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Boba House

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332 Tate St, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, 27403

Asian food and drinks bar and restaurant. Offers vegetarian and vegan fare, including mockmeat dishes. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm, Mon-Fri 5:00pm-9:30pm, Sat 12:00pm-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Asian, Vietnamese

Reviews (25)

First Review by witchybrook

Epic vegan dishes - Edit

Hands down my favorite place to get vegan food. Worth the hour drive for sure.

The Asian dishes are the best items on the menu imo but their classic American fair in a vegan version (faux Buffalo chicken sandwich, etc.) also fantastic.

Pros: Delicious, fresh, flavorful food, Reasonable prices, Great service

Cons: Hours are a bit patchy

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Stay away from the meats - Edit

I've been to this restaurant several times, and as long as you stay away from the fake meats, it should be an enjoyable experience. My favorite is their mixed bowl with spring rolls.

I have deadly milk allergies, and they have never poisoned me. This place is legit.

A lot of the items on the menu are asian foods that I can't help but think would taste better if I got them from a real asian restaurant.

Pros: Attentive knowledgeable waitstaff, good food, deserts!

Cons: fake-asian food, "meats" not good

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Worth the Drive! - Edit

Boba House is 1 1/2 hours away from where I live. I went there for my birthday. Our family had an appetizer (the one with the grilled tofu and vegan chicken drumsticks), the Tate Street Melting Pot, the vegetable curry, sweet potato fries, carrot cake and chocolate mousse cake. All of it was superb!

Pros: superb food, many vegan options

Cons: Far away from me

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I have never laughed more at a menu, in a good way - Edit

This menu has spawned several jokes for one of my groups of friends. The parentheses that surround all the meat items are funny. Upon entering the restaurant, we were so tired and just couldn't get enough of the "chicken" and "beef".

That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I decided on tofu instead of the fake meat. I also tried one of their wines, but they were sickingly sweet. I would recommend this place.

Pros: Good food, Interesting menu, Calm atmosphere

Cons: Distant staff

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Boba House, Sept. 2013 - Edit

I was served satay mock chicken skewers, pad thai with mock shrimp and vegetables mixed. The sauces and seasoning were well above average in taste. I also purchased a piece of vegan amaretto raspberry cake to go. It was quite tasty with my coffee later. The amount of food was priced just right for what I paid. The resturant is snall so I'm sure reervations would have to be made for a party bigger than 4 people. It's near a college and student off campus housing which adds to its charm.
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 22, 2013

Pros: excellent food, most can be made vegan, friendly staff, Affordable

Cons: small in size, limited parking due to location

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Awesome Place for Vegans,Vegetarians,and Omnivores - Edit

My favorite restaurant hands down! The menu has a great variety of vegan and vegetarian options. However, even my avid meat-eating friends love it. My faves are lemongrass "chicken", basil "chicken", and ginger "chicken". The pepper "steak" stir fry is great too. There is no meat in the house but the imitations are fantastic. There are also great noodles, soups, and salads. The DESSERT is fantastic. The vegan chocolate cake and lemon cake are great but the raspberry amaretto is my favorite! Great Boba teas too :) Plus it is affordable. You can't beat it! Every city needs a Boba House!

Pros: Excellent taste and menu variety, Gluten Free and Allergy options, Friendly staff

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Wish we had something like this in Raleigh-Durham - Edit

Boba House gets a star just for being entirely vegetarian. Still, I can't give it 5 stars because I did have some issues. I will certainly return, but I will be a bit more careful with my selections next time.
I like the ambiance, especially the interesting lantern-type lights. The wait staff are dressed all in black, which is a nice change compared to the blue jeans and tee shirts one finds in some restaurants.
To start, my dining companion and I got the appetizer sampler. The taste was good, but the Satay Skewers were cold, and the "special teriyaki sauce" for the Celestial Tofu tasted simply like rice vinegar--no teriyaki sauce taste or consistency.
The Green Light soup was original (creamy broccoli and avocado) but overly salty.
For an entree, I wish I'd gotten something simple, like mock meat and veggies. But I opted for the Hula Pot with mock "duck." I liked the sweet potato in it, as well as the duck. However, I could have done without all the onion and basil. Also, though I asked for Mild, the dish was so spicy that I literally had to go to the bathroom two or three times to blow my nose because the spice made my nose run so much. My companion got an entree of green beans and mock "beef." She enjoyed it; I thought the green beans were a bit overcooked.
For dessert, we got vegan chocolate cake and raspberry amaretto cake. The latter had a nice raspberry taste; the former had very little chocolate taste. Both cakes were way too sweet...
Despite my being less than bowled over by the food, I am thrilled that Boba House exists, and I wish we had something like it in the Raleigh-Durham area.
Updated from previous review on Monday July 01, 2013

