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Burmese, Southeast Asian

Serves meat, vegan options available. Menu includes a vegetable & tofu section. Has yellow bean tofu (soy-free). The noodle dishes can be made vegan and are marked if cannot be. Servers understand vegan diets - let them know. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Mon-Thu 5:00pm-9:30pm, Fri 5:00pm-10:00pm, Sat 11:30am-10:00pm, Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

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13 Reviews

First Review by pepperka


Points +16

05 Apr 2023

Eggplant Curry was fire

They were very respectful to my allergies and dietary restrictions. They did not cook with sesame oil, nor did they have any nuts besides peanuts on the premises.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious food



Points +1104

08 Aug 2022

The Chickpea Tofu and Mango Salad are Divine

Burmese food is one of my favorite cuisines and this restaurant is always busy because they know what they are doing! The menu specifically indicates which dishes are vegan and which can be veganized, which makes ordering super easy! We had the mango salad (a must, and we added pickled ginger to it), the tealeaf salad (exactly what you would expect), and a refreshing ginger/mint lemonade!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Unique cuisine, Friendly and fast service

Cons: Pricey, Can get busy


Points +1077

30 Apr 2022

Food is delicious

Many vegan options, I especially enjoyed the noodle dish and veggie samosas.

Pros: Great vegan options , Great vibe


Points +104

27 Mar 2022

Love it

5-stars spot for me. We go here surprisingly often for a fancy dinner night out. Definitely get on the yelp waitlist, and timing is all. It can be a (45-60 min) wait. But it’s worth it.
The sesame fried tofu, the broccoli dish, the tea peace salad, the curries, the eggplant dish. Lots of vegan choices, great drinks. All is consistently fabulous.
Service is professional and speedy.
And I love their parklet seating.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Outdoor seating, parklet , Burmese food

Cons: Not cheap, Can get very busy, long waits


26 Feb 2023

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Points +60

21 Nov 2021

Tasty - vegan options a little limited

I could eat this coconut rice every day.


Points +289

19 Aug 2020

Tea Salad!

I loved the tea salad with the coconut rice, so delicious with such a great combination of flavors. Plus they have a very easy system for pick-up during the pandemic.


Points +30

22 Jun 2019

I love this place!

One of my favorite Asian restaurants in the East Bay.

Pros: Lots of options! , Fiery Vegetables with Tofu, Tea Leaf Salad

Cons: Always crowded


Points +362

29 Jul 2018

Three words: Tea Leaf Salad

This salad makes a visit here worth the wait, just be sure to order without the dried shrimp. I usually come with friends and share it, but am always tempted to get one all to myself. I’ve had a few other dishes that I really liked, like the Fiery Vegetables with Tofu and the Samosa soup.

Pros: Decent amount of vegan options, Reasonable prices

Cons: Crowded, Parking can be difficult


Points +149

06 Jul 2017

Amazing Food & Knowledgable Staff

Really enjoyed the Yellow Bean Tofu Curry - I think the "tofu" is made from chickpeas. My boyfriend enjoyed his Rainbow Salad. Not much is marked vegan on the menu, but the staff was very knowledgable and knew off hand what could be made vegan. Probably about half could be veganized.

My non-vegan family members really enjoyed their food - except you probably shouldn't order "spicy" as your option! Burned my brother's face off.

For me, this was unique cuisine and certainly worth the trip. Be warned, the place is very busy and they do kind of try to "push" people through. But that means quick service! ;)

Pros: Quick service, Huge Variety, Totally delicious

Cons: Maybe 10 minute wait


Points +150

28 Dec 2015

Most flavorful food of my life.

Things to order: Tea leaf salad (no shrimp), rainbow salad (no shrimp), the best soup on earth, the samusa soup and the coconut rice. I dream of these items often because I moved down to LA and away from my favorite stuff. It's not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, which is unfortunate, but probably why I've been so many times. It's a place that all my friends and family enjoy going to because we can get veggie and non-veggie food, which is what happens in real life. Not everyone is down to go to vegan restaurants (their loss). Yes, the wait is crumby. Go down to Lane Splitters and get a pint while you wait. It's worth it!!

Pros: delicious veggie food, good drinks, inexpensive

Cons: serves meat, long waits, slightly claustraphobic space


Points +70

11 Mar 2015


Took some friends here for a special treat based on Yelp reviews. I was excited to try something new. As it turned out, the vegan options are very few and overly greasy and tending to sweet dishes. It wasn't bad, but nothing special. The place was packed, people were having a good time and it was loud. No problem. The problem came toward the end of our meal, before we had an opportunity to finish our entrees or order dessert: The manager asked if we could leave soon because people were waiting for tables. Whaaat? So, yeah, I'm not going back.

Pros: Popular, good service, moderately priced

Cons: only a few vegan options, Rude management, greasy food


Points +5270

26 Aug 2013


We met two local friends here for lunch as it's one of their favorite places. They made a good choice! We all started with wine and cocktails along with the lotus chips. We let our friends do the ordering and we enjoyed the eggplant, pea shoots and fiery tofu along with some amazing coconut rice. The service was good and they never rushed us even though we were taking our time ordering, etc. Definitely a place to check out if you are in the neighborhood.

Pros: tasty vegan options, wine, beer and cocktails

Cons: not all vegan


Points +83

13 May 2011


It's hard for me to decide for sure how I felt about Burma Superstar. We went on suggestion from a few friends, some of which are vegan and some not. Be warned you'll have to wait a long time to sit, and there isn't really a good area to wait unless it's nice outside. The seating situation isn't great if, like us, you're stuck right next to the bar in front of the area where the servers are walking the whole time--like trying to eat in the middle of a crowded sidewalk or something.
We made sure to tell the server we were vegan, and didn't explain in as full detail as normal since he jumped in and said he understood perfectly. The Peashoots were really really good... honestly I still think about them fondly and this was two months ago. Oh, and the coconut rice is also really yummy. But I'm 99% positive our spicy tofu dish had fish sauce or something similar. It smelled like fish and had that too-slick feeling in my mouth. We asked the server and he said there was no fish sauce, but his expression read more along the lines of "tell them what will involve the least fixing on my part." We ate some of it, but seriously... when I opened the leftovers the smell of fish just wafted out.
My suggestion would be go for the peashoots, and be extremely precise with your server. And don't take "no" for an answer if your food tastes fishy.

Pros: peashoots!, decor, location

Cons: service, seating, price

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