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Serves meat, vegan options available. Canadian-owned bar and pizza restaurant with several vegan options, including roasted veggie pizza, mushroom based "fish n chips," hefty salad, sandwiches. Open Mon-Fri 5:00pm-11:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-11:30pm. Open 12-11:30pm on public holidays.

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First Review by JeppoMAX


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04 Aug 2023


A whole dedicated vegan menu, and a lot of the non vegan options can be changed. The best calzone I’ve ever hadz



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01 Jul 2023

Good BLT and boba teas

Our server spoke excellent English. Separate page in the menu for vegan options. Also had vegan boba tea in a few interesting flavors; I tried the rosehips boba with soymilk but they also had a yuzu flavor that sounded interesting. I got the vegan BLT sandwich and it was great! It had great flavors and textures. I would return if in the area again.

Pros: Good variety of clearly labeled vegan options, Had vegan boba tea


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31 May 2023

Tolles Essen und super Service!

Wir hatten die Classic Poutine und die Pizza Poutine, waren zwar nicht unbedingt günstig mit 1650 Yen zusammen aber sooo gut! Der vegane Käse ist super lecker! Und der Service war toll! Tat gut mal wieder was anderes als Reis zu essen😄


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27 May 2023

Nice western food

I appreciate that the vegan cheeses and meats here are made in-house and the peperoni pizza was good (the dough could have been better). I think ¥700 is a steep price though for a slice that is the equivalent of 1/5 of an European pizza


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27 Jan 2023

Best in Osaka?

Sang (the owner) is very lovely, strike up a conversation while you're there and tell her Dom sent you. She's very aware of what vegan means and makes some impressive in-house meats and cheeses for her vegan menu. You can get a variety of pizzas, a hot dog, a burger, fried chicken, just to name a few. Really worth a visit.

Pros: An entire vegan menu, Staff are the best, very friendly


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22 Jan 2023

small but good

tried the vegan oreo cheese cake and it was really yummy but 700¥ for a slice that was like half the size of my hand is too pricey in my opinion😒


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17 Jan 2023

Good option

Good place to grab some food later in the day, it‘s more a bar than a restaurant though.

Cons: Pricy for the portion size


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21 Dec 2022

Great night out

The food, especially the vegan pepperoni pizza was delicious, the service was attentive. Would love to visit there again.

I revisited this place again and seriously, food heaven. Everything was just great!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-18

Pros: Vegan pizzas and cheese


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29 Sep 2022

Great pizza

It's hard to find vegan pizza in Japan, let alone good pizza, and I was heavily craving something greasy and juicy, not too heavy so I was able to get back out on the town. Slices' pizza hit the spot, really tasty and I forgot that I was in Japan briefly. I will definitely go back next time I'm in Osaka and try more options!

Pros: Great pizza, Friendly staff who speak English


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07 Aug 2022

Good Pizza

Good vegan pepperoni pizza. Definitely one of the better vegan pizzas in japan. I tried the hotdog as well an it was good, could’ve used some ketchup though! The side salad had really good dressing as well, and the owner made me vegan ranch for my pizza.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-05

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive , Cigarette smoking inside


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02 Mar 2022


バーがメインのお店。ヴィーガンオプションが少しある。Vegan chicken pot pieがめちゃおいしかった!

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-13


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27 Dec 2021

Great Vegan Options

Slices offers some really solid vegan options and an extensive menu of choices. They have salad, pizza slices (including some with vegan meats), "fish n chips," poutine, changing features, brownies, and more.
It's a relaxed environment ideal for friends, and a convenient location in Ame Mura.
They also do a vegan Christmas dinner if you're here for the holidays!


Updated from previous review on 2021-12-27

Pros: Selection , Convenience


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08 Sep 2021

Updated Review

I’ve grown to love slices over the years. Their menu continues to expand and they’ve been improving so many of their meats and cheeses.

Recently they started an online vegan meat and cheese shop which ships all over Japan. I tried a bunch of these meats and was quite impressed. I especially liked their pepperoni and thai sausage.

They do still allow smoking which is a big bummer for me but it’s allowed in so many other places in Japan, it’s not really unusual.

I’ve been so satisfied by their recent menu improves and offerings, this is the first time I’ve gone back to revise a review. Well done!

Updated from previous review on 2018-09-19

Pros: Growing vegan menu , Uncommon items like “bread bowl” soup, Western options

Cons: Smoking allowed , , Full menu not given upon request (check the wall)


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08 Aug 2021

Canadian style pub

Good menu with a variety of options. Satisfied but the portions were a little bit small for the price. Free wifi, mandatory one drink policy.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Not totally vegan


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08 Jul 2021

Yummy and filling

Had my first poutine and some delish pizza there :)


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05 Sep 2020

5/5 Stars (I can't give it as it's not fully vegan)

Great vegan options.

Actually shocked at what was available compared to other fully vegan restaurants.

Great service. Will be going back many times.

Pros: Great menu


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16 Mar 2020

Favourite Osaka Restaurant

Great place to eat out if you’ve a mixture of diets in your group. The place has really chilled and welcoming vibe, the owner and her staff are so friendly. All the ‘regular’ dishes have a vegan alternative from pizza, poutine,tofu ban mih and even Okonomiyaki ! They also make all the vegan ‘meats’ and ‘cheese’ in house so not only are they super tasty but they don’t leave the feeling of heavy processed food as it’s so fresh. Have been a few times and each dish has been delicious , love the chicken bites, the ‘feta’ is the scarily real in taste to the real deal and dessert is always amazing !

