Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers vegan alternatives to traditional dishes. Has an English menu and staff speak English. Located in the heart of Osaka’s Minami district. For vegan courses call 24 hours in advance. Call ahead to confirm. Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm. Closed Sun.

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16 Nov 2023

Amazing experience

This was an amazing experience in Japan. We had the vegan kasakei, 9 courses which we pre booked and paid just by emailing them on the day. It was a real fine dining experience, with lots of new and different textures and tastes. Food was beautiful and the staff were very lovely, was great to watch the chefs work they are clearly very committed to their craft. Not for fussy eaters as some of the courses were new and unusual!

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13 Sep 2023

Best meal in Japan

This restaurant is wonderful, amazing food, exceptional service, fun vibe! Osaka was our last stop in our trip and we kept the best for last. It was expensive but well worth it. Dishes were incredible. The chef comes from Okinawa so the cuisine is a bit different there. I think we had 9-10 dishes. I booked from Australia and spoke to somebody that spoke English and ordered the vegan menu for my husband. He said it was the best meal he had in Japan. We sat at the bench top looking at the chefs do their magic. Lots of action and great fun. The chef hand writes your menu for the day. They came outside and took photos of us and waved us off on our way. Kaiseki menus are the best and this was the best of the bunch! Do come here if you want to experience the best vegan food in Japan.

Pros: Brilliant food, Brilliant service, Fun

Cons: Nothing


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04 Aug 2023

9 dishes vegan menu fine dining restaurant in Osaka

Asai Togei is a fine dining restaurant that proposes menu of 9 or 10 dishes. We booked one day in adavance to ask for a vegan menu. I enjoyed every single dish, super tasty! I really suggest it and the price is worth it (90€ each)

Pros: Vegan menu of 9 or 10 dishes, Nice staff, Clean spaces and kitchen


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12 May 2023

Wish I could give 5 stars

This was probably the best meal I've ever had. This is fine dining with a set menu, so of course on the pricier side (12,000¥) but well worth the price. One of the rare times where the vegan meal was equal standard to the 'regular' one. Every dish was so well thought out and really highlighted local produce. It was all beautifully presented as well. Staff were lovely, including the owner who was running the kitchen. One of the chefs spoke good English. Lovely atmosphere - we were seated at a bench overlooking the kitchen which was fascinating to watch. One of the chefs explained each course as it came out. They do request 24 hrs notice for vegan, which I did, but I note other reviewers walked in with no issue. Overall such an impressive meal and a wonderful and memorable experience in Osaka. English menu was provided and they take credit card. Hugely recommend!


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25 Mar 2020

Delicious but pricey 😋

If you've never gotten to experience a high class traditional Japanese restaurant, this is your chance! I've had plenty of vegan kaiseki but never in a restaurant quite like this. Did was delicious, staff was incredibly attentive (often literally running to your table), but just a heads up that for two people our total came out to $170.


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04 Dec 2019

The best meal of my life

This place is a must go if you're in Osaka. I can't give 5 stars but it is 5 stars.

When I entered I was immediately greeted and asked which set meal I would like. I requested the vegan kaiseki, and was taken upstairs to sit down.

The service was phenomenal. I ordered a beer, and shortly afterwards the courses started being served. I can't begin to describe each of the dishes but will let the photos do the talking. Something special that connected me to the food was a chef coming out with each course to describe the dish and ingredients, and also told me the story of the restaurant.

I'll let the photos do the talking, but it was perhaps the greatest meal I've had in my life. The amount of care and detail, and glorious flavour in each dish was really something to behold. Although the food was sensational, the price was so incredibly good value for what you get, and it didn't feel formal in the slightest. Incredibly friendly and in depth service, and just down to earth wonderful people.

You have to come here!

Pros: The best vegan meal you will have in Osaka or JPN, Incredibly good value for a special kaiseki meal, Restaurant is very accessible in every sense

Cons: Smoking is allowed indoors


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10 Nov 2019

Amazing vegan Japanese experience

I had a really delicious vegan course meal, including dessert! Everyone was very nice and accommodating. I called to reserve the same day and had no issues at all. This would be a great place to go with omni friends and still have a delicious meal.

