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5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Great food and weekday buffet

07 Mar 2007

Araya's has great food and sports a 100% vegan menu. They offer a weekday buffet ($6). Be sure to try the thai iced tea and the spring rolls.

206 Draper Rd NW, Blacksburg, USA

My favorite cafe

08 Oct 2009

Bollo's is still my favorite cafe in the world. I used to live in Blacksburg and went vegan while living there. Bollo's was a godsend in Blacksburg. They are extremely vegan-friendly and offer a number of pastries each day. They also have organic and fair trade coffee. I miss Bollo's.

2901 E Madison St, Madison Valley, Seattle, USA

Good food, great atmosphere

07 Mar 2007

Good food (not the best in Seattle) but nice atmosphere. I go rarely for special occasions. I think brunch is better than lunch/dinner.

81 University Ave, Charlottetown, Canada

Good Mediterranean food

01 Dec 2008

This place has good Mediterranean food. The falafel, hummus, and fries are vegan.

I went to this restaurant a number of times but have stopped going because I found a piece of plastic in my food the last time I was there. I'm sure that's a rare occurrence but, nevertheless, it turned me off to the place. I recommend Shaddy's instead.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Raw food in Seattle

07 Mar 2007

Great raw (and non-raw) food in Seattle. I recommend the Elvis smoothie (banana, peanut butter, choice of milk), Spinach Lasagne, and any raw dessert they have at the time.

5010 Berwyn Rd, College Park, USA

Unreliable with being open

09 Mar 2009

It sucks that this place actually appears from the other reviews to have good food. My wife, best friend, and I tried to go to the Berwyn Cafe twice. The first time we took the Metro all the way from Northern Virginia to College Park, walked to the restaurant, and found it to be closed. There was no note. And, to make it worse, we saw a group of people walking up to the restaurant who said, "Oh man, are they closed again? They do this all the time."

We really wanted to give this place a chance so I called the night before to confirm they would be open. When they said yes I also confirmed their hours. This time we drove there but again found the restaurant to be closed...with no note whatsoever.

Obviously the people who run this business are unreliable, irresponsible, and do not respect their customers (or people in general) enough to stick to their stated hours or at least leave a note on the door.

I highly suggest you not patronize this restaurant and instead go to one of the many other wonderful vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the DC area who actually care about their customers and treat them right.

I'd rate them as one cow if I could go that low.

186 Prince Street, Charlottetown, Canada

Only vegetarian restaurant on PEI

01 Dec 2008

This is the one and only fully vegetarian restaurant on Prince Edward Island. Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the food. It seemed bland and boring to me. Then again, I'm probably spoiled by living in/near major U.S. cities with great vegan food.

114 Richardson Ave, Shohola, USA

Cute little store

30 Jun 2009

This is a cute little health food store in "downtown" Shohola. Peggy, the owner, is very friendly. It's a small store but it's a blessing to have in Shohola. I heard they also offer a CSA in the summer. Please note the hours.

345 15th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Best vegan restaurant in Seattle

07 Mar 2007

Teapot is, in my opinion, the best vegan restaurant in Seattle. Located in a nice part of Capitol Hill. I recommend Mongolian Vegetarian, Mandarian Crispy Tofu, Basil Nuggets, and Bounty of the Sea.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA

Vegan donuts!

07 Mar 2007

All donuts are 100% vegan and organic! Mighty O is a great example of why Seattle is the best city in the country for vegans. I recommend the Vanilla Sprinkles, Vanilla Nut, and Jelly-filled (only available once in a while). They also serve great coffee!

6514 40th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Great little co-op

07 Mar 2007

Probably the smallest PCC, but definitely the one with the most character. All staff members are friendly and very helpful. Virtually all produce is organic, and a lot is local. I've very grateful it's my neighborhood market. Support co-ops!

2531 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna, USA

Hands down best veg restaurant in the world

01 Dec 2008

The Sunflower is hands-down the best vegetarian restaurant I've ever been to. Seriously. The food is amazing. Yes, the best veg restaurant in the world is in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington, DC.

The owners and people who work there are very nice and know my wife, best friend, and me by name. :)

I grew up outside DC and would go to the Sunflower roughly three times a week. Every time I go back to DC I go there. I crave it and miss it.

I highly recommend the Fried Chicken appetizer and the following entrees: General Tso's, As You Wish Garden, and Sweet and Sour Sensation. General Tso's and the fried chicken are the best things on the menu.

51 Hanover St, Portsmouth, USA

Great for road trips

19 Apr 2010

My wife and I always stop here on our road trips away from and back to Atlantic Canada. It's conveniently in the middle. Portsmouth is a cute, small town. The Juicery is in a tiny space but is great. I love the Acai Energy smoothie. If I'm getting food as well, I usually go for the Thai wrap.

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