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Serves meat, vegan options available. Fast food burger shop offering the Impossible Burger with vegan sauce. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by MissMichaela


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17 Feb 2024

Impossible + Vegan Shakes!

I love that they have vegan options, including milkshakes! The Impossible burger is delicious, their fries are crispy, and the vegan fry sauce is so good! They have a covered, heated outdoor patio for winter dining as well.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-20

Pros: Vegan ice cream



Points +1587

13 Dec 2023

Impossible Burger

This place knows what they’re doing. They cooked the Impossible Meat the correct way and add Vegan Pepperjack. Loved it.


Points +92

22 Aug 2023


Lots of vegan options and a whole list of vegan milkshakes!


Points +109

11 Jun 2023

Tasty Burger

Amazing impossible burger with super melty vegan cheese and vegan special sauce. They also have a ton of vegan desserts (milkshakes, cones, and more). I would pass on them unless you love coconut as they have coconut base and taste very coconut forward.


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20 Dec 2022

Great Impossible Burger

These guys have an amazing impossible burger that you don’t have to “hold the toppings.” They have vegan Mayo, vegan fry sauce, vegan cheese. I haven’t tried the shake, but if you are wanting a greasy, vegan burger and fries, this is definitely the best!

Pros: Vegan cheese, You don’t have to order it dry, Greasy goodness

Cons: Drive through can be pretty busy (but moves fast)


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08 Nov 2022

Great impossible burger

Great Impossible burger and the vegan shakes are amazing

Pros: Impossible Burger, Chocolate shake

Cons: Shakes are too small


Points +684

19 Aug 2022

And a pup cup???

You could say that my experience resulted in a slew of emotions. Bewildered and amused at the question of whether or not I also wanted a pup cup (a tiny ice cream cone with a milk bone garnish). Thankful and possibly spiritual at the gooey bites of my vegan grilled cheese. Pure anger and disappointment as a fly landed on the last bite of my burger.


Points +49

11 Apr 2022

Lots of options!

They have a veggie and impossible burger, as well and multiple vegan cheese options and sauce options. The food was super fresh and delicious!


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13 Nov 2021

I would sell my soul for big bun

This place is dangerously delicious. All of the classic fast food grub in vegan form. I usually get a vegan burger and the vegan fry sauce is a must. Tots & fries are good too! Like others have said the Shaka are made with coconut so if you like that flavor then they are good. Their vegan ice cream cookie sandwich is also💥. Staff are great and helpful every time we go (which is often lol)

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-10

Pros: Lots of options, Summertime huckleberry shake is great! , Locally owned!

Cons: Onion rings are not vegan :(


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06 Nov 2021

Vegan Friendly!

Impossible burgers with choice of two vegan cheeses and vegan dressing, tater tots, and vegan shakes! Our whole family loves this place. Highly recommend!!!


Points +300

08 Oct 2021

Not bad for fast food!

Got gf vegan burger, bun, fries, fry sauce and real berry shake!


Points +27

24 Aug 2021

Great Burger!

Great Burgers here. A friend took me here for vegan burgers since I hadn't tried it, and it did not disappoint. Got mine with no cheese, the gluten free bun, and the vegan sauce.
Some of the best food I've eaten in a while, and will definitely be coming back!

Pros: Great Burgers, fries, and sauces!

Cons: Kinda expensive.


Points +72

14 Aug 2021

Vegan Surprise!

I have lived in Boise for 30 years and never would've thought to try this burger place for a veggie burger. After reading a review here, we thought we'd try it. Wow! What a surprise! Ordering vegan was super easy. They have a separate vegan menu. It's a burger place, so you're not getting a variety of vegan options, but they have a great Impossible burger with vegan sides, vegan sauces, vegan cheese. They even make vegan shakes and ice cream. If you're in the mood for a classic fast-food vegan burger with fries, this is the best place for sure.

Pros: Easy vegan ordering, Great Vegan options, Fast food


Points +545

09 Aug 2021

Perfect Burger and Fries

I’m not really sure how to expand on this further. I feel like the title of the review says everything it needs to say. Impossible burger with vegan pepper jack, a side of fries, vegan fry sauce and a vegan snickers shake for dessert.

I think what makes this so special is you’d never guess this spot had vegan options best off look and location. All vegan food is clearly marked in your to-go bag.

Pros: So good , Pretty cheap

Cons: Lots of waste


Points +74

13 Jul 2021

Impossible burger done right!

