Serves meat, vegan options available. Udon and ramen bar operating multiple outlets. Menu shows one vegan-labeled noodle dish. Order at the machine by inserting money then select; the machine will give you a ticket which you exchange when seated at the bar. Note: Oct 2021 reported limited vegan options - please send updates. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm. Hours may vary; call ahead.

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First Review by schonstal


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09 Sep 2023

Light, flavorful, vegetable packed ramen

Love the vegan rainbow ramen. It's light yet flavorful. And has tons of vegetables that are grilled for depth of flavor. I wanted Yuzu flavor in it -- I'll try adding that next time. Also do not miss the Yuzu beer.



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03 Sep 2023

Glad to have a vegan choice

The soup is really good and I was glad to have a vegan choice but I would have loved to have some more choices of add-ons or some kind of protein.


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Non Veg
23 Jun 2023


I ate a delicious vegan ramen named "Rainbow Vegan Ramen" composed of 100% vegetable-based broth, fresh seasonal vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers,..) and wheat noodles blended with lotus root (no egg). The broth was very light but tasty.
You have to wait quite a long outside the shop but the ramen is worth the wait.
Perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner, not for spending a lot of time.

Pros: taste, cashless

Cons: wait, for a quick lunch/dinner


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07 May 2023

Okay ramen

Not great, not terrible. Just like T's tantan, it's pretty mid. Wayyyyy better options are available in harajuku, go there instead


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25 Nov 2020

Menu change means no more vegan option

They have removed the vegan option from their menu! So they now have no vegetarian nor vegan options.


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15 Mar 2020

Decent vegan ramen

I really liked the vegan ramen here. The noodles were really good. I liked that it had some fresh cauliflower. Tasty bowl!


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12 Feb 2020

Literally water

Worst vegan ramen I’ve had. This tasted like water, a bowl of water with hard/raw veggies inside. Super disappointing.

Cons: Price , No flavour at all , Only 1 vegan option


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08 Feb 2020

Afuri - Shibuya

I fully agree with another reviewer below, the ramen actually tastes more like Italian soup, specifically, minestrone. It definitely doesn't seem too authentic but might be easier for someone new to ramen to swallow since authentic ramen is much different (but drastically more delicious) than 10 cent Top Ramen! :)

Either way... Here is my review: The vegan ramen looked beautiful and I was excited to dig my chopsticks into it. However, the broth needed some help (it was bland) and made the whole soup boring. The noodles were also super thin and were slightly overcooked. That said, this was not enjoyable and I did not bother eating more than half of my ramen/broth (and I *always* finish the broth). Hopefully this was fluke...but I don't think it was...I might consider trying another one of their sister locations next time to see if there's an improvement elsewhere.


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08 Jan 2020

Tasted like Italien noodles?

I was super excited to go here as it was a really hyped up place.
We were pretty upset though with the vegan option. It sounded great on the vending machine (cool system btw) but the ramen turned out to be super bland and kind of tasted like pasta aglio y olio. So kind of tasted like an Italien noodle dish. Overwhelming amounts of garlic but nothing else. Also no tofu and just plain veggies like carrots, tomato and beetroot so really underwhelming tbh.

Probably wouldn’t go here again as there are too many other great ramen places that offer vegan options!

Pros: Vending machine is fun

Cons: Bland, Doesn’t taste like ramen , Only 1 vegan option


02 Feb 2020

That's actually a very good way to put it. Their ramen did taste like an Italian soup, not Japanese ramen!


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Mostly Veg
21 Nov 2019

First time eating vegan ramen in Japan

I'd never seen vegan ramen on offer while I've been travelling in small towns in Japan, so it was exciting to see this on the menu. The umami flavour wasn't strong, and I was a little surprised that carrot was in the mix. But the broth and noodles itself was quite yummy. I'd say the flavour was more fresh than warming, perhaps because the umami wasn't strong. It was a very pretty bowl with its rainbow vegetables!

Pros: Staff speak English

Cons: Busy, although the line was quick


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01 Sep 2019

Delicious vegan ramen

Some of the best vegan ramen I have had.

Pros: Full of vegetables, Very flavorful , Huge bowl

Cons: Only one option


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23 Jun 2019

yea honestly not that great

didnt really leave me as satisfied as i was hoping i’d be left after all the hype this places has. had the only vegan option they serve, carrots were hard and it just was not fun to eat. i would not recommend.


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18 Jun 2019

Super bland :/

We stood in line for a while waiting to get a seat, and the wait definitely wasn't worth it. The one vegan ramen was super bland and overpriced. I think it's probably the worst ramen I've ever had in my life.

