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Vegetarian restaurant. Falafel is served in a pita with vegetables and sauce and is vegan (you can choose the degree of spiciness). Oat, soy and coconut milk are available for coffee. Previously named Kofi. Reported October 2020 to be fully vegan. Open Wed-Fri 11:30-16:00, 17:00-20:00, Sat 12:00-16:00. Closed Sun-Tue.

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First Review by itsalyse


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14 Oct 2023

Some of the best falafel outside the middle east

Amazing fresh falafel. Genuinely some of the best falafel I have eaten outside of the middle east



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05 Apr 2023

Bish bash bosh

Does what it says on the tin. A falafel pita for €8 or half for €4.50, which tastes, in my opinion, better than the other falafel kiosk around the corner. I asked for spicy and it wasn't that spicy for me. The bread is just right. Just be aware that it sits on the side of the road with the bridge, regardless of what the map says.


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06 Jan 2023

Best pita falafel in Amsterdam

The best falafel of the city! #Veganuary


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03 Dec 2022

Excellent Falafel

I really love falafel, so on my recent trip to Amsterdam I decided to try out Dr Falafel as it had many great reviews on various other foodie sites. The cook basically prepares your falafel pita, adds all the veggies, sauces and toppings to you pita.

The falafel pita was I ate there was a feast of flavours, all of the individual constituents seemed freshly made (not store bought) and it seemed to me that the cook made the dish with an actual passion, pride and respect for the middle eastern ways of preparing it, i could certainly taste this in the final dish. Nowadays this is a quite rare phenomenon, certainly in Amsterdam, especially in places where you can get a bite to eat sub 10 euro's.

I'll definitely pop around the next time I'm in Amsterdam.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff


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10 Nov 2022

The doctor fixed me up

Good pita! Super fresh. Nice owner.
€7 (or €4 for half a pita).


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09 Oct 2022

My nr. 1 Falafel in my home town Amsterdam

I simply love Dr. Falafel. I live in Amsterdam for more than 20 years now and dr. Falafel is my favorite place to get a pita. The every pita is made with falafel balls, that come straight out of the fryer. The taste is somehow just a bit more smooth than most falafel. The tahin and the spicy is perfect. This food makes me happy.


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20 May 2022

Nothing special

The falafel are decent but not outstanding, the price is okay. There's better and cheaper falafel to be had in Amsterdam


29 Jun 2022

Sorry to hear you didn’t like it! Luckily, indeed there’s indeed other places for you to choose from.


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26 Oct 2021

I need medicine pls Help mister Falafel

Such great falafels.. if u want the best of the best... get those 🙋‍♀️


29 Jun 2022

Tnx so much Berni!! Much appreciated! 🤗🙌🤩


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01 Jun 2021

really nice

super good falafel and decent prices. the dr is a pretty confident man as his menu only consists of falafel and rightfully so.


29 Jun 2022


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17 Sep 2019

Delicious, cheap lunch

Great falafel, and it's only 6 euro for a whole or 3 euro for a half. We eat here a few times a month. Spice level is customizable, and the spicy is *actually* spicy, unlike a lot of places in AMS. It's a great meal to grab on the go if you're walking in Oud West.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty , Friendly


29 Jun 2022

Thanks Alyse!! Great to hear! 🤩🤗🙌

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