Organic restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and animals are welcome. Menu includes antipasto items like guacamole, bruschetta, and gazpacho plus pasta dishes. Aug 2021 reported fully vegan. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, Mon 19:30-22:00, Tue-Sat 19:00-22:00, Sun 19:30-22:00.

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First Review by Manuela


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08 Dec 2023

Not amazing

The staff was really kind but the dishes were not so tasty. We were quite surprised. Compared to these prices we expected the food to be better. We cook more varieted at the house. Sorry but it’s a no for us.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-08

Pros: Smiling staff

Cons: All fried, not freshly made dishes



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24 Sep 2023

Bad service

We decided to share some plates and the chef came out and told us she wouldn't take our order until we order more dishes


26 Sep 2023

Buongiorno, direi che non è vero che avete scelto diversi piatti … avete optato per un menu degustazione , strutturato per 1 persona, e volevate dividerlo in due, a quel punto ho spiegato che il menu era ridotto e che in due non era possibile mangiare . A quel punto la signorina di e’ rimessa i calzini e le scarpe che aveva tolto 😱😱e siete andati via senza nemmeno salutare.


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24 Sep 2023

Very good

Very good food, reasonable price and the waitress was amazing. A lady (maybe the owner) was very rude with a couple with kids because they were playing with the table light.


26 Sep 2023

Buongiorno, non penso di essere rude come voi mi definite, sono andata a togliere dal tavolo dove 2 bimbi giocavano ,non con una candela ma con una lampada ,che ritengo non sia un giocattolo! Credo anche che prima di criticare il mio operato dovreste imparare voi l’educazione, siete entrati ed usciti dal ristorante come se foste a casa vostra senza nemmeno salutare. Grazie per la recensione anche se non veritiera.


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23 Aug 2023

Good fully vegan experience, with some room for improvement

Tastefull and friendly fully vegan experience. Always nice to see that veganism is continually spreading in Italy. Reasonable price. The terrace underneath the plastic tent with a bright cold lamp was typically Italian, thus can be worked on. Taken into consideration that Italians dine with primo/secondo, the portions were still a little small with only two small tomatoes, cut in half, as garnish on my pasta eggplant ‘with tomatoes’

Pros: Broad varied menu, lots of different options, Fully vegan

Cons: Relatively small portions with little garnish, Ambience on the terrace


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21 Aug 2023

Beautiful location

Arrived here on a short trip to this beautiful town, starving and eager for an Italian dinner! We were a little disappointed by the food. It was quite tasty, but not amazing, and portions were quite small, considering the price!
The staff were very friendly though, and they gave us free starters, that were good. But the best part was the location! We sat outside, with a beautiful view of ancient architecture and a stunning sunset. I recommend it if you’re not on too tight of a budget:)

Pros: Location - view!, Staff were friendly, Quite tasty

Cons: Expensive , Small portions


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19 Aug 2023

Una vera chicca

In una regione che di vegan friendly non ha praticamente nulla, scoprire questa meraviglia nel cuore di Aosta è stata una gioia.
Bella atmosfera, personale gentilissimo e piatti deliziosi, per niente banali, di grande soddisfazione, preparati con cura.
Ritorneremo sicuramente e lo consigliamo!
Una vera chicca!

Pros: Menu vario con molta scelta , Cibo squisito

Cons: Nessuno


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09 Aug 2023

Tutto perfetto!

Cibo buonissimo, personale incredibilmente gentile!


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06 Aug 2023

Great food, nice staff, high price

It was very nice finding a fully vegan restaurant in this town. Even though we arrived soon to their closing time they took us in. The staff was super nice and friendly and they are mostly fluent in English. The patio was super nice and refreshing even in the summer.
Only downside is that the price is quite high for the size of the portions (literally 9-10 thin strips of seitan or 3 squares of soy "steak"). But overall, the food was good.

Pros: Nice ambience, Nice staff, Tasty food

Cons: Small serving sizes, High-ish prices


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18 Jul 2023

Shocking experience with verbally aggressive staff

We were eager to try out Cibo, as it had good reviews. We got there at 7:15 pm, which is when the waitress had said earlier in the day that they opened - although the sign said 7:00 pm.

As we approached the restaurant, a man who was sitting on a bench next to the entrance was vaping. As we approached, he said hello, and got up as we entered the restaurant. It turned out that this was the cook.

