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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe within a center for culture and creativity, the Polo Cultural Gaivotas. Serves paleo, vegetarian, vegan and raw food. Has breakfast, lunch and snacks, with a daily menu and pastries. Most items are organic, gluten-free and lactose-free. Has outdoor patio seating with artwork by renowned artist Vhils. Pet-friendly. Open Mon-Wed 10:00-18:00, Thu-Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-18:00.

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First Review by Jayneisastarr


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04 Feb 2024

Really nice vegan food

Great vegan food here. We had the stuffed aubergine and it was really nice.



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09 Dec 2023

Nice atmosphere

Nice atmosphere and good food. Worth to walk out of the busy into the serene.


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Mostly Veg
12 Dec 2022

Secret garden in the middle of Lisbon

I nearly didn't see it, it's in a small court yard off the streets. And was welcomed by the lovely team. There's something for everyone. Nice tapas and a two course lunch menu. High quality ingredients in the food. A treat

Pros: Veg, vegen even raw food options, Sweet family vibe, All fresh and generous portions


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18 Oct 2022

Delicious vegan meal

Variety of options that you can combine. Organic produce. Very well cooked. Amazing desert chocolates & salted caramel cake 🍰! Very pleasant pâtés and nice staff.

Pros: Great vegan options , Outdoor seating, Delicious deserts

Cons: We liked it in general


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23 Jun 2022

Beautiful terrace with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options

Cozy terrace Café with plenty of vegan options. They have a mix&match kind of like menu - where you chose your base (such as wrap, zucchini noodles, couscous, oven baked Aubergine) and the topping (mushroom mix, seaweed, vegetables, curry,..)
I had the zucchini noodles with the mushroom mix and I enjoyed it.
Also vegan cakes, and try the fresh lemongrass tea (the lemongrass is coming directly from the terrace)

The staff is very friendly and creates a relaxed and very welcoming vibe.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-23

Pros: Various vegan options , Gluten-free options , Home made food & cake


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14 Sep 2021

Schönes Café versteckt in einem grünen Hinterhof

Nur durch Zufall haben wir dieses schöne Café in einem grünen Hinterhof mitten in der Alfama entdeckt.
Den besten Kaffee in der Umgebung gibt es hier, sowie hausgemachten Kombucha, Limonade.
Die Jungs im Service machen einen großartigen Job.
Es gibt mehrere vegane Optionen, wie Pilz Kürbis Curry oder geröstete Gemüse, Pilz Mix, Seetang mit Spinat mit unterschiedlichen Beilagen, wie Zucchini zoodles, Blumenkohl Couscous, gebackene Auberginen.
Alles war frisch zubereitet und war mit Abstand einer der schmackhaftesten Gerichte, die wir in Portugal gegessen haben.
Sicher gibt es viele vegane Restaurants, aber in den meisten ist das vegane Essen geschmacklos.
Hier nicht!
Highlight war ein warmes Schokoladen tartelette.
Ich würde immer wieder hier essen gehen.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-14


Points +79

14 Sep 2021

Absolutely delicious!!

Super delicious vegan options, also adaptable for client's preferences, very friendly and helpful staff.
Super delicious coffee!!!
Amazing smoothies!!
Yummy food! Yummy appetisers! Simple but delicious!!
More than fair prices.


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18 Jul 2021

Nice restaurante to escape from the city.

Nice restaurant with many vegan options and an amazing exterior space. The food is good but not extraordinary for the price. I chose the stuffed eggplant in the oven with salted mushrooms.

Pros: The outside space is amazing., They are really pet-friendly.

Cons: The prices are a little bit high.


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25 May 2021

Nice place, but don't go there for good food

The place is really nice, peaceful and there is a beautiful artwork by the artist Vhils to admire. If you want to take a coffee break or enjoy a fresh beer, it could be the right place.

Now for the food... You need to choose a base and something to go with it.
I choosed what was called a salad but was in fact roasted vegetables (carrots, sweet potato, brocoli) and grated red cabage and carrot. I then choosed the vegetable curry. It was put on top of the grated raw vegetables, so it made them soggy...
The curry tasted more like a ratatouille and didn't felt homemade at all. The whole plate was overly oily.
I wouldn't recommend what I ate.

Pros: The place

Cons: The food


Points +125

16 Aug 2020

A peaceful find

We stumbled across this lovely place while exploring Lisbon, and we were disappointed. A lovely selection of vegan and non vegan dishes. Staff were very helpful, and the garden is delightful to take a break in.