Pros: Helpful staff, convenient location

Cons: Expensive, terrible vegan options


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16 May 2019

Not amazing

This was the first ramen we had whilst in Japan and have had many many more since that have been a lot better. It's a little bland and flavourless (maybe we went on a bad day?) with very few vegetables in. Positives are that it is a cool atmosphere with a vending machine to order where it's clearly labelled. Probably wouldn't recommend as i think there are much better places but handy if you're central and starving.

Pros: Easy to order

Cons: A little bland


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08 May 2019

Rainbow ramen

Good vegan rainbow ramen with a very tasty broth. The machine for ordering is only Japanese. Ask for help or try this: First insert your money, then press the button for your dish and select the number of dishes you whish on buttons below the screen.

Pros: Good vegan ramen, Friendly staff

Cons: Japanese vending machine


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21 Apr 2019

Vegan ramen with colorful veggies

It’s so easy to get there from Shinjuku station and they have one option of vegan ramen.

Pros: Vegetable are fresh and colorful , Staff are so friendly , They serve quickly

Cons: Crowded so we have to wait for a while


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02 Mar 2019

Tasty and fun

Easy to spot the vegan option on the ordering vending machine! Staff were friendly and helpful. The food was delicious and came quickly.


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09 Sep 2018

Delicious ramen

You order the ramen from a machine. The vegan one is clearly marked. Fast and very friendly service. Great ramen that I really enjoyed with tasty veg.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan ramen


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29 Aug 2018

Kind of flavorless

Service was quick, veggies were fresh, but lacked flavor

Cons: Only one vegan option


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04 Apr 2018

vegan ramen

it‘s easy to order (machine) and you can find Afuri all over the city, but the vegan ramen are not my favourite. the „soup“ tastes more like plain water.


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03 Mar 2018

Quick, light ramen

NOTE: I went to the branch in Shinjuku station, NOT the Shibuya branch.

Ordered: Vegan ramen. There’s only one option on the menu. Does have the option to change to rice noodles but you have to pay extra for this.

You order from a vending machine. The vegan option is marked quite clearly in English so there’s no chance of accidentally ordering the wrong item.

This ramen is pricier than most other vegan ramens available in Tokyo (Afuri charges 1350 yen for theirs while Kyushu Jangara’s and T’s Tantan’s are 1000 yen or less. I didn’t pay a visit to Soranoiro but after some consulting of the internet, believe that their vegan options are priced around the 1100 yen mark).

It IS the only vegan option inside Shinjuku station though, (this is to my knowledge... please correct me if I am wrong here) and has the drawcard of having a carrot-based stock. This means that the ramen is lighter than a vegan ramen with a shiitake/kombu/soy milk based stock, but just as filling. Also, quite a number of seasonal veggies came with Afuri's ramen. Of all the ramens I had in Tokyo, Afuri’s had the most variety of veggie toppings by far. The ramen itself is rather tasty. The carrot flavour of the stock is quite evident and makes for a nice sweetness in the stock.

This place was BUSY. Shinjuku station is BUSY. If you want a seat here, best to come outside of the lunch rush hours! Having said that, I came here during the lunch rush hour and seats are available pretty quickly. The kitchen is very quick at getting meals out and no doubt the vending machine ordering system helps with that.

In summary, if you are in the Shinjuku area and need a quick tasty fix, then Afuri is a solid choice. However if you are travelling on a budget or are just on the hunt for the greatest vegan ramen in Tokyo, then there are other (read: probably better) options.

Pros: Lots of veggies! , Light but filling

Cons: Only one option , Need to pay extra to change to rice-noodles , Pricey compared to other veg ramens


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20 Feb 2018

Quick and easy ramen

Quick option to get a ramen (they're also in Shinjuku station among other places). The vegan label is clearly labeled in the machine.

On the other side, as happy as one can be on chain adding vegan options this ramen fails to be as tasty as other vegan ramens in the city. So for me, this is an option in case I want a quick ramen and don't have the time to commute to a vegan ramen place.


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29 Jan 2018

Great ramen right next to Harajuku station

Cute ramen place, bar style setting where you order from a vending machine style set up. There is only one choice but it was very good and great to get in some veggies which are very lacking in a lot of the food here.

Pros: right near harajuku station , easy and quick , delicious ramen

Cons: very busy, wait in the cold (also pro because it’s


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12 Oct 2017

easy to order, tasty ramen

The ordering-machine has a picture with "vegan ramen" written in english. One choice, but delicious ramen in a bar sitting type of setting. Highly recommended


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13 Sep 2017

good vegan ramen in harajuku

Only one vegan option on the menu, but it's quite good! A nice option if you're in harajuku.

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