Pros: Entirely vegetarian, Mock meats, Friendly staff

Cons: Desserts too sweet, Too many dishes with basil in them

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Awesome! - Edit

Love love love Boba House. While I do think it would be great if they added brunch items on Sunday (and holy cow they would be busy! Chix and waffles?!?! Hello?!) I love their food! IT never grows old. I have me favorites, Mixed Bowl yum!. But even when I try something new, it might not be AS good as my favorite, but nothing diappoints. For the most part, the staff is friendly. You do have to remember that they're college kids. Some just needed a job and are completely clueless, but still nice, while others know the menu inside out. Find myself craving Boba often. They also have a frequest guest card that gets stamped per visit for $5 bucks off once its filled! Takes me no time at all to fill that card! Also, lunch menu is a good value just get there well before 3! Wouldnt let us eat once and it was 2:45! It's quirky, but I love it!!!!

Pros: Excellent food, great lunch menu, Vegan

Cons: parking

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Great on-campus option - Edit

Boba House is a wonderful option for vegans in Greensboro and surrounding areas. It's on campus, so convenient for students and to downtown. Also, certain dishes such as Eternal Bliss, the Mixed Bowl, and the Hula Pot are excellent. The appetizers are all very good.

Pros: Appetizers, mostly vegan, Friendly staff

Cons: None

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Good, but time for a change. - Edit

I have been eating at the Boba for years. Their Satay Skewers are great and my favorite entree is the Hula Pot with the "duck." The deserts are good but not fantastic. While I have enjoyed going to Boba, I think its time to change up the menu a bit, or even have some specials offered that aren't on the menu. I also wish they'd do something different like offer a brunch. If you've never been before, it's worth the visit. I've just found I don't go as much as I used to because its gotten a bit boring.

Pros: Good Selection, Nice staff

Cons: Parking , old menu

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Love this place!! - Edit

Love this place! Food is wonderful and the employees are always very nice and attentive. I have even taking meat-eating friends there and never heard one bad thing about their meal. I live 40 mins aways and still make the drive to go to this establishment. The only downside is parking sometimes because it is near the college but it is well worth it!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly Staff

Cons: Parking

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We love Boba! - Edit

Boba House is a great restaurant. It has a nice ambiance, the food is varied and mostly very, very good. They are a vegetarian restaurant, but you can get almost anything vegan.

Definitely go for the "chicken;" it's the best. Avoid their tofu; it doesn't seem to be prepared as well as the rest of their analogs. I suggest trying the Eternal Bliss. It's awesome! Have their spring rolls for sure and have their Kaluha cake for dessert. It's vegan and delicious.

Pros: Delicious, Great Ambiance, Great Staff

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Nice - Edit

Dropped into Boba House today with some friend. Close to the university and a cozy place. Lots of options on the menu and most can be made vegan. The drumsticks were nice and the Hawaiian Chicken was really nice. Looking forward to going back and trying other items. Only drawback was we were seated near the blender for the iced teas which were a popular item that night. :)

Pros: Price, Good food, Fast

Cons: Blender noise for teas

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Excellent - Edit

I enjoyed my food very much. I ordered the appetizer sampler with chicken fingers, satay skewers, and calamari. I loved everything except the calamari. It wasn't bad, but I was underwhelmed. My entree was peppered beef and onions. It was amazing! My friend had a shrimp salad. I was surprised at how great the shrimp tasted! Another friend had the rainbow salad that he said was really tasty. I was too full to try dessert. That will be on my agenda for my next visit.

The restaurant is quaint, and the service was wonderful and friendly. The prices were not bad either. I expected it to be more expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised. My lunch entree was only $6.99. Dinner prices were comparable to many other places ($10.00+) I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant if you're ever in Greensboro.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Friendly staff

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Yum! - Edit

I love Boba House. I've driven to Greensboro just to eat there on several occasions. The menu is selection is great. Try the Celestial Tofu. It is sooo delicious! You'll love it. Everything I've tried on the menu is great.