Pros: Vegan Japanese food, Course meal


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13 Apr 2019

Wonderful Vegan Kaiseki

I would give this 5 stars if Happy Cow allowed it for non fully veg establishments. I was bummed out about not being able to experience this until I read about this restaurant on Happy Cow. We tried to get a dinner reservation for tomorrow night in order to give 24 hours notice for my vegan course as they request, but they were closed on a Sunday. We decided to drop by for lunch today instead just to see, and they very kindly accommodated us on the spot.

The food was delicious and beautifully prepared! It took a little longer to prepare since we hadn't called in advanced (they had to prepare my ingredients) but we enjoyed savoring it with our sake. I got the 5 course vegan and my husband got their standard course and enjoyed his as well (for those of you traveling with omnivores who want the traditional experience this is a great choice).

Also I cannot speak highly enough of our friendly and knowledgeable waiter, Jumpei. He described the courses to us in detail and was lovely to chat with as well!

A perfect way to start our time in Osaka!

Pros: Beautiful meal, Wonderful service


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12 Jan 2019

Wonderful experience

Kaiseki is something I was desperate to try but was fearful due to the fish and meat heavy dishes most establishments have provided. Asai Togei, with the help of their young chef Jumpei Hayama is trying to make this seasonal experience achievable for vegetarians as well as meat eaters alike.

We booked the day before via our hotel and were able to explain our dietary requirements (one veggie, one who eats everything). We had an 8 course meal (vegetarian, not Vegan but am sure this could be arranged) for one and meat/fish for the other.

Typically they are forming menus on a daily basis, using whichever ingredients are freshest. Every visit is likely to provide a different experience however they will likely provide certain types of dish on each visit. This includes a vegetarian sashimi course, a veggie soup, etc etc.

It was wonderful. The cost, for this type of experience, is pretty reasonable. I understand one can easily spend double what we did (around 8000¥ per head) at other establishments.

It’s open every day except Sunday, although if the Monday is a national holiday then they will open on the preceding Sunday but close on the holiday.

This is a new thing they’re trying - they’ve only been doing it for a few months (started in autumn 2018) but are hopeful to expand to the 9 and 10 course meal options in time.

Pros: Can offer a Kaiseki experience to vegetarians , Reasonably priced for this experience

Cons: Only 8 course option currently available


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02 Nov 2018

Would give it 5 stars if Happy Cow would let me!

Found this place on Happy Cow. Normally they need reservations for vegan meals (didn’t know that) but accommodated us immediately. Food was AMAZING & beautiful presentation. Little expensive but worth it for the experience. Also very friendly English-speaking staff.

Pros: 5 & 7 course vegan meals, Friendly & accommodating staff


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Mostly Veg
11 Oct 2018

Vegan haute-cuisine

I’d definitely give this place five stars if it was allowed. Had one of the best meals of my life here.

They serve kaiseki which is Japanese, seasonally influenced, haute-cuisine. It uses the freshest in season ingredients prepared in a meticulous manner. The results are stunning.

They offer vegan and seafood/meat courses, which is perfect for a group of people with different dietary preferences.

The location is right in the heart of the downtown Shinsaibashi shopping area and was relatively easy to find.

We especially appreciated their English menu and the fact that some of their very friendly staff could speak English.

If you’re looking for a meal for the ages that won’t completely break the bank, this is definitely an excellent choice.

Pros: Amazing gourmet food, Vegan kaiseki option, Not crazy expensive

Cons: You have to reserve the vegan course 24 ahead, No a la carte menu


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19 Sep 2018

I have a wonderful meal this afternoon. I appreciate it. Everything was perfect

I forgot withdrawing money when I got here. I took 1 hour went around to find ATM but I had a wonderful time in restaurant. Both owner and staffs are super friendly and nice with cozy atmosphere here. Lunch set was full of my tummy ^^ I have gone to many vegan restaurants in Japan until now but I'm in love with this restaurant ^^ I appreciate them. Everything is perfect. 🌱💜🌱 ==> p/s: It was too sad because Happycow doesnt allow me to give 5 points T____T

Pros: Lunch set was full my tummy, Staffs were super nice and friendly , Food was super tasty


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07 Sep 2018

The ultimate Japanese vegetarian dining experience

Note: this would be a 5-star review but happy cow only allows those for fully vegetarian restaurants.

This was the gastronomic highlight of our honeymoon! My wife and I are vegetarian and the staff did their utmost to cater to our needs and gave us an amazing experience. The service was excellent and they couldn't do enough for us, excellent English and very attentive. I can't recommend them highly enough

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