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1618 Tremont St, Boston, USA

some nice options

20 Jan 2013

This ice cream place doesn't have a ton of vegan friendly options but what they do have is pretty nice. They adjust the flavor options seasonally/ in rotation, so they wont always have your favorite flavor, but there is always an option available. The chocolate vegan ice cream tastes just like a fudgical, very rich and delicious, the pumpkin ice cream is super tasty, and i adore the peanut butter chocolate one also. I usually ask for mine as a shake made with soy milk, which is very very good. Don't get the pistachio as a shake though, as the real pistachio nuts do not fit in the straw and sort of collect at the bottom.

As a vegan I find all the cow memorabilia they have to be sort of offensive and disturbing, but there is plenty of seating (including a cute tea cup seat!) and plenty of ****** art on the walls.

318 Broadway, Providence, USA


20 Jan 2013

I've only been once, and it's the first time i've been to a breakfast place with vegan options. yummy gingerbread pancakes (:

261 Thayer St, Providence, USA


20 Jan 2013

The food served here is so delicious. There are clearly marked vegan options, and basically all of them are delicious. Its a great place to go with non vegan friends because its a cute restaurant, its classy enough to feel a lot better than eating at Fridays or something, but casual enough to just drop for lunch any time. There is all kinds of food on the menu and the portions will leave you feeling stuffed! I always end up taking some back home. I love this place, wish it was all vegan!

170 Ives St, Providence, USA


20 Jan 2013

I don't know how healthy these treats are, but every ice cream I've tried is so tasty! I adore this truck, but like most vegan treats it is a little pricey

267 Thayer St, Providence, USA


20 Jan 2013

This is the best vegan pizza I've bought, even better than the vegan pizza i've had in boston. I go here pretty frequently, and I like it. i dont recommend bringing a large crowd or kids, because it can get cramped, but it's perfect for two! Their cheese alternative is super tasty and im never unsatisfied with my pizza. My girlfriend and I go here pretty often, and even though its kind of expensive (about 18 a pizza) its worth it when your jonesing for vegan pizza that tastes like "real pizza place" stuff!

123 Dorrance St, Providence, USA


20 Jan 2013

This is a nice vegan place conveniently located very close to the bus station. There is one item on the menu containing a dairy element, but for Rhode island, its a much needed vegan option. The food is very tasty, the autumn roll is so delicious! The fried vegan ice cream is also a great treat that you might not be able to get anywhere else locally.

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