delicious food and excellent customer service.

3 Responses

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PauPau 22 Feb 2013 - Jacob, i have eaten there about ten times and had TWO unpleasant experiences with the owner. One like yours, with being redirected to another table, which just isnt nice. Its like squeezing the joint to make an extra buck with little regard for your customer. Second encounter, when paying i asked for the receite because i want to take it home, sounds pretty normal, right ? well, turns out that "he needs it for his administration" so he refuses to give it, instead starts a very unpleasant argumentation. I just want the receite, its very normal to give your customer the receite. Its just unbelievable the rudeness that he actually starts arguing with his customer and makes his customer feel bad. I NEVER will visit that phoney place again. Better go to May Kaidee next door.

ethos 22 Feb 2013 - I remember these experiences well because they are so rare. The vast majority of customers are delighted to share a table, enjoy meeting others and socializing. One person met her future husband at Ethos and thanked me profusely for being the host! It is true that during the peak season of January we have a policy to ask people coming alone to share tables. It's not about net profit but allows us to satisfy more people and give them better value. If we didn't do it we would have to either cut down on ingredients, charge more per meal, or pay our staff a lower salary. We can't accomodate anti-social people who like to take the favorite tables all for themselves during peak times in January. However, we will have a lot more seating space available in late 2010 and Jan 2011 after expanding into the second floor!

Jacob Matthews 22 Feb 2013 - Hi Ethos owner. You've clearly missed the point of the above posts. My main issue was with the rude and abrupt manner in which you spoke to me, for which you offer no apology. If I were in your position I would be concerned that two customers had had a bad experience in my restaurant and that they had been unhappy with the customer service. Instead you try to put the blame on the customers by labelling them as 'anti-social' and suggest that they are somehow selfish for wanting a decent table when it is free. Once again, I can only reiterate that customers would be better seeking good quality vegetarian food in May Kaidee's or Number One Restaurant next door.

Vegan heaven in Bangkok! - Edit

I've now been to Ethos on 4 separate occasions and have always left full to the brim. Highlights off the menu include the falafels, banana coconut shake, apple crumble and custard ... mmmm! It has a homely feel, but could do with a new coat of paint so that the interior matches up to the quality of the food. Can't wait to go back!

Pros: Large portions, Friendly staff, Filling food

Cons: Interior needs a revamp/ lick of paint, Takeaway was in polystyrene containers

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best thing about ko shan - Edit

good vegetarian and vegan options, in a really quiet street that helps you forget about ko shan. really helpful staff and also really cheap cocktails (100 baht). get in there early for the hummous, i keep missing out!

Pros: good vegan, good cocktails

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Delicious, amazing, well priced place- five star! - Edit

Ethos is one of the highlights of eating in Bangkok, for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Located in a quite, charming alley near the hub of Khao San Rd, it is a scrumptious escape with delicious food, great variety, good value, a lovely atmosphere and free Wifi.

The food is an oral orgasm! We've been there many times on multiple trips, and the highlights definitely are:

- The Vegan Lasagna: made with silky tofu and richly-flavoured vegetables, and served with...

- Garden Salad: sure, it's just lettuce, cucumbers, tomato and cabbage; but what makes this the best salad in Bangkok is the drool-worthy dressing. Ask for extra dressing!!

- The Banana/Coconut Cream Shake: Oh. My. Goodness. This is the most mind-blowing drink on the menu. Simply amazing.

- The Arabic Iced Mint Tea: Cool, refreshing, unique and cheap. What more could you ask for?

- The Chocolate Cake with Vegan Coconut Cream: moist, rich and mouth-watering. Enough said.

- The Apple Crumble served with Coconut Custard: WOW! The crumble is crumbly, the apple is perfect, the coconut custard is creamy and smooth... in a nutshell, this dessert is to die for. In fact, it's worth travelling across Bangkok for, if not the whole of Thailand!

Whether or not you usually eat vegetarian/vegan food, go to Ethos. It's worth it. Your taste buds will be doing a happy dance for the rest of the day!!

P.S. In response to some of the negative comments from the past: the owner of Ethos has since changed and turned the whole place around. It has an amazing menu, is a great place to relax, and offers free internet to boot without the pressure of having to order. If you find the service is slower than you'd like, simply go up to the waiter, manager or any other staff member and tell them what you want! A big smile and friendly attitude will get you everywhere, as with anywhere in Thailand :-)

Pros: Excellent Food & Great Value, Fantastic Variety, Free Wifi & Lovely Atmosphere

Cons: Occassionally slow service

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nice calm retreat in bangkok - Edit

This place has a really nice welcoming chilled out vibe. The food is simple and wholesome (the bun for the veggie tofu burger was freshly baked - the burger was really good). My girlfriend had the aloo gobi and we also tried the sweet n sour tofu - both of these were really good. Nothing stunning, but a really nice little veggie/vegan restaurant all the same, especially if you're missing western food or are struggling to find decent veggie food in Bangkok. I live in Bangkok and will definitely be eating here again!

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Clean, Not expensive

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Great for vegans - Edit

Down the little alley that seems to have become a haven for vegan/vegetarians away from the seedy Thanon Khao San. This is a little gem. Really friendly staff and the food is yummy. They understand what a vegan is, so there is no need to worry about hidden extras! The place is a little ramshackle and some of the seats are a little uncomfortable, but that just adds to its charm!

