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2016 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor, USA

Good food, great variety

This was our favorite restaurant for a long time, but then the super-friendly-helpful owner sold it and now the vegetarian selections aren't as good. *Sigh* Nowadays the food is sort of hit-or-miss. Still good when we're craving Asian fare, but not the stellar place it used to be. Try the orange sue pao, or the fried soy bean skin roll. Their veggie miso used to be the best around, now it's average. Why did they have to change the recipes? I miss our old Chia Shang. On the other hand, next door is the Morgan & York gourmet food store, so good fun shopping while waiting for takeout.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada


This place is a dream come true. So many choices, and nearly everything is fabulous. The only drawback is the price--after loading up with a little of this, a little of that, the whole meal ends up fairly costly (we usually spend around $18 each). But we'd never skip it--year after year we come back, always craving the delicious food at Le Commensal and wondering why we don't have one in Michigan. Healthy and scrumptious, from the pate to the entrees to the desserts. Yum.

311 S 5th Ave, Ann Arbor, USA


Very delicious and intensely flavorful Indian food. Limited buffet choices, but enough to tempt me into loading up my tray and ringing up a hefty bill. Tiny little place, you'll miss it if you blink, so keep your eyes open. Right next to Jerusalem Garden, where you can get the best (and cheapest) falafel for miles around. So if you're with friends who can't abide Indian food, take them to Jerusalem Garden and pop next door for a take-out box at Earthen Jar for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

45656 Ford Rd, Canton, USA

Stop what you're doing and go there now!

Vegetarian plus Indian plus street food. Could this place sound any more perfect? The flavors here are rich and zesty. This is not the highbrow odd-tasting Indian food that makes some people say, "ugh, I really don't like Indian food," (when you know if they'd just try something more mainstream, they'd probably like it just fine!). This is the Indian food for common people. For those of us who delight in hole-in-the wall falafel shops and veggie dogs sold from street carts. You might even call it Indian comfort food. First time at Neehee's I got the Paneer Chili on the Indo-Chinese menu. It was like hot spicy fried tofu but with paneer instead of tofu. Fiery and decadent! After that I've sampled various other menu items, all have been delicious, but I still crave that Paneer. Watch out if you're a cilantro-hater (like me) because you'll have to request it not be added, as it's in nearly everything. Best bet--share with a friend. Big portions, very filling! Keep in mind this is a small and informal place, not a fancy restaurant, so plan accordingly. I'm currently a huge fan of the food, and will definitely be returning again and again. Yum! Super delicious!

375 Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, USA

Nice upscale market, definitely worth a visit

Yes, this is more expensive than similar markets, but it's worth a good look. Deli bar items clearly labeled veg or vegan, with many options. Lots of selection storewide. Excellent cosmetic/supplement area. Produce looks great. Check for sale and closeout items near the registers, awesome deals can often be found. Nice variety of international foods. Lots of hard-to-find wines and beers, too. Friendly atmosphere, friendly staff.

2541 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor, USA


The first time I came to Michigan and saw Seva, I was completely geeked. A real vegetarian restaurant! I'd lived most of my life in Oklahoma (a very veggie-unfriendly state), so this was new for me. But the meal was disappointing, and cost too much for what it was. I could have made better at home, and I'm not that great of a cook. I tried again a few years later and felt exactly the same. Okay food, but not worth the $$$$, nothing exceptional or drool-worthy. Wish I had a better review to give, I really wanted to love the place. I did enjoy the lovely stained glass windows and cozy atmosphere. Just wish the food was tastier. Worth a try...every vegetarian (and vegan) has their own tastes, so it might be perfect for someone else.

3135 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, USA

Vegetarians get lost in the shuffle

I shop here because they have things I need, but I rarely feel welcome. Vegetarians are the ones who helped build places like this, but now they're oriented to the organic-food crowd and tend to overlook their old vegetarian base. Employees often aren't knowledgeable about which cheeses are free of animal rennet, and don't realize that prepared dishes made with animal-rennet cheese are NOT vegetarian. I've found items that were labeled vegetarian but actually weren't. Many of their store brands are not specific in their labeling. Frustrating. But other than that, a large selection in a bright and clean store. They do carry many items I need, so I'm thankful for that.

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