Seeing as we are quite sensitive to smoking, this wasn't a good sign for us. I don't understand how a cook would sit in front of his own restaurant smoking or vaping. To us, it is a sign of disrespect to customers.

When we entered, the waitress asked us if we wanted to sit outside. We were hoping to sit inside, because we want to avoid second-hand smoke while eating, as it ruins our appetite.

The waitress asked us again if we wanted to sit outside, and we said that we could have a look. She then took us out onto a pedestrian street with many passersby. We wanted to avoid this, because we know that there might be someone smoking in the area.

When I mentioned this to the waitress, she said that the inside area was closed. I asked: "So, outside is the only option?" She said yes.

Having no choice, we sat down (there were no other guests yet), but after a few seconds we noticed that there was a young man nearby smoking, and the wind blew everything to us. When the waitress came back, we told her about this and she looked annoyed. She asked if we wanted to sit inside, we said yes, and she headed back to the restaurant without really waiting for us.

When we got to the restaurant, she was complaining to the chef about us. Hearing her like that, we decided that we did not want to have dinner there. We gave her back the menu and said that we would come back some other time. Then she complained to the chef again.

When we walked out of the restaurant, both the chef and the waitress came out as well. The chef looked at us and made a sign with his hand towards his head as if we were crazy. At the same time, the waitress used the word 'cazzo', which is the Italian version of 'f*ck'. We were in shock!

From the moment that we got to the restaurant, we felt that the waitress was unfriendly and opinionated, and this culminated in her use of a swear word for us to hear.

We will file a complaint to the owners of Cibo, as such employees are the opposite of what veganism is all about: love, caring and kindness.

Pros: We never got to eat the food

Cons: Vile, verbally aggressive waitress, Disrespectful, smoking chef, No indoor seating?


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11 Jul 2023

Very nice lunch

Ciro has an very nice terrace and very good kitchen: we tried the spring rolls and the salade 👌👌👌

Pros: View, Great food, Nice waitresses


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05 Jul 2023

Nice food

Last Italian restaurant before going back to France. It was perfect, the food is very good

Pros: The food


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21 May 2023

Great restaurant!

Cibo has been the first all-vegan restaurant I’ve come across on my trip to Italy (we aren’t staying in any of the major cities). It did not disappoint! Some of the dishes were good, and some were great. I really loved the black rice in coconut sauce w/ asparagus. We also tried the spring rolls, bbq tofu, and fusilli pasta. For dessert I had the tiramisu con crema caffe. The tiramisu was AMAZING - by far my favorite thing I had. I haven’t had tiramisu since my pre-vegan days, over six years ago.

Also, if you’re a gin&tonic fan, theirs is amazing. They have fever tree tonic here, which I didn’t realize existed outside of the US. Delicious.

Pros: All vegan! Wide variety of food types, Delicious desserts, Good portions

Cons: A bit pricey


05 Jun 2023

this restaurant is currently not open on Sundays and Mondays (the 2 days we were in Aosta) please update the opening hours


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12 Feb 2023

Nice vegan restaurant!

I had a great time at Cibo today, food was nice and my desert amazing! The price of the food is understandable and worth it. What I found a bit disappointing was that you have to pay 2€ for your "dishes" and 1,5€ for regular tap water. Appart from that, really nice 😊

Pros: Fully vegan, Many items

Cons: Quite expensive


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14 Jan 2023

l'Oasi nel deserto

Nella capitale dell'ambiente che di tutela dell'ambiente sa poco o nulla, dopo paste asciutte da discount e distese di ristoranti tutti uguali e tutti ugualmente cimiteriali, ci siamo rifugiati in un Cibo a 30km dal nostro hotel per sentirci un pò a casa e abbiamo anche scoperto sapori nuovi nei primi piatti che riporto in foto.

Pros: Pietanze originali, Sapori, Personale


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08 Jan 2023

Tasty vegan restaurant

Cibo is a very welcome addition to the beautiful town of Aosta and it’s only fully vegan restaurant. I go skiing in Valle d’Aosta at least twice a year and the vegan offerings are pretty much non-existent. So I was really excited to try this restaurant and wasn’t disappointed. The food was all fresh , creative and homemade although it was a little pricey (100 euros for two starters, two mains and twice glasses of wine ) but it was New Years Eve so for that evening , the price was understandable. Really enjoyed the simple ambience and food and will definitely be coming back. #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-08

Pros: Fully vegan , Central location in Aosta , Variety of dishes

Cons: Quite expensive


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05 Jan 2023

Unexpected find

Welcoming environment, great service and tasty plant based food. I wasn't expecting to find a restaurant like this in Aosta but glad I did.

