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Large menu of vegetarian Indian street food and Indo-Chinese dishes. Vegan items are marked. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by mephitine


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23 Jul 2023

⭐️ TOP TIER ⭐️

Ugh SO GOOD!!! Neehee’s is legit delicious and authentic Indian food with excellent vegan labeling 🙌🏼 and easy online ordering. Highly recommend even to those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine - online ordering lets you filter by their clearly labeled vegan or ‘vegan optional’ menus where you can remove dairy ingredients. It also lets you pick the spice level - you can get “kids mild”, mild, medium or spicy.

We tried a bunch of stuff and everything was sooooo good. My favorites were the chaats like Samosa Ragda (wonderful when ordered at mild spice level!), Dabeli veganized (no butter on the bun), sev batata puri, chili orange potatoes and Szechuan fried rice (spicy!). I definitely over-ate 😅

💡Pro tip - order online and pickup to save time (the place was PACKED when we went in) and also for easy vegan ordering.



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01 Jun 2022

Vegans beware.

A better understanding of what vegan means.

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Ordered vegan and everything had cheese, Rude staff member at the cash register.


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Mostly Veg
12 May 2022


The Gobi Manchurian is soo good. Get it with the veggie Hakka noodles - you won’t be disappointed.

Updated from previous review on 2019-09-06

Pros: Flavor is on point , Food is made fresh, Customer service is great


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12 May 2022

Beware of spice level

The extra spicy level is the spiciest food I've ever had in my entire life. They take spice seriously! Flavor is good overall


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Mostly Veg
07 Dec 2021

Delicious - no idea what I had!

Had one of the "Street Meals" - no idea what it was called, but it was a spicy chickpea curry served with chopped onion, a lime wedge, and some sort of fried bread. The bread was light and thin, sort of like naan, but not naan. I also had two samosas, where were awesome - served with a green cilantro sauce and some sort of brown "sweet and sour" sauce. Seriously, no idea what I ate, but it was a delicious adventure!

The restaurant is a small chain of franchises. I think if you go online, there may be more information about the food, as the menu lists just the names of the food. Vegan, Gluten Free, and Nuts are all clearly labeled. Most of the menu items appear to be South Indian "street food" (not quite sure what that means, but that phrase was featured prominently) and a selection of Chinese fusion food - looked like maybe some type of fried rice and curry combo? Interesting place and I will definitely go back when I am in the area again!

Pros: Good selection of veggie and vegan options, Wonderful flavor combinations, Clean dining area, friendly staff

Cons: No description on menu


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08 Nov 2021

Awesome to see so many vegan options

Most of the food we tried was really good...the dosas and chutneys are great. it was crowded though on a Saturday night and some of the dishes are made in a non-traditional and fusion manner.

Pros: Loved the indo-chinese food, Vegan friendly with labels, Helpful staff

Cons: Crowded/noisy


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29 Apr 2021

So many options, excellent flavors

The menu is clearly marked and the flavors are so good. It’s hard to find a place with good Indian street food and South Indian food, and this one gets it right!


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23 Jan 2021

Delicious Discovery

Just found this restaurant while visiting. Tried the Vegetable Manchurian and the Vegetable Hakka Noodles. Both dishes were delicious.

Pros: All vegetarian , Both vegan and vegan optional menus, Large menu selection

Cons: A little pricey


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31 Jan 2020


I'm not very familiar with this style of Indian food, I barely know what I ate (or how to eat it), but I loved everything I tried!

Very vegan friendly, and many vegan options.


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25 Jul 2019


We have always enjoyed the food and the wonderful people who work at Neehee's. Recently there has been a remodel of this location which harmonizes the people and the food. Very well done. The food and the service absolutely wonderful!

Pros: The people, The people, The food

Cons: Canton's traffic.


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22 Nov 2018

Great Indian street food

Extensive vegan menu and they're really adaptive

Cons: Busy


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28 Mar 2018

Quick, Comforting Cuisine

Quick service. Numerous vegan menu options, some gluten free. The food is incredibly flavorful and very satisfying. Not the place to go for “healthier” options. Great comfort food.

Pros: vegan and gluten free options clearly marked, tasty

Cons: mostly carbs , greasy


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01 Apr 2017

good food

Street style food. I been in India and the street food wasn't as stylish as here, so enjoy the place too.


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07 Feb 2016

delicious fast food.

Talking about a mouth party!!! Delicious! But please note that you will swell up eating it. Hearty with the flavor but also hearty with the fat, the salt, and the fried. So enjoy it without thinking about tomorrow!


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06 Dec 2015


This place is good if you're looking for a quick bite. The atmosphere is fun and casual. The menu is pretty large, and it can be hard to tell what the various items are based on their description. I've eaten here several times and find their food to be a little on the salty side.


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08 Oct 2015


I have read a lot about this place but I live about 30 minutes away. Today my work took me very close and I came in for a late lunch. The portions are huge and delicious. I am in my happy place.


