Part of the organic, all-vegan macrobiotic restaurant chain. Located in the Temescal district of west Oakland. Price fixed menu offering two sized plates (moderate or full), with dishes available a la carte. Also available is a simple unseasoned plate. Dessert cases feature raw pies, cookies, cakes. Offers organic wines and beers, teas and filtered water. Relaxing, serene ambiance in a compact, yet not cramped, space. Meditative background music. On street parking. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 4:30pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by MizzB


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07 Aug 2023

Healthy and filling

My husband and I were looking for someplace healthy to eat while visiting Oakland. Shangri La fit the bill perfectly. This is exactly the kind of vegan food we try to eat at home, but can rarely find in restaurants. Nothing fried here, and no fake meat, just whole grains, beans, and lots of veggies. It's a fixed price menu, including soup. The squash was especially delicious. There is self-serve hot herbal tea and water if you dine-in. We both got the full plates, and we were definitely satisfied when we finished. The ambiance was nice, with soft music and Tibetan prayer flags. The server was friendly and polite. It seems like they were doing a brisk takeout service. We would go back if in the area again.

Pros: Healthy, Good sized portions, Good value

Cons: Parking can be a little difficult



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05 Jun 2023

All vegan with healthy dining options

I recently went to Shangri-La Vegan on Telegraph. It is located in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland & is a short walk from the MacArthur BART station. Dining at an all vegan restaurant as a longtime vegan usually provides too much choice on what to get yet the opposite is true here as there is only one main entree available. The only choice is whether you want a Moderate plate for $11.95 or Full plate for $13.95. Each plate comes w/ a veggie soup. I have a hearty appetite so went w/ the Full plate.

After some time my black eye pea veggie soup arrived. It was quite alright. Some time later my Full plate arrived w/ Long Grain Brown Rice, Black Beans w/ onion & garlic, baked yams, kabocha squash, butternut squash, collard greens w/ shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, & onions, & a mixed salad w/ tofu & lemon juice agave dressing.

The food is simple & made w/o seasoning. It is all vegan, organic, & macrobiotic. I found my meal healthy, nourishing, & enjoyable. On the table were a few simple condiments that I used to spice up my meal a bit including cayenne & there was also some of the japanese sesame seed condiment gomasio that I used.

Besides the main entree there was also some homemade raw pies & baked goods.

The atmosphere here is enjoyable as Tibetan prayer flags hang overhead. Great to finally check out Shangri-La as it has been on my radar for some time. I will definitely be back!

Pros: All vegan with healthy dining options


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05 Jun 2023

Perfect Wholesome Delicious.

Wow, what incredible food! I ordered the moderate plate and it was super filling, without being overly filling, and delightfully tasty. I really love simple ingredients and the way everything was cooked it really brought out all of the flavors in a perfect way. I also recommend the chocolate pie! The staff were very lovely as well.


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18 Apr 2023


This place is great. The moderate plate is very filling. The large plate must be huge. The menu changes daily and you can check it online ahead of time but I’m pretty sure it’s always awesome.


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15 Mar 2023

Healthy takeout

What we get when we want to eat real food. Theres one plate of the day: brown rice, greens with sauce, vegetables with a sauce, small side salad, with a bean or lentil side, and a soup! (We still get 2 full portions for 2 adults)


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02 Mar 2023


Shangri-La is one of my all time favorite spots. This location is the first one I tried and I fell in love with it. The menu changes daily and is very simple and straightforward so foodies can miss it. I love it though because it makes me feel great afterwards. It's very healthy and balanced, think conscious eating. The prices are very reasonable too and the staff are awesome.


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28 Aug 2022


Absolutely delicious, super healthy food. Everything was so flavorful and satisfying and felt so good after. Love that they just have one plate per day so the food comes out quickly and no menu regret.

Fully plant based place


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26 Aug 2022

Like a home-cooked meal

This place reminds me of a restaurant named Casa de Luz in Austin. There is a set menu, so it makes it really easy to order. Your meal comes with soup and a plate of food. It tastes like a home-cooked meal and uses very natural ingredients. I really enjoyed this place. I would definitely come here often if I had one near me.

Pros: All vegan , No decision anxiety lol, Friendly staff


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22 Aug 2022

Simple, healthy, filling. The perfect meal 😌

I can't believe I hadn't tried this place sooner. The moderate plate was more than enough food even when I got it delivered. All the ingredients are so fresh and tasty. The plate is 100% gluten free, even their pies. The key lime pie is great! I'm probably going to start eating here every day.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-22

Pros: Generous portions, 100% Gluten free dinner


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01 Jun 2022

Delicious, healthy food

I was so impressed with Shangri-La for dinner tonight. The menu is like a chef’s plate, so you get some of everything on your plate. Everything was so flavorful and delicious. It’s nice to be able to get a vegan dinner out at a restaurant that is also healthful. My omnivore companions ate their meals as quickly as I did. I will be back next time I’m in the bay


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28 May 2022

Feels like home

Thank you for providing such a delicious AND healthful meal!!🙏🏿🙏🏿✨✊🏿💯🥗. Hit every single one of my taste buds. At one point biting into the roasted root veggies I entered heaven!! Unlimited herbal tea!! I'm not even a soup person and the soup was banging. After my first scoop of soup I knew I was in for a treat.

Staff was so friendly and didn't mind me constantly gushing compliments over the food haha.

