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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers a few vegetarian breakfast and brunch options.

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First Review by gr8vegan


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11 Nov 2023

Tomato Gravy?

Would have liked more options. We were there for breakfast and I ended up putting together a few sides to get tempeh and tomato gravy, which is quite like tomato sauce, plus coleslaw. The staff was friendly but we waited quite a while for our orders even though it was not packed when we were there. There was another day where we noticed a lot of people waiting so probably best to either go early or off-times.



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02 Jul 2023

Highly overrated

Don’t understand how this is place rated so well. Several vegan options, but no flavor in any of them. It looked so promising but disappointed.


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15 Jun 2023

Almost but not quite

I tried the tofu scramble. It was good, but they were out of all vegan bread except GF white toast. There wasn’t vegan butter, so I added jam. It also came with grits or fries. I chose grits because I eat fries too often. They normally come with dairy-based cheese, so they were completely plain. Not great. My daughter had the roasted mushroom/veggie sandwich. It was good, but it really needed some kind of sauce. The fries were just okay. My non-veg daughter enjoyed her meal. The place was cute, and the service was friendly.

Pros: Cute atmosphere , The tofu scramble

Cons: The plain grits, The GF bread as the only option


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26 Jan 2023


It was just ok. They were out of a lot of things.


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14 Dec 2022

Decent breakfast spot, but be careful ordering

We went here for breakfast and I quite liked my meal, the tofu scramble. Unfortunately the grits I got as part of the meal had cheese, as I mistakenly assumed a menu item marked vegan would fully meet that description, sides included. I asked the server after getting my food and they confirmed mine came with cheese, BUT you can order them without it. You could also get a side of potatoes instead.

If you are eating vegan here I would be very clear and careful when ordering to avoid this. It looks from other reviews like other diners here have similar stories (like another reviewer, my toast also came with a wrapped pat of real butter, if you want to avoid that).

Pros: Good tofu scramble, Old-fashioned diner style food and atmosphere

Cons: Meals marked vegan may not be carefully made so, Verify with your server if vegan


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11 Dec 2022


Service was good. Options were clearly marked… but my vegan plate arrived with a wrapped pad of actual butter and a biscuit that was clearly not vegan…


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20 Oct 2022

So inconsistent

Sooo inconsistent! Food will be amazing then horrible honestly a 50/50 chance if it will be good or awful. Too expensive to keep trying will not go back anymore. Also unsure with the inconsistency if the food is also vegan and not made with butter. BEWARE!


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02 Jun 2022

Gotta visit!

Loved it! I got the grits with the veggies. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pros: Several vegan options, Really tasty, Quick


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28 May 2022

Super friendly people, alright food

Not a whole lot of vegan options. The staff is were lovely and knowledgeable. I had the grit cake, and that itself was a bit bland, but the gravy and veggies on it were spectacular. Also super long wait.

Pros: Awesome staff

Cons: Long wait , Not too many vegan options


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28 Apr 2022

Nice vibe, ok food

Staff is awesome and place has a nice vibe. I felt the vegan options were a little confusing and not clear. As far as the food it was just ok.


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20 Mar 2022

Favorite breakfast spot in AVL

Best tofu scramble and potatoes!

Pros: Great vegan options, Awesome flavors

Cons: No vegan butter for toast


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16 Dec 2021

Staff is very nice

Tofu scramble was great, tempeh was pretty bland


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15 Dec 2021


I loved the tofu scramble! Possibly one of my favorite tofu scrambles ever. Nice service and atmosphere.

Pros: Decent amount of options, Good service , Good food!


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13 Nov 2021

Best tofu scramble ever. Nice staff. Delicious jams for biscuits.

I got the tofu scramble with potatoes and biscuits. It was a huge plate and so delicious. Came out steaming hot with local preserves for the biscuits. Delicious.

Pros: Vegan options , Cool spot , Friendly staff


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05 Sep 2021

Grits dish!!

Loved the grits dish! So many amazing yummy flavors and incredibly filling!


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09 Apr 2021


While in Asheville I ate here three times. The atmosphere and food was great. My favorite dish that I had was the vegan breakfast bowl. It was superb!


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04 Apr 2021

Blended Review

I have been to Early Girl many times, even with my family from California, who are super health conscious, but also Omni, so they said it was a “nice Southern breakfast”. As a vegan, their options are limited, however, the adjustments are clearly stated on the menu. If you are in a hurry, or extremely hungry, this is not the place for you. Even prior to COVID restrictions, there was always a long wait time. I found my most recent visit to be very frustrating mainly because there was a 1.5 hour wait for a table for 2, and when we finally got a table, it was a table with 6 chairs. I felt ridiculous as larger parties were being turned away and left to wait longer. Once you’re seated and order, there’s also a long wait before the food is ready. First off, their coffee is terrible. They offer raw sugar and oat milk, but it does not help the coffee. If you order water, they actually put ice in it (which is strange for Asheville), but I prefer ice in my water. The tofu breakfast is very good, however, a bit oily, and it could use a little more tofu to the vegetables. They do not have vegan biscuits, but the toast is locally sourced and vegan. The organic grit cake stack is one of the most amazing dishes I have ever eaten, and it is a true work of art! I’ve lived in the south my entire life, but I despise gravy. Their tomato gravy is apparently a southern staple that I was never introduced to, and even better, they have recipes available online. Despite any of the negatives, I’d wait 1,2, even 3 hours for this dish! They’ll text you when your table is available, and there’s plenty of shopping to do while you wait.