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03 May 2014

lots to choose from

Nehee's has a new menu board. It makes choosing something even harder. All the vegan dishes are clearly marked. A wide variety of dosa's, chaat, noodle dishes, rice dishes, and what they call 'Indian roadside burgers'
Do yourself a favor and make the trip here. A unique option in Indian cuisine.

Pros: inexpensive , vegan items clearly marked, lots of options

Cons: can be very busy at peak hours


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06 Sep 2012

Huge portions, great taste

The only thing I did wrong was ordering too much once I saw the size of the portions. The food was great. I loved my salad - the seasoning was fabulous and the mix was unique. Will eat there again when I'm in the Detroit area again.

Pros: Large portions, Great value, Tasty food

Cons: closed on Mondays


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17 Jul 2011

Do yourself a favor and eat here

I was very apprehensive to try Indian food again. Everything I had ever had before was overloaded with curry, cinnamon and raisins, and I truly believed that I didn't like Indian food. NeeHee's proved me wrong.

My husband and I ate here yesterday and I have been talking about it ever since. The reviews on Happy Cow and Yelp were all true. First off, I was expecting a real hole-in-the-wall and was pleasantly surprised when we entered. It is casual (you order at the register and wait for your number to be called) but it is clean and inviting. The place was busy, but we didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive.

All vegan dishes are marked clearly with a V. We split three dishes: Gobi 65 (crispy cauliflower), Vada Pav (potato dumpling sandwich) and Aloo Chaat (crispy potatoes). It was all spectacular. The flavors were not too intense, but it was unlike anything I have ever eaten before. I highly recommend the cauliflower. It was amazing. We were full, and our total bill with 2 drinks was $19.56.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I hope that they build their new locations quickly because it will be closer to my house.

Pros: Friendly staff, Amazing food, Inexpensive


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02 Jun 2011

A Great Idea for an Indian Restaurant

You're not going to beat this place anywhere. It's not a fancy sit-down-and-get-waited-on restaurant. It doesn't need to be. Most Americans who are a little familiar with the Indian cuisine eat at Indian restaurants that advertise either North or south Indian cuisine. My favorite Indian food comes from the west India state of Gujarat. These owners are from Gujarat, so I'm in Indian food heaven at Neehee's. Many vegan options listed on the menu and some items not listed as vegan can be made vegan. Everyone should try the Thali. It's not vegan, but ask them not to butter the roti (bread), hold the yogurt, and no sweets (dessert). They will make a couple of substitutions. This is a traditional Gujarat home-style meal that changes every day. I've been several times and had several different items on the menu and all have been great. This food is not Americanized Indian food. It's the real thing.
Updated from previous review on Monday January 10, 2011
I have now tried 66 different menu items, and I've yet to be disappointed. I have many favorites. With most restaurants, I may find 6 or 8 different menu items with which I'm interested. I travel 15 miles each way once or twice a week to Neehee's.


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31 May 2011


I love this place. It's my newest favorite Vegan restaurant close to me.

Pros: Excellent food, lots of vegan choices, friendly staff

Cons: none


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24 Jan 2011


This place is amazing! Everything is vegetarian and about half is vegan. The menus marks which items are vegan and which contain peanuts or are spicy. There is a HUGE selection and so far everything has been good. Definitely try the Bhel and fresh sugar cane juice. They also have a pani puri bar, falooda, dosas, chaat, sandwiches, indo-chinese. They just expanded and it looks nice. Very casual atmosphere, order at the register and they call your number as each plate is done, lots of T.V.s with cricket and bollywood music videos

Pros: huge selection, vegan items are labeled, unique menu

Cons: sometimes gets busy/crowded


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08 Jun 2010

Vegetarian Indian street food

I've heard that the food in most US Indian restaurants is much richer than the food people eat everyday in India (like having only Thanksgiving-style food at an American restaurant located overseas). Neehee's street food is light, flavorful, and completely delicious, not to mention totally vegetarian. I recommend the Chole Bhature for the best chickpeas around, or the Sev Batata Puri for a signature dish you can't get anywhere else in the area.

Pros: super-delicious, convenient takeout, fast

Cons: limited seating


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30 Oct 2009

Stop what you're doing and go there now!

Vegetarian plus Indian plus street food. Could this place sound any more perfect? The flavors here are rich and zesty. This is not the highbrow odd-tasting Indian food that makes some people say, "ugh, I really don't like Indian food," (when you know if they'd just try something more mainstream, they'd probably like it just fine!). This is the Indian food for common people. For those of us who delight in hole-in-the wall falafel shops and veggie dogs sold from street carts. You might even call it Indian comfort food. First time at Neehee's I got the Paneer Chili on the Indo-Chinese menu. It was like hot spicy fried tofu but with paneer instead of tofu. Fiery and decadent! After that I've sampled various other menu items, all have been delicious, but I still crave that Paneer. Watch out if you're a cilantro-hater (like me) because you'll have to request it not be added, as it's in nearly everything. Best bet--share with a friend. Big portions, very filling! Keep in mind this is a small and informal place, not a fancy restaurant, so plan accordingly. I'm currently a huge fan of the food, and will definitely be returning again and again. Yum! Super delicious!

Pros: delicious food, helpful staff, large portions

Cons: high calories

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