I recommend the chocolate cake if you are missing a piece of home, as this is not the traditional quisine by any stretch of the imagination!

Give it a go! Oh and also try the fresh juices, you can trust them not to add the local water!!!

Pros: great food, friendly staff, good cake

Cons: little scruffy

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My new favorite place.. - Edit

Usually when I make the journey over to Khao San Road, May Kaidee's is my restaurant of choice...until a few weeks ago. Wow, this place is awesome! The veggie burger and panang curry were amazing, and the "famous" apple crumble coconut cream dessert did not disappoint -- it was by far the best dessert i've ever had in my life. If the BTS went to khao san road i would probably be at this place every night. Highly recommend!

Pros: Extensive Menu, Friendly Staff, Nice Ambiance

Cons: Limited Seating

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Best veggie-burger in the world & free wifi - Edit

Their veggie-burger is seriously the best I have ever tasted, and I am a connoisseur of such things :) Their drinks are also great - their iced tea is made with fresh (mint?) leaves. Also, its totally chill - I was there for hours surfing their free very fast wifi, and they never pressured me to buy anything beyond the burger.
They are located right next to Khao Sahn Road, on the burger kind side (make left at burgerkind, take first alley on right and don't be fooled by the other "vegetarian" restaurant you see first.)

Pros: Free wifi, Comfortable seating, Best food ever

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Fantastic Place - Edit

I would highly recommend this place. It has a lovely atmosphere, really great food, and is a really nice escape from the hustle of Khoa Sahn Road as it's totally unique.

Good prices and the vege food is delicious and it even has a quick Thai lesson on the menu for ordering vege food! Almost considering a trip down from where I live in Chiang Mai just to visit this place again.

Pros: Good food, Good price, Good atmosphere

Cons: None

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excellent! - Edit

we went here for dinner last night and discovered this gem. the food is delicious (range of thai and western vegetarian/vegan dishes), fresh, and prepared with a lot of love. the portions are more than generous and the value and price are great. can't wait to go back!

Pros: fresh and tasty food, good value, big portions

Cons: hidden from main rd., so spread the word

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To Die For! - Edit

I have eaten at Ethos, on the street behind Burger King, about 5 times on this trip. The service is quick, the food is excellent! The apple crumble with coconut cream custard is TO DIE FOR! I haven't ordered desseert in a restaurant for about 25 years because I don't like the cheap nutritionless ingredients. I ordered the apple crumble here because it has wholesome ingredients, and it was well worth it. The people are very friendly. The Ethos burger is excellent. Everything I've had here has been great. I can't understand the poor reviews unless it was before the present owner took over.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly service, Good prices

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Great Place! - Edit

Upon arriving in Bangkok I was hungry and exhausted, and relieved to find Ethos easily with direction from other reviews. Ethos has a wide range of Thai and Indian food. I really liked the laid back atmosphere. They have lots of quotes on cruelty-free lifestyles, which was very refreshing. I loved the Aloo Gobi and Dal, but the Pakora wasn't great. They have brown rice, which is a rarity when traveling in Thailand. I also recommend the oatmeal with coconut milk - yum!

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What's Not Great? - Edit

I was after some true western food. It has it - a very big range - as well as Thai food. And cooks it well. It's really cheap too, and not at all hectic.

Pros: cheap, tasty, relaxed

Cons: language barrier

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Ethos at Khao San Rd - Edit

I am astonished that someone could write a negative review about Ethos. I was so happy with the place that I left double my usual tip. The food was great, free internet, very nice chilled atmospher, easy to meet others. The spring rolls are to die for, as is the Tom Kha soup. It was a real oasis for me. I didn't notice a waiting problem, but even if I did, the food would have been worth the wait. Total thumbs up, I just wish I had found Ethos earlier in my BangKok stay.

By the way, just around the corner from Khao San Rd, when you go down to the end of the lane, turn left and it's about three shops down on the right. Don't go to the first veg cafe straight ahead, as it also has meat dishes. Just love those Ethos spring rolls.

Also, for westerners, the prices are ridiculously cheap for what you get.

Pros: Chilled Ambience, Tasty fresh food, Free internet

Cons: Slightly hard to find

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Impressive menu but little to show for it - Edit

I visited Ethos only once and after spending some time in Bangkok felt like something western for a change. Sadly the restaurant lacked ingredients: I would have wanted some tofu burger and fries, mango lassi and chocolate cake with home-made ice cream but the waiter told me they only had tofu burgers. So I opted for a pineapple shake (mmm, great) and did a little internetting (it's free here) in this cool atmosphere and went someplace else to dine.

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friendly laid back kind of place - Edit

And a very good place to relax, and enjoy your evening. We ate here several times while in Bangkok, and suggested it to friends. Everytime we ate here, we fell into casual chats with those around us, as it has such an open atmosphere. Though the service is slow, and there was only one man we every saw serve, cook and clean, he was super friendly. The Shepherd's pie and chai made for a nice light dinner.

Pros: Comfortable seating, Diverse menu, delicious food

Cons: Service is slow

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