Pros: Wide selection, Consistent across all courses, Friendly environment

Cons: Easy to miss off Main Street


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04 Oct 2022

Good vegan food

All very good. A little expensive and sympathy to improve 😅✋


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15 Jul 2022

Excellent dinner on a lovely terrace

We really enjoyed the tasting menu and the predominantly Italian vegan food. I loved the vegan panna cotta! The owner was very friendly too and made the effort to communicate with us in English.


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24 Jun 2022

Great Vegan food in Italy 🇮🇹

Where vegan food in Italy is difficult, in Aosta you come to a super place at Cibo!
Super Vegan food in a beautiful restaurant and with a terrace overlooking Roman archaeology.
We’re eat here twice both time it was great..!!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-21

Pros: Great menu choices , Very tasteful , Nice decorated food on the plate

Cons: Bit expensive , Small amount of food, Ivoltini with asparagus (there was 1 asparagus)

Carsten Holz

Points +99

17 Jun 2022

Excellent dinner on outside patio with view of the mountains

Recommend tasting menu for dinner. Best value for money. A la carte dinner requires ordering the whole range of courses as portions are not particularly large and a main dish on itself does not constitute a whole meal (may consist, for example, of seitan slices and courgette). June 2022: tasting menu cost Euro 40. For a couple that's not too hungry, a la carte may be slightly cheaper. Superb dining that more than warrants the price.

Pros: Fine dining for dinner, Very friendly staff


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01 May 2022

Una sicurezza per i vegani che passano da Aosta!

Tutto molto buono e gustoso!!

Cons: Un po' costoso per le dimensioni delle porzioni


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21 Apr 2022

Lovely food and lovely service, just perfect!

Cibo is a place you wish you will find more. The hospitality is amazing and you feel more than welcome. We wanted to taste as much as we could, so we went a second evening to taste more. The pasta was a party in our mouth, it was so tasty Every dish surprised us, so if you visit aosta more than 1 day....

Pros: Vegan restaurant , Every option was a taste explosion , The staff is very professional and kind

Cons: -


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16 Jan 2022


Ottimo ristorante. Ho mangiato un primo (ottima la salsa di noci) e assaggiato quello dei miei commensali (noodles orientali). Entrambi deliziosi. Molto buone anche le chips di patate con maio veg e i biscottini di pandizenzero. Ambiente curato, personale gentile. Prezzi da ristorante, ma ogni tanto ne vale la pena.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-16


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16 Oct 2021

A hidden gem in the city center

The only vegan restaurant in Aosta is inside a courtyard in one of the pedestrian streets of the city center. It’s a bit dark because there’s not a lot of natural light coming from the few windows but the interior design was nice. I had lunch a bit late for the northern Italian standards (14.30) and the only other people having lunch there were a family coming also from Switzerland. :)
I had a super tasty soup of the day made with legumes, carrots, leeks, zucchini, black cabbage, etc.
Panna cotta was really good too!


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08 Jul 2020

Great vegan food in beautiful surroundings

We had the provencal tempeh and the steamed veggies with fried tofu. Which we’d definitely recommend. We ate outside with view on the old church tower and the mountains in the near distance. Very friendly service, too!


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20 Jul 2019

Food so so

Friendly waitress, but the food wasn’t a 4 to 5 stars level. Salad with fruit contained too much lemon and grapefruit for my taste and almost no veggies. Falafel tasted okay but not like falafel and mayonnaise is not the right sauce in my opinion. The curry tasted quite nice, but rice was missing.

Pros: Lot of options

Cons: Food is so so


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10 Jul 2019

Atmosphere not very good, food mixed

The atmosphere was not very good, since the room of this restaurant is very dark and it was very hot, even though outside it wasn't. The waitress offered us the worst table at the place when we arrived even though the restaurant way empty. We asked for another and she cleared a table where guests have left. All the other tables where people have left have not been cleaned for the entire time we have been there, which was weird.
My husband did enjoy his pasta, even though the presentation could improve. My rice noodles with vegetables have been really oily and too salty. It felt like they have been from a cheap chinese take away.
All in all not our best experience.
Maybe they could set up some tables outside, that would improve the experience a lot.

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