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Serves meat, vegan options available. German restaurant franchise with emphasis on simple, healthier food. Vegan items are clearly labelled on the menu and offers dishes with planted.chicken! as well as vegan harvest roast vegetables, various salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, cold pressed juices, smoothies, and coffee with a plant milk option. This is a take-out only stand located at Hauptbahnhof's ground floor, close to the Bayerstrasse exit. Also open on public holidays. Open Mon-Fri 07:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-21:00.

19 Reviews

First Review by Ricardo


Points +46

12 Oct 2023

Sweet potato sandwich and cappuccino

Decent sandwich and good coffee. I would recommend if you are looking for some plant based food in Munich main station

Pros: Fast, Variety , Taste



Points +67

01 Sep 2023

Super für unterwegs

Das Angebot insgesamt ist gut, zu meinem Zeitpunkt gab es allerdings nur einen veganen Salat. Geschmacklich finde ich alles, was ich bisher bei Dean & David gegessen habe, gut, durch die vergleichsweise hohen Preise ist es aber einfach keine Option für jede Reise.

Pros: Gute Qualität

Cons: Nur ein veganer Salat zur Auswahl


Points +3417

20 Jul 2023

Good for a quick vegan snack

Its not so easy to get a somewhat healthy, quick, vegan snack at most train stations, so its nice if there is a dean&david. The falafel salad tasted quite good.

Cons: Rather expensive


Points +668

14 Mar 2023

Surprisingly good

I didn’t expect much from those pre-made takeaway boxes, but my vegan falafel, tahini, and pomegranate salad actually tasted super good and fresh!

With about 10€ per meal box it’s rather expensive, but just what can be expected from a food stall inside of a train station.


Points +54

29 Sep 2022

Okay if in a hurry, very expensive tho

Only one vegan options available - the falafel salad. Which was pretty expensive (10 euros) and not that much. The taste is good tho, digging the tahin sauce

Pros: Tastes well

Cons: Very expensive, Not that many options


Points +5511

05 Sep 2022

Your average Dean & David

Great place to grab a meal from before getting on the train. I did this the other day, got a falafel salad, at it tasted very well!


Points +200

18 Jan 2022

Good enough

Options were good and tasted good, especially when in a rush. Hopefully more options next time I go


Points +2191

21 Jul 2021

Awesome variety

So many options to choose from! Tried the superfoods salad with Avocado and bulgur and it was delicious. The service was super fast and efficient.

Pros: Fast service, In the very middle of the train station

Cons: A bit pricey


Points +381

28 Oct 2020


They have quite a variety of vegan options. They offer salads, bowls, sandwiches and sweets. I had the grilled vegan sandwich, which was average and nothing special. The vegan oriental wrap on the other hand was really good. The grapes and nuts give a great twist. Lastly I tried the apple pie, which was tasty as well.


Points +1748

05 Jan 2020

You can survive here

Covers the basic, one main dish, one soup, some juice, some smoothies and, soy milk.


Points +13

21 Dec 2019

Delicious and friendly

Really good grilled vegan sandwich and vegan oriental wrap (just under 4 euros each). I really liked how they combined the different tastes in the wrap - containing amongst other ingredients bulgur, walnuts, beetroot, sallad and grapes. They also had two vegan "bowls" (around 9 euros if I remember correctly), which you also could get to go. As I was looking for a lunch only I did not have a closer look at vegan pastries and desserts. I saw, however, that there were two types of vegan "raw ball"-kind of sweets for 3 Euros.


Points +98

06 Sep 2019


I had the vegan oriental wrap - you get one half piece for €3.95 which is quite bad value. Also it had grapes in it - quite a strange addition

Pros: Wrap was fine

Cons: Expensive, Small


Points +89

06 Sep 2019


Two muffins, some oatmeals (in plastic), a wrap and a sandwich are vegan. I choosed the sandwich. Some veggies on bread, a little bit boring. But they have vegan options so it‘s fine. The price is for a train station okay (3,75€).

Pros: vegan options

Cons: Nothing special


Points +462

31 Aug 2019

Highly recommend staying away from this place- they sold me frozen food

Ive had two bad experiences in a row, after the second one i just had to update this review. Originally i asked and pointed to a big carrot muffin, however she didnt seem to want to understand me and she gave me a small carrot muffin saying the other one was something else. When i went around the corner after purchasing it was actually a vegan muffin and she just couldn’t be bothered. The last time ive been there out of desperation for some vegan breakfast I returned to buy the carrot muffin and she went to the back and sold me a FROZEN MUFFIN. Luckily i found out shortly after and they said it could not be warmed up, i was left with no option than for it to be swapped with another. I don’t understand how anybody could sell someone a frozen muffin with a straight face. Terrible shop. Spend your money elsewhere

Pros: The food looks old, They sell you frozen muffins, Unfriendly staff

Cons: Busy and service isnt amazing


Points +124

05 Jul 2019

Unfriendly staff

Unfriendly staff and options were just bread and veggies.


Points +161

21 Jun 2019

Alright for a train station

the vegan grilled sandwich was just some bread with very few vegetables, but hey, at least there’s a clearly labeled vegan option in a train station!

there’s also a starbucks and sushi place with vegan options. it may be worth trying those first.


Points +685

10 Nov 2018

Not a bad fallback

I ate here twice in four days due to it being close to my hostel and having pretty open hours. Both times my food was okay but not too impressive; the wrap was nice but didn't have a lot of filling so it was very doughy, and the bulgur was tasty but was rather oily and salty. Some of the other choices seemed rather good, but for twice the price!

Pros: Extensive hours, Easy to get to, Some cheap stuff


Points +336

08 Nov 2018

Fresh and flavourful

Of the three nights we spent in Munich I ate here three times. The vegan superfood and avocado salad was delicious. Ingredients were very fresh. Presentation is good and clean. Staff very fast and friendly. There’s two vegan sandwich options and also some cold items such as chia puddings, vegan Bircher etc. I ate the vegan oriental wrap, Bircher and the raw cacao chia pudding all very delicious. Items are reasonably priced. Salads are served with two slices of fresh bread. Would recommend especially on weekends since it’s one of the few places open.

Pros: Fresh ingredients, Friendly staff, Always open


Points +15167

21 Jul 2018


This is a great spot to get vegan food for take away if you are in Munich's Central Station. Particularly if you don't have time to go all the way to a restaurant; or if you need to take the train early.

They have many vegan options including a superfoods bowl, a grilled sandwich, a wrap, and a couple of salads. They also offer some vegan desserts like mousse or chia pudding.
I had the bowl (7€) and the wrap (4€). They were both tasty; but I prefered the bowl, as it was more nourishing.

The service was quick, and the staff was helpful.
By the way, if for some reason there's no vegan food anymore (they run out sometimes), there's a Starbucks right in front. You could check there too. :)

Pros: many vegan options, good value, location

Cons: not all vegan

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