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Its first restaurant est. 2010 is located in Ginza near Higashi Ginza station. Re-opened 2016 after refurbishment, the ground floor now houses a vegan patisserie and Truberry cafe serving cold-pressed juices and smoothies. The second to fourth floor is the restaurant where fine, plant-based Japanese fusion lunches are served 11:30-3pm (last order 2:30pm), then tea time 2:30-5pm (dessert only), then dinner from 6pm. With reservation sushi will be available. Open Mon 11:30am-4:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Sun 11:30am-4:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by jacqui2


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22 Feb 2024

Great bento box

I was asked whether I had a reservation, which I didn't, but it didn't matter anyway because they were able to seat me in the restaurant; so you may need one if it's busy. I had the bento lunch set. The staff member described each part of the meal as they put it on the table. It was delicious and filling, but a little bit expensive. I also had a matcha tiramisu from the shop on the first floor. It was really good.

Pros: Tasty food, Good portions, Friendly staff



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02 Feb 2024

Amazing bento lunch

Very glad I stopped in Ginza to visit Ain Soph. Absolutely delicious. The large bento may be on the pricy side (not sure honestly) but it felt very worth it to me. A filling but light meal. I wasn't sure I'd like the soy meat because I usually don't like fake meats, but it's just some kind of compressed soy, like tofu skins, and has a bit of a savory, juicy flavor.

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29 Dec 2023

Vegan food at its best

Worth the time and search for the best Vegan food in Tokyo. Great variety and taste pallete #Veganuary

Pros: Christmas Set Meal, Pancakes, Hot Coco


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13 Dec 2023

Great vegan lunch service

We stopped on for lunch and were delighted with the vegan menu and attentive service. The restaurant is on the third floor. The smooth concrete walls and wood floors/trim contribute to the building’s charm. My husband had the mushroom hayashi rice (in a brown tomato gravy) entree and I had the bento box. The salad and dressing were fresh, light, and flavorful. Some of the reviews imply that it’s expensive for small portions, but I thought the portions were generous. I believe you get what you pay for. It costs more to use quality ingredients , especially when using plant-based ingredients not pre-made products. This restaurant only uses fresh healthy ingredients. We truly appreciate having quality plant-based dining options and really enjoyed our time here. I highly recommend you trying as well. Enjoy!

Pros: Everything is fresh and vegan. , Excellent service , Delicious food


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18 Oct 2023

Do not go

Incredibly disappointing food. Very expensive and for that kind of price I expected something truly memorable, or at least edible. It was awful.

Pros: Salad, Soup, Cookie

Cons: Everything else


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09 Oct 2023

Good pancakes

It was good but expensive, and the staff doesn't speak English very well. Service was a bit too rushed.


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07 Oct 2023

Cena vegana saziante a Ginza

Locale pulito, staff gentile, cibo buono e saziante


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07 Sep 2023

Great presentation, but food was just okay…

There were some mixed reviews on this place, but I decided to give it a try anyways. I heard the pancakes were very good here, but that menu item was sold out unfortunately. I chose to have the Kissyo Ten dinner which came with salad, soup, a kissho box, a 3 piece sushi side, dessert and a drink. It was actually a lot of food in my opinion and the presentation was amazing. However, the main kissho box was lackluster. The ikura used for one of the sushi pieces was eerily close to the real thing, but I was told it was seaweed based. The salad and the cold soup which came before the box were much better in my opinion. I’m not sure I would come back.

Pros: Very nice restaurant with 3 floors, Great food presentation , Very good location near shopping area in Ginza

Cons: Receptionist was not very welcoming , Food was not as good as I was hoping


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20 Jun 2023

Not as good as it used to be

To be honest, it’s gone downhill a bit.
Food is OK, but pricy and a bit pretentious to be honest.
I used to love their pancake and tiramisu. But somehow they taste different now.

Pros: Food is ok

Cons: Pricy, A bit rude sometimes


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17 Jun 2023

Fancy delicious Japanese food

Ain Soph Ginza is the only restaurant in the Ain Soph group specialized in Japanese food. Close to Kabukiza and Higashi Ginza station, this restaurant is cozy and charming. It’s pretty expensive, but definitely worth it (especially the dinner menu).


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10 May 2023

Delicious but pricy

Went there for lunch with my coworkers. Had a 3,470yen bento. Very fulfilling and enjoyable. The restaurant is located in Ginza station, so maybe that reflects the food price.


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28 Apr 2023

Good but expensive

The food was really good, as I’ve come to expect at Ain Soph. But I couldn’t help but feel a bit overcharged, as it’s so much more expensive than the other locations yet the food is exactly the same! And served in smaller portions! To be fair, we went in the evening so had to order a set. We got the 4 course ‘everything’ set and it cost over double what we have paid at other locations (shinjuku and Kyoto). And we normally order everything at the other locations (mains, sides, desserts, drinks). It just doesn’t add up haha. The service is excellent, as it is at the other locations. I just expected a little bit more for the price difference.


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23 Apr 2023

The best fo the best

Amazing Japanese food, I was blown away

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-22


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19 Apr 2023


I recently made a reservation at this restaurant for a special occasion, but my experience was incredibly disappointing. To my surprise, the restaurant canceled my reservation at the last minute, leaving me without any alternative plans.

