清水荷花 - 文殊坊店 serves a large variety of vegetable, tofu, and other dishes. Has vegan yoghurt. Note that it's not located not on street front - you have to pass through a shop and go upstairs. Address in Chinese 青羊区文殊院金马街58号. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by EnmarShaked


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17 Dec 2023


I was so happy to find this place close to my hostel. Was better than the temple food in my opinion (although the buffet in the temple was also great for value).
Ordered 5 dishes for 3 people and we couldn’t finish. My favorite was the sweet & sout mushroom and the pancake (?) with chives.
Going back tomorrow!

Pros: All vegan, Delicious, Indoor seating

Cons: No english menu , No english speakers, Difficult to find (i used a previous reviews photo



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06 Nov 2023

Very nice place

I've been here twice now and will go back again. Lots of options. It's a little more pricey than the smaller family type restaurant, but not expensive. If you have Alipay, scan the QR code on the table and it will take you to your menu. Alipay has a translate function built in so you can see what you are ordering.


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20 Sep 2023


food here is amazing. they have many non spicy options. the menu is in Chinese but has pictures. they also have the QRcode menu (picture). no one speaks English. I tried the mushroom soup and it was delicious. you can get a simple dish (fried tofu or vegetables) for around 20-30 rmb or something more sophisticated (fungus) for 50-90rmb. a cup of yogurt is 12rbm.

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13 Sep 2023


The location on Happy Cow is indeed a little off. Search for 清水荷花(文殊坊店) on Amap. Locals helped me to get to the restaurant. It looked like they were renovating.

Anyway, the dishes are super good! I took the leftovers with me and had them for breakfast, still were super tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-13

Pros: Taste, Friendly staff, Easy ordering


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04 Jul 2023


Good vegan food is hard to come by in China but this place was a real stand out.

There is a huge range of dishes to chose from, with every kind of classic Chinese dish you can imagine. The staff don't speak English but they were very friendly and ordering was easy via a QR code on the table.

Everything we ate was excellent and the price was reasonable.

The location on Happy Cow/Goggle Maps is a little off. We eventually found it by putting the Chinese name into Amap after spending 10 mins using the Google location. I've added a few photos to my review but if you come across a Starbucks, you are close. There are public toilets in front of a sign for the restaurant in English, but you have to go round the back to get in. It's a bit confusing but we were pointed in right direction by some locals. I've added a few photos to help.

Pros: Great food , Cheap , Tasty

Cons: A little hard to find


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06 Jul 2022

Easy to order and tasty vegan menu.

Not easy to find, but the Google maps is mostly accurate. It's inside a arts and craft centre so you have to poke around using Google maps. Prices are reasonable, food are tasty and super easy to order as the app is in English. It's close to the Zen Hotel.

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Pros: Vegan, English menu


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10 May 2021


The 龙抄手 (wontons) were not bad. The 麻婆豆腐 (mapo tofu) was not good, just tested like mala powder.

Not so easy to find. The entrance looked like the shop was a renovated space. Inside it looked like a closed food court. But after I went up the stairs I found the actual restaurant area.


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13 Jul 2020

Extensive and Enjoyable

An extensive, interesting pure vegetarian menu with local dishes such as clay pots, noodles, rice etc. Some more unusual salads, stews and tofu options too.


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08 Jul 2020

Huge variety of vegan dishes

Known by its English name as "A lotus on the water", this restaurant will leave you spellbound by the huge selection and variety of food on offer.

It was almost overwhelming to have so much choice. For this reason I think the restaurant deserves repeat visits.

Pros: Varied


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29 Jan 2020

Saved The Best To Last

After being very let down by the temple restaurant close to here, I wasn't expecting much. We spotted a sign from the street for vegetarian restaurant but also one for Water Lotus (I think this is it so may have changed names?). Anyway we went upstairs and were seated, it was rainy out and quite cold inside but very nicely decorated. WE asked the waitress if it was vegetarian or vegan and she came back with a translation saying they are vegan. The food we ordered was similar to dishes we have had at Michelin star rated Wujie in Shanghai and they were as good if not better! The sweet and sour lions head mushroom was beautifully presented, the batter crisp, the sauce not too sweet just perfect. If only we'd come here on our first night instead of our last! We had a nice chive bread, some noodles and mixed vegetables, I tried a sandwich which was nice too. Downstairs is a shop of products the weirdest being vegan chicken feet, just why?

Pros: Lots of options, Delicious, Friendly staff and nice interior


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05 Nov 2019

Great, and actually there!

Lovely food, but had wasted too much time looking for another elusive vegan restaurant in Chengdu, only to find out that when they say they close at 9 pm, they mean it. We were given a 2 minute warning to eat up at 8.58 pm

Pros: Easily found, follow 2nd most recent reviewer.

Cons: Closes punctually.


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Mostly Veg
07 Oct 2019

Just great

Here’s how to get there easily:
First arrive in the crossing between Shuncheng st. and Jianghan rd.
(Simply find it in your mobile maps).
There you’ll see a new street starting called Jinsi st. with a long wall on it’s east side.
Go along the wall and a few meters after it ends look above and you’ll see the store circular sign. It's here in the photos.
I also added their business card.

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06 Oct 2019


Sehr gemütlich, komplett vegan. Authentische Sichuan Küche. Zum Teil sehr scharf. Ich werde wieder kommen

Pros: Komplett vegan. Tee kostenlos


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21 Jul 2019

my favourite in Chengdu

I found this by chance on my way to the the temple.
Food was great - especially that 4 treasures dish I had (see picture). I recommend getting dandan mian instead of rice. It's pretty cheap, very yummy and comes with a peanut sauce.
It may seem a bit expensive compared to other places, but considering what you get I think it is still among the best value for money in Chengdu.

Pros: amazing food, huge variety of dishes

Cons: staff can be a bit inattentive


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19 Jul 2019


Best vegan food I have had since started traveling in the Far East.
Also sells vegan yogurt- haven’t tried it yet but I’m very excited to do so.

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