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10 Oct 2019

Amazing place average vegan food

It’s such a beautiful place/front yard. We really liked the experience mostly for the atmosphere. They offer few vegan options. There is pie menu (7.5) or special dish menu (12.5). Both include salad, a drink (tea, wine or juice) and coffee. Special one has soup/dessert differently. Pie was really tasty. Salad didn’t have much of a taste. Portions are good enough especially if you like having some fruits. Cash or local credit card only. Vegan dessert with fig and almond was really good. It great with kids because there is so much space for kids to move. They have high chair as well. However special dish menu is expensive for the vegan offer

Pros: Amazing place, Good portion with fruits and veggies , English speaking

Cons: Smell so much like sea food , Expensive for main, Too much fruits for a salad


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13 Jul 2019

Pretty revolting

For starters there was barely any vegan food. We opted for two coffees with coconut milk in (tasted absolutely revolting I couldn't even finish my coffee..) and some dessert which was a base of nuts and cereal/quinoa(?maybe) with some chocolate in the middle.

The server asks us if we want to bother with the strawberry on top (the one it says it comes with..) we say ofc. We go and sit and he brings us our coffee pretty quickly but forgets entirely about the dessert and goes and sits on his phone nearby..after a while we ask about it and he brings it, and it's as disappointing as the coffee. I ended up scooping the plain chocolate out the centre and leaving the base.

It's not cheap either.. although not expensive. Definitely not worth it and would not return here again.

Pros: Nice outdoor garden area

Cons: Pricey, revolting food, lazy server


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22 Jun 2019

Didn’t like it

Few vegan options and the food was tasteless, don’t recommend it.


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23 Sep 2018

great garden and music!! 😚🌺🙌🎉

lovely place and quiet whick is really important to me because most lunch places are judt too noisy which i cannot bare, so,im always looking at garden type of places, the quieter the better (with bird sounds please!) but, i liked the jazz tunes, only the music was a little bit too loud which is a shame, because they have a perfect ambiance to work.

Pros: lovely place and quiet which is really important, nice garden area, great food and drinks!

Cons: weird mix of fruit and veggie


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18 Aug 2018

It's okay

I was told that the restaurant is vegan/vegetarian and was disappointed to find out that most of the items on the menu contain meat. When I asked if a certain dish has dairy/eggs in it, the staff didn't know and instead of asking the chef, just brought me the food. As a side they have a weird combination of fruit and veggies, which I'm not into.
Despite of that, you can tell that the food is good in terms of quality.

Pros: Cozy

Cons: Uneducated staff, A bit expensive


Points +26

16 Aug 2017

Great Sautéed Veg Wrap

This place is great value for money. The entire brunch menu including, juice, coffee, soup and in my case a delicious vegan wrap all came to €12. A must try for vegans and the not so vegan 😀


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01 Jul 2017

That carob Muffin

Perfect place for coffee and dessert after a late lunch! We tried the carob Muffin and the chocolate mousse with strawberries, so so so delicious but i think they were both too small, but amazing anywayyyy!

Pros: Cool vibes, Perfect decor

Cons: Small portions


Points +74

07 May 2017


When I eat at Água no Bico I feel like my digestion is amazing. Because the food is cooked with good-quality ingredients and not very processed. Vegetables are steamed, it has low salt and low oil. It's good for a fresh and light lunch with a nice terrace. The only thing I don't usually like is the fresh juices, because the pulp is mixed with water and loses taste. Other than that, lovely place to have a healthy meal.

Updated from previous review on 2017-05-07

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Healthy and good quality food

Cons: A bit pricy, but unerstandable, Fresh juices aren't great, Limited vegan options


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Mostly Veg
19 May 2016

My new Lisbon favourite

We've been missing a place like this in town! The lunch is cheep and big for what you get and the dinners on weekends are just as we like it! Wholesome, sugar free and delicious!!! Highly recommended

Pros: those small chocolate sugar free pastries

Cons: reservation only


Points +283

30 Apr 2016

Great spot

Only had time for a takeaway from here which was unfortunate as it is in a lovely spot with outdoor seating too. Quite a few healthy vegan options were available in the way of salads and a tart. Also some delicious berry tarts for dessert which were worth the trip alone.

Pros: Lots of seating in and out, Healthy vegan options, Friendly staff

Cons: Vegan options not immediately obvious

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