The lack of communication and consideration from the staff was extremely frustrating, especially since I had gone out of my way to make this reservation well in advance. It's incredibly unprofessional to cancel a reservation without any notice or explanation, and it shows a complete lack of respect for their customers' time and effort.

As a result of this experience, I would strongly caution anyone considering dining at this restaurant to think twice. The level of customer service and professionalism exhibited by this establishment is subpar, and there are far better dining options available that will treat their customers with the respect they deserve.

Canceling a reservation at the last minute is unacceptable, and I cannot recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable dining experience.


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15 Apr 2023

Overpriced even for Ginza

The food was good but quite expensive. We had a salad, a soup, a plate with sushi and a dessert. Everything was okay to good (the dessert was great) but not mind blowing (which I kinda expected for the price and description)

Pros: Vegan stuff, Exclusive setting

Cons: Expensive , Small amount


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12 Apr 2023

Racist towards black people

The young lady on the Wednesday 6 pm shift was giving me such a bad attitude for no apparent reason. She was looking at me like she wanted me to die. There were 2 other customers both of which were white (2 white ladies). She treated them with such kindness and with all smiles; however, she was treating me, a black man, with such contempt. I kept wondering over and over in my head what I could have possibly done to her to get that reaction from her. I really like the pastries there, but I never want to go back there due to the treatment that I received.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-12

Pros: Good pastries

Cons: Mistreatment to black people


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08 Apr 2023




Pros: Vegan, 甜點非常美味

Cons: 服務人員態度非常惡劣, 無法用英文溝通(只願意用日文跟你對話)


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06 Apr 2023

Nice experience

The food was good but not really special (considering the price). It was still a nice experience going to a fancy restaurant with a fully vegan menu


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27 Mar 2023

Great food. Excellent for vegans and all. Staff speaks limited English.

The food served was exceptionally good

Pros: Many great vegan foods , Great food. I love the pancakes. Coffee is fair

Cons: Tasty food, Expensive


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22 Mar 2023


I lost my old account but was so impressed I had to re-review, I went over 3 years ago and I am still thinking about it. One of the best meals I’ve ever had no joke. The pancakes are amazing.

Pros: Pancakes


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15 Mar 2023

Crazy good

Actually blown away by the pancakes and quiche, they were so rich and dare I say eggy/buttery (almost couldn’t finish it, similar experience as when I first tried Beyond Burger - have not had flavors like this since becoming vegan). The pancakes were like a cross between a buttermilk biscuit and a fluffy Japanese pancake.
The menu looked extensive and had much more than just brunch, they also have healthy options even though I went straight for the fat stuff. I will absolutely go back and try *not* to just order the same thing again


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13 Feb 2023

One of my favourites

The bento was incredible, wish I could visit more often

Pros: Bento


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06 Feb 2023

Excellent find in Ginza

Even though we were a little passed lunch’s service they were very welcoming and supplied us with an excellent lunch including a wonderful dessert

Pros: All vegan, Wonderful desserts


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23 Nov 2022

Nice vegan chain

Came here for lunch. Had a heard a lot of hype so was excited to try. Plenty of vegan options with gluten free available too

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Nutritious whole foods

Cons: Would like more flavour


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17 Nov 2022

Not cheap but worth it

It’s a bit (maybe more than a bit, depending on your pockets) expensive, but that is expected, Ginza is not a cheap place too eat/shop.
On the other side I thought it is very worth the taste of the food, the portions could be a little larger.
I had this delicious maccha cheese cake and it was really thick and tasty. 😋
Also, it is almost impossible to go there for a meal without a reservation, while during the teatime there is almost no one but they don’t serve but sweets and drinks.

Pros: Many menu items , Super good, Nice view from the upper floors

Cons: Expensive , Reservation needed


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09 Nov 2022

Vegan Paradise, get ready to feel heavenly

Mind blowing taste. Not even a single thing which is not tasty.

Pros: Very tasty, Very friendly staff, Food presentation is too good

Cons: Very expensive , You have to order a meal set mandatorily, Full fledged meals only


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24 Sep 2022

cozy cafe with yummy exquisite foodie

[Tokyo, Vegan] Located in Tokyo, Ginza area (where there are shopping malls, watch shop and other branded shops), @ainsoph_jp serve vegan foodie and desserts! This cafe seatings area is small and clean, staff are friendly and foodie were delicious. They also serve vegan alcoholic drinks too.

We have ordered 3 iced Americano , 2 shroom sauced-rice (i think so) and a bento set. All cost 8,160 yen. Around 82 SGD. Non-veg colleagues find the foodie not bad too and were impressed by the “soy meat” in the bento set. I likey the veges, tomato based soup and green curry in bento set. So savoury. The “egg” roll lookalike tasted like real egg too. Defo recommend you to try if you are in Tokyo.

I also bought a mini jar of Vegan Tiramisu to go (7.40sgd, 740 yen) it was so goooood.


Pros: Vegan cafe, Exquisite foodie, Fresh foodie

Cons: Small cafe (limited seatings)

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