Pros: So many vegan options, Friendly staff, Really value for portions and quality of food


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14 Mar 2020

Great western food in Japan

Took a bit of time to come out but meal was great. Never had vegan poutine but it was fantastic. Great vegan cheese and chips were crispy. Steak sandwich was also good. Meals are a bit on the smaller size but that’s typical in japan. Great service. Yes - this venue allows smoking but we didn’t mind. It’s up to personal preference!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Lots of seating, Good service


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29 Feb 2020

Vegan menu and amazing food

Was so excited to try this place as it had a full vegan menu if you asked for it. I got the macaroni and cheese which was delicious and creamy, a slice of the chicken pizza with housemade vegan cheese which was also amazing. Yes it’s a smoking bar but it’s common in Japan and worth it for the food. Bit pricey but definitely recommend.

Pros: Full vegan menu upon request, Delicious food

Cons: Smoking bar, But pricey


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16 Jan 2020

SO GOOD we went twice in a row!

Slightly confused by a couple of the bad reviews. I absolutely adored this place - so much so we went again the next night! There’s a full vegan menu on the back page of the regular menu. I’ve attached a picture. Plus changing specials. The owner is lovely and makes everything herself - including the vegan cheese which was DELICIOUS. She’s constantly experimenting with new vegan ideas (she told us she’s currently working on a vegan bacon!). Would highly recommend.

Pros: Full vegan menu , Owner makes everything from scratch , Vegan cheeses, meats, specials


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06 Dec 2019

I wish I could rate it lower than one star

Warning this is a smoking environment !!

When going to any vegan food place my family and I spend time reading reviews here on HappyCow and so were excited for Pizza and other interesting food. I wish I had know about the smoking environment before hand !!

We went to this place in high spirits.

What we found was ok food, awful customer service and a long wait for our small portions of food.

Of the food we did get, it tasted of cigarettes which ruined it !!

I am totally and bitterly disappointed

If you want a simple vegan eating experience, please do not go here..

Unless.you have money and time to burn.

Pros: It had vegan food

Cons: The whole experience, The cost, The portions, The smoking environment


Points +40

06 Dec 2019

Absolutely shockingly bad

Ok so just to start the food was ok, not great, just ok. However, it is the worst place we have been to in Japan so far and this is our fourth trip. Waited an hour for a slice of pizza. Yes, one slice. Meanwhile a table full of people all came in and started smoking. I know you are allowed to smoke inside in bars in Japan, but most places we have been only have smoking after a certain time so people who want to eat can do so without all food tasting of cigarettes.

Pros: None

Cons: It is the worst


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03 Nov 2019

Great place for vegans

Great place to go! All the meats and cheeses are made in house by the owner. She was so lovely and had a good chat with us after we had our delicious meal. Highly recommend going

Pros: Lots of vegan options , The owner is so lovely , Good pricing


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29 Oct 2019

Cool pub with western food

A cool pub with a bit of indie style. Had the fish and chips, the fish didn't taste like fish, but more like mushroom and a hint of beer. Got two sauces, one white sauce that was super good and a normal ketchup.
Found the place charming and not too expensive.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, English speaking staff, Good food

Cons: A bit more on the expensive side


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16 Oct 2019

Average food and small portions at high price

It cost 650 Yen for a normal slice of Pizza and 400 Yen for two ice cream sized scoops of potato salad. Although not expensive in real terms, extremely expensive in comparison to the area and the options available.

In all honesty, food was average, although told it was freshly cooked. Ended up going elsewhere afterwards for more food.

Owner knocked 200 Yen when we suggested they re-evaluate prices, but defended that these prices are normal...although we got the impression prices were bumped because they were advertised as Vegan.

Pros: Lots of Vegan options

Cons: Very Expensive, Very Small Portions, Average tasting food


Points +152

05 Oct 2019

Very delicious

Super easy to find, good atmosphere and English speaking staff. The vegan options are extensive and delicious. We each had a slice of pepperoni and the tomato garlic pizza, shared nachos and a calzone and they were very good.
Service is a bit on the slow side just because it is only two cooks and one server each night. But if you are not in a rush, enjoy sitting and talking with your friends it is a really nice place to do so.

We also tried the Yuzu and Peach bubble tea which were nice flavours but really are just cold tea with pieces of yuzu in tapioca pearls.
The smoothie milk bubble teas can have soy milk substituted but the premade mix has milk powder in it.
Would definitely go back when looking for a good priced pizza.

Pros: Lots of options, Inexpensive, Good atmosphere


Points +30

27 Sep 2019


I went during my visit to Osaka (September 27th 2019) at night for some pizza. The staff was very polite. The wait was not long at all, just as any other restaurant. It has plenty of vegan options, almost as many as options with animal products. They all are listed on the menu within their section, and also all were together in the vegan menu attached at the back. I had three slices of pizza, “chicken”, peperonni and forgot what the last flavor was. Everything was delicious. The slices are big, and around 650¥ each, which is a very good price considering I’m a tourist looking for vegan food in one of Japan’s main cities and busiest neighborhoods. Also had the vegan brownie, it was good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good price-benefit relation, The staff speaks english and werevery polite

Cons: None, at least during my personal visit

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