Key lime pie was just alright but I'm raw vegan, our desserts can't be beat.

I wish they had a buffet, I'd move in.😂💯

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-28

Pros: Wholesome, Simple menu and they nail it, Staff fully embodies Buddhist principles


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22 Mar 2022

Exactly what I wanted

It's a humble location with very kind staff. The place was empty inside but the food blew my mind. It's comforting, like soul food, like Harbin Hot Springs food, so nutritious and delicious. I'll be bringing all my friends here. No restaurant lines on a Saturday nite on Telegraph, this is a hidden gem. Feed your soul, trust in their simple menu, you won't be disappointed.

Pros: Deliciousness , Value, Ease of ordering

Cons: They’re overpowered by other venues nearby


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05 Jul 2021


Wow...how can you make food so simple but so delicious! My body, mind & soul love Shangri-La! This is my favorite vegan restaurant EVER!!!


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07 Sep 2020

Amazing food!

At the end of our road trip we tried Shangrila. For me, it’s the best food I have had on the trip! Everything was simple/whole food and truly delicious. Will definitely come back here next time!

Pros: Simple food, Macrobiotic, Reasonable pricing


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18 Jan 2020


Very very good. Choose the size of dish and the menu is fixed.


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15 Sep 2019


FANTASTIC!!! This food literally moved me emotionally because it was so good. It was simple in its composition but complex in its flavor profile. Extremely well cooked and at an excellent price. Definitely a SCOREMUNDO. 10/10 would revisit.

Pros: Fully vegan and 100% delicious, Macrobiotic, Inexpensive


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29 Jun 2019

Delicious, simple, healthy

Everything was vegan and it didn't appear that anything was processed. Just good, whole foods. It tastes like really good home cooking and what you see is what you get.

Pros: All vegan, Generous portions, Tasty

Cons: Interior was a little bare, Not a great neighborhood


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22 Jun 2019


One of my favorite go-to restaurants when I want a soul nourishing meal. It's gluten free, vegan and organic. So good. The staff is so kind. being here just makes you want to be a better person!

Pros: healthy, organic, good value


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19 Jun 2019

Macrobiotic Sweet Place

This was my go to in the East Bay for quite some time. It’s the only macrobiotic vegan eatery that I know in town. Gluten Free menu. You have one meal for the day and also the option for a simple menu without oils etc. It’s warm comfort food owned by Tibetans.


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02 Jun 2019

Seriously love this place

Every time I return to Berkeley I have to eat at Shangri La Vegan. I love the fact that there is only one plate per day. I’be never had a bad meal there, all their food is delicious. The place is simple and real.

Pros: One meal option/day, no agonizing over orders , Very delicious healthy food , Large tables to spread out

Cons: Hard to find parking? (Not really a Con)


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29 Dec 2018

Great simple home cooked food

I assumed this was one of those vegan Chinese restaurants and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. It’s Buddhist temple food, no menu, just a collection of tasty beans, rice and vegetables. Very healthy and flavorful. Has that nice home cooked meal taste. Will definitely be back.


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28 Dec 2018

Super yummy and healthy

I love the food here - it's nearly the same every day but it's wholesome, hearty food that I don't get sick of even if I get it a few times a week. One time the veggies were quite oily but other than that the food is great and the atmosphere is quiet and calm.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: They ran out of food one time!


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16 Jun 2018

No flavor

Healthy doesn't have to mean flavorless.


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20 Jan 2018

Simple and tasty food

I came for lunch and got the large set plate. The plate was piled high, and I ate it all 'cause it tasted good. The big bowl of soup it came with was also nice. With an oatmeal cookie and the free tea, it was a very nice lunch for $14.13

Pros: Plentiful , Decent price , Freindly


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04 Dec 2017

Delicious simplicity

As other reviewers have noted the only option at Shangri-La is between the 'moderate' ($10.95) or 'full' ($12.95) plate serving.
Personally I quite liked that I didn't have to choose what I wanted.
The portion of the moderate was huge (for me). The mixed bean soup that came out first was delicious and full of flavour - I could eat it everyday!
The plate of food was healthy, and the sauce/dressing on the salad and collard greens was so yummy!
The waiter was friendly and helpful - explaining everything and emphasising that everything was vegan etc.
The drinks were help yourself cold water, hot water and twig tea.
Good atmosphere, not very crowded but there were people eating in and ordering food to go throughout the time we were there.
We tried their raw pies which were quite tasty but I wouldn't go out of my way for. The soup and meal were worth returning for though!
Only difficulty was finding parking in this busy area at Saturday lunch time but this is not the restaurant's fault.

Pros: Healthy. Vegan. Delicious!, Friendly, helpful service., Plenty of seating, clean.

Cons: Difficult to find parking Saturday lunch time


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22 May 2017

simple and healthy

If you are into very simple, whole plant-based foods with no oil or seasoning, then this is your place, but you can also order food with seasoning, salt and oil.

I ordered a very basic plate of lentils, collards, and salad. Could I have made the same thing in a pressure cooker? Absolutely, but the ingredients were still fresh.

I ended up adding some spices to suit my taste, as I am not used to such bland cooked food.

It was what I expected, but next time, I would order their larger meal with the spices and sauce.


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08 Feb 2017

healthy, filling, good value

Menu changes daily and you have a moderate or full plate option. Moderate provides a lot of food, including soup and tea. Food simple, healthy, flavorful, especially when you add some cayenne to spice it up! Would go back.

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