This was the best impossible burger I have had! A perfect classic burger and crispy tots. They even had vegan fry sauce! I had my burger as it comes with vegan pepper jack cheese. For a drink I chose blueberry lemonade which was perfect because it was 102 out! Highly recommend. Had to try the vegan milkshake to go. It did not disappoint.

Pros: Burger was cooked perfectly , They know what vegan means.


Points +277

02 Feb 2021


What a find. Had the impossible burger with Dayia pepper jack cheese. Medium fries with vegan fry sauce. A MUST if you're craving a burger. Friendly staff and military discounts. I'd give them 5 stars for making us happy.


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02 Nov 2020


Me and my husband were heading back home on road trip (14 hours driving) and we stopped to get some lunch at this place and we were very satisfied! We had impossible burgers, fries, and shakes ( I love it!!!!!) They have a separate vegan menu on their online order website, made it super easy for me to order!

Pros: Lots of options, very tasty burger, vegan sauce!


Points +58

12 Sep 2020

Six Stars!

I was only allowed to give it four stars because it isn’t fully vegan, but the vegan options are delicious! Great service and delicious food!!


Points +65

27 Aug 2020


This is the place I go when I want to indulge in junky food that is bad for me. Always get the impossible burger with vegan cheddar, jumbo fry, jumbo onion rings (best onion rings I've ever had in my life, just perfectly crisp with a soft onion inside), lots of vegan fry sauce, and a vegan strawberry shake. My daughter and I go into a food coma every time we eat here but its so worth it. The staff is super friendly as well.


Points +39

16 Jun 2020


We had heard Big Bun started serving the Impossible burger and had dairy-free milkshakes so we had to check it out! It was my husband’s birthday so we wanted something fun and tasty. He got the impossible burger with regular cheese, I got mine with vegan pepper jack cheese. The vegan fry sauce was delicious and I was pleased with how yummy the burger was.
We also ordered vegan milkshakes. I got blackberry and my husband got mint chocolate chip. They’re made with coconut milk ice cream, so you can taste the coconut, but they were still good! It had been so long since I had a milkshake of any kind so I was happy I finally had an option!

Pros: Vegan cheese for burgers, Vegan fry sauce , Vegan milkshakes

Cons: Not many options , Only one location


Points +44

17 Apr 2020


This is one of those special places. The kind of place you would only know has vegan options by going on happy cow or word of mouth from other vegan travelers. I came across this place while driving across the country and passing through Boise. When we pulled up I was pretty skeptical that there was anyway that they had vegan food as it is a very old timey looking drive in burger joint. But alas, the vegan options are real and they do not disappoint. Not only do they have vegan burgers with multiple options of vegan cheeses, they also have about a dozen different flavors of vegan shakes and soft serve. Incredible. Such a treat after a long day of driving and being overly hungry. On top of that the service was amazing.

Pros: lots of vegan options, nostalgic looking place, great services


Points +578

14 Jan 2020

Great Plant-Based Burgers, Fries and Shakes

Delicious vegan burger, fries, fry sauce, tots, and shakes. Just ask as it’s not on the outside menu board. Staff is accommodating and friendly. Drive through or dine in. Come hungry, portions are generous.


Points +22

24 Aug 2019

Great impossible burger but...

Great burger... I was out of commission for a while so I sent my boyfriend to go pick up the burger for me... to be told, he had to tell them to remake the burger because it was made in the same grill where regular meat was made.

Pros: Taste was superb

Cons: Didn’t make in different area.


Points +24

16 Aug 2019

Impossible burger

Great burgers with vegan cheese and sauce. Tater tots made vegan in separate kitchen. Love the vegan shakes. Prices are responsible for what you get. It’s great to have a place that caters to all.

Pros: Friendly /knowledgeable staff, Clean outside area to dine!


Points +98

14 Jun 2019

Impossible burger and vegan shakes

Burger, fries and shakes! Impossible burger available with vegan cheese and the buns and sauce are vegan! The gluten free bun is also vegan! They have a ton of flavors of vegan soft serve or shakes! The staff was super familiar with the vegan options and I felt comfortable that everything I ordered was vegan. Loved it!

Pros: Vegan burger, Vegan soft serve


Points +70

09 Jun 2019

Vegan milkshakes!

Lots of vegan treat options at this drive in. I had an excellent vegan grasshopper milkshake that was thick and sweet! So excited to have a place in town offering a vegan milkshake!

Pros: Friendly staff, Thick milkshakes!, Clearly marked

Cons: A little expensive


Points +1087

24 Mar 2019


The burger was delicious and my non vegan boyfriend loved it! Only complaint is that it's expensive for a fast food burger.

Cons: Expensive

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