Pros: great food, great service

Cons: none!

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High Expectations, Low Quality Food, Bad Service - Edit

Most of the food in this restaurant is supposed to be Asian influenced. However the execution falls very short. The dishes that we got relied much too heavily on the sauce and did not let the individual ingredients shine. Also the mock chicken that was part of the dish was sliced more like fish (wide and thin fillets). This was very odd and did not have the right texture.

To top it off they were using basmati rice which is not sticky and used for Indian food (you cannot pick up basmati with the chopsticks they provided) when they should have been using Thai jasmine rice or Chinese sticky rice. On the way out I asked one of the cooks what type of rice they were using and he didn't even know!!!

Also, they just gave us a tiny little serving of rice on our plate. Every other place I have ever been that serves Asian food brings you rice separately, and will give you free refills. For Boba House to just give a little small spoon of rice on each plate screams STINGY!

To top it off, the service was inattentive and the floors were dirty. Oh yes, did I mention that we went at LUNCH TIME yet were forced to pay DINNER PRICES just because it was a Friday??? What the hell? This is not printed on the menu anywhere, we didn't find out until we tried to order a lunch serving (this was at 12:30) and the waitress said "We only serve dinner portions on the weekend".

For the prices they charge ($$$$$) we expected much better food and service. It is obvious they have amateurs cooking in their kitchen. I have had meals at true vegan Chinese restaurants where the meal tasted twice as good for half the price. Boba House is simply not up to par. Very disappointing!

Pros: NONE


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Great spot if your in the area - Edit

On my recent trip to NC my first stop was Greensboro. Having lived in nearby Winston Salem 12 years ago I was really excited to learn about Bobo House. There is a great atmosphere inside and the food did not disappoint. The friendly server recommended the "crab" puffs, which were pretty tasty. For entree I had the Hula Curry Pot w/ faux duck. I was unsure about getting the faux duck but since I have absolutely no taste reference I figured it wouldn't gross me out and it'd be nice to try something different. They were tender pieces of ?? something and the curry sauce was divine. This place did not disappoint, though a bit out of the way in a college area. Totally worth the trip.

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Finally GREAT vegetarian food! - Edit

My wife and I went to Greensboro and stopped in for Lunch. We both give it 5 happy cows. I would suggest their food to anyone. I had the curry and my wife had the madness noodles (or something like that). Of course I ended up eating most of the noodles and she ate most of the curry. The curry was with "duck", no its not really duck......
Parking was a little had to find since it's right there at the college.
Great selection and a wonderfully attentive staff.
This has been the best vegetarian restuarant we have ever been to!!!

Pros: FOOD, selection, staff

Cons: parking, needs some fixing up

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LOVE! - Edit

I love Boba House. They have the best vegetarian food I've ever had. The fact that they can make most everything on the the menu vegan makes me love them more. When I go vegan (one day!) I will still be able to eat there!

Pros: celestial tofu, ginger 'chicken', good service

Cons: none!

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I love it - Edit

I just visited Boba House for the first time, and like somebody else has described, I ate a very satisfying meal - something I thought wouldn't happen at a restaurant since I've become vegan. Overall, I am quite impressed! There's a lovely atmosphere; nice waitstaff; healthful, diverse, totally vegetarian (and can be prepared vegan), yummy entrees; and vegan desserts! I had chocolate cake, and it was awesome. Not only the taste; I mean too the very fact that I could actually eat chocolate cake without having to try to make it myself. My entree was amazing, too. I was hesitant about ordering it with "duck" but did, and it was enough like tofu to keep me from feeling queasy, so it was great.

Pros: all-vegetarian, decent prices, delicious

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Excellent restaurant - Edit

I went here while in Greensboro for a few days. This place is a vegetarian's dream. I wish it were in Charlotte! The food is great and everything on the menu is vegetarian/vegan. I only got to go twice, but both meals were topnotch. I'll go again if I'm ever in the area.

Pros: Good food, EVERYTHING'S vegetarian!, Good prices

Cons: Parking is hard to find

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Love Me Tender - Edit

I tried the "duck" and it was the first thing I've had since becoming vegetarian 10+ years ago that I would describe as 'tender'. It was a little unsettling at first, but quite impressive. Overall, we had a great meal and will go back. Not too far from I-85 if you are travelling through and need a food break. We plan our drive around making sure we stop here.

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