Pros: Tomato Gravy!

Cons: LONG wait


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02 Feb 2021


So good. Everything blew my mind. They have the almond milk baileys too!


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23 Nov 2020

Wonderful dish!

I have read some less than stellar reviews here and I wonder if we dined at the same location. I had one of the best dishes I have eaten in quite awhile at Early Girl—the grit stack. Even my non-vegan husband raved about it. It is often difficult for us to agree on a restaurant so I appreciate they serve both vegan and non vegan options. We will definitely return to try the other vegan options.

Pros: Reasonably priced, Fresh ingredients, Vegan options

Cons: Few vegan breakfast options


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18 Sep 2020

Good option!

I got the Veggie Breakfast Bowl with tempeh and it was pretty good!! It was a very healthy taste, so if you’re looking for a more indulgent option, I would not suggest. It was a perfect lunch for a hike though!

Pros: Vegan Coffee Cocktail

Cons: No vegan cheese


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10 Jul 2020

Limited vegan options

Limited vegan options but still pretty good. Probably wouldn't be my first choice, however they did allow us to dine in which was great.

Cons: No vegan cheese or creamer for coffee


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31 Jul 2018

Not my first choice

Nothing special. Few veg options and service was mediocre. Food was not served very hot and that is a deal breaker for me. Basic veg options are granola, tofu scramble, avocado toast and a few tempeh options. My husband did Have the tofu scramble and it was actually very good if that is what you are in the mood for. Setting Is very basic. With so many amazing options in Asheville, you can decide if this is right for you. Server was nice enough but seemed new. Couldn’t make recommendations.

Pros: Decent tofu scramble

Cons: Food not served hot , Mediocre service , Out of many menu options


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28 Dec 2017

Nice, homey place with decent vegan options

We've been to Early GIrl many times now, especially for breakfast. We love the atmosphere and the service is usually really good. Depends on the server. Ask for Lena! She's the best. I usually order the tofu scramble. Hubby orders the same only substitutes tempeh for tofu. We are low salt, low fat, so I ask for no salt and little oil and it's always perfect. They have a vegan bread which I order with a side of avocado in place of butter. They also offer soy milk for our coffees and, if you ask for it, they will bring you Annie's ketchup (organic). We love the coffee here! It's strong, how we like it. They also have a decent veggie burger which is house made.

Pros: homey atmosphere, usually good service--caring & friendly, will work with you on menu items to your tastes

Cons: usually a VERY long wait for breakfast. Go early!, not very many menu items are vegan


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06 Dec 2017

Not many options

This is a VERY limited place for vegans and even vegetarians. The service is mediocre at best and the food doesn't knock your socks off. If you want granola or a tofu scramble, this is your place. If you want something more creative, pick another spot.


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Mostly Veg
13 Jul 2017

Good Eats, Terrible Java

My husband and I both enjoyed our meals. I had a vegan tempeh sandwich that was super yummy with a side of black eyed peas. There are several vegan options on the menu and the atmosphere is sunny. Lots of primary colors and great local art on the walls. Friendly staff. The coffee was awful, in our opinion. I am spoiled from working as a barista in the past, but my husband (who is a gas station coffee guy) also thought the java was terrible. Overall, great food and would definitely go back again, but order tea instead!


28 Dec 2017

Thanks funny. My husband and I go there because we LOVE their coffee... haha! Different strokes!


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26 Jun 2017

One of my favs

Whenever I am in town I always hit the early girl. Is it long lines and mediocre service yes, but the food is so good I am willing to over look that. Not tons of choices for vegans but Im a vegetarian and everything I have had from here is amazing. Try the vegetarian herb gravy or the veg breakfast bowl!! SOOO GOOD!

Pros: Delicious food, Decent prices

Cons: Long lines, so so service


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14 May 2016

Lots of options, okay service

Lots of options for vegans and they are happy to accommodate you. We waited a LONG time to get in here because they catered to me and my meat-eating dad. After about an hour they apparently gave our table away - which upset us and we didn't find out about this until maybe half an hour later. I think we finally sat down almost two hours after we put our name down. Not worth the wait but was happy with the food. I probably would not return, especially not on a weekend when they were packed.

Pros: Lots of options, Pretty good food

Cons: Long wait, Okay service

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