Serves meat, vegan options available. Spanish restaurant offering vegan paella. Also offers black bean soup and palm hearts salad. Specify vegan. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by chris10kors


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06 Oct 2023

Non vegan

Only the black bean soup is the only vegan option.



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27 Aug 2023

Iconic place

They have few vegan options but they are quite good. My husband and I shared the eggplant dish minus cheese and a giant- I mean giant- bowl of very well seasoned black beans with tomatoes & onions on top. We were unable to finish them. They serve with big baguettes-not sure if they are vegan. The place is iconic. Get there before or after lunch and dinner rushes, make reservations, or wait. Upscale, nice ambiance and service. Not too pricey.

Pros: Food, , Service , Ambiance


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03 Jul 2023

Most of these options are not available anymore

Beware that most of the options to people are talking about or not available following Covid. That vegan Paella is no longer, and there is no pasta and vegetables dish. There’s really nothing to speak of 


06 Jul 2023

Thank you for this- we were about to head there for the paella. Boo!


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09 Aug 2022


Hi! I’m only writing this because I worked here when I was in college many years ago. The Cuban bread had beef broth or stock in the recipe which is the same bread they use to bread the black bean cakes. When I worked there the Spanish bean soup had chorizo and a meat broth… I saw someone else saying the liked that. When I worked there my only options were black bean soup, plantains, plantanos, 1905 salad (minus meat cheese and Worcestershire sauce).


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25 Jun 2022

No more vegan paella

No more vegan options . No more delicious vegan options

Pros: Just a can of beans on a plate

Cons: Just a can of black beans on a plate


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09 Jun 2022

Great place but limited options

This is a beautiful restaurant, but there are limited vegan/vegetarian options. I was pleasantly surprised though for our family gathering. I ordered the Gazpacho Andalucia and the Eggplant “Riojana” without cheese. The gazpacho was good, but the eggplant was great. The staff was wonderful, and I would recommend this place.

Pros: Good food, Lovely staff, Beautiful restaurant

Cons: Limited options


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29 May 2022

Good, but limited options

The restaurant only has a few options, but it isn't a vegan restaurant, so this is to be expected. I had the black bean soup, which was phenomenal, and even my son loved it and he isn't a fan of beans. I also ordered the eggplant dish without cheese and it was good, but a little heavy - would have liked the eggplant to be less covered in coating and the heavy tomato sauce. That said, the sauce was yummy! Our waitress was kind and attentive and the atmosphere is very nice. It's fun to walk around downtown afterwards.


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08 Mar 2022

Very disappointing

Everyone recommended this place, but they're not vegans. Very pretty atmosphere; good drinks, warm bread. No vegan paella. Only vegan item listed was the black bean soup. It was delicious ($18). Only other item to choose was an eggplant dish ,requested w/o cheese. It was very greasy. We were very disappointed

Pros: Black bean soup was delicious

Cons: Pricey. , No vegan paella

Charlie Behrens

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02 Mar 2022

Just what we wanted

We ordered a bunch of side items and they were all delicious.

Pros: Plenty of vegan side items

Cons: Have to specify vegan


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15 Feb 2022

One vegan option

I had heard they had an option to ask for veggie or vegan paella… but was told “yeah, we don’t do that anymore”

Pros: The one and only option was delicious

Cons: But there was only one option


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10 Feb 2022

Vegan Latin food

Hard to find anything vegan in St. Augustine so we were happy to settle for some vegan Latin food. This place offers rice, black beans, fried plantain, yuca and tostones. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a dish on the menu. You have to tell them you’re vegan and they will bring you this.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-10

Cons: Limited vegan options.


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07 Sep 2021

It was ok

The atmosphere is very nice and so is the staff but the food was a little disappointing. They have one vegan option and several vegetarian options. They no longer make vegan/veg paella so the only other entrée options are black bean soup and eggplant. My husband ordered black bean soup appetizer and it was basically black beans and rice, not soup imo. We both ordered the eggplant as a entrée and to make it vegan we had to ask for no cheese. When it came to the table it was 3 pieces of eggplant, not 3 eggplants 3 round pieces of eggplant for $22. The flavor of it was good but not $22 good. My husband was looking up other places to eat because he was still hungry. So my takeaway is if you're with a bunch of omnis or vegetarian then there are options for you. But if you're strictly vegan then save your money. Only gave 3 stars for staff and atmosphere.

Pros: Vegetarian options

Cons: Expensive for what you get. And 1 vegan option


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09 Dec 2020

No Regrets here

I would give 5 stars if Happy Cow allowed but since it is not 100% vegan we are only allowed 4 stars. No regrets. Plenty of food that is healthy and delicious.

Pros: Delicious, Charming atmosphere

Cons: None


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23 Jul 2020

Decent Veg Options, Nice Atmosphere

Of course I always prefer to eat at vegan restaurants, I visited Present Moment Cafe in St Augustine a few years ago and loved it! But this time I went with my parents and Columbia has been one of their favourite restaurants for years, so I joined them. There are a few Vegan and Vegetarian options available! You can get Cuban Black Bean Soup, Spanish Bean Soup (both vegan) or black bean cakes, and stuffed mushrooms (my mom ordered this, they are vegetarian). Lovely veg items but of course more would be fantastic. They do normally carry a Veggie Paella but they didn't have it when I went. Great Sangria though!


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07 Jul 2019

Used to love this place, but not as good as I remember

I have been coming here for my birthday dinner for the last 3 years (I’ve been vegan each time). I love the Black Beans 1905 dish and usually order that, but this time i ordered the vegetarian paella (specify vegan to the waiter/waitress). It was good but not over the top good. We also love the sangria & the ambiance.

Pros: Beautiful restaurant , Attentive servers , Separate vegetarian menu section

Cons: Somewhat expensive , No clear vegan options labeled


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26 Jun 2019

clear vegan options please!!

They clearly mark the menu with vegetarian options but don’t have a separate vegan marker. I was with a huge group so ordered the vegetarian paella which does not overtly contain dairy (I didn’t ask because the restaurant was packed and we were a party of 26). The dish was delicious and huge. I was stuffed and had enough to take home for another full meal. Also ordered a side of sweet plantains which were amazing. My sister got the hearts of palm salad which is a dinner salad portion and was super tasty. Others said the gazpacho and black beans were delicious as well! If it were a little slower, I would have asked for more details about the ingredients so as to be 100% sure but I felt no after effects of possibly consuming dairy so I feel okay about it.

Pros: Delicious flavors, Lots of marked vegetarian options, Excellent service

Cons: No marked vegan options


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28 May 2019

Black beans were the best

My husband highly enjoyed the black beans and rice dish. We returned a couple of times to the restaurant to have that dish. I had the paella and was not crazy about it. I felt it was a bit too much. The next time I ordered just a plain pasta and asked them to add vegetables with a little bit of olive oil and garlic sauce. Enjoy the ambience and quick service.

Pros: Beautiful, Fast

Cons: Limited options


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23 May 2019

Only one dish

Paella not vegan, breads not,


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28 Jan 2019

Cool restaurant!

I really loved their sangria and veggie paella! Super yummy and the atmosphere of the whole place is cool too

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